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Twist Me By Anna Zaires,

  • Title: Twist Me
  • Author: Anna Zaires
  • ISBN: 9781631420030
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Trilogy Kidnapped Taken to a private island I never thought this could happen to me I never imagined one chance meeting on the eve of my eighteenth birthday could change my life so completely Now I belong to him To Julian To a man who is as ruthless as he is beautiful a man whose touch makes me burn.Book 1 in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Trilogy Kidnapped Taken to a private island I never thought this could happen to me I never imagined one chance meeting on the eve of my eighteenth birthday could change my life so completely Now I belong to him To Julian To a man who is as ruthless as he is beautiful a man whose touch makes me burn A man whose tenderness I find devastating than his cruelty My captor is an enigma I don t know who he is or why he took me There is a darkness inside him a darkness that scares me even as it draws me in My name is Nora Leston, and this is my story Note This is book 1 of a completed trilogy Keep Me and Hold Me are now available everywhere No cliffhanger.
    Twist Me Book in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Trilogy Kidnapped Taken to a private island I never thought this could happen to me I never imagined one chance meeting on the eve o

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    1. Re read 7 12 16 After finishing the The Krinar series last week, I felt like revisiting Julian and NoraFuck it 5 StarsBecause fun, quick, and oh how I love me some sociopath Seriously though, this is the start to an amazing series.If you like captivity kidnap themes with some Stockholm flavor, this book and series is for you BOOM.

    2. You can read my full review at Sinfully Sexy and enter to win a copy of Twist Me.4 TURN ME INSIDE OUT STARS Stars, hide your fires Let not light see my black and deep desires William Shakespeare, MacbethTwist Me by Anna Zaires is a moderately dark, fall in love with your captor romance that I believe will appeal to many readers, including those that don t necessarily venture into the adventurous darker reads While the premise of the story definitely has darker undertones, the execution of it is [...]

    3. Twist Me, book 1 of 3 Dark violent tale of high school grad being held captive by ruthless alpha, Julian You re completely mine I m the only one who s ever been inside your pretty little pussy Books in the Twist Me Trilogy should be read in order Book 1 Twist MeBook 2 Keep MeBook 3 Hold MeTwist Me book 1 follows recent high school graduate Nora Leston in events leading up to and after she was kidnapped by heir and arms dealer Julian Esguerra.He saw her, he wanted her so he took her Violence, rap [...]

    4. i started reading this books 5 hours ago and i m finished D i couldn t put it down SO CAPTIVATING i tried to stop to not enjoy it but My treacherous body it s the perfect mixture of Love Romance and Dark BDSM, i loved it so much Nora meets Julian at a club one day and only exchanges a few words with him Weeks later After her graduation , Nora is later kidnapped and wakes up with her captor Julian on an island , Julian is the type of guy who takes what he wants and he wanted her he was hard to lo [...]

    5. 3.5 Love My Captor StarsA little bit about the storyNora is an average girl, she lives with her parents, goes out with her friends every weekend She s about to graduate from high school, she s starting a new chapter of her life She s even got her her eye on the cutest guy in school, but when she goes out with her friend one day all thoughts of that cute boy are forgotten A man stares at her from across the room, she can feel his intensity, she feels drawn to him but is also a bit weary of him Wh [...]

    6. 5 Stockholm Syndrome Stars When Darkness and Lightness CollideOMFG Where do I start, I was basically sucked in by the blurb New Adult Dark Erotic Novel Wooohooo thank you My kind of read And I shit you not this book lived up to ALL my expectations A VIRGIN Nora is seventeen years old out clubbing with her best friend Leah when she first encounters HIMHe has the most piercing blue eyes she s ever seen, he s sitting on a bar stool and he s gazing right at her, she thinks he is probably the most ha [...]

    7. I see a great potential in this book, but it fell completely flat to me I think I could have liked it if I haven t read Captive in the Dark I couldn t blame myself though, because this book was too tame and a bit boring as well The characters were also dull I had trouble connecting to either Nora and Julian Nora s character isn t interesting She s too plain and she constantly whines about her situation but in the end, she submits to Julian easily I was also bothered about the fact that she was [...]

    8. Finally a book that captures everything I love about Dark Erotica Intense, brutal but also so beautiful in it s darkness The kind of story that stays with you long long after you close the last pageThis is the story of Nora, a soon to be 18 year old High School graduate Nora goes out to a club with her best friend and there she meets Julian She s immediately captivated by him as he s extremely good looking But she also feels an undercurrent of fear when she looks at him, when he touches her.He j [...]

    9. If you re a fan of taboo kidnap dark erotica, don t let my rating for Twist Me put you off from reading the book I think most people who read this category of book are generally somewhat willing to let go of reality in order to get lost in the story I wish that I could be like this I m not even saying that I can t let it go at times If this was absolutely impossible for me to do, I wouldn t ever read dark erotica, nor would I have ever rated other books in this category favorably which I have B [...]

    10. This was my first time reading this author This story was good it reminded me of a few other series that I loved only this one a little something extra my only dislike was Nora was always in her head about what she shouldn t like and so forth Nora is an 18 year old virgin who finds herself abducted and taken to an island by a mysterious stranger The man who has taken her is captivating he is beyond handsome, wealthy, worldly, confident, dangerous, and controlling Julian who is an arms dealer was [...]

    11. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Here s what I imagine Val s reaction will be upon seeing this rating You know, but with a wine glass in her hand.My response Go read twelvejan s review She says everything As for me and my meh reaction I blame it all on Comfort Food

    12. 4 from captivity to love stars sigh Well, the fuck do I really know why I haven t read this soonerBut never say never and all that shit applies hereSo, I ll just dig in the dirt, i mean dark The storyWhat do you think happens next when a tall, dark dangerously handsome man sets his eyes on a barely 18 year old girl Well, further on, we find out it was a close resemblance to a young girl he once new and she got killed It s a memory of a fault and of a dangerous past.Well, this man, sets his motio [...]

    13. It s always the same way The minute I read the word KIDNAPPED in a blurb, I instantly feel like I have to read that book Immediately.It s not a secret that I luuuuuuv reading Dark Erotica One of my favourite authors, Kitty Thomas is to blame for that obsession The day I read Comfort Food changed me forever It sorta flipped a switch in me and now I was in love with books of that genre forever.Twist Me is listed as a Dark Erotica too, which, in my humble opinion, is so not fair to some of the incr [...]

    14. Nora LestonJulian EsguerraMini PlaylistVideo Games Lana Del ReyFantasy Alina GalimatiasSweet Dreams BeyonceOff To The Races Lana Del ReyAll Of Me John LegendOne meeting One man One girl His girl.Julian isn t the guy on the white horse who takes his beloved away towards the sunset In fact, he actually captures the girl of his dreams and puts her on an island Does she attempt to escape Uh, yes Does she end up escaping YeahNO She actually ends up connecting with her captor, and that is where the st [...]

    15. This series is one of the first dark books I ve ever read Actually, I think it was the second dark book I read and it was just at the right time because I discovered an author I loved and a series of books I ll continue to read whenever I feel the need to mentally go back to a time when everything was peaceful and simple in my life.Nora and Julian s story is passionate and inspiring to me, especially as a writer myself, Anna s books has caused bombs in my brains and when I hit the keyboard, I hi [...]

    16. 4 Kidnapping StarsTwist Me is an erotic novel with an abducting BDSM theme Basically, the kind of books I like to read It s no secret, I love BDSM books and if you throw in a kidnapping, I m all over it Every once in a while I like to read a light kidnapping book if there is such a thing and there is Nora meets a sexy stranger at a club one day and only exchanges a few words with him Weeks later on a date with long time crush Jake Nora is later kidnapped and wakes up on an island Julian is her c [...]

    17. 1.5 I did not enjoy this.Had me rolling my eyes the entire timeFirst, the characters were completely unrelatable unless you count Julian s obsession with Nora because she looks like someoneHe solely brings her on the island to be used as a sex toy I mean this is a romance erotica kidnapping I get that Besides the fact that it irked me that she was barely 18 to begin with, I didn t like her at all I found her to be boring, a little annoying and a bit fickle Sure, the pacing was slow, it is a roma [...]

    18. What a story I admit to being a little leery around 20% I wasn t connecting with the story very much but then Bam Things just took off and from that point I could not put this mind fuckery down And for me it definitely was mind fuckery although not exactly dark I definitely enjoyed it The story was extremely well written and Anna Zaires created a monster that I actually loathed for quite a whiled I rarely saw any redeeming qualities in Julian but there were just touches of something else in him [...]

    19. I may need a Dr myself after reading this book Hold on to your emotions.This is all I will say Virgin Nora Kidnapping An Island Captivation how thoughtful of him Rape he s very gentle BDSM he doesn t draw blood crazy, sadistic, stalker, psycho Julian Backstage Pass this one is for you Boss Lady Submission, Comsumption, Obsession Dark RomanceIf all these facts don t get you to read it then it s either it s not your thing or there must be something wrong with you Santos.I just finished this book l [...]

    20. This was a good read, I finished it in one day and enjoyed it It s fast paced and fun, definitely something different.The BDSM part was good and convincing enough, but the romance felt too weird for me it was just too cheesy for me to handle that s why i m not giving it than 3 stars, I can t handle cheesy scenes.The actions scenes were also pretty bad, thankfully it took only few pages, but this is mostly a bdsm book, in that department it did pretty well for me

    21. If you follow my reviews I have been on the fluffy train of late and I got bored I need mind fuckery and darkness in my tastes in books Deep, deep downIn the end how can I not give it 5 The devil does indeed wear a beautiful mask Stars Right ladies Nora Leston is in all sense of the word normal She is about to graduate and go to a community college, be asked out by the most popular guy at school until she hits a club with her friend and sees a handsome stranger, staring at her with an intensity [...]

    22. WARNING This review may contain some spoilers I don t know how I feel about this book.This is some f cked up s it I was also in conflict with my thoughts weather to give this book a 3 or 4 star rating In the end, I went with 4 because this author is really, really good Technically, there isn t a one thing about the writing style that I didn t like Usually, this is one of my favourite genres adult dark erotic novel.I ve read loads and loads of books with the similar subjects, but I have to be hon [...]

    23. 4 Light meets Dark stars WARNING story contains non consensual sexual activity, violence, dark themes I knew I just KNEW that I was going to love the hell out of this book the moment I started reading it I started reading it yesterday and finished yesterday I couldn t put it down at all, I was hooked, intrigued, scared and turned on I haven t read a dark erotic novel in such a long time, and it was the perfect mix of romance, disgust, and dark BDSM I m happy that it was this book that brought me [...]

    24. Okay, I definitely have mixed feelings about this one For someone who doesn t want to be touched, she sure as hell gives in really quick my treacherous body this, my treacherous body that I could make a drinking game on how many times she said those three words Then, theres s the fact that she always does the opposite In her head, she says, I shouldn t eat BUT I m hungry so she eats Again, I shouldn t be enjoying the beach while my parents are grieving BUT The lure of the water is strong and I v [...]

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