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The Decayed Ones By Joseph DiBartolo,

  • Title: The Decayed Ones
  • Author: Joseph DiBartolo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 319
  • Format: ebook
  • Life has always been an uphill battle for Peter Troy His obsession for zombie films was the only thing that kept him company when times got tough After losing his job as a butcher at the local market and getting dumped by his girlfriend, all in the same day, Peter tried to close himself off from the world His efforts were thwarted when his obsession actually became a reLife has always been an uphill battle for Peter Troy His obsession for zombie films was the only thing that kept him company when times got tough After losing his job as a butcher at the local market and getting dumped by his girlfriend, all in the same day, Peter tried to close himself off from the world His efforts were thwarted when his obsession actually became a reality Follow Peter on his journey to redemption as he struggles with his mixed feelings of excitement and regret Will he be able to adapt and excel in a world now being overrun by the living dead Or will he fail to succeed as he did when the world was normal
    The Decayed Ones Life has always been an uphill battle for Peter Troy His obsession for zombie films was the only thing that kept him company when times got tough After losing his job as a butcher at the local market

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    1. We all know that guy, the one who lives, breathes and is prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse just be the sheer number of movies he sees Peter Troy is that guy, in Joseph DiBartolo s short, but action packed tale The Rise of Peter Troy The Decayed Ones You guessed it, all those movies have made Peter a true warrior when the real zombie apocalypse comes and those flesh eating ghouls are on the prowl Our Unlikely hero proves that he alone, is the supreme source for all things that truly kill zombies [...]

    2. Enjoyed Lord this book was really good But also to short I so wanted to know what happens next And Nathan one dumb do for getting his girlfriend killed how u be a big guy and hesitant when in a situation like that I need to get part 2 cause this was definitely a 5 star read I didn t know if this was a vampire or zombie book lol until after the fact

    3. I ve read the first three books so far, and giving them all a 4 star rating It s not necessarily a great story, and most of it will be forgettable, but I found it easy to read and enjoyed reading it I did like he cause of the outbreak.However, one plea to the author stop calling a group of zombies a hoard They are a horde of zombies.

    4. Imagine having your entire life change in the blink of an eye This is what happens to Peter Troy one night after he contemplates what he wants to do with his life He s had to put up with quite a few disappoints and wonders as to whether he ll ever get his life back on track For a moment, it seems he never will Until he realizes that the world has fallen apart around him It s then that he s given a chance to redeem himself in a way he never thought possible.A unique view into all things undead, J [...]

    5. From the opening sentence, I knew it was going to be a fun ride And I wasn t disappointed I felt like I was smack in the middle of a classic zombie movie loved that The author s style and word choice made the action fast paced and easy to visualize You instantly root for the main character and, like any good horror story, there s always the sense that you never know who s going to still be alive on the next page I really enjoyed seeing the chaos unfold through the eyes of an emerging hero Real l [...]

    6. I thought I would like this one better than I did, due to some higher review ratings by some GR friends Unfortunately, I didn t quite catch on to Peter Troy as much as I wanted to.Before the zombies, Peter was a dork He worked at a meat market as a butcher, but was laid off He dated pretty girls, but kept getting dumped The latest dump revolved around his obsessive love of monster movies and zombies in particular He was, all in all, a nerd, albeit a fairly good looking one although this little f [...]

    7. So we all love The Walking Dead for one, simple and very obvious reason, right Oh, wait how d that get in there My bad That s not it clears throat But whatever your reasons are for watching zombies, whether you re like normal people and like a good, disgusting flick, or you re like me and want to be prepared when the time comes and you have to kill your neighbor for trying to gnaw on your leg, the simple fact remains it s gonna happen Which is why I really liked Peter Troy He s kinda gross, kind [...]

    8. Book 1Picture This book introduces you to the beginning of the apocalypse Peter s been dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his job as a meat monger He feels his life sucks, but hey, he s got an abundance of science fiction horror movies to keep him occupied At least, until he spots his ex girlfriend giving a guy mouth to mouth across the way or is she That s when the adventure begins The story moves fast and the action is funny as well as a bit chaotic What lost me was detail There wasn t a [...]

    9. If you re looking for a warm and fuzzy book, this one is NOT for you This book is for the bravest of heart who enjoy movies such as World War Z, Resident Evil and Walking Dead If you want an adventurous book with heart palpitating action and BLOOD and non stop suspense, than I absolutely recommend this book There is a CH, but with a series, what do you expect It keeps you guessing until the next book comes out Great job on a new series

    10. Darn good Normally I don t like the shorter zombie style books as there isn t a lot to them other then killing zombies But this one I really liked The fact that Peter is walking in with a vast knowledge due to Zombie movies and games already makes this something special Cause I mean really why does no one ever know anything about zombies in movies books tv

    11. I have never reviewed a short story before and don t plan on doing any in the future with exception to the subsequent Peter Troy books , but am glad the I made an exception with DiBartolo s Everyone has their guilty pleasures, whether it be sweets, crappy T.V shows, or expensive manicures Peter Troy s is zombies Now you may not think that is altogether odd seeing as many have jumped on this bandwagon since the airing of Walking Dead, but Peter takes his guilty pleasure to obsession status He li [...]

    12. Peter Troy is a former butcher, fired, and a former boyfriend, dumped, who has woken up to the zombie apocalypse With a congregated group of survivors, he sets off to find survivors and possibly discover the mystery behind the outbreak.I dug this story, brief as it is Having a main character that is genuinely excited for a zombie outbreak, feeling that he has trained years for this via horror movies video games, is a great twist on the standard apocalypse hero character And I hope that there is [...]

    13. This book was gifted to me by the author and PRATR for an honest review This is a serial about a down and out self proclaimed zombie expert who sees his fantasy become reality Peter has lost his job as a butcher and his girlfriend when the zombie apocalypse happens He is a expert on zombies from all the games and movies he has watched in the first novelette he has to kill his ex Lisa and help some other people survive This is a fast paced story but keep in mind it is a series of shorts I m not r [...]

    14. What can I say Mr DiBartolo delivered an awesome zombie apocalypse story As someone who has an unhealthy love for these dudes, I enjoyed this take on the rising stars Peter Troy is a guy after my own heart, he loves everything about zombies The guy to be with when it all goes down and besides that he is an ex butcher so he can really hack you out of a sticky situation His obsession with them actually cost him his relationship, but when it comes to fruition who s eating who s words or who s eatin [...]

    15. CoolOkay, what s up with writing a zombie short story Seriously Maybe I wouldn t mind if the story was mediocre, but The Rise of Peter Troy was a cool story I really liked it And the cliffhanger ending wasn t so bad It does make you want to purchase the next book, so it serves its purpose I do say Joseph DiBartolo needs to play fair We fans want to read We want a longer story with action, character growth, senses input Joseph is a great writer It s obvious the moment you open the book But li [...]

    16. Peter is having a bad day He s a fan of all things zombie and lucky for him he is He loses his job the same day his girlfriend dumps him This book is so funny With lines like, Now being very single with the possibility of the apocalypse on the horizon, he figured it wouldn t be the worst idea to explore some options Only a zombie nerd would think about hooking up during the apocalypse Another quote from the book I loved, The actuality of him living in the coming of a zombie outbreak was a secret [...]

    17. My first foray into the mind of the author came with his story A Timely Curse review In that tale he embraced his inner wolfpack With The Rise Of Peter Troy he gives us a taste of the apocalypse.Peter is the ultimate zombie prepper He s the type of person that spends his spare time preparing himself for the apocalypse To his credit, he has skills and within the pages readers will follow along as this butcher puts to test all his planning and training The Decayed Ones is the first in an ongoing s [...]

    18. Do you love Zombies The Walking Dead Thrills, chills, and creepy things that go bump in the night Then this is the book for you Joseph DiBartolo weaves a chilling tale of a changing world in this first volume of short stories The action keeps you on hher edge of your seat and leaves you wanting I don t want to give away any spoilers for this exciting new series, but you will definitely be delighted with the pace, adventure, and gore this thrilling new volume offers Available for the first time [...]

    19. Dear Author, Why is this story so short Please, give me pages As soon as it started I was hooked, it s excellent written, with great characters Peter and Lena make a great team there are a couple of action scenes with a little of gore and the market place chapter was awesome And then, it was over, the end, terminado, finito I was left wanting , I must get the second book I received a Free copy in exchange for an Honest review

    20. This is an exciting read and a great start to a series I m definitely looking forward to reading of If you like Zombies then you ll like this It s fast paced from the start and you can feel, Peter s anticipation and excitement at the very thought of an actual Zombie apocalypse Its gory and bloody, and I m not usually scared but after I read this late at night I did run up the stairs to bed pretty quick A well written heart pounding read.

    21. Horror stories are usually not my favorite genre, but I fell in love with Joseph DiBartolo s books This one is a novella the first installment of a serial The author crafts the characters and storylines so cleverly that it traps you into the chilly mood immediately What I like the most is the author s writing style it s engaging and enjoyable even if the story is so horrifying I cannot wait to read the next installment

    22. Excellent short story for horror fans The Rise of Peter Troy The Decayed Ones is the first of a zombie end of days trilogy Action packed from the get go, horror fans will appreciate the desperation, the blood, and the butchering Not for the squeamish but perfect for the genre Bravo to Mr DiBartolo for this spicy intro to the series Be warned, you ll want to read

    23. Other than the cliff hanger ending, which the author apologized for, this was a great book It is another zombie book, but I found the writing good and the story looks like it is going to lead to something bigger I also liked the characters especially Peter, who is a zombie addict and knows a little something about the zombie apocalypse coming his way.

    24. I got this book as a gift from the author and I thoroughly enjoyed it This is the first book in the series, I liked the characters and it was action packed right from the beginning, my only wish would have been that it was a little bit longer It ended with a good cliffhanger, and I for one can t wait to find out what will happen next.

    25. Excellent book overall Superb efforts in transitioning from story line, to emotion, to senses, and scenery I instantly fell in love with every characters unique personality and their individual roles throughout the story Best zombie short story of 2014 thus far

    26. Suspenseful and scary story line A colorful cast of characters Nice cliffhanger and I am definitely looking forward to reading .

    27. Zombies everywhereIf you are in to zombies u will love this it is a very well formed book I didn t expect for the book to go how it does b u t it keeps u going

    28. Reviewed by Demetrius Svette This book was provided for an honest reviewHave you ever just started to unknowingly prepare yourself for the apocalypse, a zombie outbreak, or just a viral infection that could potentially wipe humanity off the face of the Earth I have ever since the odd occurrence of a zombie like attack happened in Florida which they said was bath salts Big Laugh It is odd how we prepare for the worst or we just give in to the content we believe to distract us from actually prepar [...]

    29. The Rise of Peter Troy is a serial and each episode ends with cliff hanger endings The next book episode picks up exactly where the last one left off As each book is really just the same continuing story I m only going to write 1 review for the first 4 books Peter Troy, the main protagonist, is sitting at home wondering where his life went wrong having recently lost both his job and his girlfriend He is also an avid zombie fan Who knew that on this particular morning when he woke up that all of [...]

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