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Saving Grace By Katherine Spencer,

  • Title: Saving Grace
  • Author: Katherine Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780152060961
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • When fifteen year old Grace Stanley s brother is killed in a car accident, she does what any typical girl would do she loses it She blames herself, denounces God, and gives up on school, her friends, and her churchgoing family Then along comes a saintly and nerdy new girl, Philomena, who literally saves Grace s life and helps her find her way back to herself.
    Saving Grace When fifteen year old Grace Stanley s brother is killed in a car accident she does what any typical girl would do she loses it She blames herself denounces God and gives up on school her friends

    One thought on “Saving Grace”

    1. I thought this book was a good lesson and it taught me a lot of things too but it wasn t very interesting It was a very boring book but was very fast to read.

    2. I learned a lesson from this book i usually don t learn life lessons from what I read I liked the girly kinds of books but i really liked this one I never wanted to put it down You find yourself figuring out that everything happens for a reason, to keep moving forward, to always be true to yourself the ones you know that will always be there for you Grace is going through a hard time now that she lost her one and only brother Now that she s alone will she take her friends family that never left [...]

    3. This book caught my attention from the first page I couldn t put it down once I began to read it Grace Stanley is lost due to the death of her brother from a fatal car accident Grace, in a sense completely loses it Grace becomes a totally different person after her brother, Matt, passes away Grace becomes rebellious in many ways such as lying to her parents, failing her classes, and partying at clubs Grace keeps her feelings bottled up and is emotionally scared from her brother s death Grace beg [...]

    4. Reviewed by Frizzie for TeensReadTooAfter the death of her brother, Grace Stanley starts acting strange She dumps her old friends, starts drinking, starts lying to everyone, starts hanging out with the popular kids, flunking her classes, missing study sessions, and skipping school But then something happens Grace just snaps Later, her parents confront her about missing classes and flunking math They tell her that this isn t like her and that they didn t realize that she was having so much troubl [...]

    5. Saving Grace wasa an excellent novel Overall,the mood of the story was sad Thats what i did not really like about it It was about a girl named Grace that thought hated her life, everything went wrong During the middle her self esteam got higher and higher She ended up really liking her life Then something happens and, she goes back hating her life, but then she realizes that her life is perfect but she did not notic it This was a great story, if I had to I would read it agian I would alaso recom [...]

    6. I d give it 3.5 stars, if possible.Grace is having a hard time adjusting after her brother dies in a car accident Feeling that much of life is pointless, and wanting to block out the pain, she makes some really bad choices Just when she starts hitting bottom, she allows herself to open up to a new friend and begins seeing things from a different perspective Yes, the book has a feel good ending, which some reviewers didn t like But maybe that s part of the author s point Teens need to understand [...]

    7. I happened to accidentally read two stories of girls dealing with the unexpected loss of their siblings back to back the other was Saving Zoe , and I feel that Saving Grace is the weaker of the two The book isn t terrible Grace seems exceedingly stupid at times, but what teenager doesn t The odd addition of a supernatural element really didn t do anything for me I m not sure where the author was trying to go with that If that aspect had been left out, I think the book would have come off a bit b [...]

    8. I thought this book was a great book becaues it was about a girl named Grace and her brother died one night from so to the store and her whole life changes and she goes in with the wrong crowd and starts to drink, party with her friends and lying to her mom and dad and she loses her old friends to hang out with her new boyfriend and her new friends but one night when they were out she ran away and one of her old friends found her and talked to her then she became herself again.

    9. i think this was a really good book that explains about life and to never take people in your life advantage of You should always tell your family that you love them because you never know when youre last day is or when youre last day is You should always being loving towards youre family and tell them how much you appreciate them.

    10. Saving Grace is a really good book Once I started reading it I didn t want to put it down It talks about struggles of a teenage girl who has just lost her brother Her behavior at some parts are extremely crazy, but she is struggling to get over the death of her brother.

    11. This book details the hardships of being a teenager after losing someone that you love dearly The book exposes the journeys of becoming mature in a teens life Before Grace didn t really care about anything after her brother died but by the end she wanted to make a change in herself.

    12. I absolutely loved this book i could relate to it alot Mostly because when my brother passed away, i lost control I felt the way this girl did about God It is deffiantly a good read if you ve lost someone real close.

    13. That was a nice book A really nice book I stayed up all night kind of reading it And, it s just hard to explain how nice of a book that was Although, I hated the way Grace acted, for blaming Godbutah It was a meaningful book.

    14. I really liked this book at first, but found the ending predictable yet completely at odds with the rest of the story Grace s reactions were so realistic and the twist at the end just wasn t I don t know, it just ruined the book for me.

    15. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING It tackles different genres A nd I am touched by every part of the book I am simply wishing to have my own Philomena Cantus as an angel MUST READ

    16. A wonderful and short story You feel as if you are right beside Grace Stanley as she copes with the death of her close brother It will hit a nerve.

    17. Interesting book Really captured the emotion Ending was strange, kind of let me down Would not recommend this book to others.

    18. Grace is speeding out of control after her brother s death An unexpected friend helps her find her way through.

    19. this book tought me that death is natural and when it happens to some one close to you, you have to get over it and go on about life because life goes on

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