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Battle Royale, tomo 15 By Koushun Takami Masayuki Taguchi,

  • Title: Battle Royale, tomo 15
  • Author: Koushun Takami Masayuki Taguchi
  • ISBN: 9789875625853
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • ltimo n mero Battle Royale, uno de los m s grandes xitos de la actualidad en Jap n y cuyos films han podido verse en los cines de todo el mundo La historia, a estas alturas ya conocida por casi todos, narra que en un futuro los estudiantes de secundaria est n inmersos en una siniestra competencia llamada precisamente Battle Royale Las particulares reglas de este j ltimo n mero Battle Royale, uno de los m s grandes xitos de la actualidad en Jap n y cuyos films han podido verse en los cines de todo el mundo La historia, a estas alturas ya conocida por casi todos, narra que en un futuro los estudiantes de secundaria est n inmersos en una siniestra competencia llamada precisamente Battle Royale Las particulares reglas de este juego S lo una persona del curso elegido para participar puede sobrevivir despu s de tres d as en una isla repleta de peligros Si hay m s de uno vivo al cumplirse el plazo, mueren todos, as que la nica forma de salvarse es asesinar a todos tus compa ero as El horror, la locura y la traici n se convertir n en moneda corriente, mientras la lenta cuenta regresiva va llegando a su fin Pero a pesar de todo esto, puede que incluso haya espacio para el amor Sus creadores son el dibujante Masayuki Taguchi y el guionista es el mism simo Koshun Takami, es decir el padre de Battle Royale fue l quien cre las novelas originales, en las cuales se basaron las pel culas A diferencia de la adaptaci n hecha en los largometrajes, la de manga se permite por la libertad de espacios de ser mucho m s precisa, ahondando en much simos hechos que no se ven en los films como por ejemplo el pasado de los protagonistas.
    Battle Royale tomo ltimo n mero Battle Royale uno de los m s grandes xitos de la actualidad en Jap n y cuyos films han podido verse en los cines de todo el mundo La historia a estas alturas ya conocida por casi todos

    One thought on “Battle Royale, tomo 15”

    1. Tiene un buen final y en general es una buena serie que se lee r pido, como si fuera una pel cula de acci n Algunos elementos fant sticos puede que est n dem s y eso de exagerar los momentos, algo com n en el genero, por momentos lleg a incomodarme un poco, m s por la avidez de saber que pasa que por estirar porque s una escena.

    2. Amazing series I have no words This was so intense I ve read it in two days, I wasn t able to put it down The story was so fascinating and I really like the art.I was initially interested in reading the book, but then I read a nice and detailed review suggesting to give the manga a chance main reason it s easier to distinguish the characters when you can see faces, while in the book you just have names, very similar sounding Japanese names I m so glad I did this I loved it Still don t know if I [...]

    3. Battle Royale is one of those stories that, surprisingly, hit me right on my feels and made me cry many times Even though there are so many characters, I learnt to love many of them, and hate a couple too But paraphrasing Shuuya, even the worst of them deserved better.In all honesty, I d love to read about the characters, especially after the ending of The Program view spoiler I still can t get over Shinji s and Yutaka s death It hurts every time hide spoiler

    4. I spent 150 in total buying this manga series and I still own it It s the only manga I ever finished after seeing the movie in high school, and comparatively, this manga had a lot in a in it And this review isn t so much for the volume, but for the eries as a whole I m not going to review each one individually, that d be crazy I love this series The writing was complex, but still easy enough to follow, that you could keep up with the plot without having to backtrack to previous installments The [...]

    5. Why I read the whole thing I don t know.I read all 15 volumes in one sitting about 6 7 hours I didn t eat or drink.I guess I need time to digest it.but what I can say now is most of the kids looked in their twenties You don t have tits like the ones miss damaged had when your 15 when I was in 9th grade I was far aggressive than that I believe people would ve gone on a rampage not my class, thou author got me about that one everybody likes to believe they actually knew something about their cla [...]

    6. I m not as much of a fan of the manga as of the novel, but I picked the final volume up hearing it had a happier ending, and I was curious.Firstly, the localisation is horrible in general The worst part is that it desperately tries to make up for the fact that the resolution requires the students to think they are unobserved clashing with the localisation making it a fully filmed TV show, so we are told that the end game happens in the dark surrounded by trees where the camera can t make them ou [...]

    7. I would have preferred to have finished the series with Kawada being an evil player or an inside man to create better ratings I also wasn t keen on the part on the boat and Noriko and Shu s happy ending in America was rushed and didn t really add anything to the books.Having said all this, Battle Royale still happens to be the best series of manga I have ever read, not too mention a great if exceedingly horrific novel and some great films.A cult classic, I just couldn t do without.

    8. A very hit and miss series There is some truly cringe worthy dialogue, beyond creepy sex scenes and the decision in the English translation to make it a reality TV show makes no sense at all It s not all bad Some of the characters come across quite well and there are some impressive set pieces but overall you d be better off with the original novel or the film.

    9. I m actually super upset that Kawada died and someone as annoying as Shuuya made it out alive Kawada probably could have won the whole competition on his own if he hadn t been dragged down by the others Noriko was whatever I didn t have a problem with her, but I ve hated Shuuya as a character from the very beginning It was pretty obvious that most everyone in the story was going to die, so, it wasn t like I was surprised That said, it just sucked that the people I rooted for died for a main char [...]

    10. We started off with 42 and now only four quickly becoming 3 then becoming 2 It has been a long manga series but a good one Not too sure how rewarding the ending is and it is kind of strange they go from the island a place with guns to New York U.S.A a place with guns

    11. The plot was unique, many of the characters were interesting, and the fight scenes were some of the impressive art I ve seen However, I really hated Shuuya for the entirety of the series and find that his character is the major flaw of this otherwise really fascinating story.

    12. wow it has been a long time i didn t read manga in high school years, i mean like a new manga or anime because I ve lost interest with kind of manga stuff but because i have nothing to do and i m in the bad mood with school so i decided to read battle royale and i finished it within 3 days.tbvh, i used to be a THG fan when it hasn t been so popular in my country but when it s getting popular because of the movie , i don t feel like i m the fan of book any and Mockingjay was a little bit disappoi [...]

    13. Y llegamos al final de la historia y el ltimo tomo de la serie Haciendo balance en general, me ha gustado mucho c mo el manga ha seguido fielmente la novela, no solo en los sucesos acontecidos, sino en el contexto cr tico en que se encuadra, y sobre todo el nuevo enfoque dado en el que los personajes est n mucho m s y mejor desarrollados, comprendiendo los motivos y personalidades de cada uno en la novela m s superificiales y ese enfoque m s esperanzador en el que se da un car cter mucho m s hum [...]

    14. Goddamn That was quite an ending view spoiler I miss Kadawa I wish he could ve made it view spoiler hide spoiler hide spoiler

    15. Baca ulang.Jilid terakhir, yay Setelah Shuuya akhirnya menghabisinya, di nafas terakhirnya Kazuo bisa merasakan lagiSekarang tinggal Shuuya Noriko Shogo What next Apakah Shogo dapat dipercaya, bahkan ketika ia menodongkan pistolnya pada Shuuya dan Noriko untuk kembali menjadi pemenang game Panitia pun mendengar letusan pistol penghabisan Shogo menang untuk kedua kalinya Dalam perjalanan kembali ke mainland dengan kapal, panitia memberitahu bahwa ia tahu penipuan Shogo Bahwa Shuuya dan Noriko mas [...]

    16. Well that was an okay ending I guess I am really disappointed and pissed that view spoiler Kawada didn t make it through to the end Being my favorite character and also the glory of him not only being the winner of the Program but then BEATING the Program would have been perfect But of course we couldn t have that, so he had to die It s just one of those situations where it s like Really Does this really always have to happen The person who wants it most can never enjoy it hide spoiler Always ha [...]

    17. The ending was pretty weak What s with the escape to america And why kill Kawada when all is settled already those are rhetorical questions You watch, that s why they died This is something to think about Really In conclusion, i ve never really been a fan of sheinen but i decided to give this one a try before reading the novel I somehow expected of it morals, less cringe worthy dialogues, interaction with the island itself, realism I could pick on a lot of things 9th grader, really but i kno [...]

    18. 119 say , 15 cilt bir yandan bitmemesi i in zamana yayma bir yandan merak i inde beklemek Belkide kelimesini kullanarak Battle Royale i in, belkide yaz lm en iyi manga demek isterdim Ama yle de il, Battle Royale gerek senaryosu gerekse izimleri ile en iyi manga Death Note seslerini duyar gibiyim Evet, iki kez okudum animesinide seyrettim Benim i inde Battle Royale a kadar vazge ilmezdi, en iyiydi Senaryosu, geli imi, s rpriz noktalar hakk nda bilgi vermek isterdim ama bu bilgilerle sizi b y k bi [...]

    19. This entire series blew me away It was my first introduction to the story, having never seen the film or read the book I have now seen the film and greatly prefer the manga Be warned it is highly graphic in its violence, there is A LOT of rape, and the ending is far from cheery That aside, it explores the characters motivations in detail, giving each participant in the Battle a rich backstory It is possibly a little discomforting to realise that I, as the reader, became as engrossed a voyeur as [...]

    20. I ll add a spoiler alert to this in case some of you good people haven t read the novel or seen the film, I suppose, but I haven t seen it either Nori Shu like Brangelina, I suppose and Shogo have made it to the end, or have they I quite liked the neatness of the ending, the completeness, if you will Adding Mimura s Aunt was a nice touch, and shows that Shogo was maybe into something else I do think this was perhaps one volume too long Volume 13 I think was way to wordy for my liking, but otherw [...]

    21. I really want to give the last volume a full star Five stars I mean, it s a finale, right But, i just can t The Kiriyama s death is too long I mean, 6 chapters since Noriko hits him with bullet C mon It s like watching a never ending Michael Bay s slow mo movie And Yonemi Fucker Kamon s death is too short I want see his pain The agony Or at least it portrays on two pages Aaaargghhh I hate him so much So yeah, for those reasons alone, I give the last volume of BR manga just 4 stars.

    22. After watching the movie, a few years back, I wanted to give the manga a try, and I m so glad I did.The art is fabulous I never got tired of looking at the pages The heads might ve been a bit too big, but who cares The story was surprising even if I did see the movie and even when things got repeated, it never crossed the boredom line.I only have to say that after the initial shock of the style of story telling, I couldn t get this manga down.

    23. Good ending I liked it It managed to surprise me when I least expected it I would ve preferred if view spoiler Shogo didn t die The whole thing felt like he was just an author s tool to bring Nanahara and Noriko back from the game and he got disposed when the author didn t need him any Because let s be honest, how long would ve lasted Shuya Mr Superhero I want to protect everyone you don t need to play the game Nanahara without a seasoned player like Shogo by his side hide spoiler

    24. Historias que marcan un antes y un despu s en la definici n de comportamiento humano cuando ste es expuesto a la m s agonizante situaci n de supervivenciaun juego macabro donde la lucha no es precisamente por la propia vida, sino por la muerte del otro.Definitivamente la mejor distop a creada, desarrollada en un escenario donde el odio, ego smo, desprecio, horror, locura y traici n est n siempre presentes e incre blemente donde la lealtad, compasi n, amistad y amor encuentran una brecha.

    25. Esta historia no me cansa, me encanta no hay palabras salvo que alg n que otro reconocimiento a algunos estudiantes mas Yukie destacando la parte amorosa con Shuuya en el faro.Sugimura todo, un personaje excelente, bien logrado Kawada no hay palabras para describirlo, genial.Mitsuko su muerte, Dios, es por eso que no termino de odiarla.

    26. Estoy bastante seguro de que hab a readeado todos los tomos del manga de Battle Royale, pero por alg n motivo parece que cuando el infame Deleted Member empez a borrar ediciones a rolete, hubo ediciones que directamente desaparecieron Por ahora copipasteo esto a toda la serie para disminuir el riesgo de que vuelvan a hacer una forrada semejante.

    27. I just find the lack of Born to Run references here a bit annoying It really was widely present in the novel Nevertheless, everything stayed true to the novel and the characters got the justice they all deserved Spot on retelling of a great story is what this is And Mitsuko s very hot and crazy just the way I like it Props to the people who translated and adapted this into a manga.

    28. shouting expletives While the story is fucking awesome and deserves at least four stars, the visuals are just too horrible for me Mitsuko s story Hence the three stars I may have different i.e higher opinion on the novel The manga is just too grotesque for my taste Yikes Gonna have nightmares.

    29. I liked the Ending than the movie s ending , there are some cheesy moments but overal it s a great story I am not gonna spoil anything but I will say that if you have watched the ending of the first movie , I think that you will be satisfied because you will get a better ending in my opinion it s a different ending than the one in the movie.

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