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Beauty and the Beast By Shoshanna Evers,

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Shoshanna Evers
  • ISBN: 9780991372225
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • From bestselling erotica author Shoshanna Evers comes an erotic re imagining of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.With her father s freedom at stake, Belle agrees to be the fearsome Beast s prisoner in his enchanted castle Held as his willing captive, Belle must submit to the Beast s most primal desires to survive.The Beast can t let his little Beauty go free, nFrom bestselling erotica author Shoshanna Evers comes an erotic re imagining of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.With her father s freedom at stake, Belle agrees to be the fearsome Beast s prisoner in his enchanted castle Held as his willing captive, Belle must submit to the Beast s most primal desires to survive.The Beast can t let his little Beauty go free, not while there s still hope that she might be the one to end his decade long curse and with true love s kiss, return him to the Prince he once was.Their story is one that begins with imprisonment he in his monstrous body, she in a dungeon but without this predicament, Beauty would never have met the Beast.So we shall begin with what occurred on that fateful night when everything changed when a lover was betrayed, a man deformed, and a castle shrouded in an enchantment
    Beauty and the Beast From bestselling erotica author Shoshanna Evers comes an erotic re imagining of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast With her father s freedom at stake Belle agrees to be the fearsome Beast s

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    1. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookBeauty and the Beast was my first Shoshanna Evers book, an erotic re telling of the fairytale I was very interested to read this one because, even though, I had read couple of erotic re tellings in the past, none were centered around BDSM Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed in this one.After his father the King s death, Prince Frederick is cursed by his stepmother, a witch, and transforms into a beast The pric [...]

    2. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Beauty and The Beast is my favorite fairy tale, so when I learned one of my favorite authors of erotica had written an erotic reimagining, I was very excited, Even exciting, was the opportunity to read an advanced copy and give my review before it s release.The storyline of Beauty And The Beast is pretty much the same one we all know from the classic books and films down to the Disney animated version The one difference here is [...]

    3. A quick, smutty read of Beauty and the Beast Belle s father is held hostage by Beast when Belle takes his place, and the courting begins Love this story, the re telling was great Smutty fluff, angst and a Happy Ending

    4. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite story ever, both in terms of Disney and the fairytale When I saw that this book was an erotica retelling of the story I was very excited thinking that this book could marry the hopeless romantic and sex crazed parts of my brain Maybe because of this, my expectations were too high, but this book did NOT deliver on any of those fronts.I think the writer could have done SO much with this than she did The romance Eh Story was somewhat romantic because the origina [...]

    5. Once again, Shoshanna has delivered a delightful erotic treat for erotica lovers Gripping and well paced, I read the whole tale in one sitting This page turner kept me wondering whch parts from the classic fairy tale would play out and which parts were the reimagined version Well, Shoshanna did a fine job keeping me guessing I was hooked to the very last sentence Besides the obvious stars in the story, I found the other characters just as amusing The constable and his wife served as comic relief [...]

    6. 4.5 StarsNote I won an ARC from the authorSoI will never be viewing Beauty and the Beast the same Now all I ll think about is how the Beast ravished spanked whipped etc a willing Beauty while a prisoner in his castle.The writing style was so reminiscent of fairy tales I ve read I took a German Fairy Tale course in college , but with a splash of erotica BDSM It s odd to read if you re expecting traditional fictional prose, but once I got used to it, I quite liked it The style is good for fast pac [...]

    7. I m so glade I received this book for free through First Reads This book was amazing It s now my favorite adult beauty and the beast story

    8. I honestly read this awhile ago and can t rememberI literally read this a year ago I can t remember if I even liked it I do remember skipping pages Unfortunately that is all I can give on this review.

    9. Short, ridiculous read Immature writing with zero tension or character development Like an 8th grader wrote fanfic after seeing the live action Disney Movie.

    10. Shoshanna Evers has become a master at re imagining classic fairytales into steamy and evocative reads that give readers than just sweet dreams This latest release is no exception and puts a memorable modern day spin on the classic Beauty and the Beast theme that we all know and love by amping up the sexuality.The basic premise of this story remains the same but it s the characters that make this story unique This time around Belle goes on a journey not only to learn to love the man behind the [...]

    11. Dikarenakan menolak cinta dari ibu tirinya yang penyihir, pangeran Frederick dikutuk menjadi sesosok monster yang buruk rupa dan hanya bisa kembali ke wujud semulanya apabila ada wanita yang tulus mencintainya Sepuluh tahun berlalu, dan Beast menjalani kehidupannya seorang diri, dan pada suatu hari muncul seorang saudagar yang tersesat dan berteduh di kastilnya Beast menyediakan semua yang pria tua itu butuhkan, tapi kemudian Beast sangat marah karena saudagar itu mengambil setangkai bunga mawar [...]

    12. I ve been trying to work one of Shoshanna s books into my Psychocat Reads schedule for a while now, and I m thrilled I finally did.Shoshanna s version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is an erotic re imagining of the old classic This novella was engaging, fast paced, and delightfully smutty In short, it was everything I d expected from a Shoshanna Evers book Characters Belle is not quite the naive, innocent girl from the Disney fairy tale This Belle has a wild side and is ready to have some fun At the sa [...]

    13. Beauty and the Beast an erotic re imagining by Shoshanna Evers is a very sensual reworking of a beloved fairy tale classic Prince Frederick has been condemned by his evil stepmother to exist in a horrific form unless he can find someone who will gift him with her true love Given his proclivities, she also has to be willing to participate wholeheartedly in his kinky sexual activities He is sinking further into his bestial nature until potential salvation in the form of virginal Belle Castelle is [...]

    14. I m only vaguely familiar with the story of Beauty and the Beast Which I think is a very good thing I was able to read Shoshanna s wonderful version without comparing it to anything that I might have read before I read the entire story in one sitting.I have read many of Shoshanna s books as she is one of my favorite authors, and this one is quite different from most of the other books of hers that I ve read It is a retelling of a fairy tale that was first written in the 1700s but an erotic versi [...]

    15. Let s start withI got an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I have always been a big fan of Beauty and the Beast stories so I was very excited to get this book This is a fairly quick read 139 pages I read it over a couple of nights after work.The basic story of Belle Beauty and Beast is there in this story but there are also some interesting changes to the story The author builds the relationship up between Belle and her Beast Keep in mind that in the Beauty and the Beas [...]

    16. This isn t your regular retelling of the beloved fairy tale So be prepared to be left speechless with this erotic re imagining.I have to admit, this book really left me somewhat shocked, and believe me that s a hard thing to do I read all kinds of erotic books, but this one left me scratching my head a time or two I had to read this novella two times, just to wrap my head around the idea that there were some BDSM elements in one of my all time Disney favorites.Yupyou heard me right When you ve s [...]

    17. Well I am here to tell you of a fairy tale that was dear to my heart when I was a child growing up, this fairy tale take by the amazingly talented Shoshanna Evers has not only brought my favourite tale alive it has brought it a lot dark and most definitely not for the faint of heart also this is for adult eyes only This is a story of a brave women who tells the beast to take her as his prisoner and let her father go free In doing so she submits fully to the beast and what ever he may desire Whe [...]

    18. Well, this was quite a blush worthy take on the classic I was on a re telling kick, but I wanted something a little on the grittier side Ms Evers definitely came through in that regard can we say super steamy As much as I enjoyed the read, I just couldn t give it a full five stars Parts of it pulled so much from the Disney movie that it started to feel like a sexual spoof than an actual re imagining In addition, I honestly think that the novella could have benefited from a little length and li [...]

    19. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite Disney tale so when I saw this erotic re imagining I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in and read it The title definitely doesn t lie about being an erotic re imagining, there is barely a moment in this story that isn t filled with sex, sexual images, or sexual tension I wish the story was longer to flush out moments between Belle and the Beast, and to also have story to enjoy.I think if I had one complaint it would be that the story [...]

    20. If you really liked the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast but wished they spiced it up a bit, your wish is answered This is an erotic novel so the language is quite strong and the situations explicit There is also a BDSM vibe with Beauty submitting to the Beast, calling him Sir and getting spanked.The story itself is very similar to the movie version mentioned but with frequent sexual interactions There was a character arc for the Beast aka Frederick and also for Beauty which made it an enjoyabl [...]

    21. We all know the story of Beauty And The Beast from the Disney movie However, the story has been told in many different versions before it was presented as a Disney movie It truly is a tale as old as time But the best written version of the tale appeared in 1756 by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont Shoshanna Evers has taken Beaumont s version and made it, well sexier She s kept the original idea of the story within her story with the exception of a few small changes and very BIG ones Those big c [...]

    22. I can never watch Beauty and the Beast again without thinking of this story Belle and the Beast aren t so innocent any This is a wonderfully erotic story that combines a well known fairy tale with spanking The Beast is sexy and exactly the way her should be for the story I only wish the story was longer, which means Shoshanna Evers wrote it well and made me want to stay in this world even longer.I read excerpts from this story before it released, and I was excited when I won the ebook from the a [...]

    23. I love this book Yes, it is a story that has been around for a while But, in saying that, I think this take on it is perfect I love how they are able to meet in their dreams I thought that was so perfect I could not put this book down and read it in one night I found my self reading and watching everything unfold in my head And only great books do that for me You will not be disappointed when you get this book It is one to keep with you, in your favorites pile.

    24. This book kept my interest from the first page to the last I read it in one sitting I didn t want to put it down because I truly cared how it would end I enjoyed the retelling of a familiar story with the addition of a bit of naughtiness It was erotic without making me blush excessively I can say that I will be reading of her books I received this book from the author after winning it on What a nice surprise when I opened the envelope.

    25. I like retelling of fairytales especially erotica pAnd unlike other stories with the same theme that I read before, this one is goodly written.Note to self I don t think I ve used the adjective goodly before haha

    26. Dreamy, sexy, erotic adult version of a beautiful timeless story Absolutely loved it didn t want the book to end I fell in love with Beast, he was so haunting, dark and sexy Beauty Belle is courageous and lovely and she loves her Beast Shoshanna Evers does it again

    27. I like the way it stuck to the story line just enough to keep it a fairytale with the steaminess needed to make it erotic enough to keep me reading it without putting it down until I was done.

    28. I Enjoyed this book I read it in one night The romance was a bit unbelievable for me, but it was a very erotic, exciting read and I couldn t put it down.

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