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Everything By N.B. Baker,

  • Title: Everything
  • Author: N.B. Baker
  • ISBN: 9781491216743
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love could prove fatal in N.B Baker s thrilling debut, Everything A seductive tale of romance and deception, its twists and turns lead to a shocking finale that proves no secret is left buried forever Ella Stone hasn t had it easy Abandoned by her parents when she was an infant, she was lucky to be raised by her grandparents on their vast ranch in Wyoming But when theLove could prove fatal in N.B Baker s thrilling debut, Everything A seductive tale of romance and deception, its twists and turns lead to a shocking finale that proves no secret is left buried forever Ella Stone hasn t had it easy Abandoned by her parents when she was an infant, she was lucky to be raised by her grandparents on their vast ranch in Wyoming But when they both pass away within a year of each other, Ella is forced to think about the future for the first time in her life.Deciding that her new beginning lies in Detroit with her two best friends, Ella makes the big move There she meets Hunter, a man whose passion for art immediately fascinates her Their steamy relationship comes to an abrupt end, however, when she catches him in bed with another woman.Despite Hunter s seeming inability to take it s over at face value, Ella struggles to move on While exploring the city, her coincidental run ins with a man named Chance St John seem comical at first That is, until one night when Chance rescues Ella from a brutal attack then it seems like fate.Ella and Chance embark on a whirlwind romance, becoming closer with each passing day Their passionate exploits both in and out of bed give way to a deeper connection that Ella has never before experienced But despite his obvious feelings for her, Chance remains tight lipped about certain areas of his life His frequent nightmares and inexplicable explosions indicate to Ella that he s hiding something from his past.The situation only gets stranger as Ella falls victim to a string of bizarre attacks it appears as though someone is out to get her.Danger seems to close in around Ella little does she know that it is only beginning as Everything builds to an explosive climax When Chance s dark past is finally revealed, will it destroy them both
    Everything Love could prove fatal in N B Baker s thrilling debut Everything A seductive tale of romance and deception its twists and turns lead to a shocking finale that proves no secret is left buried forever

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    1. Book EverythingAuthor NB BakerPublication Date February 20, 2014Type Stand AloneGenre RomanceRating 4 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.ReviewFirst thing about this book is the constant twist and turns the author writes about in this story Ms Baker also has the ability to make her characters realistic and come alive through her writing These are characters who are easy to connect and fall in love with I loved Chance and and Ella but Justin stole the show I st [...]

    2. This book will blow your socks off It is a love story, with a big dose of mystery, suspense and thrilling sexy scenes.First there is Ella She is as gentle as her name implies She is just looking for a place to set her roots She has lost everyone in her family By moving to Detroit, she hopes to be close to her two best friends and start a new life full of hope and love.Reality quickly sets in when she arrives early from a trip and finds her douchebag boyfriend in bed with a chick I am so glad she [...]

    3. I want to thank and the Author N.B Baker for a copy of this wonderful book I loved the characters I loved the story I want Chance This book was so intense, and I couldn t put it downy I had to for a few days and couldn t wait to get back in or I would have read it in one sitting I loved how the story flowed and you got to know the characters without all the 2 pages of back ground history The intense feelings between the two characters was fun, exhilarating and the hint that something was going o [...]

    4. What an amazing debut novel this is I really can t believe this is the authors first book It was brilliant Ella has her heart broken and needs to start afresh Chance is running from his demons This is their intense story It s a romantic story with so much It s a story full of suspense with twists and turns that literally had me on the edge of my seat Let s not forget the hot sexy scenes between these two Cannot praise this author enough for such a fantastic read I thoroughly loved it and ended [...]

    5. I read this book in 3 days because I couldn t put it down At first I didn t know where it was going to go, but BAM it took me on a really awesome ride While reading Everything I really could feel the love and understanding of El and Chance I was actually having small outbursts which my husband thought was funny like What Hit that girl Things like that Funny things I laughed and I cried There where some really good twists and turns which I really enjoyed.It was a very good book.

    6. I loved this book beyond words Strong Alpha hero with a spunky heroine and a storyline that kept you guessing.Love

    7. Ella Stone is looking for somewhere to lay her roots down After losing everyone in her family and left financially stable for life, she decides to leave Wyoming where her grandparents raised her She decides to move to Detroit, to be closer to her two best friends Sarah and Justin and start over Ella is returning home early from a recent trip back from Wyoming and decides to surprise her boyfriend early What she was about to find out was the surprise is on her when she catches him in bed with ano [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book, but the ending gave me chills When I read the last sentence I would have bet money that my kindle had malfunctioned because I was trying like crazy to turn the next page but there wasn t any It left me sitting there wondering what I even felt Ella isn t a weak woman she tackles life head on and goes full steam ahead, until she runs into the brick wall named Chance Finding her boyfriend in a compromising situation she doesn t crumble and fall apart, she cries and gets [...]

    9. e he can land his fist against her face, Hunter all of a sudden is on the ground What in the hell is going on with Hunter Is he high on drugs When she opens her eyes, she finally realizes that she is now in the arms of Chance St John He has beat the crap out of Hunter and has become her knight in shining armour Taking her back to her house, Ella invites he up for a drink and conversation Completely amazed that this beautiful man is sitting on her couch, they start to do the awkward dance of flir [...]

    10. What a fantastic book Really just a wonderful read Please be sure to get this one it s so good I can t say anything bad The beginning was great, the middle not too long but enough substance to keep your attention and the ending OMG So good What a wonderful debut novel N.B Baker has now a fan for life Ella is sweet and charming and I have her in my head as a tiny little cute pixie type thing But she s got fire.e s passionate in love and extremely loyal to her friends aka Family and fierce when sh [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I m totally blown away by this debut I m so grateful NB Baker has the support system to live her dream so we can be spoiled with her talent.Ella was raised by her grandparents on their ranch in Wyoming, and NB Baker paints a beautiful picture of the mountains and the ranch Sarah and Justin, a newlywed couple, on honeymoon, befriend Elle and they become fast friends After her grandparents pass on Elle goes to Detroit to visit Sarah a [...]

    12. I stumbled upon this writer during a blog takeover and am so glad that I did This is her debut novel and I truly enjoyed her writing style The pace was good and so was the story line I am a big fan or romantic suspense and this book had it in spades.The story follows Ella as she starts to pick up the pieces of her life She hasn t had it easy but she manages with the help of her best friends Sarah and Justin During an encounter with her sleazy ex, she is rescued by Chance He is the definition of [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book s got so much to offerElla is sassy, with a bouncy, full personality the kind of girl everyone wants to be friends with despite her somewhat sad start to life She catches her boyfriend with another girl and it s no surpriseI had Hunter pegged as a total douche right from the startwhich means that sisterly solidarity is immediately present and you re routing for her to find her HEA In steps the delicious Chance St John a super hot hero, who is compassionate, romantic, t [...]

    14. This book starts off with Ella coming home fro Wyoming When she enters her apartment she finds her boyfriend, Hunter, in bed with some girl name Tiffany So Ella moves out and dumps him Moves in above garage apartment of her bestfriends house Sara Justin After a few passes, Ella bumps into an alpha hot man, named Chance They have chemistry from the get go Then they bump into each other again at Mikes bar after he saves her froM her ex trying to beat her Chance takes her home and Then asks her out [...]

    15. N.B Baker had me cussin at her within 3% into the book In a good way of course Awesome Debut I was introduced to Everything by N.B Baker at an event and i was so enthralled with the teasers and description of this book i knew i HAD to have it and read Chance Chance Chance I fell in love with him at STARFRUIT Ella has had a rough life with feeling loved and wanted due to her parents giving her up when she was born Her Grandparents showered her with love and showed her how it feels She thought she [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this debut novel by NB Baker.It was the perfect mix of suspense, angst, steamy romance, everything you need to keep your attention and wanting .Ella is ready for a change She decides after the death of her grandparents to move to Detroit to be near the only family she has left, her two best friends She starts to date Hunter and thinks that everything is going well, until she arrives home early one night and finds him in bed with another girl.Within days she runs into Chance St J [...]

    17. What a wonderful Debut novel for N.B Baker This book will leave you wanting and get your creative juices flowing You will follow the character through her high points and her low points The interaction between Ella and her best friend is hilarious I found myself laughing out loud many times at some of their conversations Then lets bring Chance in the picture Well Hotness just hotness and he comes with the southern charm Chance did have a big secret from his past and reading you just knew that i [...]

    18. Wow I really loved this book Once I started it, I did not want to put it down and when I did, my hands just kept reaching for my kindle There is so many twists and turns going on you can t help but want to know what is going to happen next Ella and Chance are no stranger to heartache Once they meet they have that instant connection I love that together they help each other heal Ella has opened up to Chance about her past but he keeps his closed off When his past comes back to haunt him will Ella [...]

    19. I cannot believe that this book is a debut effort from NB Baker It is simply a never ending roller coaster ride of action, plot twists, drama and sex I was stunned that this is NB s first book One word Amazing Ella has not had an easy life by any means Upon catching her slimy boyfriend in bed with another woman, she decides to take charge of her life and move to Detroit It is by chance and irony that she meets a man named Chance Chance is one of my all time book boyfriends There relationship is [...]

    20. I received a complimentary copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review.I really enjoyed this debut book by new author NB Baker Ella Stone returns home from a trip to find her boyfriend having an affair, she walks out on the relationship and with the help of her best friends begins a new chapter in her life Months later she meets Chance St John, they quickly fall into a hot and very loving relationship but Chance is hiding something in his past from Ella When things st [...]

    21. I just could not put this book down NB Baker you are awesome I hope that you enjoy it as I did I was intrigued throughout the whole book wondering what would happen next.Ella and Chance have both had to deal with heartache Once they meet they have that immediate connection Although Chance keeps his passed closed off Ella has actually let him in But the past can t always stay hidden as much as one tries, will this end up hurting Ella or will they be able to work through this The sex scenes are so [...]

    22. There is certainly everything in this book Romance, intrigue, mystery, drama However to me I was not THAT enthralled by the story I did enjoy this read and there was certainly a lot in the romance sex department to keep most people happy I however got bored in some places For me, there was too much sex and in fact if it wasn t for the sex there wouldn t be much storyline And that says a lot for me as I generally like my smuttiness This book drag on far too much for me There was an over descripti [...]

    23. Wow this book blew me away Usually I Can tell after the first few pages where a story is going to go but not with this one It kept me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns Ella has managed to put a painful relationship behind her and move on with Chance but this is where it gets interesting NB continuously threw me for a loop every time you thought their relationship was going to go but noooo it went the freakin opposite direction The ending really got me as well in a good way Thi [...]

    24. Everything has for sure knocked my socks off It is absolutely impossible to stop reading I had to read it in one sitting.In this book we have the story of newly single Ella Stone but there was something about him that caught her eyes and had her attracted to him and Chance St John who, as the story progresses we find out, has a dark past and we would eventually discover what it is.Their journey is full of passion, drama, intrigue, heartbreak, steaminess, mystery and love All the twists and turns [...]

    25. Ella came home from a business trip early to find her fiance in bed with his model Her world was shattered as she left their place and knew she had to start a new life with out him Chance came to the city to start a new life after tragic event took his loved ones He was looking for a new start to his life and a new place to heal.This is a book with hurt, romance, murder, friendship, betrayal and love through out the story line The characters show such emotions and you can feel what they are deal [...]

    26. I can t believe this is a debut novel Ella leaves a failing relationship and meets Chance by accident, not once but twice It s meant to be, right Ella can t believe how easy their relationship came together But now odd things are happen and she feels like Chance is keeping something from her She has seen glimpses of a darker prince than she thought her prince charming was.n she find out what he s hiding and will it be than she thought Is her everything, really nothing.Everything was EVERYTHING [...]

    27. Impact full and romantic with an ending that will make you heart melt I know mine did This book was filled with Bad ass strong woman that would make us proud to be a woman No weaklings here, but that is not to say Ella wasn t feminine because she was she just didn t take crap from anyone that tried to take what was hers or take with out asking.And by Chance she meet the man that will make her fairytale dreams come true His name CHANCE Isn t the author smart Yeah she bumps into him literally bump [...]

    28. This was a beautiful story The characters are well developed and the story flows smoothly There is a lot of steamy romance and true friendships There is also a lot of action going on that keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing what is going to happen next The secondary characters are really great too, and very easy to like as well I love the story between Ella and Chance There is a darkness that Chance is battling and Ella has been through some bad stuff as well So these two finding each ot [...]

    29. After a breakup El decides to have a night out to work off her depression Her x finds her at the bar and gets her alone and begins to beat her In steps a stranger to save her and teach her to love again Chance has his own dark secrets and she wonders if she can teach him to trust.I loved the characters in this book They are so real and so vibrant The personalities are so well written that I felt I could meet them on the street and strike up a conversation as old friends.There is some suspense an [...]

    30. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads An impressive debut novel, which promises great things in the future The characters were well written, and the hot, romantic sections were steamy There were some lovely lighthearted moments The plot twists and misdirects worked well, and created some believable tension I would definitely read by this talented writer.

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