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The First Stone By Don Aker,

  • Title: The First Stone
  • Author: Don Aker
  • ISBN: 9780006392866
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • REEF IS AN EMBITTERED YOUNG OFFENDER, hardly able to contain his anger at the world over the death of his grandmother, the only person who had shown him any love Seventeen year old Leeza is mourning the death of her older sister A stone hurled in rage shatters both their lives and throws them together in the most unexpected way and offers them a chance at healing.
    The First Stone REEF IS AN EMBITTERED YOUNG OFFENDER hardly able to contain his anger at the world over the death of his grandmother the only person who had shown him any love Seventeen year old Leeza is mourning t

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    1. 3.5 stars rated upWhen I saw this book in my recommendations, the synopsis immediately grabbed me I quickly looked it up on the kobo website to see if the price of the ebook and when I found out that it was less than 5 I purchased it right away synopsis Reef is a troubled sixteen year old, who likes to smoke pot and drink with his friends in a derelict abandoned building He also likes to throw stones from bridges over roads There s a reason he throws stones stemming from an abusive childhood but [...]

    2. This book has been one of my favorites so far Chad Kennedy Reef was an angry teenager, I think to say the least His had a tough childhood, starting off with his mother dying during childbirth with Reef The father wasn t every in the pictureReef ended up living and growing up with his mothers parents Reef absolutely adored his grandmother She was his mother figure in his life until she passing away After his grandmother dies his grandfather has a lot of anger and takes it out on Reef far too ofte [...]

    3. Swearing, violence, drama, young love, aggression, this is one of the most well liked novels I have encountered in the high school reading curriculum Students who claim to hate reading even like this book, and the ones who I ve been reading it out loud to, beg for me to continue Don Aker does a wonderful job relating to readers and I have to say I am impressed with the school board for taking the chance on this novel Aker seems to capture the cruelties of the world and how these misfortunes caus [...]

    4. One stone can do so much damage.After throwing one stone that almost kills some girl And after several long boring court hours And after that stupid judge makes him move to yet another foster home, school, and has him volunteer at this lame rehab place,all just for probation And after he starts volunteering And after he meets Leeza And after his best friend s pain And after talking and sharing And after finding out Leeza had been that some girl he almost killed And after being forbidden to conta [...]

    5. This book is categorized as young adult Be prepared, there is a lot of the F word, which makes me wonder how this book ended up in the youth category The story is about a teen whose one act changes the course of many lives I liked the book It s depressing, while at the same time uplifting The main character, Reef, was very well written description, dialogue, and thoughts He felt like a real person, someone I may know.

    6. Maybe it was because I was reading Looking for Alaska at the same time as this but I wouldn t say I loved it It was really good and if would allow me I would have given it three and a half stars My friend Kennedy and I are planning to read half the fiction books in our library alternating one for her one for me and I was surprised by this book the first one I have read so far

    7. Oh dear god this book was amazing I got so frustrated with the characters though and then the end broke my heart I would seriously recommend this book for anyone and everyone this is definitly a book I m gonna be up late at night thinking about.

    8. The first Stone is about a boy named, Reef, who is a young offender and has anger issues This book contains foul language and may offend some readers Reader discretion is advised.

    9. Reef Chad Kennedy is a young offender After throwing a rock off the overpass at a moving car, Leeza Elizabeth Hemming ends up in hospital Everyone expects Reef to have harsher consequences, but the judge sends him to North Hills group home Leeza and Reef meet, not knowing who the other is, and become friends And a bunch of stuff happens after that.

    10. For a book that I was made to read in grade 11 english and the sequel in grade twelve I have to say that this book was by far one of the best books my High school made us read It was captivating and interesting Don did an excellent job at making characters that everyone was able to relate too Also Alex 3 I wish the books went into better detail about him and how his life ends up

    11. The First Stone is solid YA fiction, the kind, where you want to punch the characters in the face I think the depiction of a tough teen was good and the other characters and storylines were also gripping As always with YA, I was scared of the ending, but it was OK I was only annoyed by view spoiler the very obvious romantic twist hide spoiler

    12. Don Aker s The First Stone is a story about a troubled teenage boy named Reef and a teenage girl in mourning from the death of her sister and both people are thrust together by fate Reef and his friends are delinquents and the first time we see them they are defacing a government truck, but when Reef throws a rock off of an overpass, he nearly ended a life The person in the car was Liza a teenage girl who was driving to get the death of her sister off her mind But when forced to public service a [...]

    13. I read The First Stone on the recommendation of another teacher as a potential text for a grade 11 college class The structure of a shifting pov is similar to Holes but the protagonist, Reef, is guilty of the crime Like the protagonist in Fifth Business this young man carries the guilt of his actions Reef s character develops substantially when unbeknownst to him his community hours have him care giving for Leeza, the victim of his crime He learns why the judge gave him a sentence of volunteerin [...]

    14. ALERT Whole story plot and comments ALERTThis book was slow to start with A person named Reef, along with Jink, and bigger , all under nicknames, have just vandalised a truck A person runs after them After a while they decide to split up The man apperes to go away Reef is still angry, so he goes to an over pass, and decides to throw a rock on the on comming trafic.Three weeks pass.The writer skips to the person Reef hit that day A teenager It caused near a six car pile up Lizza, short for Elisab [...]

    15. Possible Spoilers.Although a lot of details were missing from this book, I think that this book was pretty good, and that the plot made up for it I like Don Aker s style The main characters, Reef and Leeza, seemed pretty much like complete opposites at first Reef, the bad boy, and Leeza, the good girl it was like that in a way It s not really about the interactions about Reef and Leeza though, it s about how the characters cope from that one stone thrown Reef definitely improves a lot, and Leez [...]

    16. This book was pretty awesome, I have to admit At first, I hated Reef He was such a loser, I couldn t believe he didn t feel any remorse for injuring a person and causing such an accident I thought, was he even human But that all changed when he went to North Hills There, he met Frank Colville Frank was so amazing, and a truly kind person, I just wish we got interaction between the two And I can t say I blame Leeza s mother either Her only surviving daughter was almost killed, and he did sound l [...]

    17. I read this book as a young teenager and it had a very big impact on me For one, it was the first ever book I read than once I have lost count of how many times I have actually read it Secondly, its subject matter of at risk youth and the struggles they face is what inspired me to become a social worker Although this is a book geared towards youth, I strongly suggest anybody to read it Don Aker is excellent with words and has provided an emotional story that can strike a cord with anyone who gi [...]

    18. I have so much praise for this book, and I found it to be highly easy to relate to The characters always had clear emotions, there was strong vocabulary utilized and it s a reflective outlook on grief, redemption, and of course, the Youth Criminal Justice Act I read this book in my Freshman Year English class and I have to say, it was worth the read all through The author also happens to be from my hometown

    19. After spending the day with Mr Aker recently, and watching him conduct a series of presentations to several groups of high school students, I was compelled to reread this book, a wonderfully gritty and realistic story about the devastating consequences of poor choices I highly recommend this book.

    20. It was awesome It was lent to me by a student who rarely reads but bought this book after our school was visited by the author, and this student raved about the book and recommends it to all his friends There is some harsh language lots of f bombs but they make sense within the context of the book and the characters themselves I highly recommend this one.

    21. Excellently written, but very bad ending I love these kinds of books a lot because I can sometimes relate to how a character feels in some situations and makes me feel as if I m not alone Putting aside that, this story isn t quite meaningful and sure left its mark in my life, as well as many others Just didn t like the ending.

    22. really interesting plot device tension mounts, characters are well developed and believable found myself being emotionally drawn in, frustrated with ending too bad that language some implied sexual content is there, nevertheless I liked it well enough to put it on the library shelf.

    23. This book was very different from what I was expecting I enjoyed it much than I initially thought I would I will definately be looking into some of Don Aker s other books as he had me hooked to the story the entire time An excellent read

    24. Interesting plot, but it s lacking in detail and good sentence structure The characters are unoriginal and have nothing to make them memorable other than their misery I did like that it took place in Nova Scotia, and the way the dialogue between characters was written.

    25. The First Stone was really captivating and easy to read Reef s character has a strongly rebellious personality When he finds his life spiraling out of control, the book gets very interesting.

    26. I read this in school for my grade 9 english assignment I liked how Reed and Liza became friends without even knowing they were who the other was,but I cant say i liked the ending me and my whole class were left wondering what happened Did they ever see eachother again

    27. I thought the emotions of the characters were very realistic Reef as a troubled teen was totally believable I enjoyed his journey The only downside a few too many convenient coincidences Overall, though, a great read.

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