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The Merry Devils By Edward Marston,

  • Title: The Merry Devils
  • Author: Edward Marston
  • ISBN: 9780449218808
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Bookholder Nicholas Bracewell, fresh from his triumph holding together his volatile players company during a treasonous plot against Queen Elizabeth, is set to make the galleries of The Queen s Head ring with laughter with a new comedy, The Merry Devils The lugubrious landlord is sure mischief will result Nicholas sees only a harmless comedy that will not summon up reBookholder Nicholas Bracewell, fresh from his triumph holding together his volatile players company during a treasonous plot against Queen Elizabeth, is set to make the galleries of The Queen s Head ring with laughter with a new comedy, The Merry Devils The lugubrious landlord is sure mischief will result Nicholas sees only a harmless comedy that will not summon up real devils, but two actors adept at tumbling How then, during the crucial scene, do three devils appear on stage, one looking disturbingly real And what of the deviltry that follows One imp, in fact, soon lies dead beneath the stage The author s knowledge of Elizabethan statecraft and his deep affection for the period show in every word.
    The Merry Devils Bookholder Nicholas Bracewell fresh from his triumph holding together his volatile players company during a treasonous plot against Queen Elizabeth is set to make the galleries of The Queen s Head r

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    1. First Sentence London was the capital city of noise, a vibrant, volatile place, surging with life and clamorous with purpose.Lord Westfield s Men, an Elizabethan acting company, is presenting a new play, The Merry Devils Contrary to the stage direction of book holder, Nicholas Bracewell, a third devil appears when the scene only calls for two Upon the second presentation, Bracewell decides to have there be three devils, but only two appear The third is found dead under the stage Threats increase [...]

    2. An excellent series, well researched so it takes you into Elizabethan England and the heady world of theatre Amusing, entertaining, and gripping, I enjoyed it immensely The characters are fun, and Nick Bracewell is the ideal bookholder for the company The book explores the difficulties facing theatre companies at this time, as well as the treatment of those with mental illness It isn t essential to read this series in order, each story stands well by itself I shall certainly be looking for

    3. Having just discovered author Edward Marston s delightful series of murder mysteries set in Elizabethan times, I can t wait to read another Nicholas Bracewell adventure Witty, insightful and full of wonderful red herrings, this novel deals with the creation of a new play, The Merry Devils, to be performed by Lord Westfield s men, a group of actors and playwrights working the various theatres located on the edge of the City of London They perform at taverns and inns, and on the stages of newly cr [...]

    4. The second volume of the Bracewell mysteries is very much the mixture as before The familiar figures of the Earl of Westfield s players, presided over by the calm and commanding presence of Nick Bracewell, encounter a series of baffling events that threaten their livelihood Our hero s wit, persistence and fortitude allow him to engineer the obligatory happy ending, though not without some blood letting on the mean streets of Elizabethan London.The merry devils of the title are characters in a pl [...]

    5. Nicholas Bracewell puts on a performance of The Merry Devils by Lord Westfield s Players but while the audience are enjoying an amusing production, a third imp, rather than the two that were expected, appears on the stage It is a horrifying moment but the leading actor covers it up for the audience so that they are unaware that anything has gone wrong.However, there are unsettling after effects of the action and at a later production only one devil appears the other lying dead beneath the stage [...]

    6. This is my favorite Edward Marston book It is a fast paced mystery full of excellent Elizabethan theater detail I had the privilege of meeting Marston in London a couple of years ago and listening to him speak about his books.As a mystery, this has much to recommend There is the possibility of the supernatural, always a good addition to anything from this period and among actors Plus, any student of Shakespeare will delight in learning about the period and the theater of his time This takes the [...]

    7. This is a short, quick read just over 200 paperback pages It s a mystery, but not amurder mystery There s a cast of many characters various ones doing various badthings to other characters The plot is devious complex it comes together in thelast few pages.The setting is as interesting as the plot Thetime is Elizabethan, the place is London We learn a lot about playhouses, the presentationof plays, the special effects available,etc.We also learn some about the Puritan objectionto playhouses, abou [...]

    8. This is the second in the series I liked the overall mystery it wasn t obvious who was causing such havoc in the company s productions As before, Marston does a good job of evoking the time period and sharing details However, I think Nicholas Bracewell could use some fleshing out There are only hints, the biggest of which are that he is secretive, which isn t that helpful There was also a very puzzling plot twist, when Ralph Willoughby immolates himself at the end It made no sense, and there was [...]

    9. It took me a while to get into this one, so how come I have rated it Once the characters had been established, the story kept my attention because of the swift changes in focus between several different scenes.It seemed likely that these different strands within the story would eventually come together, but the way the author kept the identity of the real villain hidden was very good.I ended up liking this even than, The Queens Head, the first book in the Bracewell Mystery Series.

    10. I was surprised to find that this book in the series didn t actually involve a murder as such, nonetheless it was still an intriguing mystery and worth a read I particularly liked the insight into how superstitious people were in Elizabethan times However the book lost a star because i felt the ending, where all the mysteries are pretty much revealed all at once, seemed a bit rushed It was almost as if the author had been given a set number of pages for his book and found he suddenly had to reve [...]

    11. This second book in the Nicholas Bracewell series is less satisfying than the first While the theater scenes again are wonderful, the style of the writing is a bit jumpy While all of the story lines get wrapped up in the final pages, there is too much for me jumping back and forth between them Here we have the sub plot of the clash between the Puritans and those who enjoy theater as well as the use of magic and the appearance of devils By about 1650 the Puritans will have shut down nearly all th [...]

    12. Review I didn t enjoy this as much as the first one for me the idea of devilry and witchcraft seems silly today, but I understand how much it exercised the people in Elizabethan times It is again about corruption and trying to better each other, but with a satanic twist which makes it seem fresher.Genre Historical Crime MysteryCharacters Nicholas Bracewell Lawrence Firethorn Edmund Hoode George Dart Richard Honeydew Anne Hendrik Margery FirethornSetting London England Series Nicholas Bracewell 2 [...]

    13. I actually really enjoyed this book It was full of mystery and history my two favourite subjects It gave me a real sense of what London was like at the times and I felt like I got to know the characters quite well The only real downside to the book was that there was always quite a lot going on all the time and I occasionally got a little bit confused, other than that it was a nice quick read in which I didn t guess the ending.

    14. The Merry Devils by Edward Marston3 out of 5 for this bookI liked it but did not love it, it was to easy to put down and to hard to pick up again I have read the railway detective books by Edward Marston and loved them.I was looking fwd to the books but something was missing, don t really know what it is but it is missing.

    15. I read the first book in this series a year and a half ago and did not particularly enjoy it, so I dropped the series I then read the entire Christopher Redmayne series and loved it, so I thought I d give Nicholas Bracewell a second try I wasn t impressed and will probably not try the third book in the series.

    16. What happens when an unexpected supernatural guest shows up on the stage of a play in Elizabethan England I was confused at the beginning of this book because there is a large cast of characters, and they are all introduced at the same time once I got the characters straight in my head I think I found this mystery enjoyable.

    17. Better than the first in my opinion, in the main because it stuck to the mystery plot rather than seeming to forget about it half the time Again, it doesn t match up to some of the greats but it a fun, frothy read especially for those with an interest in the era or the theatre.

    18. Hmm, i m not really sure what to make of this book Whilst I really enjoyed the first Bracewell book, I was disappointed with this book The plot seemed to drag on until the last 40 pages when all the action seemed to happen Hopefully the next book in the series will be better.

    19. Like his others, set in Elizabethan London and concerning a troupe of actors whose most recent play seems to bring out the real devil every time its performed We get to see the inside of prison and Bedlam hospital.

    20. Fast paced, final reason thin, side plot better, bit annoyed by explanation of historical details that I already knew, slowed things down even if I hadn t known them, wouldn t have stopped my understanding the plot.

    21. I enjoyed this book It s a good yarn, well plotted and unpretentious It s not at all long winded indeed, in places, especially at the end, it s so brief it s almost like a summary But I enjoyed it.

    22. Loved the Restoration Series by Edward Marston and the first book in this series was OK but this I nearly gave up on it as it just never seemed to really go anywhere The ending seemed like you ve reached the word limit finish it than a planned ending Really disappointing O

    23. Quite an amusing comedy with a wonderful twist I did not foresee There is something lacking, though, and I m not quite sure what.

    24. Yet another pacy, thrilling and interesting mystery from Edward Marston I really enjoyed this novel, and the I did not see the plot twist with Grace Napier Can t wait to dive into book 3

    25. Okay plot, interesting details Decent start to the Nicolas Bracewell series Fortunately the stories get better, the characters rounded and interesting.

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