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Rescue Me By Allie K. Adams,

  • Title: Rescue Me
  • Author: Allie K. Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Newly edited to improve and expand content Deadly secrets Ex lovers turned rivals, Kat Doyle and Spencer Allen are forced to work together on a search as a matter of national security Being in close proximity brings back emotions they d long since buried when, once again, Spencer withholds vital information from her But, after the mission draws to a close, the Newly edited to improve and expand content Deadly secretsEx lovers turned rivals, Kat Doyle and Spencer Allen are forced to work together on a search as a matter of national security Being in close proximity brings back emotions they d long since buried when, once again, Spencer withholds vital information from her But, after the mission draws to a close, they can no longer fight the attraction One touch detonates the inferno burning between them as they give into the passion threatening both their control.Mounting dangerDespite knowing he can t be the fairy tale hero Kat wants, Spencer makes promises he can t keep while harboring secrets that may ultimately destroy her Kat refuses to fall back into the role of a pawn in TREX s web of lies and deceit She walks away from the only man she s ever loved in the hopes he ll come after her this time.When Kat s life is threatened, Spencer vows to protect her at any cost He s willing to do anything to ensure her safety even if it means putting his own life on the line Will rescuing Kat be Spencer s final mission Ignoring your instincts could prove fatal This book has been completely rewritten and republished under the same title as the previous work.
    Rescue Me Newly edited to improve and expand content Deadly secrets Ex lovers turned rivals Kat Doyle and Spencer Allen are forced to work together on a search as a matter of national security Being in close p

    One thought on “Rescue Me”

    1. I was so excited to read this one I love romantic suspense books and as soon as I received this, I couldn t wait to start it Alas, I couldn t I had other books to read first But every time I opened my kindle, I thought of this book So I m really happy that this lived up to my romantic suspense expectations I was hooked from page one I really liked Spencer and Kat I loved their bickering banter that they had at the beginning And their history was rich It was easy to see that they still had strong [...]

    2. Good This was the first book I ve read by this author and I really enjoyed it It was gripping from the start and the story kept me hooked Unloved the characters and I m glad Spencer and Kat got their happy ever after It was touch ad go for them at times, but it was an interesting read.

    3. Better than I expectedReally loved the male lead Kat got a little wearing sometimes but for me Spencer made up for it will definitely be looking at others in the series

    4. Okay, just when I thought I couldn t find any other books to add to my ever growing top favorite books of all time, Allie Adams just had to go and write Rescue Me Let me tell you what, I ABSOLUTELY love this book Maybe it s my love for Romance Suspense or maybe it s just that Ms Adams has done a fabulous job writing this story Spencer and Kat are like fire Their chemistry is blazing and their power to ignore it is weak This isn t the first time these two have met In fact, there is a history betw [...]

    5. My Review 4.5 Star Review Rescue MeI recommend this book.This book contains heartache, passion, betrayal, secrets, and laughs Spencer is a TREX agent and used to date Kat When he withheld information and lied to her they broken up He needs to call her in on a rescue but will she come Kat was in love with Spencer but he lied and kept secrets from her She will help out on the search but try to get the truth out of him about the current search When Kat is targeted Spencer steps in to protect her wi [...]

    6. Romantic suspense is one of my favorites Allie K Adams is a master at weaving a tale of romance, suspense, action and some of the hottest hunks dressed in black Lead characters Kat Davis Spencer Allen worked together to track down a missing child I loved how the author has a background in the Search and Rescue field and was able to share it with us in this amazing story.I really love the TREX seriesand look forward to reading the rest of this wonderful series BTWe ending of this book is a great [...]

    7. I needed a good pulse pounding romantic suspense, and I got that in Rescue Me There s plenty of action, suspense, romance a great mix of things to keep my on my toes and on guard The pacing is fast for the most part There s a few spots where it runs a little slow, but we can t have it always on the go go go The chemistry between the hero and heroine is hotter than a summer s sky in Arizona I should know, I live there, and I just read this book Don t give me that look I needed a little heat from [...]

    8. The blurb for this book says One touch detonates the inferno burning between Kat and Spencer I agree completely This book sizzles But even than that, Ms Adams gives us what feels like an honest and in depth look at life in Search and Rescue I felt like I was there in the field with the search teams Add in someone trying to kill the heroine, and this book was impossible to put down I hated to leave the search and rescue team behind when I finished and will be hoping Ms Adams turns this into a se [...]

    9. this story was amazing so emotional, and full of action, suspense and non stop obsticles getting in the way of this lovely couple trying to work out the challenges of life, love, work and maniac stalkers who are trying to keep them apart great setting and amazing back ground characters i really loved this xxxx

    10. This book has been rewritten and released as part of the TREX series.This is the book of my heart I m an active member of Search And Rescue and writing about it was really exciting I may turn this into a series, depending on feedback.

    11. Loved Rescue Me as much as I did the second one.Yes I read them out of order but it didn t affect the story A full review to follow shortly.

    12. This is a new to me author I enjoyed meeting the characters and I m looking forward to the next book in the series.

    13. Wow Fast action, star crossed lovers, and the excitement of doing what is natural to each fill this story I really liked the struggle between openness and secrets that is a major problem because many spouses.

    14. AwesomeI really enjoyed reading this book Loved the interaction between the characters Can t wait to read the rest of the series

    15. Ok, but predictable Typical storyline The characters were the same as any in this genre not that great in my opinion Others may enjoy it though.

    16. Good suspendsA page turner right to the end Good character development and lots of twists and turns Hot sex sciences too.

    17. This review is of Rescue Me TREX Book 2 by Allie K Adams.The Story The book begins with the hero of the book, Spencer Allen, leading his team from TREX Tactical Recovery EXperts, a shadowy organization that recovers things and people and is not beholden to or regulated by any government trying to rescue a child, Tommy Miller, age 6, from three kidnappers, two men and woman When Spencer and his team arrive where they think the child is being held, they find three dead bodies ostensibly the kidnap [...]

    18. I must have missed the second half of the book It has good characters and good actions and then Ends Short book I though maybe it is split into several like authors like to do my only guess is to met deadlines or get money out of it but i started the next book and missed their entire relationship some how What not a fan of unfinished work It had potential

    19. Special agent falls in love again with an ex when they are thrown together to find a missing kidnapped little boy but there is so much going on with death threats and political conspiracies.So we find ourselves following a military style special ops company called, TREX and this is TREX Special Agent, Spencer Allen s story when he finds closure or love with the love of his life, the smart and sassy head of another company K SAR, which is a search and rescue company, Kat Davis I liked how messed [...]

    20. Book 2 is a continuation of Book 1 We find out that Agent Spencer Allen and Kat Davis s relationship did not last It has been 1 year since they have seen each other He has not been with anyone else since then and he can t stop thinking about her and he sure hopes that she is not seeing anyone either.One of Kat and Spencer s problem is that his OPS cannot be shared with anyone outside of TREX In fact, Spencer s boss insists that he is not allowed to tell Kat anything This of course started their [...]

    21. Sarah s Review Thanks to Allie K Adams and Tasty Tours for the opportunity to read and review this story I will be completely honest, the cover drew me in The blurb made me want to read it Yes, I completely judge a book by its cover Before I started reading this one, I found out that there is another story that is associated with TREX, that should be read first First Response is listed as book 2 on but I think it is listed wrong I was hooked from First Response and it was a perfect introduction [...]

    22. WowOkay wow so after reading book 1 I was really disappointed because it was such a short story I don t think it should be named book 1 LoL I think it should have been called a prequel or something different.So on to this book This book was just awesome I feel like I finally got to know the characters they were strong people well developed.SPOILER ALERT when she killed Lyons off for no reason as he was fixing to retireally got my blood boiling.It does has some spelling errors wrong words That s [...]

    23. This book has a fantastic plot and some really bad sex scenes The plot was gritty and full of suspense with a few twists to hold your interest I could have done without the snippet at the end leading to the next book in the series The sex scenes start at about 1 4 of the way in and were very crass I like subtlety in my romance Reading a romance and saying gross to some of the descriptions in the intimate scenes kills the flow do the editing errors that s show up just past the 80% mark.There wer [...]

    24. I did not finish this book I got about 25% in and just had to stop because I was so disinterested There was a whole lot of talking about doing stuff and not any actual action and certainly not any romance again, it was just talked about in the past tense I was completely confused because I felt like the book started in the middle of a story and didn t understand why since this is book one in a series Then I realized there is a prequel novella which is mislabeled as book 2, when it should be 0.5 [...]

    25. Seek and FindTREX, a privately funded agency, was called in to use tactical retrieval experts to track and retrieve the son of a billionaire They were too late, their covert operation was compromised, but who in his team was a traitor Now the next step is to call in another type of experts, K Sar, used specifically to track down and rescue people.Special Agent, Spencer Allen hesitated when their last actions caused him serious problems His working with the owner proved disaster, but there was a [...]

    26. Disappointing unless you like playing a game called Find another name for female anatomy other than pussy or another name for cock I heard it mentioned often in those terms over and over than I have heard it in my entire life and it was all in one book Premise of the book was good but the resounding use of the same 2 words on almost every page was to say worse than any horror story ever written Sex can be well written It can be graphic Only someone unsure of themselves or their audience would s [...]

    27. Suspense, romance and rescues a real page turner with something for everyoneAbsolutely loved the story from beginning to end Well written with great characters and dynamic relationships TREX and K SAR would have great stories on their own, but thrown together boy do they sizzle Kay and Spencer are the key characters in this story and the love they have for their work and each other along with their personal histories take this book to the next level Job well done Ms Adams, I look forward to .

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