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News of the Spirit By Lee Smith,

  • Title: News of the Spirit
  • Author: Lee Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times bestselling author Lee Smith offers her signature mix of wit and heartbreak, as well as her unerring ear for the lyrical and the down and dirty, Atlanta Journal Constitution in this superb collection of stories.
    News of the Spirit New York Times bestselling author Lee Smith offers her signature mix of wit and heartbreak as well as her unerring ear for the lyrical and the down and dirty Atlanta Journal Constitution in this sup

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    1. Argh, I hate rating short story collections Just by virtue of them being a collection, it s almost a given that there will be some stories that appeal than others, and which ones appeal at any given time can depend on something as fickle as the reader s mood Also, I have this outdated idea that a short story should have the same arc as longer works conflict, climax, resolution So many of them feel like random scenes or character sketches In any event, I do like Lee Smith s writing style and ho [...]

    2. Lee Smith is a wonderful Southern writer who really gets into the heart of character She brings the characters to life for a brief time and we get a glimpse into their lives Family and how people find their place in the world, seem to be themes of these stories There are so many good stories in this book, that it would be hard for me to pick just one, but I especially loved The Happy Memories Club, about a spunky little old woman in a retirement home who is determined to live out her life doing [...]

    3. Lee Smith is the quintessential teller of short stories She is able to paint stories of characters during turning points in their lives that seem to touch at the inner soul of its reader In this collection of six stories we travel through such lives as love touches them in all of it queer dimensions Is it that we may see a small part of ourselves, rather good or bad that seem to keep us turning each page Maybe, but no matter what part of my inner being Lee Smith touches with her stories I am una [...]

    4. I found this while trying to whittle down my huge pile of unread books I m not big on short stories, so I was curious as to why I bought it, but thought I would give it a perfunctory glance before it went on the donate stack And I kept reading I liked some stories better than others, of course, The Bubba Stories and Live Bottomless being my favorites Quirky Southern is a genre that can get very ridiculous very fast, but these stories don t cross that line Sot bad.

    5. Pieces of this book had such potential but each short story seemed to just end without really developing the entire story Another Good Reads friend said that maybe they just didn t like short stories I think the biggest problem here was that the stories and the characters in them didn t differentiate enough from one to the next so I found myself getting mixed up between stories Why didn t she just make a composite character and write one story

    6. Lee Smith is one of my favorite authors, and this short story book really showcases the reasons why She takes deceptively simple things and makes them profound, in my opinion Although her settings are in the south, and her characters are primarily women in small towns, she never falls into the annoyingly cliched southern chick lit genre This is literary fiction, and it will make an impression, if it s your kind of thing.

    7. Some of the stories were great, I particularly liked Live Bottomless My only complaint is that it seemed that a lot of the same type of character showed up in several stories the distant or mentally unstable but beautiful mother and the spunky daughter among them But they were all quick, fairly engaging reads that I enjoyed.

    8. Another of my fav southern authors Some of these stories are like little movies in your mind when you read them A great diversion from my studies during school, when I couldn t commit to a full book read.

    9. I love Lee Smith s characters, for all their faults, and the way she can worm them into my heart I don t normally enjoy short stories, because I never feel like I m given enough, but Ms Smith was able to write each story perfectly.

    10. Maybe I just don t like short stories, but I thought these were not very interesting I liked the other book I ve read by Lee Smith, Saving Grace, much .

    11. Read these stories for my writing class Some I adored and some left me underwhelmed But as a whole, a good collection.

    12. I know an adult book crazy I forgot how much I loved a short stories and b Lee Smith This book completely sucked me in and each story was magical in its own way She s also HILARIOUS.

    13. I can t wait to read Lee Smith s new book of short stories She is coming to Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh late March.

    14. Some of these short stories were better than others, of course but all of them were interesting in their own ways.

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