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Ashes to Ashes By Karina Halle,

  • Title: Ashes to Ashes
  • Author: Karina Halle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s been two months since Perry Palomino and Dex Foray s relationship reached a new turning point, two months since Perry started a new life in Seattle, and two months since their Experiment in Terror show took on a new partner, ex Wine Babe Rebecca Sims, and found a new level of success But whenever there is light in their lives, the madness still has a way of coming baIt s been two months since Perry Palomino and Dex Foray s relationship reached a new turning point, two months since Perry started a new life in Seattle, and two months since their Experiment in Terror show took on a new partner, ex Wine Babe Rebecca Sims, and found a new level of success But whenever there is light in their lives, the madness still has a way of coming back in When the team is sent back to the stormy Oregon coast to investigate a haunted school, Perry wants to use the opportunity to reconnect with her family and reintroduce Dex into their lives Only Perry s not the only one who s reaching out her grandmother Pippa has started appearing to her with disturbing warnings and Perry s presence at the school has ignited a chilling new wave of supernatural phenomenon Once used a century ago as a sanatorium to house children dying of tuberculosis, the school s past residents are slowly coming back to life and with one thing on their mind They want someone to play with, someone to join them Forever Even when dead, some children get whatever they want And they want Perry
    Ashes to Ashes It s been two months since Perry Palomino and Dex Foray s relationship reached a new turning point two months since Perry started a new life in Seattle and two months since their Experiment in Terro

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    1. Stars Stars Some StarsSupernaturally amazing, creepy as hell, Dexy Sexy and WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT 5 Stars To the thing that hurts you most To the paranormal and to never being normal When all Hell breaks loose upon you, hunt ghosts with style, heed the warnings, love as it will be your last time and do it Dex style Unapologizing and passionately INSANE The creepiest and scariest installment in the highly acclaimed Experiment in Terror series, forced me to stop reading to look behind my shoulde [...]

    2. 5 CREEPY,SEXY,AMAZING STARSThere are not enough stars for this book it was PERFECTION If I could I would give it stars I thought that Dead Sky Morning and Lying Season were scary but when I finished this book I can say that this is the scariest one of all In this book Perry, Dex and their new member Rebecca who is their producer have to go to Oregon to a school for artistically gifted children The school was a sanatorium for children who had TB.Noone has been left from the hospital alive This s [...]

    3. 4 Stars Another enjoyable installment, although I didn t love as much as some of the others But hey, we all have our faves in this series I ll keep this short since I was late to the party I realize most EiT fans may consider this book old news by now What I loved The setting and unique storyline KH excels and pulls out all the stops when it comes to constructing an original plot Here, Dex and Perry head back to Oregon to visit a haunted school, where they take on the restless ghosts of children [...]

    4. 5 Completely Awesome and Scary Stars This 8th book and the previous book to the last one take us back to the same place as the beginning, where Perry and Dex met each other and to a haunted art school for kids, which used to be a hospital for children with tuberculosis But as everything around them just because hundreds of people died there, that doesn t mean they ve left On the opposite, they are still there, very present and very angry As they start to find out about the former hospital and t [...]

    5. Ashes to Ashes was everything I was hoping for and some This next to last Experiment in Terror book is perfect mixture of funny banters, swooning moments, steamy scenes and extremely creepy situations EIT fans most definitely won t be disappointed.Since I really missed Perry s thoughts, I was eager to be back to her POV in this book In Ashes to Ashes, everyone from Perry s family is back in picture Even Pippa and her creepy warnings that does not really make sense Readers will witness plenty of [...]

    6. My Thoughts Dex and Perry andRebecca are off on another adventure for the show This time heading to Oregon for an old sanitarium that s been converted into a school Dex is soooper romantic sigh I just LOVED it And Perry really loves it Lucky girl But I like how their relationship is growing and moving forward Dex is up to something and it wasn t hard to figure out but I just keep saying, no, no, no not there But you know Dex, he never listens Of course, the sex is hot especially when Dex pulls y [...]

    7. 5 CREEPTASTIC starsSince it appears I m one of the last people on earth to read this book I won t attempt to write what this particular is about book except to sayI LOVE EIT The lowdown about EIT Dex and Perry are the main characters in the series They work as team filming supernatural occurrences for their webcast It is a continuing story so it must be read in order Some EITs are scarier than others If read in the dark the stories are much creepier It s paranormal Yes, there is romance in it to [...]

    8. 5 I freakin love this series kind of stars e you prepared for, you knowe children of the damned Toddlers from hell Art kids without Ritalin Nope, I wasn t prepared at all This one was one of the scariest in the whole series and that s saying it a lot.Ghost kids, a haunted school , a constant fog that creeps into your soul and a dark feeling they can t shake off.So yes, this one put creepy and scary in a whole new level I was terrified I m not joking I kept yelling You fools, don t go in there Th [...]

    9. 5 Full Circle Stars What It Is AboutDex, Perry, and Rebecca film an Experiment in Terror episode at a haunted school located in a building that used to be the Sea Crest Sanatorium The sanatorium is basically a hospital where terminally ill children with tuberculosis were sent until they died The school is supposedly haunted by the children who died there and is located very close to Perry s uncle Al My ThoughtsAshes to Ashes completely took my breath away I was on the edge of my seat, was seriou [...]

    10. _ _ _ __ 4.5 Creepy Ghostly Stars _ _ _ _ _F ck Yeah When you throw ghosts, demons, and children in a sanatorium, shit is bound to get crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYeah, I was afraid of that.Just a heads up, my review DOES NOT do this book justice So if you are looking for a full length synopsis then you have come to the wrong place PAshes to Ashes is just as remarkable as the previous books, this bookDID NOT disappoint Some readers might be skeptical as to how a series can keep the reader interested, esp [...]

    11. WOOHOO It s LIVE on amzn 1gYqklK Smashwords bit 1fizxVkThis book is absolutely phenomenal Probably the creepiest yet and an immediate favorite 5 stars

    12. HOLY HELL THAT WAS AWESOME I just finished this book and my heart is pounding In terror, in happiness, in shock It s all happening in EIT land We re back in Perry POV, which I love Because as much as I love Dex, I have missed Perry in all of her sarcastic awesomeness, she is a fantastic narrator, and I feel like she s really grown up a lot since the beginning of the series She s confident and comfortable with herself and her life, and I just love her Perry Palomino, ghost magnet I was like the [...]

    13. What can I say It is no surprise that I devoured this story I mean it is Dex and Perry, what is not to love If you haven t started this series, you are seriously missing out So just do it I can tell you parts of this story scared the shit out of me.I am not too embarrassed to admit, that I had to put it down for the night I am a wimp Yes, I am a 28 year old baby But reading this alone, late at nightah it was not working for me I was tempted to wake the husband up, to protect me, just so I could [...]

    14. I m Dex Foray, the only penis involved in the show Forget Camden, Javier and Sage I still think Dex is best hero that Karina had created to date He can be a douche, a neurotic or a romantic We love him just the same This time we re back with Perry s POV, oh how I miss the girl This time our favorite ghost hunting duo had Rebecca breathing down their neck as their show s new producer The trio new assignment sent them back to Oregon, the place where Dex and Perry first met each other The Sea Crest [...]

    15. 5 starsWow what a way to end this book Dex and Perry have gone full circle and are back to where they first met now filming at a haunted school I miss Dex s POV but Perry s POV is just as good Their chemistry together is mind blowing but I wanted You, Perry, have my heart You are my heartKarina Halle style there s thecreepy investigating of the haunted school, Sexy Dexy time, swooning moments and a few storylines left hanging to lead us to the ultimate epic finale I know its going to be amazi [...]

    16. Even better the second time 5 Stars Yes Noooooo what the holy crap I loved it What we have, it consumes me It devours me It scares me than anything we have ever encountered, because if I ever lost you, if I ever had to live without you, I wouldn t be whole You, Perry, have my heart You are my heart.Oh, Dex One of the best EIT books yet and there s only one cry And one of my favorite books of the year Karina Halle never fails to amaze me with her ability to invoke terror in one moment then tear [...]

    17. 5 AWESOME AND CREEPY STARS OH MY GOD THAT ENDING I AM STUNNED AND I WANT MORE SO BAD I LOVED IT AND I LOVE DEX SO HARD OR IN ANY STATE REALLY, HA It was a fucking trip to think how full circle this could be, to go from running into him in the lighthouse and staring at his face for the first time to sitting beside him in our apartment, his arm around me, in love Did I even realize at the time what this strange man would become to me Everything Ashes to Ashes takes place two months after the previ [...]

    18. Review completed on Feb 7, 2014Amazeballs No spoilers I was one of the lucky ones who got an ARC, and it didn t disappoint one bit This is my favorite of the series Halle stepped up a notch with this one In this episode Perry and Dex went to investigate a creepy sanatorium I had a blast reading it, not only because it was scary, funny and sexy, but because I actually have been in one, when I was little And let me tell you, it is a scary place to be, even without the ghosts D The funny thing was [...]

    19. 5 Stars I ve said it before and I ll say it again this series is simplyHow I feel about Dex Perry So, the fact that there s only one book to come in this series makes me a bit sadOne the plus side There s one book to come in this series D

    20. Title Ashes To AshesSeries Experiment in Terror 8Author Karina HalleRelease Date December 11 2013Rating 5 starsCliffhanger Yes HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Ashes To Ashes was everything I hoped for and even a little bit I immensely enjoyed this spectacular installment of one of my favorite series ever As always, I did get a great dose of humor, romance, sex and fear, everything that Karina Halle is the goddess of I loved this part of the story, and I can t believe there is only one install [...]

    21. Book Ashes to Ashes Experiment in Terror 8 Author Karina HallePublication Date December 11, 2013Type Part of SeriesGenre Paranormal RomanceRating 5 out of 5 StarsReading OrderDarkhouse Experiment in Terror 1 Red Fox Experiment in Terror 2 The Benson Experiment in Terror 2.5 Dead Sky Morning Experiment in Terror 3 Lying Season Experiment in Terror 4 On Demon Wings Experiment in Terror 5 Old Blood Experiment in Terror 5.5 The Dex Files Experiment in Terror 5.7 Into the Hollow Experiment in Terror [...]

    22. When you see Karina Halle and EIT you should already know the book is going to be 5 stars Ashes to Ashes falls right in line with that thinking It Was INCREDIBLE And of course, 5 STARS You know the journey that has been Dex Perry the tension, the friendship, and the issues the supernatural have brought into their relationship, along with the closeness the same beings brought into their lives through the form of the EIT show It s been such a tumultuous,exuberant and intense ride Seeing Dex and Pe [...]

    23. Final rating 5 5 stars What we have it consumes me It devours me And it scares me than anything we have ever encountered, because if I ever lost you, if I ever had to live without you, I wouldn t be whole You, Perry, have my heart You are my heart It s been 8 months since I ve read this book, and i realized that i have not written a proper review for it But, i have to say, this is one of the rare series where i remember the plot, characters, and everything else during the whole series, so it s [...]

    24. Gosh this one freaked me out I had the creeps, big time I actually had to stop my late night reading in bed in the dark cause I was scared I closed my iPad up and shoved it on the nightstand and shivered in fear This book 8 in the EIT series had a little bit of everything I have come to know and love about this couple of ghost seeing chasing kooks And I can t believe Dex and Perry have only known each other for eight months I was starting to wonder if Ada was going to be forever fifteen but now [...]

    25. Just when I thought this series couldn t get any better, Karina writes Ashes to Ashes and proves me wrong This book is the scariest in the series so far unbelievable, right RIGHT But it s oh so true and it will blow your mind.There is lots of this But also a ton of this You will fall in love with Derry all over again.Full review coming soon

    26. 5 PLUS STARS Karina Halle is a flipping Geniues, this series is by far one of my favorites and the books get better and better each time I fell in love with Dex and Perry from the start and they both have been through so much I loved everything about this book it scared me shitless but also had me crying for how full circle Dex and perry really have come Im so excited to see how the last book will play out and also a little sad to see it end, I could read about Dex and perry forever Dex is the b [...]

    27. Reviews for long running series are always harder to write I could delve into the plot and characters for you but, if you re a fan of the series this would be basic information you already have On the other hand if you are new to the series, I could be giving away spoilers or just plain confusing you Dilemma.What I can discuss freely, and might appeal to both sets of readers, is the growth of the series as a whole At the beginning of the Experiment in Terror series, Perry is a timid, insecure an [...]

    28. As hosts of an online ghost hunting show, Dex and Perry explore different locations throughout the U.S and Canada, documenting strange occurrences in mysterious locations Now joined by former Wine Babes host, Rebecca, they travel to a small town on the Oregon Coast to investigate ghost sightings at an old sanatorium that has been converted to an art school We meet some of the students, as well as previous inhabitants, as the team peruses the abandoned floors of the building, watching ghostly chi [...]

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