UNLIMITED PDF ☆ Charles Beaumont: Selected Stories - by Charles Beaumont Roger Anker

Charles Beaumont: Selected Stories By Charles Beaumont Roger Anker,

  • Title: Charles Beaumont: Selected Stories
  • Author: Charles Beaumont Roger Anker
  • ISBN: 9780913165232
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The definitive collection of tales by the award winning horror writer includes such classics as The Hunger, Miss Genibelle, and Free Dirt, and features introductions by Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Roger Corman, and others Reprint.Contents The Vanishing American 1955 Appointment with Eddie 1988 Mourning Song 1963 Gentlemen, Be Seated 1960 Last RitThe definitive collection of tales by the award winning horror writer includes such classics as The Hunger, Miss Genibelle, and Free Dirt, and features introductions by Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Roger Corman, and others Reprint.Contents The Vanishing American 1955 Appointment with Eddie 1988 Mourning Song 1963 Gentlemen, Be Seated 1960 Last Rites 1955 Miss Gentilbelle 1957 Place of Meeting 1953 The Devil, You Say 1951 Free Dirt 1955 Song for a Lady 1960 The Howling Man 1959 The Dark Music 1956 The Magic Man 1960 Fair Lady 1957 A Point of Honor 1955 The Hunger 1955 Black Country 1954 The Jungle 1954 The New People 1958 Perchance to Dream 1958 The Crooked Man 1955 Blood Brother 1961 A Death in the Country 1957 The Music of the Yellow Brass 1959 Night Ride 1957 The Intruder Chapter 10 excerpt 1988 The Crime of Willie Washington 1988 The Man with the Crooked Nose 1988 The Carnival 1988 To Hell with Claude 1988 with Chad Oliver
    Charles Beaumont Selected Stories The definitive collection of tales by the award winning horror writer includes such classics as The Hunger Miss Genibelle and Free Dirt and features introductions by Robert Bloch Ray Bradbury Har

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    1. Charles Beaumont was one of the best horror writers in the fifties and sixties, equaling the impact of Robert Bloch and Richard Matheson His writings can be most accurately compared in style to Ray Bradbury Unfortunately he was also burdened with a Alzheimer s like disease which killed him at the age of 37 While his potential was probably never realized, he did leave us with many excellent short stories of which the best are collected in this excellent and beautiful book released by Dark Harvest [...]

    2. Charles Beaumont was one of the best writers of the 50 s and 60 s Beaumont ranks with the likes of Ray Bradbury and Richard Matheson I first ran into the name of Charles Beaumont, watching episodes of The Twilight Zone Charles Beaumont had written many scripts for Rod Serling I did not know much about Beaumont, until I read Selected Stories The stories in this collection were both chilling and well written A few of my favorite stories are, Miss Gentibelle, The Howling Man and Last Rites Each sto [...]

    3. An very nice collection of Beaumont s short stories A few seem a little dated, but most struck me as quite bold considering they were written in the 50 s and 60 s All of them are remarkably original and diverse In Miss Gentilbelle , a deranged mother rivalling Mrs Bates not only kills her son s pets, but dresses him as a girl The Devil, You Say is a wonderful, light hearted tale of a small town newspaperman who makes a deal with a charming Satan Hilarity ensues, when the news become reality rath [...]

    4. People.Regular, real people Small people Common people grappling with life That s what makes Beaumont s work so striking Yes, a matchless imagination An ability to swing from quiet horror to science fiction to bizarre what genre is this to literary fiction But at the root people A tired stock car driver living from track to track Desperate and sad jazz musicians I can t even begin to explain the magic that Beaumont weaves Genre fiction truly lost someone early when he left us.I wish I could give [...]

    5. Charles Beaumont was the father of modern horror, in my opinion Sadly, he is beginning to fade from the awareness of even discerning horror aficionados This book is alarmingly difficult to get hold of, but my good friend and cousin in law Al lent it to me with the promise that it would keep me up all night, every night until I was finished reading it How right he was The stories contained in The Howling Man are not simply gratuitous and disturbing That would be too easy The subtle terrors of od [...]

    6. Fantastic short story collection I have been after this paperback for years and my boyfriend finally found it for my nook As writer of some of the best loved Twilight Zone episodes, you know you are in for a treat when you read Charles Beaumont You get a bit of horror, a bit of mystery, a bit of fantasy and a bit of sci fi A great eclectic mix but despite the shining charm of the stories are the introductions to each story by famed writers and friends of Mr Beaumont I had not known much about hi [...]

    7. Read this book of creepy and thought provoking short stories originally at age 12 and gave myself the heebie jeebies for weeks I read them again as an adult and the quality of the stories and the scares definitely holds up Beaumont is a master of his craft and deserves to be remembered for his prose writing ability, not just his work for television.

    8. This man knows how to write a story Some of the stories are disturbing, Others are thought provoking, sad, scary etc You never know what you are going to get with each one A couple of the stories I didn t get Probably went right over my head Beaumont has a way with words, thats for sure Some of these will stick with you long after you ve done the book.

    9. this book has differnt stories of charles beaumont talesarles is the winner of the bram stoker award he really has an extraordinary imagination the howling man is the definitive collection of beaumonts most haunting work.

    10. Being a twilight zone fan this is admittedly biased If you research him he became a character like his own stories Underrated in my opinion but what s that Scary, close to home, and really just honest Give a couple a try.

    11. This is one of two books I read at least once a year the other being Ray Bradbury s The October Country If you are a short story fan you can t do much better than this book.

    12. My first experience with the written work of Charles Beaumont, and what a revelation this is This anthology from Tor is chock full of every story that made Beaumont the legend that he is, from the disturbing creep of Ms Gentibelle to the spiritual horrors of The Howling Man, and even showing a propensity for satire, as in the howler of a story To Hell with Claude, and even straight drama, as in the excerpt from his only novel, The Intruder His stories are full of wit, excitement, fear, beautiful [...]

    13. This is one of the best short story collections I have ever read To keep it short If you like The Twilight Zone, you will love The Howling Man Not all of the stories are science fiction or mystery, but as I read through each story I kept thinking to myself Man this would have been an awesome Twilight Zone episode Even if you don t like The Twilight Zone you should still check this out because these are amazing stories that were obviously given a great deal of editing and rewriting to ensure qual [...]

    14. I read this quite a while ago, so I m not going to give a direct review of each story I m also going to keep this short.For those who don t remember Beaumont s name, he was one of the original Twilight Zone writers The Howling Man or The Collected Stories of Charles Beaumont, as it was known in hardcover is probably the best single author short story collection I ve ever read This was a tribute book Each story was selected and introduced by one of his friends, many of them writers Many of them a [...]

    15. Three stories in particular soared to considerable heights of eloquence The Howling Man and the two Jazzmen offerings, Black Country and Night Ride although the latter did resort to rather a sentimental take on Tortured Artists and all of that business Indeed, it would ve been nice to see a novel from Beaumont in that elevated and downright Lord Buckleyesque style Also, Appointment With Eddie was a truly hilarious sendup of status consciousness one of the funniest and most pungent efforts along [...]

    16. Do you recognized the names Richard Matheson and Rod Serling I bet you do not know Charles Beaumont, which is a shame because he was worlds better than either of them and that says something because I am a huge fan of both Time forgot Charles Beaumont and that is shame because this taste of his work is not enough The book is named after the famous Twilight Zone episode he wrote There is not a miss among the stories and many you will recognize So sit back and enjoy a true master at his craft.

    17. My favorite short story collection from my all time favorite author I could babble on ad nauseum about Beaumont, about The Howling Man , The Jungle , and my favorite short story full stop in the chilling Miss Gentilbelle but that would waste precious minutes you could better spend diving into the macabre world of a writer who died far, far too young A hard book to find but one that will reward you with every page.

    18. An excellent collection of stories Even though they were written 50 years ago, the stories still stay relevant Loved some of them tremendouslyothers not so much Nevertheless, overall I enjoyed the book enough to give it a 3 star rating For fans of the original Twilight Zone, this is material that you ll love.

    19. Free Dirt entertaining story, illusion or delusion Night Rider Sad and goodCrooked Man Interesting premise, story was eh, but still well writtenand I also read the short the beautiful people, which was funny because the word beautiful starts out with the same letters as his name, and that made me smile.

    20. Great best of collection for a man whose career was cut tragically short Classic stories include The Howling Man, Perchance to Dream and Black Country Interspersed with recollections from his friends and other writers who count him as an influence.

    21. If you like The Twilight Zone, then you ll love this book Charles Beaumont along with Richard Matheson wrote many of the best episodes.

    22. An amazing collection by a writer of immense talent After reading some of the stories, I d just sit there and wonder how he had pulled that off Highly recommended.

    23. This book has the greatest short stories in it I just loved this book Talented writer and amazing and creative stories

    24. I m only 3 stories in I can t believe I ve waited this long to start reading the one only charles Beaumont.

    25. If you like short stories of the Twilight Zone type genre, you ll love this book An amazing author who was taken from us way too soon Just an awesome book that I ll keep and treasure.

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