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The Space Between By Don Aker,

  • Title: The Space Between
  • Author: Don Aker
  • ISBN: 9780002008501
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just dumped by his girlfriend, Jace Antonakos has recorded a proclamation in a notebook his English teacher made him take on his winter vacation to the Mayan Riviera I m going to Mexico to get laid The fact that he s only days away from turning 18 and still a virgin has Jace spooked, and he figures that Playa del Carmen s golden beaches draped with equally golden girls sJust dumped by his girlfriend, Jace Antonakos has recorded a proclamation in a notebook his English teacher made him take on his winter vacation to the Mayan Riviera I m going to Mexico to get laid The fact that he s only days away from turning 18 and still a virgin has Jace spooked, and he figures that Playa del Carmen s golden beaches draped with equally golden girls should increase his odds of success On the other hand, the fact that he s travelling with his mother, his aunt and his nine year old autistic brother just about kills that bet Then he meets Kate, who he thinks might be just the person to help him with his problem If only he knew what to say to her Nothing new there no one in his family has been talking much after what happened to his older brother, Stefan Until now, the no talking thing has been working for Jace, who has kept a secret from everyone including himself for nearly a year Opening up to someone may be way than he can handle.In a story that is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Don Aker once again captures an actual teenager, wrestles him to the page and compassionately reveals him as a character who is equally smart and stupid about sexuality, sex, telling the truth and hiding the lies With his incredible high wire talent for balancing sensitive subjects with sardonic, teen friendly humour, Aker delivers another brilliant must read novel.
    The Space Between Just dumped by his girlfriend Jace Antonakos has recorded a proclamation in a notebook his English teacher made him take on his winter vacation to the Mayan Riviera I m going to Mexico to get laid Th

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    1. I m going to Mexico to get laid Well hello there, Jace Way to introduce yourself After reading that first line, I was totally expecting an American Pie style holiday extravaganza But it is actually quite a poignant and intriguing read Jace goes on holiday with his mother, aunt and his younger brother who has a form of autism They carry a heavy burden with them, which we slowly learn about throughout the novel And it is a heavy, heavy burden So what is at first glance a boy wants to meet girl nov [...]

    2. What a great read What I loved about it was the honest voice From the first line I m going to Mexico to get laid I was hooked and I was solidly in Jace s shoes Everything about this book rings true and the journey Aker takes us on is unexpected and satisfying A compelling story that on the surface is about a teen wanting to lose his virginity on a holiday in Mexico but underneath it s about so much than that I don t want to give it away, so won t say Now I m going to get The First Stone Don Ak [...]

    3. I love books that mention Nova Scotia this province is a beautiful place So, when I read the summary, I immediately wanted to buy this book It turned out my school library had it they re really into supporting local authors , and I borrowed it.Jace s laid back attitude literally, he wants to go to Mexico to get laid and devil may care antics create a personality that many teens can relate to, and as the book goes on, he turns out to not be such a jerk after all My problem was with the writing st [...]

    4. At first I thought it started out funny, but it turned quite serious as the book went on Amazing though, highly recommend it.

    5. An awesome coming of age novel about secrets and being true to one s self This is one of those books that I enjoy reading time and again, absolutely awesome

    6. Coming of age novel, Jace being the main character who goes away on a beach vacation with his mom, younger brother with special needs and his aunt His goal is to lose his virginity on this vacation and although he does meet a girl he likes it doesn t lead to that But he does become friends with a jock who he thought was a jerk he shares some of his own personal problems with him and it is reciprocal The result Jaces grows up a little.

    7. I wasn t really certain what I wanted this book to be when I picked it up I m glad that I didn t try to fit it into a label, because I realized after reading it that it wouldn t have gone The Space Between had excellent plot twists that took the book from being about sex to romance to friendship to loss to everything in between note the reference to the book title The complex characters also added realism to what was an already suspenseful plot I enjoyed exploring the layers that everyone had, e [...]

    8. The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation And because I frankly do not care what goes on in someone s bedroom, the book was ruined It starts off with I m going to Mexico to get laid And I quite frankly didn t care So I resigned myself to a long and boring novel where the guy tries to get the girl simply for sex However because Don Aker is a good author I thought there might be a glimmer of hope There was, but one character was gay and didn t want to come out of the closet Which was [...]

    9. Reactions Ok Except for Droughtlanders, I m almost sure that all the White Pine will be mainly in first person I am kinda freaked out, but I ll get by The main character for this novel is Jace An interesting name eh Well it s greek and he s on a trip with his aunt, mom and autistic brother to Mexico Oh The beaches The warmth And as JAce sees it, the girls The first sentence of this hilarious book is I m going to Mexico to get laid Or along those lines.It s not what you expect but it gets better [...]

    10. I read this book a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it It s funny and relatable, and I personally think for all ages An added bonus to reading this book was that I re discovered the author I read The First Stone by Don Aker a few years ago by recommandation from my grade 9 english teacher and I loved it, but never thought of it again today until I went on and saw that the same author wrote both books I ve gotten a little off topic here, but what I m getting at is try reading The First St [...]

    11. After his girlfriend dumps him Jace makes a decision he not only going to celebrate his 18th birthday, he is going to lose his virginity on his family vacation to the Mayan the Mayan Riviera His plans are complicated by the presence of his mother, aunt and autistic brother, his feelings for his new friend Kate and the secret his family has been keeping.This book, which was an honour book for the 2008 CLA YA Book of the year shares certain themes with Mistik Lake, particularly in terms of the boo [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book good writing, good character development, believable characters situations The book starts out pretty dramatically and humourously first line I m going to Florida to get laid , but moves past the attempts to bed a girl and gets quite serious and thought provoking as the novel progresses The main character reassesses his relationships with family friends, including his brother s suicide and the discovery that a friend is gay Great but potentially volatile discussion sta [...]

    13. I think that Don Aker took one of those creative writing classes which teach you to open your book with a bang I m going to Mexico to get laid.And he does Well, he has strong intentions What soon to be turning eighteen year old Jace doesn t know is that life has a way of churning up the best intentions, leaving him to sort through what s left.Read the rest on my blog eoseventeen 2009

    14. Wow I m surprised how much I liked this book It wasn t really what I expected, but that kinda made me love it It has everything I like in a novel My friend picked this book out for me and I m really happy I decided to get it If you re into guy perspective novels, definitely check this one out

    15. Contemporary, truthful Guy novel He has the 18 yr old guy character down right My criticism would be easy enough to guess the secrets troubling several of the characters The big reveal at the end doesn t pack much of a punch Graphic description of suicide death when found might make some queasy not easy to read.

    16. Very Very good book It shocked me at some parts because it had some very unexpected turns Also very sad too If you haven t read it i highly suggest it

    17. I was pleased this didn t turn out to be a typical teen romp along the beach Some serious topics and difficult subject matter made this a challenging read for any age.

    18. I recommend Aker s other book The First Stone over this one This wasn t a bad read, but it wasn t as compelling as The First Stone, and I wasn t completely satisfied with the ending.

    19. The main character is a portrait of the average teenager In essence, after reading this story for whitepine club I have to admit, it was decent.

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