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One Tough Turkey: A Thanksgiving Story By Steven Kroll John Wallner,

  • Title: One Tough Turkey: A Thanksgiving Story
  • Author: Steven Kroll John Wallner
  • ISBN: 9780823404575
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Recounts the real story of the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims pursued such tough turkeys for dinner that they had to settle for squash.
    One Tough Turkey A Thanksgiving Story Recounts the real story of the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims pursued such tough turkeys for dinner that they had to settle for squash

    One thought on “One Tough Turkey: A Thanksgiving Story”

    1. Fantastic, funny story Yes, the presentation of the book is dated, but if that doesn t turn you off, you ll find a laugh out loud little story in the tradition of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd This fun story presents the idea that no one wants to be eaten in a way that won t turn off mainstream audiences It also confirms that you don t have to eat turkey on Thanksgiving, even if you re a Pilgrim

    2. Mu Mom taught 3rd grade and read this book to her class every year My kids enjoyed it, too Now I m sharing it with my grandsons It s the story of how one very clever turkey managed to outsmart some bumbling Pilgrims out to hunt turkey for dinner In the end the Pilgrims eat a lot of squash The story and pictures delight the 5 8 year old set, maybe older if your kids haven t lost their sense of pleasure in silliness.

    3. A little bit goofy, and just right for a read aloud No one takes the story too seriously, but they all enjoy it quite a bit Rooting for the turkeys is a no brainer Nicely presented.

    4. This is a silly story about the first Thanksgiving, with the hapless Pilgrims being outwitted by the turkeys I found it odd that no Native Americans were even mentioned in the story, but I also realize that it was never intended to be a factual representation of the historical event The illustrations are interesting, with the Pilgrims entirely depicted in black and white and the rest of the scene colored in browns and reds We enjoyed reading this story together, but it was certainly not our favo [...]

    5. Not just another Pilgrim book The pilgrims set out to find a turkey for their very first Thanksgiving feast But the turkeys are having none of that They best those Pilgrims at every turn and eventually the Pilgrims decide they will eat squash and just tell everyone they had turkey.The book could use a little updating in styling The story is cute and the illustrations are good too but the layout and the colors for the illustrations date the book More people would be drawn to an updated copy.

    6. Thanksgiving the story of the first thanksgiving inaccurateThe Pilgrims go hunting for turkeys to eat on their first T giving The turkeys play tricks and evade the hunters who then only eat squash for their first T giving.

    7. A story about how the turkeys tricked the pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving I wasn t really wowed by this one.

    8. The kids loved this story of how the turkeys tricked the pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving getting away with their livesLuke 4 especially liked this one he laughed and laughed

    9. Maybe inaccurate, but entertaining and fun I feel like most thanksgiving books are so boring and work so hard to be educational This one is just easy to read and enjoy.

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