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Frog Music By Emma Donoghue,

  • Title: Frog Music
  • Author: Emma Donoghue
  • ISBN: 9781443429115
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Summer of 1876 San Francisco is in the fierce grip of a record breaking heat wave and a smallpox epidemic Through the window of a railroad saloon, a young woman named Jenny Bonnet is shot dead The survivor, her friend Blanche Beunon, is a French burlesque dancer Over the next three days, she will risk everything to bring Jenny s murderer to justice if he doesn t trackSummer of 1876 San Francisco is in the fierce grip of a record breaking heat wave and a smallpox epidemic Through the window of a railroad saloon, a young woman named Jenny Bonnet is shot dead The survivor, her friend Blanche Beunon, is a French burlesque dancer Over the next three days, she will risk everything to bring Jenny s murderer to justice if he doesn t track her down first The story Blanche struggles to piece together is one of free love bohemians, desperate paupers, and arrogant millionaires of jealous men, icy women, and damaged children It s the secret life of Jenny herself, a notorious character who breaks the law every morning by getting dressed a charmer as slippery as the frogs she hunts.In thrilling, cinematic style, FROG MUSIC digs up a long forgotten, never solved crime Full of songs that migrated across the world, Emma Donoghue s lyrical tale of love and bloodshed among lowlifes captures the pulse of a boomtown like no other.
    Frog Music Summer of San Francisco is in the fierce grip of a record breaking heat wave and a smallpox epidemic Through the window of a railroad saloon a young woman named Jenny Bonnet is shot dead The sur

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    1. From the Author Q A One journalist kindly alerted me to the fact that there was a hoax in my entry, a claim that I was writing about the murder of a cross dressing frog catcher and was abashed when I told him it was trued it is indeed a story about that, although it sounds a bit silly described that way, but it s not at all a silly book it is an entirely serious book based on an unsolved murder case in san francisco in 1876, during the smallpox epidemic and a terrible heat wave which makes it a [...]

    2. Care to receive a bullet through your brains ,Jenny quipped to St.Clair, or have you got plans for this evening First things first.I feel the need to say from the start that I loved this book.I am an avid reader of everything that is raw and gritty and realistic,especially when it comes to Historical Fiction.However, I know that this novel isn t for everyone.If one is offended by the issue of prostitution,of abuse and if very few graphic sex scenes may disturb you, then this isn t a suitable rea [...]

    3. This book is a mess I find this extra disappointing because this was one of the novels I had been looking forward to reading this summer I had been so impressed with Donoghue s earlier book, Room, that I wanted to read of her work.Now, I want to read less of it Frog Music is an attempt at historical fiction and true crime It s set in San Francisco in the summer of 1876, and it s based on the true story of an unsolved murder Someone killed Jenny Bonnet in a boardinghouse, and in the novel, Jenny [...]

    4. This novel is controversial The triggers here are graphic sex involving different groupings, and also child abuse specifically in baby farms where the parents of little ones sent their babies at a cost due to various personal circumstances The place is San Francisco, the year is 1876 and the story moves back and forth between the months of August and September, the latter being the month that Jenny Bonnet was murdered While this book is fiction, it is based on the lives of people involved with e [...]

    5. This book croaked The narrative and characters were dead, dead, dead.Should I just check the thesaurus for synonyms for tedious because I might overuse the word in my review Actually I am afraid that if I looked up tedious I would probably see Frog Music If only I had checked and seen the rather long appendix It made far interesting reading that the drivel presented as fictionalised history but sadly by then I had than lost interested in it all If only women dressing as men, or burlesque dance [...]

    6. I received this book as a giveaway Lacking a fire, I put it in the recycle bin I was expecting a story about San Francisco, a murder mystery and some historical facts not commonly known I was not expecting to read French sex slang mostly , or songs about drinking and child abuse in French and English The main character is a dancer prostitute circus performer She loses all of her belongings, money and clothing several times in a few weeks She loses her own child several times as well Her house is [...]

    7. I really struggled with this one The characters were unpleasant, the subject matter was frequently disgusting and the story bounced around all over the place Plus it was written in the present tense which I always dislike To be absolutely honest I cannot find a redeeming feature for the whole book Sorry everyone who liked it It just was not for me.

    8. Explanation of Review to follow When I finished this book, I was all like I mean did that SERIOUSLY just happen That s a girl on the Penny Farthing bike that s about to crash into you, even though you thought it was a dude at first glance She was just minding her own business off to catch some of these guys She be like YOU GUYS WOULD BE MIGHTY TASTY At that point, I found myself again saying this Half the time though, I was like why all the old timey songs Then I put two and two together and rem [...]

    9. I actually finished this last night but I m torn between writing a coherent review or just quietly sulking in a corner about how much I loved this bookA Phil asked for demanded a review so I ll give it my best shot I wasn t planning on enjoying this book so much I wasn t even planning on reading it until BJ rang me right before she was supposed to relieve me for lunch and said Did you want to read the new Emma Donoghue book I only vaguely remembered that she even had a new book coming out but on [...]

    10. The story is dark, which is usually fine with me, but it s also nasty and full of unlikable characters making stupid and cruel decisions The narrator of the audio version uses a French accent that is annoying, but even if the book had been read perfectly, I don t think I would have finished this one.The only character I enjoyed at all is dead.I ll finish mildly entertaining books, and even enjoy some books that are not great, but life s too short to spend reading a book I hate I made it about 30 [...]

    11. Emma Donoghue has broken out of her Room Four years after that bestselling story of a mother and child imprisoned in a garden shed, she s back with a novel ravenous for space, for people, for sounds for all the life that 5 year old Jack never had The millions of readers who know Donoghue only from the harrowing tale of that little boy will discover in Frog Music just how expansive and boisterous this Irish Canadian author can be Frog Music her first historical novel set in America takes us to Sa [...]

    12. After ROOM, a book I loved, I was so excited for Ms Donoghue s next book FROG MUSIC but now that I ve read it, I simply do not understand how why this book got positive reviews in my opinion, it was just awful The beginning was confusing as it was difficult to know what action was happening when where was I reading about pre murder or post murder The characters were also awful Blanche, the prostitute who loved her work , and Arthur and Ernest, the parasites who lived off her and her earnings dre [...]

    13. Frog Music is a good historical work, but it seemed too short to me, and the characters felt rather detached and unrealistic.

    14. In the summer of 1876, Blanche Beunon and Jenny Bonnet are on the run The two women Blanche, a French burlesque dancer and Jenny, a cross dressing frog hunter are hiding out at a boarding house on the outskirts of smallpox infested San Francisco, trying to escape Blanche s violent ex lover In the middle of the night, someone shoots into the women s room, and Jenny is killed Now, Blanche is racing to solve two mysteries who murdered Jenny Bonnet, and the secrets of Jenny s past It wasn t until I [...]

    15. I am so glad that Donoghue has returned to historical fiction, in this her latest offering Based on the unsolved murder, in San Francisco during the latter part of the 1800 s the murder being that of Jenny Bonnet, a cross dressing, frog catcher with a mysterious past She and Blanche become friends after Jenny runs into her with her while riding her high wheeler Blanche, who had come from France with her two, well one was her lover and the other his friend, has become a dancer and prostitute for [...]

    16. Frog Music is absolutely remarkable, well researched and thought out novel where the reader is transported back in time to a colourful, wild bohemian lifestyle of San Francisco in 1876 during an unforgiving heat wave and the outbreak of smallpox, racial prejudice and riots against the influx of Chinese immigrant, and the damaged infants at these baby farms And while this is all taking place, Donoghue tells us of a crime that has been committed, based on actual events.Donoghue gives us an insight [...]

    17. I found that this story had not much to do with the premise of the outline Sure, there s a murder but it s not what this book is about It s about Blanche just Blanche No matter what happened in the storyline, it became about how it affected Blanche I find Blanche a self pitying, obnoxious, self centered woman I don t have to like the characters in a book, so this didn t play into my rating But it got eye rollingly annoying how much Blanche thought only of herself and how all the events are about [...]

    18. Sleaze and sordidness behind the glitz and glamour of showbiz provides a decadent backdrop for this sexy historical whodunnit Set amid the gaudy world of burlesque, gambling and prostitution in San Francisco s Chinatown during a heatwave and smallpox epidemic in the late 1870 s, this is a story of lust, betrayal, murder and redemption that will keep the reader hooked from the very first page till the end.Former circus performer Blanche Beunon is an exotic dancer who lures the crowds at the House [...]

    19. 3.5 sExotic dancer Blanche Beunon was executing her routine dance at the House of Mirrors with energy and dedication, while the audience cheered and screamed for her The San Francisco heatwave of 1876 was stifling but she gave her customers everything she had Wandering home later that night, hot and exhausted but looking forward to seeing her lover Arthur, she was suddenly knocked violently to one side a person dressed in men s clothing had run her over with a one wheeled bicycle When she furiou [...]

    20. What a terrible book I m not even sure what it was all about I felt no connection to either the characters or the setting I think Blanche is supposed to be the protagonist but I couldn t really tell She is a dancer prostitute who was once a circus performer who loses her belongings and her child several times over a short period of time in San Francisco in 1876 Then she loses her house while she is out of town for a few days, and her abusive lover, Arthur and his friend, Ernest leave She meets a [...]

    21. I believe that life is too short to finish a book that you do not enjoy.This one started off great I was enjoying reading about 1876 San Francisco and an interesting collection of characters that live just inside the underbelly of the city The story alternates in time, the shooting and its aftermath, a few weeks before the shooting and then earlier time periods At the half way point I just didn t care any I read the final chapter and then the author s notes on the real life people that inspired [...]

    22. Based on the actual 1876 murder of Jenny Bonnet, a young woman whose choice of attiring herself in scandalous pants well, scandalous for a woman in San Francisco in the 1870 s, Frog Music begins with the character of Blanche Beunon, Albert Deneve and Albert s buddy Ernest, former tightrope walkers from France In the background San Francisco is undergoing a heat wave for the record books, and a smallpox epidemic which created an atmosphere of panic and finger pointing at the Chinese population Ad [...]

    23. Blanche remembers being fifteen the dull, shackled sensation that life is something that happens to other people And then one day, with no warning, it begins.I never read Room because I am an unabashed snob and, if I wasn t interested in a given book before it becomes a Thing, I m probably not going to read it once it does become a Thing I just find that, when I read something just because it s popular and buzzy, I am almost always disappointed see The Night Circus, The Husband s Secret, Stieg L [...]

    24. Somewhere between Blanche having sex with various men and maybe women and Blanche whining about wanting to have sex with various men and maybe women , there was a murder On top of all the sex and the murder, there was the worst book I have read all year This book is suppose to be some kind of engrossing look at San Francisco during the summer of 1876 when the city was plagued with heat and a small pox outbreak Yes, Blanche suffered like whined through the heat Yes, Blanche had a run in with sma [...]

    25. Frog Music is an unusual and, at times, discordant composition, hopping from one event to another, revealing the underbelly of San Francisco in 1876.Based on a true unsolved crime, this is the story of Blanche and Jenny, two women striving to scrape a living in a turbulent and violent city Blanche, former equestrienne with the Parisian Cirque d Hiver, is now an exotic dancer living with her maque pimp Arthur and his close friend Ernest Jenny is a cross dressing frog catcher of no fixed abode who [...]

    26. A chance meeting on the streets of San Francisco brings together Blanche le danseuse prostitute, Burlesque dancer and property entrepreneur and Jenny cross dressing, frog catching, Penny Farthing rider Not long afterwards Jenny is shot dead From then on, the timeline splits and we flick from the developing friendship between Blanche and Jenny, watching events unfold that lead to her death, and the subsequent attempts by Blanche to solve the mystery of her friend s murder and recover her missing [...]

    27. As a student of history, women s rights, and the place of women in history, I m kind of the target audience for this book Yet, this book did very little for me, and I can t imagine I would have finished it were it not my book club selection for May I disliked the mystery, I disliked the moving back and forth in time and tense, and I especially disliked the characters Heck, I even dislike the baby, P tit Blanche was awful Just awful Jenny might have held some interest for me a Victorian era cross [...]

    28. 3 stars But just barely I m rounding this up to 3 stars, but it s really like a 2.75 At first I was OK with this as just a light entertainment nothing special type of book, but by the middle I was annoyed by its mediocrity and thought some parts went on too long.It is essentially a murder mystery, based on a real life unsolved case in 1876 San Francisco, and I am not that big a mystery fan I was expecting something along the lines of Room or Slammerkin, both of which I enjoyed and whose charac [...]

    29. Some of the undertones in the explicit sexual scenes in this gave me pause, particularly the moment during a threesome in which a woman thinks about how nice it is that the men don t ask for her consent the trampling on her will rather excites her her body likes having its mind made up for it shudder However, the novel as a whole is quite good and takes an interesting look at gender performance in 19th century San Francisco I liked the song lyrics woven throughout the text and knew I wasn t goin [...]

    30. Excellent stuff I ve loved Emma since Slammerkin, which came out around the same time as Crimson Petal and the White and was MUCH engaging, but didn t get the same press Not that I didn t enjoy Crimson Petal, but Slammerkin was phenomenal Well worth the time Also, you ll learn some really nasty French curse words.

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