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Wolf Eye Sly (Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series) By Terri Lyndie,

  • Title: Wolf Eye Sly (Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series)
  • Author: Terri Lyndie
  • ISBN: 9780989939713
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Annie is forced to return to the hometown she dreads to settle old scores left by her grandfather, the lighthouse keeper She soon finds herself embroiled in small town trickery and deceit, and discovers an unlikely ally with the handsome heir of her grandfather s fiercest enemy Hilarity and plot twists abound in this contemporary romance Excerpt He stepped closer AnoAnnie is forced to return to the hometown she dreads to settle old scores left by her grandfather, the lighthouse keeper She soon finds herself embroiled in small town trickery and deceit, and discovers an unlikely ally with the handsome heir of her grandfather s fiercest enemy Hilarity and plot twists abound in this contemporary romance Excerpt He stepped closer Another thing we should work on is kissing Kissing Annie raised one eyebrow Yes, kissing, Jamie insisted knowingly We need to make it convincing The occasion will arise when folks will insist they want to see us kiss Considering this town, you are probably right She frowned I think we should practice to make sure we get it right We want to look like we are comfortable with it, he said I don t need to practice I know how to kiss, she assured him She felt a blush creeping across her cheeks I am sure you know how As do I But we don t know how we will kiss each other, he pointed out What difference does it make She cast him a doubtful glance It makes the difference between being comfortably convincing or nailed as frauds His eyes twinkled as he drew her closer I don t think practicing is necessary We ll pull it off when the time comes I know your style I saw you kissing just last night, remember She stepped back nervously as she remembered Francine Stouffer gyrating in Jamie s arms His eyes narrowed That wasn t kissing I was caught off guard I wasn t even participating She smirked It looked like kissing to me I ll show you the difference, he notified her in a dangerous tone He caught her in his arms and pulled her against his chest, intending to kiss the smirk from her lips
    Wolf Eye Sly Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series Annie is forced to return to the hometown she dreads to settle old scores left by her grandfather the lighthouse keeper She soon finds herself embroiled in small town trickery and deceit and discove

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    1. This is an absolutely delightful read A bit of suspense, a bit of mystery, a bit of crazy small town folks, and delicious fun loving romance The author has a wonderful writing style, that pays attention to subtle detail and savors the humor of life and love I laughed pretty much through most of it The eccentric characters in the city I do know people like them And James, James, Jameswhat can I say How about yummy A wicked secretary, hooligans hunting for buried treasure, being imprisoned in a sh [...]

    2. I m in love with this story I m in love with the extremely lovable characters, witty dialogues, funny and sometimes breathtaking plot twists and the little town of Wolf Eye itself Annie, a granddaughter of the lighthouse keeper, couldn t wait to leave the town, which made her life miserable, as soon as she graduated But now, coming back to fulfill her duty of a voter as the lighthouse keeper s property heir, she has no idea what it s going to turn into a handsome stranger Jamie the grandson of A [...]

    3. I really enjoyed reading this entertaining, amusing romance novel It was skilfully written and full of beautiful descriptive imagery Terrie Lyndie creates likeable, strong characters that help bring this small town to life making everything and everyone in it believable and authentic I was hooked from the outset and I felt compelled to read on to discover what would happen next between the charming and gorgeous Jamie Lord and Annie the light house keeper s granddaughter It didn t disappoint I lo [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed Wolf Eye Sly The quirky characters, the mysterious treasure, the instant romance between Jamie and Annie made for great reading I cheered, I laughed, and I was so caught up in the story that I read it straight through without stopping Terri Lyndie brought the town to life, and the characters seem to leap off the page I love the fact that this is just book one in a series I m eagerly awaiting book two.

    5. Wolf Eye Sly Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series Book 1 by Terri Lyndie starts out with a great storyline conflict that burns off the page Annie Matthews, granddaughter of Ezra Matthews is back in town from living in New York for seven years Something about a meeting for the Lighthouse Society bought her back it s probably the only thing that could have While catching up with an old friend she sees Jamie Lord, grandson of Barbara Lord of the Lord Enterprises There is instantly sexual tension going on but [...]

    6. This is a highly enjoyable romance the spark between Jamie and Annie is electrifying Annie, the light house keeper s granddaughter returns home to Wolf Eye, Michigan after a long absence something she dreads but what she doesn t expect is that love might just be waiting for her, and in the least expected place possible Annie knows she doesn t belong at Wolf Eye, but Jamie simply refuses to play along with the old family feud Jamie Lord is definitely a hero to set my heart racing He s charming, c [...]

    7. I found Annie rather immature from her first interaction with James like, it s horrible when people judge her for her roots, but she can do the same to them, no issue there Reverse snobbery is rather annoying The blurb made me think I d been in her corner, but actually I really wasn t to start with But funny enough, it really was explained and justified afterwards That being said, once the story kicks in, I was enraptured by it all, the chemistry between those two was incredible, and the obstacl [...]

    8. Annie Matthews didn t have a lot of fond memories about her home town where she grew up living with her grandfather the lighthouse keeper She learned to see it and the mix of quirky small town characters in a new way when she was called back to settle her grandfather s affairs She was sucked into a charade posing as fiance to Jamie Lord heir to the woman who made her grandfather the town laughing stock in order to save the historic lighthouse building and the cemetery where her grandfather was b [...]

    9. This is the first book I ve read from Terri Lyndie, but you can be sure it won t be my last Wolf Eye Sly is everything you could want in a romantic comedy clever, sweet, sexy, and yes hilarious I laughed out loud at the antics of the Wolf Eye town folks, to the point where my family asked what in the world was I reading that was so funny But even better than the humor is the crazy hot chemistry between the main characters, Annie and Jamie Oh my goodness, where do I begin about Jamie Lord I typic [...]

    10. Wolf Eye Sly is not my typical read, but I picked it up in my effort to read debut authors, and I couldn t put it down.Not my usual angst ridden, nail biter, I found this romance to keep me just as much on the edge of my seat as my usual.Not quite historical or modern, it is a quintessential love story with components of both.I loved the hero and heroine immediately, and was cheering for them from the get go.The scene in the beginning of the 2 of them in the cabin had me hooked along with Lyndie [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It s a lighthearted jaunt through the developing relationship of a made for each other couple There is nothing quite as sweet as a love that is meant to be There is just one problem these two lovers are surrounded by just about the craziest small town inhabitants that one could imagine The antics that ensue are hilarious attack bats, an impromptu wedding, a politician who aspires to impersonate Johnny Cash need I say This one will have you laughing, and ho [...]

    12. No need to go into the plot I really enjoyed this read It was like watching a TV Series, where the characters grip you and grow with each episode In this case, chapter Jamie, Annie, and the other supporting characters made this a lively read, with not just a tender love story but also with quirky diversions that are going on in the town and with the people that live there I loved the descriptions of this town and was immediately drawn into its atmosphere I think the author did a really good job [...]

    13. If you are looking for a light and lovely summer read, Wolf Eye Sly is it Terri Lyndie has created a great, quirky cast of characters, headed by Annie and Jamie, whose blossoming romance is central to the book The result is a fun, beautifully written and hugely romantic novel which I read in a couple of sittings Terri Lyndie does a fantastic job of evoking the often claustrophobic small town atmosphere of Wolf Eye Her writing is quite cinematic and I could imagine the scenes playing out like a T [...]

    14. I loved this book so much I read it in one sitting A wonderfully funny and charming tale of town politics, belonging and love Annie Matthews is summoned to Wolf Eye against her will by the Lighthouse Society , she hasn t been back since her beloved grandfather Ezra s death The town of her childhood is not a place she wants to revisit but she must cast her family s vote in an important ballot Little does she expect to receive help from the grandson of Ezra s old nemesis, Barbara Lord Jamie Lord i [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this story The author was able to immediately capture my attention I was drawn in by her style of writing and how the story started It was easy to become attached to the characters and the plot was developed just at the right pace.Annie, the female character, was forced to come back to her small town in Michigan out of obligation The author was able to bring humor into the story as well which I really enjoyed My favorite scene was probably the bat scene I won t say any to avoi [...]

    16. Turn off your phone, lock yourself in a room, grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up under a blanket because once you start this book, you are not going to want to put it down.I loved this book I read it in one sitting I simply could not drag myself away The story was not only compelling, but it was a real page turner.Annie Matthews childhood was made unbearable by small minded, nasty bullies Although this is a backstory, I thought this was incredibly well crafted, and it really mad [...]

    17. I enjoyed this light easy read It had all the components of a great story, mystery, humor, suspense and a little romance too The story itself wasn t too deep and I wish there was a bit below the surface, but overall, I enjoyed the book I m hoping for a little depth in the next book I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy read on a relaxing afternoon I liked the descriptions of the small town and all the secondary characters too And I loved the dynamic between Annie and Jamie.

    18. Great read A child s tender heart is wounded by the citizens of the small town As a woman the things she learns give her a different understanding of those years It doesn t hurt that the grandson of the woman who seemingly made her life hell is a hunk He is also a caring man Promptly went and bought book two.

    19. I m giving it five stars and will be eager to read the sequel.A delightful romance with cozy mystery elements and loads of fun Annie and Jamie were fabulous as the lovers and all the other small town characters, including the dog, were well developed, adding to the enjoyment of reading Terri Lyndie s Wolf Eye Sly.

    20. Excellent story This is a very clever story with several twists to capture the readers interest A true romance that is every girl s dream.

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