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I've Been Watching You: The South Louisiana Serial Killer By Susan D. Mustafa Tony Clayton Sue Israel,

  • Title: I've Been Watching You: The South Louisiana Serial Killer
  • Author: Susan D. Mustafa Tony Clayton Sue Israel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ve Been Watching You The South Louisiana Serial Killerby Susan D Mustafa and Tony Clayton with Sue Israel
    I ve Been Watching You The South Louisiana Serial Killer I ve Been Watching You The South Louisiana Serial Killerby Susan D Mustafa and Tony Clayton with Sue Israel

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    1. In my review of Dismembered I wrote that there were three serial killers in Baton Rouge at one time One was Sean Vincent Gillis, another one was Derrick Todd Lee A.K.A The Baton Rouge Serial Killer A.K.A The South Louisiana Serial Killer , the third was nicknamed the Prostitute Killer I don t think he was ever caught Sean Vincent Gillis mainly preyed on women that he thought would be missed, women that were already dead , at least to him Lee targeted the woman he believed he could never get Attr [...]

    2. It was really weird, extra eerie, reading thislocal places, people I know.a terror I watched envelop our community and an investigation I followed with frustration I didn t totally like the writing style.o much of what they were thinking and who really knows decided to finally read it after Derrick Todd Lee died

    3. I m very torn about the review I want to give this book On one hand, I can t stand it On the other, I couldn t put it down I think I will have to accept that my feelings are a combination of the two I grew up in south Louisiana, just 35 minutes from Baton Rouge, during the reigns of Derrick Todd Lee, Sean Vincent Gillis, The Jennings Killer , Jeffrey Lee Guillory, and Ronald Domingue I don t remember much about the early years of the hunt for the serial killer who would turn out to be Derrick To [...]

    4. This is about one of the famous Louisiana serial killers, Derrick Todd Lee, who attacked and killed quite a few women in Louisiana I find it amazing how this man was able to get away with murder for so many years because of the Baton Rouge Police Department focusing on white men as their main suspects If it wasn t for a brave woman named Dianne Alexander and her son for enlightening the police on which direction to go in Although for The Other Baton Rouge Killer aka Sean Vincent Gillis they were [...]

    5. This is about a serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee, who killed quite a few women in Louisiana I like how this book is laid out, with individual chapters for each victim Very well written and organized There is some interesting trivia here I did skim the trial a bit but otherwise an interesting true story.

    6. A very good true story though disturbing and scary to think serial killers are just among the regular people in life nobody suspects them It is amazing hoe long it takes for them to be caught They blend in like ordinary people

    7. I did like that they seemed devoted to expressing the story of the victims giving them a voice that had been stolen from them Overall, though, this book fell flat for me I think there was a bit of a disconnect for me due to it coming from multiple authors some chapters felt like a completely different writing style, that didn t always jive well or make sense together It was a very simple chronological layout of events, and while it at times expressed things from the perspective of Lee, and what [...]

    8. Mustafa s account of the life and crimes of Derrick Todd Lee is interesting not because it s particularly well written the two lead authors writing backgrounds consist largely of working for a local magazine for a number of years but because it places a strong emphasis on telling the stories of Lee s victims as people, explaining who these women were before Lee reduced them to statistics who will live on only in the memories of their families While the book does discuss Lee s upbringing and fami [...]

    9. Living in Baton Rouge at the time these murders took place, I witnessed and experienced the terror that seized the city Most of us were afraid to venture out and refused to open our doors to strangers It was disturbing to read the details of this monster s killing spree, knowing the city so well and picturing the streets and areas where he did his hunting, kills, and body dumps Informative in the sense that Ms Mustafa provided details not made public during the investigation or Lee s trials That [...]

    10. This book is about a serial killer who murdered for years before getting caught One of his many victims, a little boy, was killed and the boy s mother was arrested for his murder Once the serial killer was caught, he described the boy s murder and the location, but the local police would not listen and would not let his poor mother out of jail This side story has haunted me and I constantly think about this mother who not only lost her child, but was also jailed and looked upon as a monster Well [...]

    11. first of all i know this was a true serial killer story and i picked it up randomly in the library.Maybe it was because it was a true story it didn t please me It was soo boring too many details and its not exciting It is just frustrating and hurted my head readingi personally think what Todd Lee did was jacked up to the extreme how can any human kill the way he does He is a father,a husband, and a working person i feel sorry for his kids having to have a father like him He was very cruel to his [...]

    12. Blood Bath was good Kind of your basic true crime book, and that s what I liked about it most Being from south Baton Rouge, I recognized a few mistakes throughout the book that probably wouldn t bother other readers like the fact that the Winn Dixie isn t, and never has been, on Highland Road I suggest every young woman read this as a warning reminder of the sickos that are out there, and take away from it that you can never be too careful and must always stay aware of your surroundings.

    13. This booked brought back memories for me It seemed that every time something new was released about the serial killer, there was a connection for me I had to stop jogging around the lakes because of the killings I also jogged around the oak lined street where Lee waited on his paycheck before killing Gerilyn DeSoto I had no idea Mike Mebruer was a friend of mine who vehemently denied anything to do with his former wife s death When I learned the serial killer murdered her, too, I was stunned I m [...]

    14. Hard Reading if You Are a WomanTrue story of the brutal murders of young women in a region of south Louisiana several years ago that will haunt you for weeks after you have finished reading it I normally don t read this type of non fiction, but having known one of the victims, I thought enough time had passed that I could finally try to find out a bit about her killer Big mistake This is a well written book but I couldn t get certain images out of my mind Guess this is not my kind of book.

    15. This has got to be the most disturbing and frightning book ever It is written like a mystery novel almost I had to take a step back away from this book several times when the thought of it being real life popped in my head I remember when the news was warning us of a serial killer in southern Louisiana i remember how frightning that was This is that story It was a book that was soo interesting, but it really makes you question how safe we all truly are in our every day lives.

    16. I loved how the author dedicated each chapter to a victim and I thought it was very well written After reading this you can imagine the fear the victim s and the community felt for this evil serial killer that could have kept killing if it wasn t for one detective s gut instinct and the heartache of knowing that he should have and could have been caught early on with dna testing if he hadn t kept being overlooked as a suspect.

    17. Schlocky and pulpy true crime smut about Derrick Todd Lee s rampage There are a ton of artistic liberties taken and most of them made me cringe Even so, parts of this book were incredibly moving, especially when recounting the senseless brutality of the murders and the impact it had on the victims families The authors also successfully describes the paralyzing fear and anger that gripped Baton Rouge from summer 2002 until Lee s apprehension on Memorial Day weekend in 2003.

    18. Also known as BLOOD BATH this is about an interesting case a serial killer in the Baton Rouge area , though the book seems aimless at times as if trying to find its voice too many cooks in the kitchen perhaps I DO appreciate the focus on the victims and their families, even though their journal entries are often tough to read.

    19. Derrick Todd Lee is a monster For years he terrifying the women of South Louisiana And he didn t fit the invesitgator s profile so he kept killing But one man wouldn t give up until he was in jail An excellent and horrifying read.

    20. Clearly, a very haunting book as this happened all around me I am from Louisiana and actually live in Zachary Some of the police characters are friends of my family I just had to read this, but did not like reliving the fear.

    21. This book was horrible The story was very interesting, but the writing was awful There was absolutely no cohesion, and I found myself constantly backtracking to get the facts straight It also referenced other serial killers throughout history, but got some of the facts wrong.

    22. An accurate and true story of a serial killer operating in the Baton Rouge area in the late 1990 s and early 2000 s We were living there at that time and little did we know that there were actually three serial killers operating in the area This book documents one of them.

    23. I only have it 3 stars because its about a serial killer It really is a good book I read it on the daily commute to and from the prison that I worked at where DTL is locked up Very interesting read especially when you know the person.

    24. Must read for non fiction loversThe writers put the reader at the scene of the crime After viewing the pictures of the homes of the victims they were just as visualized and eerily similar to what was portrayed.

    25. read this for online book club couldnt finish didn t like this writers style hard for me read not enjoyable so I abandoned very rarely do that.

    26. Well written It flows easily, and the authors do a wonderful job at laying out the sequence is the murders Very interesting and a good read.

    27. Derrick Todd Lee s rampage may have gone on for two decades Bumbling police work likely resulted in at least two victims demise had leads been followed, he would have been caught sooner.

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