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Santa and the Border Collie By Angelo Dirks Leland Dirks,

  • Title: Santa and the Border Collie
  • Author: Angelo Dirks Leland Dirks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A homeless boy and his dog meet a man named Nick Claus in Seattle Before the season is over, each of them experiences a little Christmas magic This short story approximately 5,000 words captures a story of canine love and human caring.
    Santa and the Border Collie A homeless boy and his dog meet a man named Nick Claus in Seattle Before the season is over each of them experiences a little Christmas magic This short story approximately words captures a sto

    One thought on “Santa and the Border Collie”

    1. Damn, I wish I could write holiday stories like this Nice, neat, kind hearted Mine all end up being like something Bill Shatner saw on the wing in The Twilight Zone This is yet again another well written and finely crafted story from Leland and Angelo Dirks If there is a writing style that any indie writer should want to aspire to, Leland Dirks has got to be in the top five I have yet to be disappointed on any level with this wordsmith No wait, I have been disappointed Several times The stories [...]

    2. I have read all of Leland and Angelo s books and have never been disappointed Santa and the Border Collie ranks up there as one of my favorites The story is sweet, sentimental and leaves the reader with a big smile Everyone should love it.

    3. Reading A Christmas Story in July Is Wonderful This is a short story, which will warm your heart and put a smile on your face The busiest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, a volunteer Santa is dressed in his cheery garments with his bell and donation kettle This year his station is outside the Seattle Art Museum The Security guard checks his ID and can t believe Santa s name on his driver s license is Nicholas Claus Since he s early for his shift, he observes the many people [...]

    4. Santa and the Border Collie by Leland Dirks is a heartwarming, moving, emotional holiday story about a boy and his dog and of course Santa This is a sentimental tale that I read in no time at all, wanting to know where this would lead.The author has a way with words but not only that he has a way of telling a story that pulls at you and grabs your attention This was truly written with love and passion There is no doubt.Santa and the Border Collie is a beautiful little story that touches the huma [...]

    5. There is no finer character to demonstrate the spirit of compassion, love, and Christmas than a dog, in this case Sam This is a perfect short story for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or any time of the year when one wants to remind his herself of the most important things in life not material wealth, selfishness, or greed, but those of sensitivity, sympathy, compassion, and love Thank you.

    6. A volunteer Santa notices a teen, with his dog, setting up a spot to accept donations, across the street from his designated corner It makes him sad to see the sign the boy has put out that asked for help feeding him and his dog When the boy did get a donation, he would sing a beautiful Christmas song as a thank you Santa introduced himself to the boy and dog, they became friends of sorts.This is a wonderful story reminding us that life can be hard but if we keep pushing on, we can get through a [...]

    7. Perfect story while taking a break from this year s holiday prep Lovely story about living with spirit in our hearts canine angels at our sides Thank you for the fun fiction break.

    8. Short and sweetGreat short story, would be a great read for young readers Of course anything with a Border Collie is great

    9. Short and joyfulWritten with descriptive text and a wonderful storyline I will gladly recommend this to others and may use the book as a Christmas gift

    10. Great Christmas story.Loved this book Beautiful Christmas story You might need some kleenex, however Perfect to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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