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When Fraser Met Billy By Louise Booth,

  • Title: When Fraser Met Billy
  • Author: Louise Booth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Billy the cat was rescued from an abandoned house Fraser was a two year old autistic child with a multitude of problems when he first met Billy at the cat protection shelter Billy purred laid his paws across Fraser and they have been inseparable ever since Slowly but surely Billy has transformed Fraser s life Fraser s mother Louise has watched her son move from being aBilly the cat was rescued from an abandoned house Fraser was a two year old autistic child with a multitude of problems when he first met Billy at the cat protection shelter Billy purred laid his paws across Fraser and they have been inseparable ever since Slowly but surely Billy has transformed Fraser s life Fraser s mother Louise has watched her son move from being a child prone to anxiety tantrums and sudden emotional meltdowns to now a much calmer less moody four year old whose future looks a lot brighter In their home on the Balmoral Estate Billy acts as Fraser s guardian never leaving his side at mealtimes and bedtimes or whenever he s feeling low Their profound bond has immeasurably improved their lives and the family s And brought them lots of hilarious and touching moments along the way.Like A Street Cat Named Bob this story will touch the hearts of all those who read it.
    When Fraser Met Billy Billy the cat was rescued from an abandoned house Fraser was a two year old autistic child with a multitude of problems when he first met Billy at the cat protection shelter Billy purred laid his paws

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    1. I m a sucker for any books involving cats and I hadn t come across any this year so when I found this hidden in the shelves of Big W I picked it up out of curiosityIt was the last copy thereI decided if I could find the other items I wanted in the store I ll do a reloop and come back to the book sectionSuccess was had so I bought this book as well and very glad I did This tells the wonderful story about an autistic child called Fraser and a grey rescue cat called Billy It s a book that shows how [...]

    2. Beautiful book about a young autistic boy, Fraser and his cat Billy Written by his mother she describes how traumatic it is for families trying to raise an autistic child She hit on the idea of adopting a cat to see if it would it would help to calm Fraser down Not only did Billy, the rescue cat, immediately take to Fraser, he exhibited great empathy for Fraser and his needs and encouraged him to reach milestones his mother thought were impossible.It truly is an amazing story Although remaining [...]

    3. N o o meu tipo de leitura, mas de vez em quando gosto de sair da minha zona de conforto Sendo eu doida por gatos, nada melhor do que um livro sobre a amizade e o poder que um gato tem sobre a nossa vida N o tendo eu problema nenhum de sa de, bem podia falar sobre o quanto os meus gatos enriqueceram a minha vida, mas n o sobre mim que se est a falar Gostei bastante do relato desta m e, a f dela, na amizade que nasceu entre o filho e um gato que foram buscar a uma associa o, comovente.Imposs vel n [...]

    4. I read everyone of these type of books that comes out, squeaking in happiness when I spot a new one on the shelf I love animal memoirs I love the power an animal has to help a disabled child This is a sweet, yet sad story The writing is very good, personal and interesting Fraser is an autistic child, who has other disability that hamper his life Though his parents and sister love him, when he meets Billy the cat something special happens Fraser communicates , learns , and his parents grow closer [...]

    5. This book, i just I loved this book from the first page to the last It was so interesting, so beautiful, sad and just Awesome How Billy helped Fraser change from day to day, made me smile, so much I Believe animals can help humans in their magnificent ways This book was such a lovely read and i hope this author gives us heartwarming books

    6. This book was recommended to me by one of my students As I work with autistic children, I didn t expect this book to have such an impact on me It did Even though it isn t the most well written book around, it is easy to read and the story is lovely What surprised me most is that I gained an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a parent with an autistic child My love for cats couldn t get deeper, but I do wish of my students could ve found a friend like Billy I will recommend this bo [...]

    7. When Fraser met Billy is the story of how a rescue cat called Billy, helped a little boy make sense of a very confusing world.Billy came into Fraser s life at a time when the world made no sense at all to Fraser who after being diagnosed with autism and other conditions was struggling with life as a toddler However, Billy and Fraser bonded immediately and soon they became inseparable The book charts the life of the Booth family from when Billy first came into the family for about 4 years until F [...]

    8. I m a sucker for a good animal pet story, so naturally was drawn to this one I m especially interested in stories which highlight the extraordinary relationships between people and their pets, or pets who have special skills that bring even value to the relationship.That being said, this book fit the bill nicely Of course I loved reading about all the seemingly simple, yet profoundly important and helpful, things that Billy did to help Fraser and the Booth family Those who think cats aren t cap [...]

    9. Finally a book that is about what it says on the cover and no oh look at me as a mummy coping with it all and promoting everything for my own causeFrom the first page this book is about Fraser and billy Yes it makes reference to the parents prior to Fraser and his sister but it concentrates on the relationship between Fraser and billy and how they associate with each other A refreshing read I was disappointed after reading other similar books ESP the one that won the cats protection award as the [...]

    10. Si sa che gli animali sono da sempre una grande compagnia Chiunque abbia un animale, che sia un cane o un gatto, sa cosa significa vivere, crescere con accanto un animale Un animale, un gatto, in questo caso, capace di dare a, affetto e aiutare un bambino nel suo percorso di vita, di crescita, di indipendenza e autonomia La storia di Fraser,un bambino autistico e del suo amico a quattro zampe, Billy, raccontata con speranza, difficolt , dolore, a e piccoli progressi dalla madre, che anche l autr [...]

    11. Tr s belle histoire d amiti entre un chat et un petit gar on autiste Le jour o les parents de Fraser d cident d adopter un chat pour l aider, sans le savoir, c est le plus beau cadeau qu ils vont lui faire.Billy va bouleverser leur quotidien et aider Fraser s ouvrir au monde qui l entoure J ai beaucoup aim ce t moignage que je recommande tous.

    12. This is sweet story about a boy and a wonderfull effect one single cat had in his autistic life If it is, indeed, all true, it s amazing the power of animals, especially this one Billy , can have to help humans It is super easy to read and amazing to know this beautifull friendship about a boy and his cat ____Esta uma hist ria incr vel sobre o incr vel efeito que um gato tem na vida de uma crian a autista Se, realmente, tudo o que aqui contado for verdade, ent o espantoso o poder deste animal Bi [...]

    13. This book was amazing, the true heartwarming story of a little boy with autism and how a special cat became his best friend, helped him and encouraged him with daily life, challenges and new situations is amazing I would never have thought a cat could change a child s life in such a postive way Fraser and Billy have a very special relationship that is unbreakable.

    14. Een mooi, bijzonder en vertederend verhaal over de vriendschap tussen een autistisch jongetje en een kat.

    15. When Fraser met billy by Louise BoothTHE BLURBBilly the cat was rescued from an abandoned house Fraser was a two year old autistic child with a multitude of problems when he first met Billy at the cat protection shelter Billy purred, laid his paws across Fraser, and they have been inseparable ever since Slowly but surely, Billy has transformed Fraser s life Fraser s mother Louise has watched her son move from being a child prone to anxiety, tantrums, and sudden emotional meltdowns to now a much [...]

    16. Autism is a particularly difficult subject to discuss at the best of time When your first child is diagnosed with autism at 18 months, your world or less turns upside down this is what happens to Louise and Chris when the doctors tell them that their son is autistic.Louise and Chris have left London to live on the grounds of Balmoral Estate the Queen s summer residence where Chris has landed a job to become the electrician of the estate Due to the distances from both their families, Louise does [...]

    17. This is a true story about a struggling family, their autistic son, Fraser and a special grey shelter cat named Billy who brought them love, happiness and hope With Billy in his life, gradually Fraser had less tantrums, was less anxious about changes, and less moody Also diagnosed with hypotonia, a muscle condition, Billy also helped him learn to climb stairs and develop his muscles This is a heartwarming story about the power of a pet to transform human lives with unconditional love and underst [...]

    18. This was a sweet book telling about the friendship between Fraser, a young autistic boy and his rescue cat Billy His mother tells us about how he struggled as a young boy, with limited communication, difficulties with his walking and movement and lots of frustration and temper tantrums unless his rigid routines were followed With a young baby girl, they were struggling with how to deal with Fraser and how to reach him and help him cope with life.With an older cat who was scared of Frasers scream [...]

    19. As the mum of an autistic son, this book has reassured me and reminded me of some of the struggles I have encountered along the way So many similarities have been uncovered here from awful pregnancy and traumatic early days to post natal depression and to the discovery of such a characterful child I welled up when I was reminded of the first nativity play he took part in and his first steps in to normal school I have been reminded of actually just how very far we have come I literally have read [...]

    20. I love cats, we have three at home all very different characters I also volunteer for a riding for the disabled group and we have a couple of riders who have autism, so I hoped this would give me some additional information about the condition This certainly was a very sweet story although the author did repeat herself a few times I didn t really learn anything that would help me with out riders but it ceratolay was an interesting read And as for Billy, what a character, he certainly did seem to [...]

    21. Two 5 star reviews in one day, that is a good day This is non fiction The autistic boy lives in England and Scotland with his family who have been told he will never be able to attend a mainstream school, may never walk or talk at age 18 months He has extreme temper outbursts, obsessive behaviors, and no social contact with most people, when his mom decides to get a rescue cat to be a friend to him The cat turns out to be so much , and becomes Fraser s best friend and most important therapist Ha [...]

    22. This book tells of the relationship between Fraser an autistic boy and Billy a rescue cat who joined the family when Fraser was two Fraser at the time had many problems including temper tantrums and an inability to relate to other people However he could relate to Billy and their relationship has transformed his life and that of his family It obviously hasn t cured his autism but it has greatly improved his social skills so much so that he is now in mainstream school something his parents were t [...]

    23. This is a very heartwarming book about the relationship of an autistic boy, Fraser and his rescued cat, Billy Louise Booth, who is Fraser s mother as well as the author, describes the impact of Billy in terms of helping Fraser overcome many of his physical and emotional challenges.Fraser comes out of his shell and Billy is a tremendous part of this positive change Sometimes cats are portrayed as being standoffish, but Billy disproves this stereotype with his friendship with Fraser A wonderful st [...]

    24. A cute story about a little boy named Fraser who happens to have autism and his cat Billy This true story is written by Fraser s mother, and shows the strong bond that can develop although, these two seemed to bond immediately when you put the right animal with a child, and especially one who has special needs Billy is there for Fraser all of the time, even when he s Billy not feeling especially perky My favorite tale was when he was attacked by the local lab dog The next day, Billy was by Frase [...]

    25. Loved reading this story I loved the bond between Billy and Fraser and reading this story made me think of my daughter with Aspergers and her cat and the bond between them I love the courage of Fraser s parents to do whatever they could to help their son and admire them for the way in which they faced the challenges they did with Fraser This story clearly shows the impact that animals can have on people in making their lives better and helping them to get through the difficult times Billy certai [...]

    26. INTRIGUINGINTRIGUINGA wonderful, heartwarming account of the special bond between an Autistic boy and his cat I enjoyed the book so much, finding it entertaining and easy to read Of course it may have helped that I m a cat lover and have a special interest in the autistic spectrum but I d also recommend it to anyone who likes a feel good story involving children and animals.

    27. I am almost at the end of reading this book about Fraser his catBilly, what an amazing story, very helpful to read a book that givesso much details about autism, it is something most of us donot understand you will be able to react in a reasonable way if you see any of thesechildren without convicting the parents when a child is behaving badly you donot understand them, after reading this book it was very helpful

    28. A very sweet story of how a cat changed the lives of not only a little boy but his family and all that came into contact with him Before Billy Fraser found the world and his place in it challenging to say the least, however, when he encountered Billy for the first time he began to settle into his strange world Although there were set backs both boy and cat managed to rally through those emotional storms to be the very best of friends to this day A very well worth while read.

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