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Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick By Matt Fraction Chip Zdarsky,

  • Title: Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick
  • Author: Matt Fraction Chip Zdarsky
  • ISBN: 9781607069461
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Suzie s just a regular gal with an irregular gift when she has sex, she stops time One day she meets Jon and it turns out he has the same ability And sooner or later they get around to using their gifts to do what we d ALL do rob a couple banks A bawdy and brazen sex comedy for comics begins here Collecting Sex Criminals 1 5
    Sex Criminals Vol One Weird Trick Suzie s just a regular gal with an irregular gift when she has sex she stops time One day she meets Jon and it turns out he has the same ability And sooner or later they get around to using their gif

    One thought on “Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick”

    1. More like 3.5 stars I thought the concept was really cool and interesting, and I loved the art style, but I wasn t a huge fan of the characters I didn t dislike them, I just didn t particularly like them I am still interested in continuing this series though, because I did enjoy it, and I do really want to see what else happens with this premise.

    2. This wasdifferent.It starts out like this coming of age story about the first time Suzie cleaned her fur coat But.Unlike the rest of us, she didn t just twitch and sigh.Time stopped.Of course, she assumes that s what happens to everyone when they rub one out, and spends a good portion of her adolescence trying to figure out how to delicately ask someone else how the whole clam digging time stopping thing works.Awkward.By the time little Suzie grows up, she s finally figured out that this isn t w [...]

    3. I just feel like laughing right now Although, not because what I just read was completely ridiculous In the contrary, I m surprised I didn t find it ridiculous at all Sure, it s a bit strange, but fun, fun, fun Plus, even though it may contain humour and some crazy passages, it is pretty serious in a way It wasn t written to be read with the attention you watch a parody.It s easy to like the main character We see her as a kid, teen and then slowly becoming a woman She changes of personality pret [...]

    4. Reread August 2016I reread this because I got volume 2 and wanted a refresher on what happens in this one, and it was still hilarious and entertaining I love how this book isn t afraid to break the fourth wall, and the sex positivity in this was super refreshing and at times, hilarious July 20154.5 starsThis was hilarious in the most interesting way Very different, very weird, very uncomfortable at times, but very well done.

    5. Come and read it This TPB edition collects the comic book Sex Criminals 1 5, along with extra section of behind the scenes stuff including a cover gallery.Creative Team Writer Matt FractionIllustrator Chip ZdarskyGETTIN DOWN TO ITThere were others after Craig, I m not a nun.I noticed that this comic book Sex Criminals was quite popular and good rated, so while I haven t a clue about what was about, since I found it in my local comic book store, I thought giving it a chance to the first TPB.Certa [...]

    6. Hey guys, so let s talk about sex for a minute And that s not just me wanting to talk about sex, that s me saying, hey let s talk about this book, which conveniently grants me a license to be slightly inappropriate in this review Not that I need a license or anything, but I try to keep it toned to a respectable level since I m about 70% sure my mom reads my reviews I digress Every once in a while, I read something so far removed from what I usually read like total extreme and it s always fascina [...]

    7. Yeah That title got my attention too I picked this up because Matt Fraction wrote it, and he s impressed me so far with most everything he s done Plus the book came highly recommended Bizzare concept Imagine if you could stop time when you had an orgasm That s it Run with it It s like a porno version of a classic twilight zone episode The comic is than just clever though It s good in pretty much every respect The only downside It s hard to read this one in public without looking like a pervert [...]

    8. So the premise made me laugh, the art is totally gorgeous, I like the fast paced dialogue and how the characters interact, but if you think it s sex positive then you re doing sex positive wrong.The scene that made me dislike this book is when Suzie is looking up Jon s favourite porn star, Jazmine St Cocaine, on the internet She says, It doesn t say which of her uncles touched her , implying that all sex workers must get into the job because they ve been abused in the past, which is such a tired [...]

    9. INT JOE S APARTMENT NIGHTA man in his mid 40s let s call him Joe stands over the stove putting out a fire cooking dinner from a recipe for chicken afritada he learned an hour ago He glances over at a guest in the living room A female in her late 30s let s call her Rosario Dawson hasn t taken her flats off She circles the apartment and studies it as if seeing everything for the first time Her gaze falls onto the bookshelf that takes up an entire wallSARIO Have you actually read all of these books [...]

    10. Well, here s that crappy review I said was coming hehe, get it So, I was searching for images from this volume to post and everything that came up was either pornographic or raunchier than an Andrew Dice Clay standup act.You had forgotten all about him, huh He actually sounds kind of tame these days No, he does not make an appearance I digress.Suzie and Jon meet at a party and proceed to get their breedlery on, when they discover they have a SUPERPOWER every time they orgasm, they STOP TIME I co [...]

    11. Actual rating 2.5 stars.Ugh The dreaded meh review.So We all know why I read this right Anna said Suze and Jon can freeze time when they re having sex and I said my reputation is ruined anyway, I might as well add this You ll have to agree that this is a great premise I mean, even if you re not into the whole sex with view spoiler or without hide spoiler a purpose thing if you don t know what that is, just ask Liz, she ll be than happy to enlighten you , you ll have to admit it s a pretty origi [...]

    12. This book gives you the sex education your school system failed to do, including not to slut shame and rape This is an important book.I did a thing SEX CRIMINALS AND SEX EDUCATION IN AMERICA DISCUSSION

    13. Long before the middle of the book I was and you will be too deeply in love with Suzie and Jon the titular Sex Criminals and their story, but it was the middle of the book when Suzie jumped up on the pool table to belt out Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen that I realised I was reading a completely new kind of comic I d never read before As soon as Suzie opens her mouth, the lyrics are blocked out by captions from Matt Fraction explaining why they couldn t reprint the Queen lyrics because certain thin [...]

    14. This was hilarious I have a crush on Jon and Suzie is so snarky and sassy, she s one of my favorite female characters now I can t wait to get the second volume.

    15. Suze and Jon can freeze time when they re having sex Quite a cool trick right First of all, I can t deny that some parts just didn t work for me not because there s too much sex, I mean, hey, the book s named Sex criminals so I had some clues that it would contain sex scenes While I m talking about it, I feel the urge to point that yes, there are a lot of sex in it and that s not for everyone But that s not porn sex criminals , remember The problem is that I often found myself not fully invested [...]

    16. 2016 AtY Reading Challenge A book you re embarrassed to read in public not really but it s the only one I have with sex in the title 3.5 stars I ve been wanting to read Sex Criminal since forever, I really can t say specifically why.Maybe it s because I have sex on my mind quite a lot I got the italian edition and I really wished I didn t because the translation sucks pretty hard.The first volume introduces us to Suzie, who can stop time when she has sex The narration in her POV was done really [...]

    17. RATING This was a real fucked up graphic novel I don t think I ve read anything like it I thought Saga was weird, but this is even weird.But this book was so much fun to read.The characters were hilarious The instances that they have gone through were just too funny I loved it.For those of you that had sex, does time stop when you orgasm For Suzie and Jon, this was the case Time stops when they get to that big O And for a time, it was fun They did things they think no one would ever find out.Bu [...]

    18. 3.5 This was a very interesting graphic novel, but I wish there had been on the whole CRIME aspect of the story You get to see a bit of it, but not much The way the story jumped back and forth was cool though, so you get to see bits from the future as well as what s happening in the present part of the story.I m intrigued and I d like to read

    19. I was really surprised by how much I liked this, since it had so many factors working against it First, it s pretty weird to carry around a book that says Sex Criminals on the front, especially when your main reading time is on public transportation I ended up with a sticky note accidentally over the title Secondly, there s no way around it though I really don t believe this is explicit than any other graphic novel I ve read recently I m looking at you, Saga, Volume 4 , sex is still a key plot [...]

    20. Well, who knew sex could be so hilarious Sex Criminals is one of the most bizarre and brilliant graphic novels I have ever read The plot centres around two individuals, Suzie and Jon, who find that their orgasms give them the ability to stop time Yes You read that right They have sex and STOP FRIGGIN TIME I told you it was bizarre.And yet brilliant, too Despite the eccentricities of the plot, it had quite a straight forward storyline What made it alluring was the non linear narrative segments f [...]

    21. This is the kind of book that s pretty mandatory to read in a physical form, if only to read it in a public place and have the decent people of the world give you weird glances after they look twice at the title.The book s concept leaves room for so many possibilities and loads of entertainment Jon and Suzie are a young, everyday couple, but they both share one special gift they have time stopping orgasms No really, they literally stop time during the cum down after sex So once they hook up, the [...]

    22. For some reason I didn t expect it to be QUITE that graphic I probably should have guessed given the title and all LOVED IT though So funny, great artwork and totally unlike anything I ve ever read Time stops when they, uh, climax so they decide to rob a bank Obvs.The only teensy problem I have with it is that I m not really feeling the main characters, but hopefully that ll change as I work through the series.

    23. Matt Fraction dedicates this series to anyone who s ever rubbed one out for the first time and the first issue opens with a couple having sex in the washroom, with the narrator, Suzanne, offering to explain and asking you not to judge By way of explanation, she starts with her past and the death of her father, a seemingly random victim of a gun toting rampage Her mother sinks into a life of tears and drink and Suzanne finds the only escape is underwater in the bathtub One day, during her moments [...]

    24. Well Sex Criminals is certainly a wonderfully unique concept, entertaining, a little bit funny and even a little bit sexy, without being smutty or controversial Suzie is a librarian who during puberty stumbled, in a carpet burn free fashion on the fact that when she has an orgasm, time stands still and she can explore away while everyone around is a wax work dummy This is quite a trick and I m thinking immediately of what I d get up to if everything s frozen, yep I m thinking of all the shit I c [...]

    25. The premise of this series pokes fun at but also celebrates a lot of things regarding sex and the relationships that develop around it, both platonic and romantic Every human interaction is transactional after all, most notably when the business of doing it is concerned With the chemical tandem of writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarksy, Sex Criminals is a real crazy romp in the sheets that manages a feat like no other it examines the troubles of relationship building and intimacy in a way [...]

    26. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.I liked this volume much than I expected I had very high expectations which made me sure I would be disappointed I was not It was really interesting, funny and original.I do not know whether it was a good or a bad idea, but I read Just the Tips by Fraction and Zdarsky before I did Sex Criminals and Just the Tips was basically all of the sex jokes and pictures from Sex Criminals in a separate book Therefore, I was not spectacularly surprised or shocked by [...]

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