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Snoozefest By Samantha Berger,

  • Title: Snoozefest
  • Author: Samantha Berger
  • ISBN: 9780803740464
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bedtime story meets Coachella in this adorable book about a sloth who packs up his pajamas to attends an arena festival for nappers, dozers, and the very best sleepyheads.Snuggleford Cuddlebun is a champion sleeper In fact, she s such a good sleeper that she decides to go to Snoozefest, an arena festival that celebrates sleep There, she lounges in her hammock while bandsBedtime story meets Coachella in this adorable book about a sloth who packs up his pajamas to attends an arena festival for nappers, dozers, and the very best sleepyheads.Snuggleford Cuddlebun is a champion sleeper In fact, she s such a good sleeper that she decides to go to Snoozefest, an arena festival that celebrates sleep There, she lounges in her hammock while bands like the Nocturnal Nesters and the Quiet Quartet serenade the audience with lullabies There s warm milk and honey to be had, designer pajamas from Diane von Firstinbed, and no one dares be seen without a baby blanket But before she knows it, the nuzzling, snuggling, and dreaming are over and Snuggleford has slept through it all.This hilariously endearing bedtime story is perfect for anyone who loves sloths, music festivals, and or cuddles.
    Snoozefest Bedtime story meets Coachella in this adorable book about a sloth who packs up his pajamas to attends an arena festival for nappers dozers and the very best sleepyheads Snuggleford Cuddlebun is a ch

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    1. Snuggleford Cuddlebum is a very sleepy sloth But once a year she makes sure to leave the house in order to attend Snoozefest, a festival for sleepy animals She takes a shuttle bus to The Nuzzledome, where she gets her hand stamped She meets other sleepy animals and everyone brings pillows, blankets and pajamas.Blankets with nicknames like Knit Knit and Night y,Lank Lank and Woobee, and Bah Bah and Bite y,Softie and Snuggly and Lolly and Didi,Pinky and Minky and Gunk Gunk and Gee Gee.Some of the [...]

    2. This is so adorable that I want to pinch its cheeks It s a about a sloth who b goes to a music festival type event, but for sleeping, where c they wear designer pyjamas like Dormant Gabbana So pretty much it s awesome and adorable.The only thing I didn t like was the rhyming it felt forced, and in some places just plain didn t work It would have been much better as straight prose.

    3. Snuggleford Cuddlebun has to be the cutest character name ever Rhymes are easy and fun I imagine this working best as a nighttime book I love the festival atmosphere and a band named Chamomile Rage Fun vocabulary

    4. Imagine a place you might go to listen to all the best bands, visit great vendors, and meet people with the same interests as you Now imagine that place was a cross between a music festival and a sleep away camp for sloths You would be at Snoozefest This is the place where the best sleepers go to snore their way through this naptacular show Snuggleford Cuddlebun is the sleepiest sloth in Snoozeville and she only interrupts her napping to head to the great NuzzleDome where all the best sleepers i [...]

    5. Pack your fuzzy slippers and don t forget your VIP pass for the hibernating animal s version of a music festival Spoiler alert this book contains a completely adorable rosy cheeked sloth and bears clad in Diane von Firstinbed designer jammies.

    6. This book is adorable and out of the ordinary The sloth main character is spot on and, aside from a few off moments, the rhyming text is delightful Adding to the text are the beautiful illustrations I think this would make a great bedtime read for any little kid.

    7. So Darn Cute This book was so adorable and I loved that it rhymed throughout I m a big fan of sloths and a big fan of sleeping so this book hit all the right notes for me And that the main character s name just happens to sound a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch EVEN BETTER A must read

    8. Sloths are in Very cute, and a great night time book for the older child, especially when they re fighting going to sleep.

    9. Now this is a rock concert I can get behind No loud crowds pushing you around No bands who don t know how to turn the darn guitar down and the vocals up A hammock and blanket I can get behind a Snoozefest in my town.

    10. Wow, I m not sure that I ve ever related to a book or a protagonist so much I strongly identify with the languid, lazy nature of sloths and would LOVE to attend a Snoozefest and sleep for days If only I could curl up and snooze for a day or seventeen that would be the life Alas, I m human, so I ll stay awake and look for adorable books like this Charming illustrations, nice rhymes, sloth protagonist 10 10 would lazily flip through again.

    11. SUMMARY Snuggleford Cuddlebun is a sloth who loves to sleep She especially looks forward to attending Snuzzlefest This is the place where the best sleepers go to snore their way through this spectacular show She arrives to see many other sleepers with their blankets and pillows in their favorite spots Snuggleford picks out a hammock, then goes to buy souvenirs First there is a pajama parade Then, one sleepy band after another takes the stage and puts the audience to sleep In the morning, Snuggle [...]

    12. Sticking with the pun theme is Snoozefest by Samantha Berger, illustrated by Kristyna Litten This is published Dial Books for Young Readers And Samantha has maybe the strongest control of puns from any author I know And in this case we have a sloth who is going to the Snoozefest, which is big sleeping party I don t even know how to call it Picture Woodstock, only the main goal is to get everyone to go to bed And everyone buys their shirts and gets the stamps brings their blankets and listens to [...]

    13. Review originally posted on Children s AtheneumAlthough I thought the idea of a sloth attending a weekend sleep music festival was adorable, I honestly think this is one of those books that appeals to adults than kids The very conceit of the book are those huge outdoor weekend concerts, the kind of which most people leave their kids at home The kind that usually include massive amounts of unwashed people and equal portions of alcohol and drugs Thus, I find it an interesting setting for a childr [...]

    14. My favorite thing about this book are the words so many sleep related words from tucked, cuddle and nocturnal to logy and soporific , as well as other gems like didgeridoo I can imagine having students brainstorm as many words related to sleep as they can come up with before reading, and then reading to see which words are included and noting words which are new to them There may be a message in here about when sweet dreams turn to slothfulness, but that s up for discussion, so the class could h [...]

    15. Oh my goodness I loved this book I mean how can you not love a book about sloths, sleeping as an event and the cutest name ever for a book character, Snuggleford Cuddlebuns Plus the illustrations were great Snuggleford is the best sleeper in town, and can do it for months at a time Her favorite event of the year, Snoozefest is coming up, and she s so excited She gets on the bus, goes to the festival, settles into her hammock, buys the swag and gets ready for a great snooze They have performers g [...]

    16. This is definitely for bedtime story time Snuggleford Cuddlebun is one of the best sleepers ever but when the Snoozefest comes to the Nuzzle Dome, she s gotta go The Snoozefest will feature all the latest designer sleepwear and blankets old and new will be worn The latest bands will play melodies to sleep by and at one point everyone attending will light their nightlight and all will be cozy and warm Only the coolest sleepers will attend This was just cute and really is perfect for a silly goodn [...]

    17. julianaleewriter books aliSamantha Berger and Kristyna Litten have my vote for top sleepy time story I give it 5 Zzzzz It s so mesmerizing, you ll have to be careful not to fall asleep while reading Show off your most stylish sleepwear and listen to the rhythm of The Nocturnal Nesters, the Quiet Quartet, and Deep Hiber Nation I ll meet you on the other side of my eyelids

    18. What s that you say There s a gala dedicated to napping, dozing and dreaming SnoozeFEST Dial Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Group USA LLC, January 22, 2015 written by Samantha Berger with illustrations by Kristyna Litten is a joyful look at a sloth whose success at sleeping is unparalleled.My full recommendation librariansquest 2

    19. Adorable picture book about a sloth who travels to the annual Snoozefest, which is a concert festival for animals who love to nap and listen to tranquil, soothing music, perfect for lulling you to sleep This would be a cute choice for a bedtime story or for a bedtime nighttime animal themed storytime.

    20. Adorable This is one that must be read out loud I usually don t like books that rhyme, but this is very well written, with fun words, and a clear linear plot line that isn t using words and phrases only to fit the rhyme scheme The illustrations are cute and bold, and really, how can you not love a sloth

    21. Snuggleford Cuddlebun loves to sleep but she must be rested for the SnoozeFest, an upcoming music festival for animals like her who love to sleep Read SnoozeFest to hear about Snuggleford s adventures at the festival seeing everyone s comfy gear, participating in the pajama parade and listening to all of the bands.

    22. 3.75 starsMy first questions about this book isAre Sloths Nocturnal 2nd Why do we need to go to a place to get together just to sleep But it is cute book with fun pictures The rhymes seems force I would never try to rhyme Squirrel, armadillos, and pillow but whatever works for you I cute little bed time book

    23. Snoozefest boasts smoothly flowing rhymes, great vocabulary words, a decent plot a rare find in picture books, it seems , and pretty adorable illustrations And how could you not love a book whose main character is a sloth named Snuggleford Cuddlebun

    24. Darling illustrations, catchy sillness rhymes, and a relatable storyline make this a wonderful shared nighttime story The cuddly characters and soft edged illustrations are very non threatening, so not to disturb anyone at bedtime I foundmyself giggling alng as I read it.

    25. This book was way cuter than I thought it was going to be Cute story, love the illustrations The character s name is Snuggleford Cuddlebun Love it I loved the little bed she makes for herself at the Nuzzledome This would be a great book to share at a PJ Family Reading Night.

    26. Unfortunately had this same idea, including the title, a little too late sitting in the dentist s office during PiBoIdMo 2014 NOT SOUR GRAPES, REALLY, but this didn t meet my expectations Where there are near rhymes my interest flags.

    27. Such an adorable book about Snuggleford Cuddlebun from Snoozeville Sunggleford the Sloth heads to Snoozefest to enjoy a naptacular show This would be a great book to read right before bedtime.

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