UNLIMITED BOOK ì الطريق - by Vasily Grossman سمية العفاس

الطريق By Vasily Grossman سمية العفاس,

  • Title: الطريق
  • Author: Vasily Grossman سمية العفاس
  • ISBN: 9782844097361
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Road brings together short stories, journalism, essays, and letters by Vasily Grossman, the author of Life and Fate, providing new insight into the life and work of this extraordinary writer The stories range from Grossman s first success, In the Town of Berdichev, a piercing reckoning with the cost of war, to such haunting later works as Mama, based on the life oThe Road brings together short stories, journalism, essays, and letters by Vasily Grossman, the author of Life and Fate, providing new insight into the life and work of this extraordinary writer The stories range from Grossman s first success, In the Town of Berdichev, a piercing reckoning with the cost of war, to such haunting later works as Mama, based on the life of a girl who was adopted at the height of the Great Terror by the head of the NKVD and packed off to an orphanage after her father s downfall The girl grows up struggling with the discovery that the parents she cherishes in memory are part of a collective nightmare that everyone else wishes to forget The Road also includes the complete text of Grossman s harrowing report from Treblinka, one of the first anatomies of the workings of a death camp The Sistine Madonna, a reflection on art and atrocity as well as two heartbreaking letters that Grossman wrote to his mother after her death at the hands of the Nazis and carried with him for the rest of his life Meticulously edited and presented by Robert Chandler, The Road allows us to see one of the great figures of twentieth century literature discovering his calling both as a writer and as a man.
    The Road brings together short stories journalism essays and letters by Vasily Grossman the author of Life and Fate providing new insight into the life and work of this extraordinary writer The s

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    1. Part One The 1930s In the Town of Berdichev A Small Life A Young Woman and an Old Woman Part Two The War, The Shoah The Old Man The Old Teacher The Hell of Treblinka The Sistine Madonna Part Three Late Stories The Elk Mama Living Space The Road The Dog In Kislovodsk Part Four Three Letters Part Five Eternal RestAppendixesAfterword, by Fyodor GuberChronologyNotesFurther ReadingAcknowledgmentsContributors

    2. As the winter of 1942 43 was drawing to an end, Himmler came to Treblinka.Here, the color fades to black and white the novelist takes out his notepad, becomes a journalist This happened of the people who saw him has told us that the minister of death walked up to a huge grave pit and, for a long time, stared silently into it.It would take two winters, but Himmler already knew.Later that same day the SS Reichsf hrer flew back Before leaving Treblinka, he issued an order that dumbfounded the thre [...]

    3. Oh god, I can t even possibly rate this book It is absolutely the single most devastatingly horrifying thing I ve ever read for work or really ever read at all The Hell of Treblinka, Grossman s most famous essay, is exactly that Grossman, a journalist, takes a trip to Treblinka a few years after WWII is over Amid extremely detailed descriptions of what it was like for the prisoners in the camps, he even goes so far as to dig in the dirt around the area, uncovering wallets and hair ribbons and sh [...]

    4. This began as the second of my train books, but I chose to take a hiatus and read Communal Luxury The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune when I got to The Hell of Treblinka I ve read it before and, as befits the subject, it remains one of the most upsetting and disturbing things I have ever read I found it unbearable to read about the transports to Treblinka while I was on a train In order to maintain to the end the deception of the Western European passengers, the railhead at the death ca [...]

    5. No, this is not Cormac McCarthy s fictional Apocalypse It is the real Apocalypse Vasily Grossman was a writer of the Soviet period Like Isaac Babel, that other balding, Jewish short story writer of the period, Grossman attached himself to the Red Army in war Grossman was a bit younger, so his journalism covers the World War II that the executed Babel did not live to see Grossman s masterwork is Life and Fate , one of those rejected novels that survived all the efforts of Soviet intelligence agen [...]

    6. Soul crushingly heavy and brutal, The Hell of Treblinka will send most fleeing in fear and nausea at the depths of human depravity It s hard to believe that such animals share the same general DNA as the man who writes of such horrors When Grossman stops being a mere reporter and lets his inner Platonov soar Grossman takes flight This book juxtaposes human beauty with cruelty so effectively that the reader is left an exhausted shambling mess I would imagine most people would not even bother with [...]

    7. The Road is a brilliant collection of short stories and journalistic articles Grossman s skill as a journalist is demonstrated in The Hell of Treblinka a detailed account of the death camp that Grossman wrote using his first hand experiences and as one of the first writers to talk to survivors and put their stories into print It is an outstanding account, detailing the horrors committed in the Nazi death camps.The works of fiction are just as compelling, tales of patriotism and of the stuggles a [...]

    8. I ve read many books that have caused me to put them down at one point, or many, due to some sad or disconcerting content This collection of works by the Russian author and journalist caused a few of these stops, but one of them sticks with me The editors of the book saw fit, due to the intensely biographical focus of the content, to publish two letters found after the author s death that he had addressed to his mother on the ninth and twentieth anniversaries of her death in a concentration camp [...]

    9. This is the other half of my January affair with Conroy and now Grossman Most of you know I ve probably talked your ear off my favorite book of all time is Life and Fate, by Vasily Grossman, which I have now consumed twice More recently I read Everything Flows and now The Road which is a compendium of short stories, journalism, essays and letters Again these are writings from the 30s, 40s, and 50s Grossman s magic to me is his ability to tell a story at the common man level For example a couple [...]

    10. yet another masterful book of Grossman s work.This contains his shorter stories from the duration of his writing life and includes his first published work In the Town of Berdichev as well as his rapidly written The Hell of Treblinka also included are The Cistine Madonna , The Elk , Mama , the titled The Road , The Dog , In Kislovodsk , In Eternal Rest as well as the letters Grossman wrote to his deceased mother on the 10th and 20th anniversary of her death at the hands of Nazi death squads.Ther [...]

    11. This is a miscellaneous collection of Grossman s writings some journalism, some fiction What shines through in both is not only the author s skill but importantly his humanity Grossman was certainly a good and kind man I especially loved the earliest story here, In the town of Berdichev His work warms the heart, even in the blackest of settings, such as The Hell of Treblinka , a journalistic piece that was actually used in the Nuremberg Trials On my to read list for 2017 is Grossman s epic Life [...]

    12. I believe I ve now read almost everything Grossman published that has been translated into english He s without question my favorite author of all time I don t know if I ve ever read anyone who elevates prose the heights he does but what he writes about, whether it be the devastation of the holocaust, the horrors of living under Stalin, or life during the Battle of Stalingrad is so soul crushing that every time you put the book down you feel like Grossman has managed to strike you right at the v [...]

    13. A fascinating follow up to Life and Fate While the stories were interesting in their narrative variety, it was the insight into Grossman s life via the letters and biographical information, especially the afterword from Grossman s stepson that were the main highlight I say this only because I can t call The Hell of Treblinka a highlight, even though it is one of the most powerful things I ve ever read, and even though I firmly believe it should be required reading for everyone, ever.

    14. Great short stories, a harrowing account of a concentration camp, three letters, and an essay This book would be a very good introduction to the author for anyone interested.

    15. Vasily Grossman s essays are fascinating Rarely has one person, who just happens to be a good writer, witnessed so many important events first hand and shared them so eloquently.

    16. I meant to read The Road shortly after I finished Life and Fate a few years ago It wasn t until this year s Harvard Bookstore Warehouse sale that I came across a beautiful paperback copy and had a chance to sit down with Grossman s work It was well worth the wait I am enad of his clarity of voice, and I found the editorial touches quite useful The Hell of Treblinka was one of the best pieces of nonfiction about German extermination camps that I ve read Not that you re looking for the best of for [...]

    17. Een erg mooi samengesteld boek, met per tijdsperiode een inzichtelijke inleiding geschreven door de Engelse vertaler Robert Chandler en met vele interessante noten en bijlages Maar het belangrijkste zijn de verhalen en essays zelf zonder uitzondering zijn het tragische verhalen, maar ze werden wel in een prachtige schrijfstijl geschreven en vertaald Tijdens het lezen voelde ik veel bewondering voor het inlevingsvermogen van Grossman, die heel dichtbij de personages komt, maar tegelijkertijd ook [...]

    18. Excellent book, especially the stories of the Sistine Madonna, the dog that flies into space, the cemetery and the letters to his mother These show Grossman s humanism at its best, and are the products of a man who suffered too much from possessing such beliefs Also an interesting manifestation of Grossman s dual identities, being both a Russian and a Jew he seems to not know where his allegiance lies at time However, some stories are better than another.

    19. Bij de vorige editie van het kerstfeest ontving ik dit boek Ondanks dat er genoeg andere boeken prijkten, besloot de kerstman ze te negeren en mij uitgerekend dit boek cadeau te doen Wie precies op het lumineuze idee kwam deze suggestie aan de beste man te doen weet ik tot op heden niet Ik vermoed dat het dezelfde persoon was die het jaar daarvoor een succesvolle lobby had opgezet om mij The best of American magazine writing 2010 toe te doen komen Het doet er eigenlijk niet toe Wat er wel toe do [...]

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