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BRAINWASHED, Killer Thrillers Series, Book #1 By RuthHarris Michael Harris,

  • Title: BRAINWASHED, Killer Thrillers Series, Book #1
  • Author: RuthHarris Michael Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    BRAINWASHED Killer Thrillers Series Book None

    One thought on “BRAINWASHED, Killer Thrillers Series, Book #1”

    1. The way Brainwashed has been written, you ll feel as if you ve been injected with the ultimate rush This a fast read no words spared an intense story that commingles with fiction and reality Many authors have written stories of CIA covert and espionage operations, but the authors have taken a different angle a story inspired by dangerous experiments used on humans in a bid to create super soldiers You can expect all the ingredients of a thriller and So, if you re looking for an intelligent thri [...]

    2. This book was not really worth the time I spent reading it There were continuity problems from the beginning At times I felt like I was reading a book written by a high school kid There was no real character development and it simply wasn t realistic.

    3. The premise of this book is enjoyable exploring how an intense psychological experiment can have lasting effects on a person However, my main issue with this book is pacing There are quite a few characters introduced throughout this book though many of them are only present for a couple of pages , and it seems to jump around a lot This might, however, have to do with the formatting of the eBook Paragraphs are not always marked by an indentation, and there are no spaces between them, making it ea [...]

    4. Brainwashed is like a historical documentaryI don t enjoy historical novels or documentaries in print I can t seem to stay interested This novel to me was somewhat like a historical documentary as it was based on some actual happenings If you enjoy that type of novel, you might enjoy Brainwashed.

    5. You won t fall asleep reading this bookThis is a psychological thriller It s about mind control The characters are engaging, the plot is fast pacedand allows you to suspend reality enough to enjoy it.

    6. The CIA, looking for super soldiers, were funding psychological research on college student volunteers A decade later they started dying in very odd circumstances.

    7. Worth the quick read I was confused at first but kept plugging away at the chapters Once I got the characters straight, I enjoyed the book.

    8. Riveting interesting and challengingOther created a realistic view of Mind Control and can t see how effective it could be getting information from criminals

    9. I never thought an author could be short on descriptive words until this book Reads like a screenplay than a book and not a good one.

    10. The read was painful, and I really only give the book a 1 2 Had the author used the phrase Lullaby Room less frequently the book would have been reduced by a third.

    11. A thrilling story from beginning to end The fact that it s based on true events makes it that much scarier and a page turner you won t want to put down.

    12. A real scary treat of psycho babble.Don t know how to evaluate this one Sort of weird conspiracy with all kinds of bad guys interacting to do evil things Good read.

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