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Korralagedus Bellona klubis By Dorothy L. Sayers Krista Kaer,

  • Title: Korralagedus Bellona klubis
  • Author: Dorothy L. Sayers Krista Kaer
  • ISBN: 9789985328491
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lord Peter Wimseyl palutakse uurida he vana kindrali surma tema klubis Surmaajast s ltub see, kes saab kopsaka p randuse Varandusest on huvitatud mitu inimest, kired l vad l mama ja peagi pole enam p ris kindel ka see, et kindral suri loomulikku surma.Detektiiv lord Peter Wimsey on peaaegu ideaalne h rrasmees ja aadlik haritud, sportlik, vaimukas, sarmikas ja teravaLord Peter Wimseyl palutakse uurida he vana kindrali surma tema klubis Surmaajast s ltub see, kes saab kopsaka p randuse Varandusest on huvitatud mitu inimest, kired l vad l mama ja peagi pole enam p ris kindel ka see, et kindral suri loomulikku surma.Detektiiv lord Peter Wimsey on peaaegu ideaalne h rrasmees ja aadlik haritud, sportlik, vaimukas, sarmikas ja terava m istusega Ta suudab lahendada ka k ige keerulisemaid juhtumeid, kuid temalgi on oma n rgad k ljed Nii on talle j lje j tnud Esimene maailmas da, teda haaravad aeg ajalt masendushood ja ta kardab igasugust vastutust Lugejate silmis see mehe v lu muidugi ei v henda ja Sayersi raamatutest ilmuvad ha uued kordustr kid, nende p hjal on valminud filme, telesarju, teatrilavastusi ja kuuldem nge.
    Korralagedus Bellona klubis Lord Peter Wimseyl palutakse uurida he vana kindrali surma tema klubis Surmaajast s ltub see kes saab kopsaka p randuse Varandusest on huvitatud mitu inimest kired l vad l mama ja peagi pole enam p

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    1. This is the fifth Dorothy Sayers novel I have read in her Lord Peter Wimsey series, and I continue to enjoy her writing, and Lord Peter s character development There is even an updated biography by Lord Peter s uncle at the back of the book so we can continue to fill in the gaps of his life as the author herself discovers about him.The plots are growing refined over time with lots of red herrings and I especially like the ones that Lord Peter tosses immediately back into the sea His intuition [...]

    2. Published in 1928 this Lord Peter Wimsey mystery is set around Remembrance Day When Wimsey arrives at the Bellona Club he meets up with his friend, George Fentiman, who is a victim of poison gas and shell shock during the war He admits to Lord Peter that he is struggling financially and is upset that he is dependent upon his wife Sheila going out to work This novel sees Lord Peter Wimsey, and author Dorothy L Sayers, in a much reflective mood There is an obvious distance between the generations [...]

    3. As a crime novel, it s not bad compared to her earlier works, it s a definite improvement in terms of the tightness and plausibility of her plotting Not the best crime novel you re ever going to read, and lightweight compared to the later books, but it still has a nice few twists and turns in it along the way.Of course, this being a DLS novel, I m not actually reading it for the murder mystery The book s introduction describes Sayers work is very much a tapestry novel , and I d have to agree Eve [...]

    4. I should disclaim that I Iistened to the BBC radio dramatization of this on my commutes rather than read it For those thinking about doing the same Each of the stories in the collection is around about three hours to listen to, so time your own commute out accordingly And really, the story is pretty perfect for the medium Sayers stories are generally heavy on talk anyway, and the very few action scenes that are required are amply taken care of by someone banging on the walls, creaking a door or [...]

    5. 3.5I can t help but be amused by that understatement in the title I love it A Crimean War veteran, General Fentiman, died in his chair at the Bellona Club Lord Peter Wimsey is there too Since the general was very old, nobody asks any questions Well, not until they realize it is very important to know the exact time of the general s death because of a surprising inheritance.Next thing you know, any other weird things pile up and Lord Wimsey is asked to find out the exact time of the man s death I [...]

    6. On the surface, a pleasant puzzle piecey little murder mystery, with Peter bounding here and there, declaiming and detectiving his way to an answer But under that yikes What an uncomfortable book, with people turning and twisting and snagging on each other like brambles on silk Everyone stuck inside a little box called marriage or poverty or shell shock or police rules This book is all tight spaces the badly lit veteran s club, the body crammed up tight in the phone box, the stifling social sce [...]

    7. Where I got the book my bookshelf A re read.I have grown to love this Lord Peter Wimsey mystery because of its somberness, although I remember that when I first read it as a teen I found it uninteresting Amazing how history and, therefore, literature becomes complex and interesting as you age The mystery LPW is called on to investigate is the time of death of ancient, doddery General Fentiman, which will make a big financial difference to one or of three potential heirs Of course things turn o [...]

    8. This is quite the best Lord Peter Wimsey novel I have read thus far.Lord Peter s personality is beginning to flower he really is quite a sweetie with a kind heart, a man who likes to see people happy He even gets to play matchmaker I love the way his mind works, and he has quite a theatrical bent.Lord Peter had been joking about how a body could sit in its chair in the club undetected, when one is discovered Everyone had thought the elderly General Fendman was merely snoozing by the fire But whe [...]

    9. Very convenient time for me to review my first novel by Dorothy Sayers During US Womens History Month and on International Womens Day While this is not my first mystery story I ever read it is the first mystery novel I had read some Sherlock Holmes stories in school and I was have read the Poe detective stories which I am procrastinating on reviewing at the moment but never a detective story in novel form I have to say that I don t think I could have found a interesting character than this Lord [...]

    10. Featuring Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey, Peter Jones as Bunter, and Gabriel Woolf as Inspector ParkerThis has never been my favourite of the books, though it does touch on some of the horrors of war in the figure of George Fentiman and there are some interesting moral issues particularly because this is one of those books in which Peter chooses to offer someone a gentlemanly way out On the one hand, it bothers me because the guy is basically painted into a corner his guilt has been figured [...]

    11. This was a re read Not sure how many times I couldn t locate my copy so I had get it from the library When all else fails, try the library.I remembered some of it But definitely not the culprit It does involve some degree of what we now call PTSD, but was then called shell shocked, since almost everyone is a veteran of WWI One of the suspects has a fair amount of trouble with it, can t earn a proper living for himself and has live off his wife, which kind of compunds his problems And there is in [...]

    12. It s fortunate for me that these books are so familiar to me by now, because I got distracted by other books in the middle of this It s not my favourite of the bunch, which helps to explain why I do like the conflicts between Parker and Peter that re brought out by the nature of the story, the awkwardness between them as Peter has to suspect one of his own friends That s perhaps the best part of this the characterisations of those two as they try to balance friendship and duty Peter s struggle w [...]

    13. A reread, of course Not the best of the Wimsey books, but full of Sayers usual brains and wit There s some excellent character interactions especially one between Lord Peter and Parker, where Peter is somewhat resenting the fact that he s working with the police and potentially having to betray friends There s some great quotes, like Peter saying that books are kind of like shells that we discard when we grow out of them, but which lie around as a record of people we used to be Yes This is one o [...]

    14. 3.5 starsThere is a question in my mind regarding this book It is listed as 5 in Sayers s famous detective series about Peter Wimsey, an amateur sleuth But my copy of the book states its year of publication as 1921, which would make it 1 in the series The quality of this novel seems to support such assessment it s not very high Nonetheless, it s a solid mystery novel and it raises some interesting moral questions.In the beginning of this novel, Peter is asked not to investigate a crime but to as [...]

    15. Honestly, I ve been reading all these Dorothy Sayers books in secret recently, but I can t hide it any I have rigorously avoided mystery novels because my mother refuses to read any book that is not Jane Austen or a mystery penned by a woman It s a family joke We get her things outside the box not interested It s female flowering dogwoods, power saws so she can do home repair, and mystery novels by women As a young reader I said I will read theology, history, philosophy I will not be pigeon hol [...]

    16. This is the book where Sayers starts to hit her stride with Lord Peter He is suddenly beginning to look like a fully fleshed out man, perceptive, subtly hard edged, sometimes silly, and thoroughly likable The mystery gives us a chance to see him puzzle out two different puzzles while watching him measure up people I like how Sayers throws social commentary around artfully She never preaches, but I always find myself nodding along, wondering why I didn t think of that The reason I didn t is that [...]

    17. Another enjoyable entry in the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries canon This time, with no murder to solve, Wimsey is called in to assist with a slight problem at his club The Bellona Club An elderly member of the club, General Fentiman has died in the club, and while the circumstances aren t suspicious, there is a problem His estranged sister died the same day the very same morning and the terms of her will are dependent on which of them expired first If Lady Dormer went first then the money passes, h [...]

    18. The fact that roughly 90% of my assigned reading material this semester is stuff I would be reading for pleasure anyway is truly a wonderful occurrence.

    19. Dorothy Sayers, in my opinion, is one of the major novelists from the golden age of detective authors in the 1920s and 1930s in the US but the best author has to be John Dickson Carr His Devil in Velvet time travel book regarding a pact with the devil was sublime as were all of his other books, I believe that there were than eighty, although the latter ones, in my opinion, were not so good.Still Dorothy Sayers definitely deserves her place in history.

    20. A pretty well done mystery, with lots of good twists and turns, but not quite up to the standard of Sayers later novels All the regulars are here Mr Murbles, Bunter, Charles Parker, and most delightfully, the man known as Waffles As in her other early novels, the big theme of this one is post World War I trauma, and the mystery centers on this concept The body that Peter investigates was found on Armistice Day, which ends up being an important factor in the case Lord Peter is delightful as alway [...]

    21. What in the world, Wimsey, are you doing in this Morgue demanded Captain Fentiman Old General Fentiman is found dead in his favorite armchair at London s Bellona Club, still clutching his morning newspaper Only the previous day he had finally made up with his ailing sister Lady Dormer on her deathbed The deaths of two very elderly people, only hours apart, though strange, do not seem unnatural Or do they So begins The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club 1928 by Dorothy L Sayers Lady Dormer, as it [...]

    22. An old man s body is found sitting in an armchair before the fire at the Bellona Club, a gathering place for veterans When did he die, and how did he come to die without anyone noticing These questions become unexpectedly significant when it turns out that a very large inheritance depends on the answers Lord Peter Wimsey is on the scene and asked to make private inquiries.The answer to the first question is pretty clear from the start but just as the reader is indulging in self congratulation fo [...]

    23. Part of the problem with this book is I set it down for a week or so Not a good idea for a book with a somewhat complicated plot But also there were several times when the plot felt like it was winding down and then PLOT TWIST happened to keep it going I can like plot twists like that, but the ones here just felt so last minute And it was all pretty convoluted.Didn t really like the end either view spoiler Peter basically encouraging the murderer to kill himself Though I guess I do see where he [...]

    24. An entertaining period piece I like most of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, but I have mixed feelings about Lord Peter himself We re obviously meant to find him a sympathetic character, and as long as I m wearing my Suspension Of Disbelief Hat I do like him, but sometimes he catches me by surprise when I m feeling awkwardly 21st century and then I m strongly tempted to take a shovel to him As the series continues his irritating mannerisms wear off, and he reveals himself in all his glory as a [...]

    25. Another great Golden Age British mystery reread I love Lord Peter Wimsey and read all of his mysteries years ago a review of one of my GR friends prompted me to go on a reread binge this year, and Sayers has held up well, and I m enjoying revisiting old friends.

    26. Excellent, if formulaic, Lord Peter Wimsey who dun it Unfortunately, I ve lost my notes and therefore can not entertain you with representative quotes and my analysis.

    27. Golden Age mystery General Fentiman, ninety years old, is found quietly passed away in his armchair at the Bellona Club It s hardly what you want to happen at a respectable club, but it wouldn t have been anything Lord Peter Wimsey, gentleman sleuth, felt the need to involve himself in, if there hadn t been one curious question of inheritance The general s sister left her considerable fortune to her brother, provided he did not predecease her The lady also died that morning If she died first, th [...]

    28. With this, I finish my last LPW mystery It was a good time moment of silence Anyway When half star ratings are added, I ll add another half star to this It s not quite the literary accomplishment that deserves four full stars, but that shouldn t deter anyone from reading it This is a really solidly written mystery, an unexpectedly interesting read It s not a book most people mention as one of their favourites, but I can t think of a bad thing to say about it It had twists and was rather complex, [...]

    29. I really love this book For an unpretentious 1920s mystery novel, it really has a lot going on There s the mystery itself, which has enough twists and turns to remain interesting I didn t guess the outcome, which is always a plus Then there is the social commentary the plight of World War I veterans, the effects of poverty and unemployment, the changing role of women in society, relationships between men and women And of course there is Peter Wimsey intelligent, intuitive, funny and compassionat [...]

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