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Driving Honda: Inside the World's Most Innovative Car Company By Jeffrey Rothfeder,

  • Title: Driving Honda: Inside the World's Most Innovative Car Company
  • Author: Jeffrey Rothfeder
  • ISBN: 9781480586789
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Audio CD
  • For decades there have been two iconic Japanese auto companies One has been endlessly studied and written about, the other has been generally underappreciated and misunderstood Until now Since its birth as a motorcycle company in 1949, Honda has steadily grown into the world s fifth largest automaker and top engine manufacturer, as well as one of the most beloved, mostFor decades there have been two iconic Japanese auto companies One has been endlessly studied and written about, the other has been generally underappreciated and misunderstood Until now.Since its birth as a motorcycle company in 1949, Honda has steadily grown into the world s fifth largest automaker and top engine manufacturer, as well as one of the most beloved, most profitable, and most consistently innovative multinational corporations What drives the company that keeps creating and improving award winning and bestselling models like the Civic, Accord, Odyssey, CR V, and Pilot Read and find out
    Driving Honda Inside the World s Most Innovative Car Company For decades there have been two iconic Japanese auto companies One has been endlessly studied and written about the other has been generally underappreciated and misunderstood Until now Since its bir

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    1. Corporate hagiography.I m not finished reading it yet, but felt the need to vent The superlatives in this book are endless Everything is unique, groundbreaking, innovative, unparalleled Honda is the world s best car company, bar none, and every setback is just a steppingstone to success Honda succeeds because it understands the difference between its values and its processes, whereas staid, rigid Toyota lost sight of its and got its comeuppance in millions of recalls I love Honda s products, an [...]

    2. It is interesting to read book about a company that I had worked for The philosophies, principles and even some antidotes are so familiar I ve dealt with one of the suppliers mentioned in the book, and spent a week at another supplier to manage their production schedule So I m likely biased when I say this is a pretty good book on a great company that is rarely written about But the book is even biased in that it focuses too much on the positives and didn t spend much time to reflect on the mis [...]

    3. Really liked this book Even though I have followed the auto industry a little over the years, I had no idea how different Honda is as a car company, or the importance of its various innovations.The author slipped a lot of personal ideas into the book as well, especially about globalization and other trade issues these removed the book from its thesis a little bit Also, the conclusion left much to be desired it was about two paragraphs long, with very little to tie up the loose ends Overall thoug [...]

    4. I admit, this is not my normal read, however IT WAS GREAT I had no idea what an interesting company Honda is and it is written in a style that is completely engrossing I stayed up too late many times because I just wanted to read a little bit Who knew that a non fiction book about a car company could be a page turner This book also made me question my plan to replace my current Honda with a Toyota.

    5. Very informative and enlightening I was aware that Honda marched to the beat of a different drummer, but I didn t know just how different they are than any other company I have read or am familiar with CEO s and chief executives could learn quite bit on running a successful, forward looking, cutting edge company.

    6. The book is highly insightful and detailed on Honda s culture autonomy , history of the founder and the business, and its approach to businesses localization, tight control on supply chain to the third or fourth level down There are also a number of small stories to illustrate those points The book is a great read for anyone interested in business and or manufacturing, not just car businesses However, the book feels overly biased, even for a Honda s fan like myself Almost all 6 of my family s mo [...]

    7. Definitely a lot of cool Honda stories and info Veered off into broader globalization impacts towards the end, which while interesting wasn t necessarily what I was reading it for.

    8. I picked up this book because I was picking up a bunch of other books in the library, and this book caught my eye Must be the shiny red cover Since it s a recent publication, it s front and center Additionally, I acquired a Honda not that long ago, and I figured learning a little about the company would be cool.I certainly know about Honda now And the book wasn t the most enjoyable thing ever, but it was worth reading, to me, to see all the accomplishments of Honda To be sure, this author is r [...]

    9. This book was an enjoyable and well researched look inside the doors of Honda by an experienced business journalist He tells of the company s founder, university dropout and automotive engineering genius Soichiro Honda, who founded the company after World War II to manufacture inexpensive motorbikes In 1949, Takeo Fujisawa joined the company as its coleader, beginning a twenty five year collaboration with Honda In the 1960s, Honda expanded into the U.S as a manufacturer of small motorized minibi [...]

    10. Melihat falsafah pengurusan Honda yang sedikit berbeza berbanding Toyota Honda melalui jalan berbeza dengan bermula dari penciptaan motorsikal kelas rendah Syarikat yang menekankan penyelidikan dan perkembangan ini juga melihat konflik sebagai sumber idea baru Honda melanggar kebiasaan dengan mengambil pengurus dan pekerja bukan dari lulusan kejuruteraan, menggalakan pendapat peribadi yang melanggar konvensi Honda berjaya di luar negara dengan menyesuaikan organisasi dengan budaya setempat Buday [...]

    11. The first half is very interesting It s a little similar to other books I ve read about Japanese manufacturing I find the true bottoms up culture at Honda very interesting and how it drives innovations I d recommend it for the first half.The second half is an absolute mess The writer veers hopelessly off topic to discuss globalisation in a way that would make a schoolboy blush Conflating Chinese policy difficulties with overall global policy issues, he makes a number of elementary errors He mana [...]

    12. Very good book It helps to define exactly what makes the Japanese company like Honda succeed and other fail in the auto business Well, the others are not failing But the bankruptcy of American auto manufacturers are explained There is one thing to remember as a consumer The Honda way does not necessarily mean that you are buying the best quality car out there But it is likely that the value of your car within the price paid is likely to be high As the recent recalls suggest, it is not all rosy a [...]

    13. The core message of this book is localized global company That s it Local autonomy to develop, operate and innovate for the customer in each region, but still foster the global scale The other point of this book is that manufacturing innovative products is the driving force of economy of the country where manufacturing innovation center resides Yes, it is, but may be too much skewed to the history of Honda s role in the US Nonetheless we can learn and reapply Honda s culture and strategy.

    14. A bit of drag But I love the concepts that I learn from this book.The author illustrated how Honda is different from most other automotive manufacturers in terms of their management, philosophy The way they manage the control of supply chain is very enlightening and yet seemingly impossible in practice.Learning about Honda is like learning about Apple, but at the same time it is different Apple is about one person, while Honda is about everyone, including the supply chain.Lastly, it gives me a l [...]

    15. Buku yang rada mirip iklan tebel hampir 300 halaman tp rada askur mungkin kalau di kasih gambar model2 produk Honda jadul, gambar pabrik, gambar iklan jadul, ato produk Honda dr masa ke masa mungkin bukunya jd lebih atraktif maklum lah saya mah da biasanya juga baca komik jd butuh visualisasi p Berhub sy buta soal otomotif, yg cuma bisa bedain kendaraan dr fungsinya, mobil pribadi, angkot, bis, truk, tronton, bwehehehe baca buku ini jd pengalaman unik Mungkin kl penggemar produk Honda bakalan su [...]

    16. This is a well researched outline of Honda s operating philosophy and culture It paints Honda in an exceedingly flattering light the author offers few criticisms of Honda s approach It covers the history of the company and details the various components that have made up the company s culture and operating philosophy over the years It gets a little preachy about the future of manufacturing and globalization, but definitely a worthwhile read.

    17. Jeffrey Rothfeder does an excellent job of examining the philosophy that drives Honda Motor Company The insights into this company truly show what differentiates Honda from other automotive manufacturers The principles of the three realities really shape how Honda and other companies like Zappos, who imitate the company culture, are successful Definitely a good read for anyone interested in strategy, company culture, corporate philosophy, and business processes.

    18. An easy to read and correct book It gives a hint of the Japanese work philosophy and interesting reasoning of the company s book I think there are a couple of weak points The engineering subjects are poorly explained The second one is that Honda s success is explained through establishing a set of rules or procedures, which surely are not the panacea for surviving in such a competitive sector.

    19. If you like Honda, you will like this book Their business model is unique while their tactics are peculiar Nevertheless, this book is part history, part technical and part author opinion Worth the time.

    20. 600 2015Selesai pukul 18.10.Kalau ditaro di atas meja kantor, memang kudu habis dibaca sekali duduk sih Bisa bisa terlantar berminggu minggu kalo dicicil bacanya atau dibiarin jadi perangkap debu.

    21. I ve always thought that Toyota was fascinating company, but in Driving Honda I I realized that there is much fascinating although smaller company Toyota became too much preoccupied with its growth and Honda is preoccupied only with quality.

    22. Excellent insight into a different corporate culture, forget the Toyota way, see what you can learn from lean innovative thinking

    23. Very interesting assessment of Honda s manufacturing philosophy and what sets them apart independent RD, localized engineering and pancake working environment.

    24. A nice book on innovation, pushing the engineering ethos to the front Plenty of examples on how the Honda s lean manufacturing is different to the Toyota Production System.

    25. enjoyable to read but not very clear in the scope the last part digress from honda to discuss manufacturing.

    26. While many have read about Toyota s business practices, fewer things are know about Honda The book was an excellent review of what makes Honda a great company with a long, dependable history.

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