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Blood, Sweat And Tea By Tom Reynolds,

  • Title: Blood, Sweat And Tea
  • Author: Tom Reynolds
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is there anyone who hasn t wondered about the state of the occupant of an ambulance, screaming along with its sirens on and blue lights flashing Have you And have you wondered about the other people inside the ambulance, maybe fighting to save the patient s life Or have you considered that the ambulance may be another maternataxi ordered by a woman who can t be botherIs there anyone who hasn t wondered about the state of the occupant of an ambulance, screaming along with its sirens on and blue lights flashing Have you And have you wondered about the other people inside the ambulance, maybe fighting to save the patient s life Or have you considered that the ambulance may be another maternataxi ordered by a woman who can t be bothered to book a real cab and who then complains she can t smoke on the way to hospital And that the medical technician inside might just be desperate to get back home from a busy shift, to have a cup of tea and catch up with his blog Meet Tom Reynolds Tom is an Emergency Medical Technician who works for the London Ambulance Service in East London He has kept a blog of his daily working life since 2003 and his award winning writing is, by turn, moving, cynical, funny, heart rending and compassionate It is never less than compelling From the tragic to the hilarious, from the heartwarming to the terrifying, the stories Tom tells give a fascinating and at times alarming picture of life in inner city Britain, and the people who are paid to mop up after it.
    Blood Sweat And Tea Is there anyone who hasn t wondered about the state of the occupant of an ambulance screaming along with its sirens on and blue lights flashing Have you And have you wondered about the other people i

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    1. I expected a bit than very short, very repetitive and frankly very depressing blog posts dressed up for publication as A beautifully written insight into the stresses, strains and successes of working for the London Ambulance service Don t believe the blurb The writer seems to hate everyone and everything religion, fat people, drunks, suicides, the elderly, the young, the illiterate, the incontinent, the dead, alcoholics, drug addicts, non English speakers, drivers who don t get out of his way [...]

    2. Blood, Sweat, and Tea Real Life Adventures in an Inner City Ambulance ReviewBook Rating 5 stars out of 5.Blog Posts 5 stars out of 5 I really enjoyed this book because I really learned how it is to work on an ambulance in London There are so many things that EMS people need to do that it s crazy I was also happy that I was able to understand a lot of the medical terms I ve always been interested in the medical field I felt really bad for the older people in this novel As I ve learned most of the [...]

    3. Disappointing Reading this book reminds me why I stopped reading his blog NHS employees LAS included are not paid to be judgemental, but Mr Kellett apparently missed that directive It s one thing to hold such negative views about, for example, somebody with alcoholism, but it s another thing entirely to blog and then ultimately publish them Disgraceful and unprofessional.

    4. interesting, funny blog book detailing the working of a London Ambulance worker as he blogs about his work and cases some of the cases you just have to laugh out loud at how stupid people can be.

    5. I will start by pointing out something that wasn t clear when I got this book it s a series of blog posts collated together into a book rather than the normal book I was expecting I will admit that this does give a good insight into the life of a paramedic but I spent a good proportion of the book wanting to give the author a serious shaking He comes across as incredibly arrogant and unprofessional, making comments about the patients he sees which would be inappropriate within a conversation bet [...]

    6. Great book, better than expected I found out there is a second book which I plan on acquiring This book was a whole range of emotions like riding a roller coaster or perhaps just like taking a ride in the back of an ambulance while going over several speed bumps It was at times touching and heartfelt, other times maddening, you can t help but get into it and there were some stories that I was laughing so hard I was crying All in all, it was a satisfying ride and read and I m glad I took the time [...]

    7. This was an interesting book about someone who is an EMT in the United Kingdom Prior to this, I had no clue the author had a blog and the book was basically his blog in published form Due to this, the stories were for the most part very short, some not even taking up an entire page, which occasionally left you wanting information about the incident Other than that it was a very interesting book, especially since I have family who works in the medical field or as EMT s and I enjoy listening to t [...]

    8. Tom Reynolds is a pseudonym for a current employee of the London Ambulance Service This is the published version of his blog which details some of the interesting or unusual aspects of his job Reading this you despair at the levels of insanity running through British society At times funny, others sad or poignant and sometimes downright bonkers, it s well worth reading even if you have no connection to the health service.

    9. Written on mobile, apologies for any mistakes I read Blood, Sweat and Tea back in 2012, two years after the second book in the series came out I recently came across it again on the Kindle Store, and unfortunately it s no longer free, but I remembered everything I loved about this book Blood, Sweat and Tea is a book from paramedic Tom Reynolds, going into detail about some of the patients he has seen over the years as an ambulance paramedic He covers the pains paramedics have to go through like [...]

    10. I ve been wanting to read this book for years It was the basis for one of my favourite TV shows of all time Channel 4 s Sirens , and also one of my guilty pleasures the bawdy US version and I d been meaning to pick the book up ever since I got addicted to the adaptations I never quite got around to it, though What can I say I m stingy.You can imagine, then, that when I was trawling for free e books to make up the figures on my 2015 Reading Challenge and saw that this particular book was among th [...]

    11. A book put together from Tom Reynold s blog where he writes as a London Ambulance Operative The entries are fairly short which makes this quite and easy read and you really get a feel for the kind of work that they do I do sometimes think he may well be holding back a little as there is a section where he explains the rules of bloging if you are bloging about your work It seems many people use the ambulance service as a materna taxi or for picking up alcoholics from the streets Some people reall [...]

    12. 3.5 5 This was an easy, and fascinating, read about the life of an ambulance officer in inner city London Although I knew it was excerpts from the author s blog going in, I have to admit it was the format of the book that ended up letting it down.Although little comments are made here and there usually added to the end of entries about how a certain story ended up, there is very little context and I still came away feeling I knew very little about the author What was his personal life like, bein [...]

    13. A quick, entertaining book, made fun to read thanks to the writer s conversational tone BLOOD, SWEAT TEA is a series of blog posts about daily life for a paramedic working in London, condensed into book format and with some additional commentary added in, in a bid to tell a wider story.The good stuff you learn a lot about what this kind of job entails There s a huge variety of jobs, from encounters with puking alcoholics to deathly ill children and much besides Understandably, Reynolds has a go [...]

    14. For a short while, I read the blog that this book emerged from, although I had never seen any of the posts that form the content here I stopped reading the site because I found it quite depressing, so I don t know why I thought the book would be any different.It is well written, and paints a great picture of life in a London ambulance as it turns out, that life is pretty grim I m no idiot, and know that people make life hard for the emergency services when they really should grow a brain and mov [...]

    15. Tom Reynolds is the pseudonym of a London paramedic who blogs about his job Blood, Sweat Tea is a lightly edited collection of blog entries and is a very interesting and often entertaining read This volume includes entries around the time of the 7 July 2005 bombings although the author wasn t involved onsite.Being a blog collection, it s a quick and very easy read of short chunks, and provides a genuine insight into the role of a frontline emergency worker It will probably reinforce your belief [...]

    16. This was quite an enjoyable quick read I m a regular blog reader, so I actively appreciate the format of blog entries, which made this easy to swallow I d never read this blog before, but I can see why it had has a huge readership The writer is good at making readers see just how working as a emergency services worker is And seeing as I know nothing about it, I thought it was a good introduction and not too gory, either return return I think there is something here, too, that is universal Most p [...]

    17. I thought this was a highly entertaining and humorous yet quite emotional and poignant look at the life if a British paramedic Tom Reynolds Brian Kellett wrote a blog about his experiences as a London paramedic This book is a selection of his blog posts Reading this really has opened my eyes to the reality of what these people go through on a daily basis, just as part of their jobs I personally can t speak highly enough of the paramedics that I ve encountered recently, my partner is having sever [...]

    18. An interesting insight into the life of a paramedic I enjoyed this book it was easy to read, written casually and had some humour alongside all of the tragedies Though it did feel rather repetitive at times, that s just what life in the LAS is like Though Reynolds is quite opinionated, I thankfully didn t find this annoying and he is quite likeable I am unsure how I feel about the format of the book as it was left much like it was written in his blog there wasn t anything wrong with this but it [...]

    19. Cheeky ambulance chappy writes a popular blog and it appears in print I enjoyed this as it was a view into a different but ordinary life Although there wasn t much personal stuff here, apart from the odd aside about the lack of a romantic liason or two, an impression was still given of the blogger that you could warm to His caring outlook was evident in many of the postings, that and the fact that he really wanted to provide a service Unfortunately he often found himself providing the wrong type [...]

    20. I love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVED this book.I m in the health field so this is right up my alley to begin with Add in the fact that the guy is British, and writes in the typical British language manner ex bloody hell, knackered, ect which I am a sucker for and this was a damn good book.I can t wait until my next paycheck so I can get More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea for my Nook.Apparently in addition to this book being based on a blog, which unfortunately, he has moved on [...]

    21. The author wrote this book based on his blog I have to say I have enjoyed reading it, is about his career with the LAS London Ambulance Service , and what he encounters on his shifts on a day to day basis, also his own health, there are many laughs, squirming sessions and angry parts to be read, not at the author but at what the general public pub the ambulance services through on a daily basis.Please take time to read both of Tom Reynolds books, based on his career and blog, if you are love you [...]

    22. A very interesting look at the life of an EMT in London Since the book is derived from the writer s blog, it has short story feel to it The writer and editors did a good job turning the blog into a book Tom Reynolds writing style is very descriptive and honest He does a good job conveying the best and the worst of his profession I ll have to pick up the sequel More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea.

    23. I would put this on a required reading list for schools And it d probably do grown ups a lot of good to read as well I wasn t sure I d be interested in a book about the ambulance service, but this collection of bite sized blog posts from a real life ambo is incredibly insightful, funny and moving I ve already bought the follow up.

    24. Couldn t get past the first few pages I appreciate this guy has a difficult job but I have never read such negative drivel in my life which also managed to be offensive towards several groups of people already before I put it down No thanks.

    25. My first experience of a cheapie kindle book that turned out to be better than most hardbacks.Don t let the fact that it is based on a blog put you off, many books have been written in this Tonight, this happened format and this one is excellent.

    26. I had anticipated that this would be an expansion of the blog, which I had read in bits and pieces online As it turns out, it is just the blog, printed and bound Annoying to say the least Still it s an enjoyable read, though not nearly as juicy on the whole as one might expect.

    27. I used to read this blog, so it was nice to see it in book form It really makes you respect the hard work that the ambulance service do.

    28. received as Christmas present this year Learned there are some right dumb clucks in the world, and also some really excellent human beings

    29. 3 1 2 stars This was one of the first kindle books I got I started reading it and enjoyed it, but then other books started to crowd in and I read it by fits and starts over the next years I decided I needed to finish it, so I did Blood, Sweat, and Tea does for English medicine, especially ambulance drivers, what James Herriot s books did for English vets Very engaging, these were blog posts that Tom Reynolds pulled together to make a fairly coherent narrative Reynolds states several times in the [...]

    30. A really interesting and, i suspect, accurate look into the London Ambulance Service The book is a selection of Reynolds blog posts, so some of them can be a bit samey However i found three stories to generally be a good balance of humour albeit dark and misanthropic to weigh out the inevitable sadness that comes in a book about a profession that deals with sick people and the dying I was particularly fascinated by the section on the 7 7 bombings, as it gave a view into a side of the story that [...]

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