[EPUB] ✓ The Church Mice at Christmas | by ☆ Graham Oakley

The Church Mice at Christmas By Graham Oakley,

  • Title: The Church Mice at Christmas
  • Author: Graham Oakley
  • ISBN: 9781848777996
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • One morning a few days before Christmas, Arthur and Humphrey, the leaders of the church mice, decided to have a Christmas party But parties cost money, and the mice would have to come up with some special fund raising ideas.
    The Church Mice at Christmas One morning a few days before Christmas Arthur and Humphrey the leaders of the church mice decided to have a Christmas party But parties cost money and the mice would have to come up with some spe

    One thought on “The Church Mice at Christmas”

    1. I read this as a child so was very pleased to find this again just before Christmas at a book sale The illustrations are lovely, packed with detail and sometimes many on each page, you can see so much time went in to creating this book.The mice plan to have a Christmas party but being as poor as church mice they have no means of getting party food They decide to raffle the church cat Sampson who has taken a vow not to eat mice It doesn t go to plan but after an exciting adventure their party goe [...]

    2. The Church Mice at Christmas is a whimsical and slightly surreal picture book, written and illustrated by Graham Oakley It one of a series of half a dozen he wrote about the doughty, valiant church mice, and was first published in 1980 If you admire Reepicheep from C.S Lewis s Narnia Chronicles, you may well feel an affection for this little band of mice too.In the story the mice are getting excited about the imminent prospect of Christmas, and admiring the Christmas tree in the church porch It [...]

    3. As always, Oakley presents an hilarious comment on humanity, through the unique guise of these church mice and Sampson the cat Only mice could have the adventures they do for example, their attempts at carol singing are funny because of their size but on the other hand the characters are so wonderfully human When they meet Father Christmas, Humphrey launches into his list Good evening, Father Christmas sir I am Humphrey, and what I want for Christmas is a quadrophonic record player, a quartz wat [...]

    4. Whenever the holiday madness grows too great, I retreat to this funny, sly tale the words and the pictures don t match to great comic effect Following the mice on their chaotic Christmas trip through their little town is fun than a barrel of sugar plums.

    5. This book tried to be cute and I tried to like it There is quite a bit of text and a lot of highly detailed pictures, but almost too many per page The story itself was okay, although it was very British in feeling I think it would have done better as an animated movie cartoon rather than as a book The middle of the story is rather tedious and the ending was just okay.So, we can probably skip this one.My Favorite Picture The cat reindeer taking the Santa mice for a ride in their sled.My Least Fav [...]

    6. Aside from A Christmas Carol this is one of the few books I can honestly remember having it read to me as a little boy durng Christmastime It was one of my favourites not because it was humorous but becaue my family shares the same last name as the author, and as a little boy stuff like that is important.Much to the chagrin of my wife I still have this book in our christmas book pile, and I have read it to my chilrend a few times but the sharp wit seems a little too much for them right now.

    7. As always, wonderful illustrations Logan loves looking at all the details We didn t laugh as much as we have with other Church Mice books though.

    8. Read this again today, it is as good as ever Probably next year this book will be at my son s house for him to read to his little one.

    9. Christmas time aeries at the rectory and can a cat and his mouse friends survive the mayhem that is ChristmS at church Only time will tell if Sampson the cat doesn t lose his whiskers

    10. One of my favourite Church Mice books I particularly love the illustrations of the mice running through the toy shop.

    11. One in the series by Graham Oakley all are the adventures of the church mice and Sampson the cat wonderful The illustrations are exquisite

    12. I think this book was supposed to be funny, but the humor just fell sort of flat It is about some mice who want to throw a Christmas party.

    13. The story is charming and the illustrations are amazing Each picture is filled with so much detail that you will want to stop and study them.

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