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No Fond Return of Love By Barbara Pym, No Fond Return of Love No Fond Return of Love is a novel by Barbara Pym, first published in It has been adapted for radio by the BBC Its working title was Thankless Task Plot Summary The novel concerns the love lives of Viola Dace and her friend Dulcie Mainwaring, who are both attracted to the same man, Aylwin Forbes No Fond Return of Love A Novel Barbara Pym No Fond Return of Love A Novel Barbara Pym on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Three lonely people come together in this poignant, witty novel of star crossed romance from the New York Times bestselling author of Jane and Prudence After being jilted by her fianc No Fond Return of Love A Novel Kindle edition by No Fond Return of Love A Novel Kindle edition by Barbara Pym Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading No Fond Return of Love A Novel. No Fond Return of Love by Barbara Pym No Found Return of Love is the third Barbara Pym I have read, after Excellent Women and Crampton Hodnet All three books are equally good Dulcie Mainwaring, the protagonist in No Fond Return of Love, is another Excellent Woman There are also churches, priests and Learned Society Barbara Pym surely knows the repressed English middle class well. No Fond Return of Love by Barbara Pym, Paperback Barnes As No Fond Return of Love progresses, the lives of Dulcie, Viola, Aylwin and other characters intertwine in delightful ways and the ending is most satisfying Barbara Pym s books are excellent comfort reads best taken curled up in a blanket with a nice cup of tea. No Fond Return of Love Analysis eNotes No Fond Return of Love, first published in England in , was her sixth novel and the last of her books to be published before her rediscovery in . No Fond Return of Love Walmart No Fond Return of Love was the perfect end of summer book for me I love Pym s focus on little characters and small events and the way she relates both with humor and affection These are the sorts of people we pass by every day, often without notice, yet their lives, too, hold a drama of their own, and Pym tells and interweaves their No Fond Return of Love Barbara Pym Society Nov , In No Fond Return of Love, Dulcie Mainwaring is tall, in her early s and pleasantly attractive.She is given to wearing tweed suits and sensible shoes and is inordinately fond of Ovaltine Life s problems, she thinks, are often eased by hot, milky drinks. Review No Fond Return Of Love by Barbara Pym Books Jan , Review No Fond Return Of Love by Barbara PymPym s interest in disappointment and the sense that the s came too late for her characters aligns her with Larkin No Fond Return of Love by Pym Fast for sale Find many great new used options and get the best deals for No Fond Return of Love by Pym Fast at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products

  • Title: No Fond Return of Love
  • Author: Barbara Pym
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dulcie Mainwaring, the heroine of the book, is one of those excellent women who is always helping others and never looking out for herself especially in the realms of love The novel has a delicate tangle of schemes and unfulfilled dreams, hidden secrets and a castle or two Told wonderfully in the deadpan honesty that has become a Pym hallmark, this book is a delight.
    No Fond Return of Love Dulcie Mainwaring the heroine of the book is one of those excellent women who is always helping others and never looking out for herself especially in the realms of love The novel has a delicate tan

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    1. Esta es la primera lectura que acabo dentro de la iniciativa LeoAutorasOct de 2017 y no podr a haber empezado mejor Mucho y muy bien hab a o do hablar sobre Barbara Pym, as que part con grandes expectativas y esta vez no me han traicionado el libro me ha encantado No es perfecto, posee conceptos que incluso parecen haber envejecido m s abajo hablar de esto y lo matizar , pero con todo, ha sido una lectura deliciosaPARACI N CON JANE AUSTEN BARBARA PYM COMO LA AUSTEN DEL SIGLO XXS , constantemente [...]

    2. Anyone who has a fondness for the repressed English middle class should find this enchanting With characters who glory in names like Dulcie Mainwaring, Viola Dace and Aylwin Forbes, you know you are in the territory of comedy of manners Pym has been compared to Austen, which is unfair on anyone, but whereas Austen dealt in a society of strict rules, Pym s London of the turn of the 60 s deals in much vague customs and therein lies the comedy the etiquette of the church jumble sale, who to invite [...]

    3. Un libro delicioso, maravillosamente escrito y con un sentido del humor sutil que le dota de un encanto especial Ideal para pasar un rato entretenido y gozar de un buen estilo narrativo Sin embargo, su concepto victoriano del amor, teniendo en cuenta que se escribi en 1961, me chirri un poco por esos as plat nicos que aparecen y desaparecen de la nada y esas relaciones que no se desarrollan.

    4. There are various ways of mending a broken heart, but perhaps going to a learned conference is one of the unusual How could a novel with such an opening sentence not be anything but wonderful I already had an idea that No Fond Return of Love, along with Jane and Prudence was my favourite Pym, I m now convinced of it.Shortly after her engagement is broken off, Dulcie Mainwaring attends a conference at a girl s boarding school in Derbyshire Clustered together are a strange group of scholars, inde [...]

    5. Otro verano m s que estuve acompa ada por la gran Barbara Pym, cosa que ya se est convirtiendo en tradici n y que espero que siga siendo as Si me conoc is un poco, sabr is que el a o pasado sucumb en la FiebrePym, me le dos libros de la autora y estaba deseando volver a sus historias Este a o he podido volver a leerla gracias a la nueva publicaci n de Gatopardo Ediciones, Amor no correspondido Antes de empezar a hablaros de esta novela, quiero hablaros un poco de la autora Por qu esta fiebre con [...]

    6. Anni 50, provincia inglese anche se Londra vicina Dulcie Mainwaring una zitella ma per la Pym sufficiente un fidanzamento andato a monte per iscriversi alla categoria, anche se si sotto la trentina e avendo rinunciato a causa della sua zitellaggine ad aspettative personali, si dedica ad osservare le vite degli altri Operazione quanto mai varia e appagante L ironia, le tazze di t a consolazione di ogni affanno, l alto numero di uomini di chiesa che, grazie alla appartenenza alla chiesa anglicana, [...]

    7. Bittersweet and tender, the plot of No Fond Return Of Love beckons its reader through a broken heart into a plot comprising a residential conference in Derbyshire, an Anglo Catholic Lent, a missing clergyman, the most uncongenial English seaside BB establishments imaginable, and back for final statements in London It s a plotline of unusual combination, which remarkably, works The learned conference which brilliantly begins the first two chapters of this book sets the initial note of Pym re gret [...]

    8. I d never heard of Barbara Pym before, but happened on an article describing her work, and how it went out of fashion and then sort of came back in again salon 2013 03 14 barbaSo the next time I was at the library, I picked up one of her books No Fond Return of Love This book sounds like it should be a romance novel, and is sort of Almost everything in this novel is driven by chance the main character meets the women who becomes her annoying friend at a conference simply because they are rooming [...]

    9. This is a quiet English novel about a single woman working a quiet job Her fianc broke off their engagement and she now lives alone in her deceased parents house By all descriptions in the story, she is dowdy and boring, but she slowly insinuates herself into other people s lives and in doing so, creates a new interesting life for herself I almost gave up halfway through as it is not a page turner, but the ending was worth the reading While I usually like action in my reading, there is a place [...]

    10. You d be forgiven for dismissing Barbara Pym s novels as quaint and old fashioned They re full of dotty old vicars and eccentric spinsters and church jumble sales For someone like me, the epithet comedy of manners usually functions as a deterrent, unless referring to Austen Pym s writing, while dealing with the exotic customs of the English middle class, has so much depth and wit it is impossible to resist its charms Her low key humor and sharp observations make even the most trivial account of [...]

    11. My mother had been urging me to read Barbara Pym for years and I had resisted Perhaps I d picked one up too early and thought its gentle humour dull How wrong I was.Comparisons to Jane Austen abound with Barbara Pym and it is hard not to see why Her humour and observations are very quietly but pointedly made The characters are beautifully observed and judged.The story is about love and is again similar to Austen in that it depicts women who have limited social choices The protagonist is in her e [...]

    12. Barbara Pym is, for me, one of the best writers that I have ever read She has a way of making every day life in little British towns seem so interesting and enthralling that I never want to leave This tale of a woman s obsession with a man she meets at an indexing and editing conference showed such deft touch that at the end I felt sad to leave Dulcie s life She creates a mystery in her mind that revolved around this man, Aylwin, and searches out his wife, with whom he is currently separated, hi [...]

    13. Bueno, tengo que admitir que un poquito de decepci n me he llevado, teniendo en cuenta el xito de la autora M s que nada es que los personajes tanto femeninos como masculinos me han parecido un pel n inmaduros en muchos casos Hay situaciones inveros miles y el protagonista principal, al que persiguen todas las mujeres por alguna raz n que no he logrado comprender del todo, cae mal Pero al contrario de lo que puede parecer por lo que he dicho, la historia resulta muy entretenida Tengo que reconoc [...]

    14. On the cover of my paperback is a quotation from AL Rowse I could go on reading her for ever I sort of feel the same way about Barbara Pym She s impossible to get tired of It s that dry, keen eyed, wholly unsentimental voice I like Here we have a small circle of characters, centring on Dulcie Mainwaring, an intelligent single woman in her 30s, a bit lonely but not at all pathetic, not too sure what kind of life she might have, what kind of life might be available to her The ending, with its marv [...]

    15. I m on my tenth or so reading of this delicious classic by Barbara Pym Immortal lines and scenes such as Alwyn Forbes fainting at his lecture on Some Problems of an Editor , or Dulcie Mainwaring wishing she had some knitting because it seemed like Viola Dace was about to share some secrets with her and at least she s have the sleeve of a sweater knitted at the end of the conversation and so many My worn out faded copy is filled with notes and check marks and underlinings around the places that [...]

    16. What a lovely and funny book So very very british My favorite lines were The silence in the room was broken only by the sound of water being poured out into glasses perhaps the most dismal sound heard on an English holiday Sitting aimlessly in bedrooms often on the bed itself is another characteristic feature of the English holidays The meal was over and it was only twenty five past seven The evening stretches before us, Viola said gloomily.

    17. I m reasonably certain that no one has ever referred to a novel by Barbara Pym as action packed, but there is a quiet elegance to the way she writes about people making do in lives they had not envisioned living And she s wise and funny in her observations of various characters foibles and pretensions I ll be back for .

    18. Once again, what a pleasure to withdraw into Barbara Pym s world of ordinary people to whom nothing much happens but to whose joys and grievances one can relate so well Like enjoying a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit while sitting in a comfy old chair Or like a time machine trip to early 1960s London, simply wonderful.

    19. Oh what a surprise this book was for me I wonder if this was the inspiration for the Dalhousie novels, because it reminded me a good bit of those musings.

    20. Format Real Live BookNarrated By NAOriginal Publication Year 1961Genre s Fiction Series NAAwards NoneRecommended subtitle Techniques for stalking a very handsome man I was a bit wrong footed by No Fond Return of Love About a year ago, I read and loved Pym s Excellent Women I went on and on about it and recommended it to everyone I know I started this book excited and expecting something similar and I got it Sort of In many ways it is very similar right down to the vague romantic ending, but it h [...]

    21. Earlier in the year, I had a lot of fun with Barbara Pym s much loved novel, Excellent Women 1952 It came as part of a set of three Pym novels from The Book People, so when Simon reviewed No Fond Return of Love also included in my purchase , this sounded like the ideal follow on read.The protagonist in No Fond Return 1961 is Dulcie Mainwaring, a thirty something year old spinster who works as an indexer and proof reader from her home in the London suburbs As the novel opens, Dulcie has just arri [...]

    22. 3.5 starsThis started out really promising, but I don t know if it was the reader or the book who lost steam about halfway through But I found myself getting antsy and just wanting it to end So that extra half star was for that stellar beginning.

    23. I really admire authors who can write novels that will seem a bit rambling or disjointed, and then they ll wrap everything up neatly within the last few pages, and it will all seem to make sense somehow Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie did this with Americanah not at all the same kind of book, I know , and now Barbara Pym s done it with No Fond Return of Love Although in this case, of course, the author is basically telling the reader, Look, there s precedent for this kind of thing in literature, so if [...]

    24. Dulcie Mainwaring meets Viola Dace at a learned conference They are both single women working on the fringes of academia indexers, proofreaders, bibliographers, librarians like me , that sort The focus of the conference for both women becomes the dreamy looking and self absorbed Aylwin Forbes, editor of a scholarly journal, who is giving a paper on Some problems of an editor Dulcie, an insightful and inquisitive student of human nature, finds much of interest in the man Viola knows him, having d [...]

    25. I ve been a huge fan of Barbara Pym for decades I probably read this book fifteen or twenty years ago, but only had a hazy recollection of the plot when I picked it up So I take the wry humor and merciless observation for granted This time around, I had a lot less patience with the British Empire The men are all hapless and the women are pathetic, or maybe it s the other way around The main character, who ought to know better, has nothing better to do than to stalk a man and his whole extended f [...]

    26. No Found Return of Love is the third Barbara Pym I have read, after Excellent Women and Crampton Hodnet All three books are equally good Dulcie Mainwaring, the protagonist in No Fond Return of Love, is another Excellent Woman There are also churches, priests and Learned Society Barbara Pym surely knows the repressed English middle class well She makes the English Learned Society look ridiculously funny However, the self mockery always seems tinged with sadness, as if the writer were asking is th [...]

    27. Dulcie is 29 going on 70, she becomes obsessed with her friend s previous employer and finds out everything she can about him, including going to the church where is brother is a vicar, and the seaside hotel that his mother runs It s an odd book I like Pym s style of writing, and stories about ordinary people, but this one didn t quite get it right for me Excellent Women was better There are too many coincidences and the end is wrapped up ridiculously neatly But still fun to read clairefuller

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