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Die Dreigroschenoper By Bertolt Brecht Joachim Lucchesi,

  • Title: Die Dreigroschenoper
  • Author: Bertolt Brecht Joachim Lucchesi
  • ISBN: 9783518188484
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Die Dreigroschenoper von Bertolt Brecht und Kurt Weill ist seit ihrer Urauff hrung 1928 weltweit eines der bekanntesten und meistgespielten Theaterst cke Ungeachtet der gro en Popularit t des Werks war seine Quellenlage lange unzureichend, bis heute wird es ausschlie lich in der zweiten Druckfassung verbreitet, die Brecht 1932 ver ffentlichte und die sich vom Erstdruck 19Die Dreigroschenoper von Bertolt Brecht und Kurt Weill ist seit ihrer Urauff hrung 1928 weltweit eines der bekanntesten und meistgespielten Theaterst cke Ungeachtet der gro en Popularit t des Werks war seine Quellenlage lange unzureichend, bis heute wird es ausschlie lich in der zweiten Druckfassung verbreitet, die Brecht 1932 ver ffentlichte und die sich vom Erstdruck 1928 gravierend unterscheidet Mit der hier vorliegenden Publikation des Erstdrucks erscheint nun eine weithin unbekannte Textfassung Brechts, welche ihre N he zur Musik Weills und zur Urauff hrung wieder herstellt Erg nzt wird diese Edition von einem Kommentar, der alle f r das Verst ndnis des Buches erforderlichen Informationen enth lt eine Zeittafel, Selbstaussagen des Autors zum St ck, die Entstehungs , Text und Rezeptionsgeschichte, einen Forschungs berblick, Literaturhinweise sowie detaillierte Wort und Sacherl uterungen.
    Die Dreigroschenoper Die Dreigroschenoper von Bertolt Brecht und Kurt Weill ist seit ihrer Urauff hrung weltweit eines der bekanntesten und meistgespielten Theaterst cke Ungeachtet der gro en Popularit t des Werks wa

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    1. First performed in Berlin 1928 this play had been initially received poorly, but went on to great success, by 1933, when Brecht was forced to leave Germany by the Nazi seizure of power, the play had been translated into 18 languages and performed than 10,000 times on European stages, quite an accomplishment The play offers a socialist view of Capitalism and takes place in London centering on one Jonathan Peachum who happens to be the boss of beggars With the help of his wife he enrolls a new be [...]

    2. With the Threepenny Opera , Brecht unintentionally undermined his own poetic concept of the epic theater by having Kurt Weill compose some of the most stirring songs ever written in German Brecht s theatrical concept was to turn away from illusion and immersion and to confront audiences with political realities and then discuss them dialectically in the course of the play i.e he wanted his audience to leave the theatre not entranced, but full of new awareness So while the texts of the Threepenny [...]

    3. As a hardcore boho Beat kid, I was raised with the soundtrack of Kurt Weil Bertolt Brecht s Threepenny Opera In fact, Lotte Lenya was probably the first singing voice I heard after my Mom who used to sing to me when I was a little child.Many years later I read the play musical and was taken back at its cynical look in how society works It s an amazing piece of theater and the music is and will always be superb.

    4. Duro, spietato e allo steso tempo ironico e surreale E la vita del sottobosco umano, in cui il pi sano ha la rogna Forte la messa alla berlina della societ dell epoca, sono curiosa di vederlo rappresentato a teatro.

    5. Clubbed me over the head with it s ideology Headache Die Subtilit t geht solange zum Theater, bis sie Brecht.Das Brecht auf Meinungsfreiheit.Aua, aua, mein Kopf.

    6. Was soll man zu solch einem Klassiker gro sagen, wenn man keine ausf hrliche Rezension schreiben will, es ist halt die Dreigroschenoper und allein vom Personal her schon ganz wunderbarer Stoff f r Krimileser Aber das St ck geh rt halt auf die B hne, das Lesen ist fein, aber im Theater macht es mehr her Rein zur Lekt re bleibt ja da noch der Dreigroschenroman.

    7. English translation of a German play about bourgeois criminals, entertaining hybrids, middle management dressed in gutter rags It was originally put on just before WWII in a Berlin dancing decadently on the edge of the abyss, and is in some ways apt for the current Jan 2009 bankrupt America I live in today I sincerely hope our current decline is not as brutal, nor our fall nearly as hard Perhaps there is a prayer in reservation, some old medicine that might ward off the approaching reckoning.The [...]

    8. 2 10 I understand that this is one of the Great Masters of Theatre I learned in class that Brecht made a tremendous impact on theatre and started his own theatrical tradition I also learned that the whole signs device and didactical bits were very novel in his time But it really, really disappointed all of my expectations I even saw it live and it definitely was a flop It did not deliver on any of the promised scandal or excitement The musical pieces were random and did not add much The characte [...]

    9. This play with the fun poems and songs and the colorful characters was really enjoyable to read even in translation This play would be really enjoyable to catch in a theater Written in 1920s Weimar Germany and set in Victorian England among demi monde scenes of performers, low lifes and cut throats it is a really entertaining play with a leftish political message A lot of fun.

    10. I have to say that this is one of the greatest things I have ever read It is a play that is a fantastic reflection on the gutterly people that inhabit every city, and it shows a compassionate, entertaining reflection of them that criticizes the bourgeois and those in power I think it also correctly showcases the true monster that is the human man I think that, no matter what the man we are talking about, we all have the spirits of Mackie and Peachum buried somewhere in our hearts This is a dazzl [...]

    11. Take the first chance you can to attend a performance of this fabulous operetta with words by Bertolt Brecht and music by Kurt Weil It is one of the greatest works written for the stage in the twentieth century Performers of even the most modest talent always seem able to rise to the occasion and delight the audiences.My mother who saw the great Jerry Orbach perform in it in 1955 during its intial Broadway run was still talking about it fifty years afterwards For my part I like to tell people ho [...]

    12. When I read this I was already familiar with both Kurt Weill s music and the original Gay s Beggars Opera that was inspiration for Brecht The street life with characters like MacHeath and Jenny comes alive in Brecht s drama Weimar culture was home to many artists who challenge both tradition and the conventional view of life Inspired by their imagination and the political economic upheaval that was taking place in this era artists like Brecht and Weill were changing the nature of theater and the [...]

    13. It took me about two days to finish Bertolt Brecht s The Threepenny Opera, something I could have done even sooner had it been a pure dramatic piece It s not, as most will know it s a musical, and as such, it was necessary for me to listen to every song that I came across I wanted a feel for Kurt Weill s compositions and how he came to approach each number, and fortunately I found plenty to enjoy in that respect From the opening, familiar strains of Ballad of Mac the Knife to the ebullient, marc [...]

    14. L Opera da tre soldi e il pezzo che ha portato alla celebrit Bertolt Brecht Rappresentata per la prima volta a Berlino nel 1928, e ispirata alla Beggar s Opera 1728 dell inglese John Gay e mette in scena il mondo del sottoproletariato, dei banditi e dei derelitti della Londra contemporanea all autore con intenzione palesemente provocatoria nei confronti del pubblico borghese Strutturalmente si compone di un prologo e di tre atti, a loro volta suddivisi in tre episodi All interno i dialoghi sono [...]

    15. Mack the Knife, as performed by Louis Armstrong.I d never heard of The Threepenny Opera, Bertolt Brecht, Lotte Lenya, or Sweet Lucy Brown, so I have to thank The Dog s Bollox for that I was only passingly familiar with Louis Armstrong s Mack the Knife which is to say, not familiar at all.I talked to my dad about the song, and he said he only really listened to the Bobby Darin version, but didn t understand half the song Certainly the song makes sense if you know who Macheath is.Having read the [...]

    16. There are so many things running through my mind now, as I am writing this review I have never been so uncertain about a rating ever In a moment, I want to give it 2 stars, then I wanna give it 5, then ah, insane.First of all, I have to admit that I have heard the music score a long time before actually reading the play And I love it The melodies, the rhythm, the lyrics ah And then, I have actually seen it on stage a bit later And now the play My own memories fight with each other Like, could I [...]

    17. Yes, I only watched the movie, but the adapted play is out of print and it was way too good not to write a review on it.I came across The Three Penny Opera in the nerdiest way possible Yup, the comic route The most recent volume of Alan Moore s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has beggars and prostitutes belting out heart wrenching opera of cutting morality and justified anger.This isn t the first time Moore has led me to fine literature stage work After reading the first two volumes of League, [...]

    18. The Threepenny Opera is a play I went to see in October November of 2012 I instantly fell in love with it, and had to read the script.Macheat better known as Mac The Knife marries Polly Peachum, the daughter of the King of the beggars, Mr Peachim Mac is a man that has several sentences on him, but they never have enough evidence to cash him in, and with him marrying Mr Peachums daughter and all, Mr Peachum sees it as his task to get Mac hanged However, he meets obstacles on his way when it turns [...]

    19. Oy I know I basically stopped reading in November That isn t the case though I was reading a few other things but had tons of work to do fucking end of semester Anyway I read this play quite quickly I enjoyed it a lot Our final full reading assignment for my arts and ideas course It illustrates Weimar Berlin to a tee and also taught me a lot about the German anti illusionist theater I love the whole concept, I am even considering joining our German theater troupe next year so I can act in plays [...]

    20. Bertolt Brecht s The Threepenny Opera is utterly brilliant, a brilliance you notice on the first page all the way to the last page Its characters as whimsical as they are feel just as real as a person walking down the street The Threepenny Opera has layer after layer of moral and political points of view that I could spend hours going into but its most prominent moral insight is that although Mackie the knife thief, murder and crime lord, is eventually caught for his crimes A character born out [...]

    21. Known i suppose for the creation of mack the knife later to become a popular song and brecht for his art this has much to offer than at first appears It can be brutal and as damaging as life could be then but tis not without its humanity from unlooked for sources Its nature is shocked and dirty much as any dickens novel could be seen from the outside Harshness then was just a fact of life and brecht saw it as such An arbitary force from heaven sent to make us all need redemption The pain and t [...]

    22. Ihr Herrn, die ihr uns lehrt, wie man brav leben Und S nd und Missetat vermeiden kann Zuerst m t ihr uns was zu fressen geben Dann k nnt ihr reden damit f ngt es an Ihr, die ihr euren Wanst und unsre Bravheit liebt Dies eine wisset ein f r alle mal Wie ihr es immer dreht und wie ihr s immer schiebt Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral Was mir an der Dreigroschenoper so gut gefallen hat, ist, dass sie nicht nur von Recht und Unrecht handelt, sondern vor allem auch von den Charakteren, den [...]

    23. If Oliver Twist were reimagined by Tim Burton, you would get the savage satire of The Threepenny Opera Easily one of the greatest musicals ever written both onstage and as a piece of literature, Brecht and Weill s fierce, nihilistic humor depicts a world, only slightly exaggerated from our own, where everything from human suffering to the coronation of the Queen is monetized, rigged and profiteered It s a man s world in which women learn to wield power by manipulating men, and where men feel lik [...]

    24. Can you believe that I read a book that had absolutely nothing to do with food or the old how to be a better woman for my man books that I can t seem to stop laughing at and giving my female friends advice from I know that I can t I picked up this book at Small World Books in Rochester, NY while on a trip that I made out that way specifically for used book shopping Admittedly, I only purchased it because I knew that two songstresses that I rather adore Nellie McKay and Cyndi Lauper had recently [...]

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