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The Book of You By Claire Kendal,

  • Title: The Book of You
  • Author: Claire Kendal
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sunday Times top ten bestseller and Richard Judy pick, The Book of You is a terrifying psychological thriller about obsession and power, perfect for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.Clarissa is becoming and frightened of her colleague, Rafe He won t leave her alone, and he refuses to take no for an answer He is always there.Being selected for jSunday Times top ten bestseller and Richard Judy pick, The Book of You is a terrifying psychological thriller about obsession and power, perfect for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.Clarissa is becoming and frightened of her colleague, Rafe He won t leave her alone, and he refuses to take no for an answer He is always there.Being selected for jury service is a relief The courtroom is a safe haven, a place where Rafe can t be But as a violent tale of kidnap and abuse unfolds, Clarissa begins to see parallels between her own situation and that of the young woman on the witness stand.Realizing that she bears the burden of proof, Clarissa unravels the twisted, macabre fairytale that Rafe has spun around them and discovers that the ending he envisions is terrifying than she could have imagined.
    The Book of You Sunday Times top ten bestseller and Richard Judy pick The Book of You is a terrifying psychological thriller about obsession and power perfect for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train Clariss

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    1. As a young girl I was taught to be polite say please and thank you be respectful of other people s feelingsd act like a lady The problem with that kind of upbringing isunfortunately living by those rules alone can get in the way of trusting your instincts and keeping yourself safe Not everyone is deserving of respect Not everyone plays by the rules And sometimes acting like a lady can get you killedClarissa Bourne, is a polite, well mannered 38 year old living in Bath, England and working at the [...]

    2. 4 Stars The Book of You follows Clarissa as she tries to avoid, and evade the unwanted attention she is receiving from a work colleague, Rafe The author wastes no time diving into this story and from chapter one the readers are acutely aware that Clarissa is the victim of an EXTREME stalker The feeling of frustration and helplessness is palpable as Clarissa attempts to gain evidence and support so that she can just go to the police without being turned away Apparently word of mouth is not enough [...]

    3. Note to self picking books about violent stalkers while your husband is traveling will invite crazy dreams We are thrown into Clarissa s story immediately she has begun keeping a journal to record evidence of her stalker Rafe, better known as The Book of You The book is split over the course of a 7 week trial that Clarissa is a jury member of, followed by an epilogue after the main action comes to its climax While most of the story is a slow, simmering build up, the ending happens quickly and po [...]

    4. I feel bad giving this only two stars, because it started out really strong and had some great moments I especially liked the creepy fairy tale book the stalker sent Clarissa and the discussion of the symbolic burst heart But, the plot really started to drag about a third of the way through and Clarissa s extreme passivity made her really hard for me personally to relate to I understand that stalking victims often gradually feel isolated and like they have no one to turn to, but Clarissa s compl [...]

    5. First off While I have tried to avoid spoilers, this review has information about the plot of the novel than I usually include This is because the reasons for my critique are difficult to discuss without going into some detail about the story itself I had high expectations when I started Claire Kendal s debut thriller, The Book of You Promotions compare it to Into the Darkest Corner and Before I Go To Sleep both of which I enjoyed immensely and also The Silent Wife which for me, was a complete [...]

    6. This book has become my new obsession Edgy, raw and downright terrifying is the best way to describe this mesmerizing story I finished a few days ago and it s still haunting me The subject matter is disturbing and might not appeal to everyone, but it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.Clarissa is being stalked by one of her co workers, Rafe Everywhere she turns, he s there Watching, waiting, following and leaving gifts for her It s beyond creepy No matter how many times she tells him [...]

    7. This debut novel is kind of brilliant It is told using both first and third person narrative interesting choice that works here One woman s terrifying reality is juxtaposed with the events of a trial for which she is a juror This allows information to be presented on how effectively the legal system blames and shames the victim The message is clear, albeit unfortunate and depressing This feels like a thriller, though the pacing was a bit off in the last third and I felt it could have been shorte [...]

    8. Rats I just finished The Book of You and dare not want it to be about me But, honestly, I feel like I ve been standing on the corner waiting for the bus that never really comes I keep looking down the street for sight of it because it s scheduled to be here about now.Clarissa has a creepy problem His name is Rafe Rafe continuously shows up on those street corners afore mentioned He is obsessed with his university co worker, Clarissa Clarissa made the mistake of hooking up with Rafe and he is rel [...]

    9. My Number 10 Read for 2015Posted to The Literary LawyerA Thriller with an Important Message 5 Stars I can t honestly say that I enjoyed this book It was difficult to read Both the content and style of writing contributed Firstly, much of the story was told in the second person In my experience, this narrative perspective is seldom used and I have found it to be jarring and voyeuristic On the surface, this was a story about obsession, abuse and the failure of society to recognize and respond The [...]

    10. Wow Wow Wow One of THE best books I ve ever read Devoured this in hours cover to cover Gone Girl pfft The Girl on the Train pfft THIS is the psychological thriller for those to look up to Full review soon but don t wait get this book

    11. 2.5 stars I both read and listened to the audio version of The Book of You The story had a riveting beginning, and an interesting and believable premise a young woman working at a university becomes a victim of stalking by a male colleague He becomes obsessed with her following a terrifying incident in which she was involved with him Following the incident he is continuously texting her, sending her gifts, and appearing out of nowhere The woman journals her thoughts and collects evidence to take [...]

    12. This book could have been so much than it was In fact, it was wholly a missed opportunity perhaps in part to the fact the author is a first time writer While the premise is exciting enough, the delivery falls flat and the story just doesn t live up to the covers proclamations of a non stop thrill ride.The first issue I had with this book was the female lead Clarissa is in her late thirties but still incredibly naive, her mother knits her mittens to wear and she seems entirely unaware of the pow [...]

    13. His name is Rafe, and he is everywhere Clarissa turns At the university where she works Her favorite sewing shop The train station Outside her apartment His messages choke her voice mail his gifts litter her mailbox Since that one regrettable night, his obsession with her has grown, becoming terrifying with each passing day And as Rafe has made clear, he will never let her go.This is one of the best books I ve read all year I ve read numerous books on women being stalked and sometimes you just [...]

    14. I jumped in and devoured this book in two days time, I read it partly because I ve been writing stalker themed fanfics for some time and I want to know about this theme At first I was intrigued by by the finely written details and the description of what is going on in the tormented victim s mind after she suffered view spoiler being drugged, raped, stalked and threatened hide spoiler by a stalker she couldn t seem to escape from I m sickened to my stomach when I saw how this stalker posted him [...]

    15. I will not read a book about stalkers again, the experience is too raw to properly portray it on a book, and all the attempts that I have read so far have failed This book was no different, I am glad that I was satisfied by the ending but I think that the story lacks an air of complexity, it made me feel for the main character , but at the same time it didn t make her story believable, being stalked is an experience that I don t think could ever be properly written about And besides I hate how s [...]

    16. Taking this review down because the point I was trying to make had a lot to do with a theory I ve had knocking around my head for a while, that relates to quite a lot of books in the same genre as this one, and it didn t really make much sense in isolation.But I ll leave this bit up there s a really graphic and disturbing rape scene in this book, FYI if rape is a trigger for you or if, like me, you d just rather avoid yet another thriller using it as a lazy shocking plot device.

    17. I read the blurb that accompanies this book which details how Clarissa is becoming scared of Rafe who doesn t take no for an answer, wherever she goes he is there There is something about stalkers that fascinates me What is the motivation to keep trying to be with someone who doesn t want to know All this is made much worse because she works with Rafe so she can t totally avoid him When Clarissa is called for jury service she is relieved, could this be a form of sanctuary from Rafe for a couple [...]

    18. Clarissa is being stalked by a man Rafe whom she knows She finds out terrible things about him and about his actions in the past and she can t get away from him Her life starts to dissolve and he is so manipulative, he manages to appear concerned so that her own friends question her mental health Then Clarissa begins to feel attracted to Robert, with whom she sits on a jury panel As Rafe becomes and violent and deranged, Clarissa begins to fear for her own life It s a great story and full of s [...]

    19. Super atmospheric and creepy, but the end was a little lackluster for me Might be of a 4 right at this moment but I have a feeling that with time it will end up being a 3, so a 3 it is.

    20. I was so engrossed in this book it took me four hours to read it It s about bad choices and what can happen Rafael invited his co worker Larissa to his book reading and afterwards a drink becomes one or two I or four lol Which equals a one night stand and waking up in the morning realising you made a horrible mistake You take the longest shower and just pass it off as a bad decision.Only Rafael does not see it that way He starts to believe they have a relationship He stalks her night and day Stu [...]

    21. Audio Review.Disappointing ending There was no closure I listened to the entire book and that is how it ends Plus, this is not one book that will give you much faith in the judicial system At first I thought the heroine was weak and pathetic and her loving parents turned her in to a woman who never stood up for herself Then I saw what she was doing and why she felt the way she felt I was sad for her Was she stupid or just too kind of a person If there is a sequel, I will probably read it I did n [...]

    22. 3.5 stars round up to 4 Yeehaw That was a terrifying book I think the scariest thing on this planet is how frustrating the law works in terms of sexual harassment assault stalking In her debut novel, Claire Kendal sets the stage from page one, her protagonist, Clarisse is being stalked by Rafe, a man who she had a one night stand with Rafe won t let go of Clarisse and follows her everywhere she goes That is why Clarisse is absolutely relieved when she gets selected for seven week jury duty But t [...]

    23. This is definitely one of the worst things I ve ever read Probably the worst one My problem isn t the subject matter, which is universally appalling It s just about everything else I disliked the narrative style I disliked the main character the victim She was impossibly hard to like, in fact, I never managed to connect with her, let alone care about her, or about what is happening to her That at least should ve been easy, but it wasn t, because, well, the annoying narrative style, as well as Cl [...]

    24. Clarissa is being stalked by a man named Rafe who also happens to be a co worker Being the smart woman she is, she starts a journal of every time he follows her, talks to her, calls her, leaves her gifts She s waiting until she has enough to take it to the police.It starts as a routine stalking if there is such a thing and the suspense builds page by page by page You see and feel the escalation of Clarissa s fright and of Rafe s obsession The ending is quite explosive.I read this one in less tha [...]

    25. 3.75 5 Incredibly gripping and twisted If you re a fan of books concerning stalkers obsession, I would highly recommend this However I would warn that this does get quite a bit darker than you would expect so if you think reading this might be a trigger for you, I would stay away I adored Clarissa and the sense of impending dread was built well Took off a star as I felt it dragged a bit 2 3 of the way in.

    26. Second book of my holiday reads I ve had this book sat on my kindle for an embarrassingly long time I d heard lots of good things about it and had purchased it, but just struggled to get round to reading it Being a book lover, I read so many books that sadly some just get pushed further down the to be read pile than others This was quite an uncomfortable read for a couple of reasons Through Clarissa we get to see what it feels like to have a stalker Rafe is just totally obsessed with her and can [...]

    27. Fitting perfectly into the hugely sucessful crime genre of psychological suspense, prepare to enter Clarissa s world a complex but increasingly insecure woman, whose nightmare experience at the hands of a stalker, is laid bare in this compelling debut novel I think I can safely say that the majority of women have experienced at some time in their life the unwelcome attentions of another individual, admittedly not to the horrifying degree of Clarissa, but enough to unsettle and to impact in some [...]

    28. DNF p.46 no star ratingI just couldn t do this I m not going to rate this because I don t know if this one may have gotten better if I d stuck with it.Rafe is some creepy creep that s stalking Clarissa We re talking heebie jeebies creep.What I didn t like and why I had to abandon this 1 We immediately know this guy is stalking her we just don t know why or in what capacity they know each other because she s afraid of being rude to him So she gives in to his innocent demands that they go for coff [...]

    29. To me, this book was just okay It was a fine read for a rainy weekend, but it did not bring the spine tingling chills that a book dealing with stalking should I found it extremely repetitive once we d met the creepy stalker Our protagonist, Clarissa, is initially assaulted by her stalker after drinks one night When she wakes up in her own bed and it s clear to her that she has no memory of the night before after three glasses of wine , I thought it might have occurred to her that she d been drug [...]

    30. Clarissa goes on a date with Rafe, a work colleague, and soon realises it was a mistake and just wants to forget the whole thing Rafe has other ideas Terrible, obsessive, stalking ideas and won t leave Clarissa alone.The Book of You is Clarissa s story of how she is stalked to the point of near breakdown It s realistically done that is frightening and compelling as realisation dawns that options become increasingly less available Running alongside the stalking is a court case where Clarissa is a [...]

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