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Mark of the Gladiator By Heidi Belleau Violetta Vane,

  • Title: Mark of the Gladiator
  • Author: Heidi Belleau Violetta Vane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After an inconvenient display of mercy in the arena, the gladiator Anaz r is pulled from the sands and contracted to nobleman Lucius Marianus to train his new stable of female gladiators His new charges are demoralized and untested, and they bear the marks of slavery and abuse Anaz r has a scant four months to prepare them for the arena, and his new master demands perfecAfter an inconvenient display of mercy in the arena, the gladiator Anaz r is pulled from the sands and contracted to nobleman Lucius Marianus to train his new stable of female gladiators His new charges are demoralized and untested, and they bear the marks of slavery and abuse Anaz r has a scant four months to prepare them for the arena, and his new master demands perfection Anaz r s surprised by how eager he is to achieve it far eager than a man motivated by only self preservation Perhaps it s because Marianus is truly remarkable handsome, dignified, honorable, and seemingly as attracted to Anaz r as Anaz r is to him But the rivalry between Marianus and his brother, Felix, sparks a murder conspiracy, with Anaz r and his gladiatrices caught in the middle One brother might offer salvation but which And in a world where life is worth less than the pleasures of the crowd or the whims of a master, can there be any room for love As a gladiator, Anaz r s defenses are near impenetrable But as a man, he learns to his cost that no armor or shield can truly protect his heart Word count 71,200 page count 279
    Mark of the Gladiator After an inconvenient display of mercy in the arena the gladiator Anaz r is pulled from the sands and contracted to nobleman Lucius Marianus to train his new stable of female gladiators His new charg

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    1. Anaz r would take this offering, take Felix, seize this moment even if he died on the cross for it later He was tired of worrying about later He d live like he did in the arena, one passionate horrible glorious moment at a time Amazing Fantastic Totally and absolutely loved it Why have I not read from this genre and I mean ancient historical one LOL The storyAfter an incident in the arena, Anaz r is contracted by the nobleman Marianus to be the trainer of his female gladiators.After the horribl [...]

    2. Review completed February 14, 2013 Overall rating 4 stars 3.5 stars for the first half and 4.5 stars for the second half of the story.The time for hate and outrage had passed Even the bitterest seeds of resentment and despair, sown the day of his capture and watered ever since with an endless string of humiliations and degradations and pain, had dissolved into something else, something there wasn t a name for Not in any victor s tongue, anyway, and that was all that mattered here Ten lashes for [...]

    3. SPOILERS too tired to actually write a review but believe me it is a must read read from down to up Blacky already told me to fix that PPP 100.0%perfection beautiful 88.0% I ll die touching you That s all I ever asked 86.0% omg noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomg 85.0% this scene reminds me of gladiator when joaquin phoenix yelled at her AM I NOT MERCIFUL hehehehehe 79.0% this needs to be a movie 79.0% need a b [...]

    4. A brilliant MM Romance with a Gladiator Twist Complete with all the debauchery and backstabbing you expect from ancient Rome.Death made love all the urgent This book absolutely blew me away Why did I pick it up It s MM March, so I m reading MM Romances all month This Historical themed book was the perfect addition to the line up The Authors are also working on The Flesh Cartel Series which is wonderfully written This book is part of a larger series but can be read as a stand alone Which is a go [...]

    5. What a Tragically Beautiful Love Story Gladiator Style Anazar, aka CyrenaicusAnazar is a Gladiator and a Roman slave He s been tasked to train female gladiatices to fight in the arena A job he takes seriously, because they will be fighting for their lives Anazar also lives to please his Dominus, Marianus and takes pleasure in pleasing him sexually But things start to change when a murder attempt goes wrong Anazar finds his alliances torn He must protect his Master, even as he fights to resist hi [...]

    6. The writing and world building Perfect, absolutely faultless prose and dialogue I can only sit back and admire the execution of this novel.It is ever so easy to immerse yourself in this era with the poetic descriptions setting the scenes of historical Rome The phrasing and dialog is in harmony with the era, and although it is authentic , it had me confused, stuttering over the meanings and rushing off to Google search certain phrases I am oblivious to ancient Roman culture, so this was a great e [...]

    7. Back to Rome with a romp I was at first a little sceptical about this book, but pleased to say that I was proved totally wrong A great read that transports you right back to Rome in all it s glory, debauchery and thirst for blood Anazar is a gladiator that is bought by the house of Lucius Marianus to train his team of female gladiators A hard job as the previous trainer had treated the women badly and Anazar first has to win their trust Then an intrigue and murder is uncovered which threatens hi [...]

    8. A riveting read, wonderful world building , the authors did an exceptional job as far as their research is concerned, the lies and deception, plotting and scheming, forbidden love, the fight for freedom, this story is amazing in so many ways A bigand 4.5 stars from me.As some really good reviews have been done already for this book, I ll just add my voice to their praise The storyline is very plot driven and fast paced, with a wonderful cast of characters, some of whom you will love, and others, [...]

    9. As some of you already know because I can t shut up about it I really, really love Spartacus, which is one of the best things I ve ever seen My love for the show made me read The Gladiator s Master, which was a complete disappointment and that s why I was afraid of reading Mark of the Gladiator I truly don t enjoy giving books less than 4 stars But I decided to give this book a chance And I was not disappointed this time The fact that the main character, Anaz r, was forced to train female gladia [...]

    10. It fell short for me a couple of times It felt like it was dragging me somewhere but not convincing me this is the right way I don t know, maybe I should reread the second half for better judgement, but for me it was not convincing or believable Both the plot and the love story which, of course, were intertwined Credit where credit s due it was crazy hot, and if there are scenes I ll be rereading, these will be the ones.

    11. An intriguing and informative story of a Gladiator finding love and acceptance in a world where it is lacking I will start by saying that is my first foray into this type of book I have read historical gay fiction, but this was way out of my comfort zone But the unbelievable fact is that I enjoyed it from start to finish Yes, I struggled with words and names and had to constantly look in the included glossary or the Internet, but the journey was very gratifying and informative.Anaz r is a gladia [...]

    12. It had all the thrilling violence of 300, the historical lessons of Troy, and the intrigue and sizzle of Showtime s Spartacus Now I will admit the first 15 or so pages were a bit wordy and trying to acclimate to the language, setting, names etc was a bit overwhelming But by page 30 I was absolutely hooked What would happen to the strong and proud Anazar Would he win his freedom And who would he fall in love withMarianus or Felix Who is the good guy and who s really the evil plotter The fact that [...]

    13. Cunning, Blood and TransmutabilityLove me some gladiators, but this one comes with a twist gladiatrices Hell Yeah Smart and sexy this story combines an alluring cocktail of gamesmanship and sexual power in the ruthless ladder climbing of ancient Rome Reading this is truly like watching the Wheel of Fortune spin, who the goddess favors is always changing And who s in charge That changes, too This is a meticulously scribed vision of a slice of one family s life and the games they play The power sh [...]

    14. Anazar is a gladiator slave loaned out the household of Lucius Marianus to train his group of female gladiators to fight in the Circus Maximus He does his best and soon sees improvement in their ranks Meanwhile, he develops feelings for Lucius and Lucius s younger brother Felix, who seems to be a spoiled, outrageous hedonist When a seemingly random attack points to a murder attempt against one or both of the brothers, Anazar must find out the truth to save his own life, secure the fate of the gl [...]

    15. Mark of the Gladiator by Heidi Belleau Violetta Vane is the fourth book in the Warriors of Rome series and although I thoroughly enjoyed each book in the series, this novel was my favorite The story depicts the life of a gladiator slave, Anazar, who is conscripted for two months to a nobleman, Lucius Marianus Anazar s task is to train captive, savage women in the art of the being gladiatrix.The House of Marianus seemingly appears to be the ideal place for refuge when one is not a freedman, but l [...]

    16. My first MM thanks to Blacky s review wink I liked it I liked it because of the story, not because of the sex scenes I must say that some of those were a little disturbing not because they were MM, but because I felt angry by the use slaves were subjected I didn t like Marianus I didn t liked him at the beginning and din t liked him at the end I understand that he was acting like so many patricians, but I was a little revolted when Aelia offer Anaz r s services to Marianus like it was nothing An [...]

    17. Clever and very, very good.This was a really interesting book I didn t read the blurb, and I m glad I didn t because I would have gotten as far as female gladiators and passed it by, because that felt gimmicky to me view spoiler and that was intentional, it turns out hide spoiler So, I definitely eye rolled at the appropriate places in this story, as annoyed by ancient commercialism as I am by modern television, and for the same reasons There was also just enough anachronistic language to make m [...]

    18. I just finished this I would most likely not have if it had not happily been FREE on I don t know how long for, but get yourself one I ve paid good money for much worse stuff.Complex, historically accurate, pleasantly twisty It s got all the virtues, plus some really hot sex.

    19. What a way to end the Warriors of Rome Collection Just a terrific piece of writing history, sex, intrigue, action.In depth review at On Top Down Under Book Reviewsbookreviewsandtherapy

    20. Cyrenaicus is a gladiator slave in Rome The tattoo on his forehead reads stop me, I am a runaway slave , because he has attempted to run away He s currently being flogged at the Circus Maximus by his lanista for refusing to co operate in the theatrical massacre of a score of slaves With this opening, the reader is sure that our hero will die of his wounds, and are heartened to hear that he s been loaned out to a novice ludii owner, Marianus Cyrenaicus, Anazar in his own tongue, is refreshingly h [...]

    21. Oh man, this was great Shifting loyalties, tense drama, some amazing action bits, and a really great supporting cast Also, I love the gravity with which the theme of slavery was handled the authors don t romanticize what it means to be literally, legally a slave, but they also don t get heavy handed with it, either The ways in which slavery strips a person of dignity are just there, evident, a pain to be endured as long as it must be Anazar and the gladiatrices all showed so much resilience in t [...]

    22. Mark of the Gladiator by the talented writing duo of Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane has a lot going for it It s got great action sequences intermixed with clever political intrigue that keep you on the edge of your seat as well as a steamy but conflicted romance The vivid scenery showing the differences between the have and have nots along with its realistic language drew me even deeper into a storyline that kept me guessing and my heart pounding.Focusing on the rarely discussed in history fema [...]

    23. This is an absolutely phenomenal book that should not be overlooked If you re the type of person that likes a m m romance set during the time of the Roman Empire, then this is the book for you This book is incredibly well researched and visceral At the heart of it all is a love story set during a time where love was hard to come by and loyalty even so.Anazar is a gladiator who disobeys a direct order in the arena Instead of being put to the cross or sent to the mines or worse, his master instead [...]

    24. 5 WONDERFUL,MINDFUCKIN,FREED STARSI don t think I can give this review justice it was that good of a mind fuck so I will give it to you on how I felt the emotions the shivers the joy of a HEA It s just a word We re all the same, bags of bones and guts and brilliance Me, you and every other slave, and I can t stand to watch you die like dogs That s all Felix He asked me my real name To know me as a man not as a slave AnazarFelix, 3, I loved your mind, your heart My name is Anazar, he said, so clo [...]

    25. Originally Reviewed for The Book VixenPassionate MM romance set in ancient Rome So long as readers aren t squeamish with violence, blood and rape then this is a good read with plenty of intrigue and compelling characters.This novel is way than sex There is a plot, intrigue, well rounded characters and a descriptive historical setting of ancient Rome Anazar is a sympathetic central character as a captured warrior turned into a gladiator with his life defined by the whims of his masters I had no [...]

    26. My experience with Rome consists of watching a few episodes of Rome and Spartcus so I assumed that I would be lost in that culture To my relief I found this not to be the case The authors, Ms Belleau and Ms Vane paint a vivid picture of just what it mean to live in those days especially as a slave though they also showed me the privileges that the Roman citizens could expect And I have to say that I regret the fact that bathhouses are just not found around the corner any.I do have to say that as [...]

    27. I registered on NetGalley and asked for several books to read and review This was the first that answered with an OK Soon I downloaded the e book, began to read And found out that this book was totally different from anything I ve read before I ve read several historical romances, but this was the first gay one And it was a great read The book has a lot of hot scenes, but it also has romance and a well developed story There is a lot of sex, but the focus is on Anaz r s life as a gladiator I like [...]

    28. Excellent historical fiction of a slave caught in the middle of Roman politics between brothers and one s wife I really had no idea where this story was going to go until the very end when it finally showed us It is thoroughly historically detailed I do wish I d realized there was a glossary at the end of it when I was reading it, because there was at least one word I would have looked up Most of the glossary is place names or ethnicities, which while interesting, you can read the story without [...]

    29. This lacked the prose, excitement, and lust of The Gladiator s Master.The love interest is presented as a villain, a spoiled brat.I could not fathom accepting him for a warrior s lover Sniveling snot Lol.Nothing in the prose caught my interest There were odd uses of American slang, not historical in any way.I didn t feel sympathetic to any of the main characters.When he struck the woman s face, I was done.My gif isnt working reactiongifs r ok then

    30. I finished this 2 day agoif I rated it then I would have given it 5 stars, but now it s like 4 Mainly because there wasn t enough Felix, even if Anazar s point of view was the focus of the story And I couldn t understand when he fell for Felix,it was like I missed some pages because it felt out of the blue that they were in love.The action was good but for such a violent period I would have liked gore.Still an enjoyable read.

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