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The Hound From The Pound By Jessica Swaim Jill McElmurry,

  • Title: The Hound From The Pound
  • Author: Jessica Swaim Jill McElmurry
  • ISBN: 9780763623302
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When lonely Miss Mary Lynn MacIntosh goes to the local animal rescue centre, she meets dog trainer Sam and Blue, basset hound extraordinaire Taking home the appealing, and very badly behaved Blue, Mary finds her home overrun with other dogs.
    The Hound From The Pound When lonely Miss Mary Lynn MacIntosh goes to the local animal rescue centre she meets dog trainer Sam and Blue basset hound extraordinaire Taking home the appealing and very badly behaved Blue Mar

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    1. 4.5 STARSThis is the story of a lady who has a very clean house and very well ordered life but finds it too dreary and too doggone routine So, she brings home a hound from the pound And he brings a few friendsWhat fun I loved this story, with its delightful rhymes that clip along so joyfully, and a few doggie puns along the way I think this would be a great book to read aloud I thought it would be maybe only four stars, but the ending had an unexpected twist I just loved and that bumped it up fo [...]

    2. This is a fun book and it s perfect for dog lovers.My only quibble other than dressing certain dogs in clothes at the end of the story is that the mutts here seem to be all pure bred dogs I love real mutts, mixed breeds, the very best, and I wish they d made many appearances here.The rhyme that makes up the story is terrific, and includes some made up words and plays on words.The illustrations are wonderful detailed, full of dogs, colorful, in an interesting style that I liked, with many wonderf [...]

    3. This is one of the few rhyming books that actually works The pace and flow is really great, and there were only a few pages that I stumbled over the timing quite impressive Plus, the story is totally adorable When our leading lady brings home a basset hound Blue from the pound the one dog that isn t trained he immediately sends out a howl of a call and all the other pound dogs come running.They all start into a number of hilarious and cute antics, but there s a very sweet and happy ending that d [...]

    4. SO cute Basically, the biography of my life in walked a dachshund with eight wienerettes two dainty daughters and six sturdy sons, with wiener dog faces and wiener dog buns My heart

    5. Fiction 2007 Summary Miss Mary Lynn Macintosh goes to the pound to adopt a dog, and ends up adopting the only one who isn t trained The dog calls all the other pound dogs to Mary s house where they wreck havoc and destroy the house In the end with the help of the pound worker Mary gets all of the dogs trained and keeps them all Evaluation This book would be good for a read aloud, because there are several parts where the words are repeated throughout the book The students could join in and read [...]

    6. Great message about adopting dogs from the pound and training them So important And of course, it has a happy ending Sweet.

    7. Miss Mary Lynn MacIntosh finds her life boring So she decides to visit the pound to see if she can find a four legged companion of the canine variety There she finds Blue a Basset Hound who is not obedience trained Blue tracks in mud all over the house and howls at anything His howling brings all the dogs from the pound running What s Miss Mary Lynn MacIntosh to do with all of these dogs Sam, dog trainer and all around good guy, comes to her rescue He trains all the dogs to behave, even Blue But [...]

    8. Fast paced, must memorize rhyme, a pack of unruly pooches and a sprinkling of romance made this explosion of canine character a family favourite before the ink had time to dry.Other books mentioned Poodlena The Outside Dog Dogs Night Is There Room on the Feather Bed Orchard Paperbacks Mrs McTats and Her Houseful of Cats I Want A DogListen to our chat about The Hound from the Pound on our JustOneMoreBook Children s Book Podcast justonebook 2007 0

    9. Both my boys ages 4 8 liked this book about a lonely woman who adopted a Blue Basset Hound from the Pound but once they got home, he put muddy paw prints everywhere, chewed her bathroom, peed in her shoe, and hollered AH ROOOooooo They thought it was hilarious when the retrievers lined up at the toilet to drink and when the bloodhound got gummy bears stuck in his snout And of course they loved the big mess all the dogs made with their muddy footprints.

    10. A lonely woman decides to adopt a dog from the pound She gets Blue a basset hound and is warned that he isn t trained Sure enough, soon Blue as every dog from the pound over running her house Luckily, the dog catcher from the pound comes but the woman just can t bear to part with any of the dogs now So, he teaches her how to train them and they fall in love Very fun illustrations.

    11. I really enjoyed this book, rhyming books are one of my favorite types of books This book had great illustrations and was very comical Many children have pets, especially dogs so I think almost every student can relate to a messy little friend I could have the students gather around and talk about their favorite type of dog and why it is important to get their lovely friends from the pound and save some animals lives.

    12. This is a whimsical rhyming story about a woman who adopts a hound from the pound and chaos ensues The story is entertaining and fun to read aloud The illustrations are colorful and hilarious and really complement the story nicely I like that the story emphasizes adopting from the pound or shelter and also the benefits of obedience training We enjoyed reading this book together.

    13. Matt and Pam brought this book for Maura when they visited a couple of weeks ago Maura loves it Last week, she had me read it to her every night It s a fun book with great pictures It s written in rhyme, but the rhyme scheme is pretty clever I think it made Maura a dog lover again It was touch and go there for a little bit, as we saw her gravitating to the dark or cat side.

    14. Great rhyming book with clever lyrics Many dogs to spot and enjoy for all the dog lovers out there The illustrations were fun to look at Mary heads to the pound to find companionship and comes home with the perfect houndwhich of course is when the fun begins Cute little romance is store as well.

    15. A wonderful rhyming book with tons of silly puns The illustrations are great and the story is sweet But, c mon in what world is the dog pound completely populated with purebred dogs I would have been happy if she had thrown in a mutt or two I m looking forward to sharing this one in storytime.

    16. Loved this rhyming picture book with repeated, periodic refrain Jessica Swaim has something for everyone in this well written romp humor, dogs, romance, dogs, Spanish, dogs, French, dogs An absolute delight

    17. Good rhyming yet kind of lame story line albeit, I can t imagine training raising about 50 dogs of various breeds In this sense, the story seemed unrealistic, however, it is a children s book so what do you expect Props to the depictions of a multitude of dog breeds.

    18. Rhyming romp about one dog that is adopted from the pound and calls for all the others to join him The owner becomes attached to every single one of them, keeps them all, and even marries the dog trainer Fun for preschool storytimes.

    19. Adorable We love this one Great illustrations and wonderful story Best part is getting the chance to yell AroooOOOOooooo with Blue the Basset Hound.

    20. Read this to the first grade It had lots of wow words words that are new to 1st grade vocabulary It was also funny, so the kids enjoyed it

    21. This is a great read aloud for young children Especially if you get them to howl along with the dogs in the story and to start a discussion on dog behaviors

    22. The best children s book I ve read so far, and the first one that my daughter, my husband, and I all love.

    23. Super cute A book about adopting an animal from the pound and opening your heart to the world Of course I don t recommend adopting ALL the dogs or you would become a hoarder, but still really cute

    24. A fun book for dogs the people who love them one would enjoy reading this story the other chewing through the book.

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