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Just A Normal Marriage (Harlequin Romance, No. 2987) By Leigh Michaels,

  • Title: Just A Normal Marriage (Harlequin Romance, No. 2987)
  • Author: Leigh Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780373029877
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In order to create a stable home for her young half sister, Shauna McCoy proposes marriage to the child s pediatrician, Rob Stevens She envisions a business arrangement, but Rob has in mind a much normal marriage.
    Just A Normal Marriage Harlequin Romance No In order to create a stable home for her young half sister Shauna McCoy proposes marriage to the child s pediatrician Rob Stevens She envisions a business arrangement but Rob has in mind a much nor

    One thought on “Just A Normal Marriage (Harlequin Romance, No. 2987)”

    1. LMAO This was a nice swap of places Heroine pays hero to marry her Heh heh Hero was besotted He was the one hurt It was hilarious Would have been nicer and a 5 star if he ACTUALLY let her speak and explain near the end The idiot almost left her Then again she d have totally deserved it

    2. Good old school Harlequin romance with a marriage of convenience between an orderly accountant and a disorderly pediatrician, all for the sake of Shauna s younger sister, who is not doing well living with their self absorbed mother currently on her fifth husband Shauna meets Rob when she takes her sister Mandy to the pediatrician for stomach aches that are due to the stress of living with their mother She decides that it would be best for Mandy to live with her, and her mother says no When her m [...]

    3. This story was plagued with bitchy women Yes, I am judging.The h needs to get married in order to protect her little sister from the self absorbed mother from hell who wants to ship her off to boarding school and is so insensitive and cold it borders on emotional abuse The h ends up picking the nice guy beta pediatrician as her MOC partner He been treating her half sister for stomach aches due to mama s emotional neglect She s pretty judgmental when she offers him the position she ll pay his med [...]

    4. Marriage of convenience between a high strung Type A accountant and an easy going Type B pediatrician The heroine needed a temporary husband so her half sister would be permitted by their self centered mom to live with her In typical high handed fashion, the heroine proposed marriage to her sister s pediatrician in exchange for restitution of his medical school debts He insisted however that he would not waive his rights to the conjugal bed in their MOC and she consented.The thing I don t like a [...]

    5. this was one strange read where i did not feel any connection between H and h then suddenly, near the end it was obvious rob wanted shauna and the angst was unmistakable as if i was in another book the book was actually good then and only then it sounded like an HP book i especially loved dat part when rob caught shauna kissing her ex.

    6. Great mills n boon Maybe 4.5 stars A pleasant surprise of a mills n boon The main characters didn t aggravate me the hero wasn t arrogant and nasty, and the heroine wasn t tstl.

    7. This was the first Harlequin I ever read, when I was probably about 12 I need to do a re read sometime soon

    8. 3,5 of 5another MoC story,tp yg ini agak beda dikit,kalau biasanya yg tajir heronya,kali ini kebalikannya Adik tiri Shauna,Mandy kurang kasih sayang dari ibu mereka yg tukang kawin cerai,demi mengambil hak asuh Mandy,Shauna menawarkan pernikahan sementara dengan dokter pribadi Mandy yaitu Rob,dokter berpotensi tapi sayangnya terlilit banyak hutang Seperti biasa kalo cerita moc begini gampang ditebak,tapi nggak pernah bikin bosen.

    9. I love a short read love story because I read them for mostly fluff and escapism However the characters here were so strong that I think this one was too short This was so believable as far as marriage of convenience to escape from your man hungry mother story goes so I wish the story elaborated .

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