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To Woo A Warrior By Jane Cousins,

  • Title: To Woo A Warrior
  • Author: Jane Cousins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was common knowledge that Hadleigh Valhalla was a complete failure when it came to men Too blood thirsty Too tall at 6.6ft and without a coy bone in her too voluptuous body If there had been a fun, flirty and feminine test she would have failed it hands down Thankfully she was much suited to her role as an Enforcer, protecting her magically enhanced eccentricIt was common knowledge that Hadleigh Valhalla was a complete failure when it came to men Too blood thirsty Too tall at 6.6ft and without a coy bone in her too voluptuous body If there had been a fun, flirty and feminine test she would have failed it hands down Thankfully she was much suited to her role as an Enforcer, protecting her magically enhanced eccentric extended family on a daily basis from all kinds of nasties It was a job she loved, much preferring to be out there beheading the baddies than dating any day of the week much less stressful.Except now there s a new threat in town Great Aunt Alma, the family match maker has returned to the fold and set her sights squarely on all the singletons Hadleigh will do anything she has to in order to avoid Alma s matchmaking manoeuvres even if that means signing on as the newest member of the hit reality TV show Paranormal Exterminators Vaughn, Captain of the Goddess Maat s elite warriors has a mission, to find and annihilate any and all magical beings that threaten to tilt the scales of justice into chaos A paranormal reality TV show provides the perfect cover But there s trouble on set Their only female cast member has gone missing and they need a replacement fast Enter Hadleigh Valhalla, the most luscious thing on two legs he s seen in a century From the moment he sets eyes on her he s determined to make her his.There s only one problem, Hadleigh insists she has a strict no dating policy Claiming she d rather be fighting than flirting.A series of mishaps means it s a race against time for Vaughn and Hadleigh to discover just who is targeting the show and stop them before someone gets seriously hurt or dead While doing so Vaughn intends to teach Hadleigh to break all the rules and prove to her she is just as much woman as she is warrior His warrior His woman.
    To Woo A Warrior It was common knowledge that Hadleigh Valhalla was a complete failure when it came to men Too blood thirsty Too tall at ft and without a coy bone in her too voluptuous body If there had been a fun

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    1. So happy I found this in my TBR mountainI love it when I unexpectedly find a gem like this Even better it s the first in a series Snarfled them all up over the last week and indulged in late nights since I couldn t put the books down once started.Hadley the heroine is a delight, strong and feminine Vaughan is hot, an alpha but not an alphahole, and smart The secondary characters are all strong personalities, but afraid to be next on Alma the matchmaker s list Definitely going in my keeper, favor [...]

    2. OMG I LOVED this book Honestly From the opening scene of the wedding to the wonderfully satisfying wrapped up in a giant bow HEA.Hadleigh, best heroine I ve read in ages Strong Capable Deadly With some flaws but so darn funny Vaughn, our Hero I m in love Where can I get me a Maat warrior to go Seriously, he was alpha, but he was also sweet and charming He sets his sights on Hadleigh and he s a goner, only problem is, he has to convince her And the story lives up to the title he does set about wo [...]

    3. This was fun think Shelly Laurenston but with a bit less violence and an Aussie flavour As an Aussie, I loved the Sanctuary.

    4. 3.5 Stars I was promised a light hearted fun paranormal romp in an interesting magic system and that is exactly what I got I am looking forward to the frothy reading of this series with a matchmaking great aunt on the loose.I loved the steadfast hero and the kickass warrior heroine I wish her self esteem issues weren t such and issue and we got depth in the world and with each of their relationships However, I am sure each of these factor will build through out the series making each book and [...]

    5. this story was a pleasant surprise incredibly sweet loved that the guy took her on dates to woo her and tried everything in his power to win her over without being overbearing and forceful loved it

    6. amazing series, i found a new favorite author, i read all 7 within days and now waiting for the next wish there was now the books ate amazingly writen and funny as hell, i dont know how it took me so long to find this author just read them all you wont regret it

    7. I really enjoyed this book There was good humor and it is about the only time where the heroine is gorgeous and thinks she isn t that I really bought it brothers can suck FYI, the heroine is the warrior being wooed.Hadleigh is a 6 6 warrior who has had awful luck with men and as such has no self esteem in that way She gets tricked into auditioning for a paranormal searching show and meets the Maat brothers, who are all huge and gorgeous and it turns out somewhat supernatural as well.Vaughn is ta [...]

    8. 2 starsVery poor world building, practically non existent It felt like several chapters were missing at the beginning of the book The writing is choppy and in desperate need of editing for example annoying overuse of the word whilst.The only saving grace the book is funny That s why it s 2 stars, not just 1.

    9. Great book Interesting premise with the whole Egyptian and Norse mythology settings The only thing that decreased its enjoyment for me is that the heroine was a bit too self conscious and has extremely low self esteem Also, the ending felt kind of rushed, whether it s the case with the two chaos demigods vanishing or with our MCs melding While the setting up and the first couple of incidents took pages and pages to develop, the ending only had a couple of pages to wrap things up, leaving you wit [...]

    10. I binge read 4 of the 9 books of this series back to back The premise is that there s a part of Australia where a bunch of magic users live and have powered up this grid using the libidos of the happily married Only the young ones aren t getting hitched fast enough and the grid s in a precarious situation, so they recall Great Aunt Alma the famed matchmaker and all the younguns are running scared First book, Alma tricks Valhalla warrior Haleigh into working for the Maat Warriors on a hiding in p [...]

    11. Loved this book Where has this author been hiding The characters were wonderful A gorgeous alpha H who is funny, sweet and way hot A capable strong h with flaws and a kick ass attitude Loved their witty dialogue I was laughing out loud when it came to the dating rules Even the sex scene made me smile and hot at the same time Wow.This world was interesting without any major info dumps and the secondary characters were funny and added layers to this world I wanted to know about each and every one [...]

    12. 4.25 Apart from some grammatical errorsI love it Vaughn is a Viking, warriors brought forth by the Goddess Maat to protect the human world from magical creatures nasties monkeys Drexel , demon skeletons, paralyxis spiders Hadleigh is an unconventional heroine, big and strong 6 6 , a born warrior enforcer whose socially awkward with absolutely no comprehension of her attractiveness It s hilarious seeing Vaughn woo her thru manipulationd introducing her to the rules of first, second, and third dat [...]

    13. Loved this world Splendid heroine witty, kick butt and just awesome Thought the dating rules were hilarious Major props to all the secondary characters her family plus those invisible ninja sheep and his awesome fellow warriors Made me laugh out loud Humour, action and a sweet steamy romance Can t wait for the next book in the series.

    14. This is such a fun, fun read Jane Cousins is a new to me author and I heard about this series of books from the PNR UF Addicts Newbies Group I have already lined up book 2 and plan to read that as soon as I put up this review

    15. To Woo A Warrior Southern Sanctuary 1 by Jane Cousins, is another series I found on the blog Top 10 LOL Paranormal Romances Of the three series I ve tried this is my second favorite I really enjoyed the world and the woven fabric that is the family and the Goddess Maat s Warriors of Justice Being a woman of 6 feet and 6 inches, elicits a lot of stare and harassment, but Hadleigh Valhalla is a warrior first and always Although, her brothers taunts often cut to the bone, Hadleigh really just wants [...]

    16. Hilarious Couldn t agree with the reviewer who stated Cousins is Australia s answer to Shelley Laurenston The world building was light and breezy, and I felt right at home Loved the idea that the warrior needing to be wooed is the heroine and how great was Hadleigh mega tall and curvy, unable to flirt, attracted to Vaughn but having no idea what to do about it.And Vaughn Sigh, an alpha man in touch with his feelings Want one The witty, snappy dialogue had me glued to my kindle and laughing out [...]

    17. Really enjoyed this story, there was a fascinating world good suspense and both H and h were characters I fell in love with I will most definitely be reading from this author, My one and only nit is the ending was first drawn out with unnecessarily drama the one and only time in this book imo and then really quickly cut off.

    18. Interesting A new series is always exciting especially when it s fun I liked this first book Light hearted fated mates with zany families so nothing earth shatteringly new But it was well written so worth reading.

    19. Bigger they are the harder and funnier they fall.Quite hilarious Love all the lore Two hugely strong characters with such a fun back story Plus I gotta love I.T on account of my name and all Lol

    20. This was really really funny, the plot was okay and characters were fun but it was the writing style that made it it was hilarious and I really loved reading it.

    21. Ok so defo think the book is overrated by the other reviews The characters are a bit flat The storyline is meh, and the humour isn t that funny The main female character was very insecure, but it seemed whiney at times The male character was also just a bit dry As another reviewer mentions that ending was VERY rushed The book was so long I don t understand how the ending could have been rushed I think it needed a good edit Don t think I ll be reading any others in the series

    22. This review is available on my blog neverkissandblog.To Woo A Warrior is the first book in Cousings Southern Sanctuary series This is the second series by Cousins and set in Queensland, Australia.Hadleigh is a warrior who s been convinced her whole life she s too tall and fat for men to be interested So she focused on her joy in life which is protecting the Sanctuary for para kind she lives in She s a deadly warrior and skilled with weapons Somehow her inability to see her own attractiveness wor [...]

    23. Instead of letting comments like you re too inept, fat and tall for men completely erode her self esteem, gorgeous, voluptuous, 6 6 Hadleigh Valhalla channels extra her into becoming a supreme warrior, perfect for a magical family enforcer But that doesn t stop the older women of her family wanting a mate for Hadleigh Great Aunt Alma is called from retirement for her matchmaking skills since the current generation is less inclined to marry than previous generations Having successfully matched Ga [...]

    24. 3.5 starsI love the premise of the book, and the heroine is great, really easy to root for I will definitely read this author again and look forward to the rest of the series My only complaint is the editing I hate being nit picky about editing stuff, but there were a few misused words, weird comma placements and misplaced modifiers that detracted from my enjoyment But overall, not anything too bad for an independently published book.However, the overuse of Maat and Goddess in place of Oh god ty [...]

    25. 3.5 stars.I enjoyed this freebie It would have been 4 stars but it needs a lot of editing so it s grammatically correct The Good I LOVED the hero and heroine in this book They are funny, fun, and kick ass There is a mythology based out of Egypt which is such a nice change from the usual Eurocentric myths The heroine is a warrior, she is large an she has moments of insecurity when she is out of her element which is war The glimpses of her family are great and I can t wait to read into the series [...]

    26. It was a perfect balance between humor, action, romance, world building, and paranormal The story was lightly steamy, nothing explicit or overly descriptive The characters stayed true to their descriptions It drives me nuts when a supposedly strong, smart and experienced hero or heroine does something really stupid or weak and needs to be saved because of it The secondary characters really added to the story and hopefully some of them will get their own stories some time in the future My only qu [...]

    27. How good was this book So cool And funny What a great world Occupied with splendid characters, who are witty, strong, flawed and so much fun.Loved the H h Hadleigh and Vaughn a romance with sparks, snappy dialogue and a side serving of sweet to add to the hot, hot match up A very reluctant h, and a determined to win her over in a sexy sweet manner H.The set up was original And there was lots of little elements added that made this world really come alive Great secondary characters, monsters, and [...]

    28. Really enjoyed this first for a new series and author The worldbuilding and family seems fun with lots to work with in the future My only negative, it was a tad bit confusing at first But once our H and h meet, it was all uphill Enjoyed the Warriors and the crazy characters of Sanctuary Valhalla On to the next in the series.

    29. Really enjoyed this one It is smart, steamy and funny I thought the phrasing was a little confusing in the beginning like I was missing some back story I still would give it 5 stars It has a smart, kick butt heroine with self image issues, and a super alpha hero that feels mine as soon as he sees her Wish she got to use her powers Lots of action Definitely a keeper

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