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The Game of My Life: A True Story Of Challenge, Triumph, and Growing Up Autistic By Jason J-Mac McElwain Daniel Paisner,

  • Title: The Game of My Life: A True Story Of Challenge, Triumph, and Growing Up Autistic
  • Author: Jason J-Mac McElwain Daniel Paisner
  • ISBN: 9780451223012
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The incredible true story of one high school student s determination to triumph against the challenges of autism and his opponents on the basketball court On February 15, 2006, the Greece Athena Trojans high school basketball team took the court for the final game of the regular season With four minutes and nineteen seconds left on the clock, and the Trojans nursing aThe incredible true story of one high school student s determination to triumph against the challenges of autism and his opponents on the basketball court On February 15, 2006, the Greece Athena Trojans high school basketball team took the court for the final game of the regular season With four minutes and nineteen seconds left on the clock, and the Trojans nursing a comfortable lead, the coach sent Jason McElwain an autistic student and the team manager to the scorer s table He scored twenty points, including a school record six three pointers J Mac, as McElwain became known, was carried off the court on his teammates shoulders, and a videotape of the game quickly found its way onto national television, making J Mac a household name An inspiration to people everywhere, Jason McElwain s amazing accomplishment was broadcast on CN, ESPN, and local newscasts across the country, moving President Bush to tears with his courage and determination The Game of My Life is one of the few books written by an autistic author a riveting chronicle of how J Mac overcame a lifetime of adversity.
    The Game of My Life A True Story Of Challenge Triumph and Growing Up Autistic The incredible true story of one high school student s determination to triumph against the challenges of autism and his opponents on the basketball court On February the Greece Athena Troja

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    1. Genre Sports, Autobiography, MemoirRating Wow The Game of My Life is gripping, emotional and packed with fun memories, stories and insights from the perspective of a high school students who lives with autism.Summary As a senior, Jason J Mac shatters expectations in reaching for his dreams on a New York basketball court This is the story of a boy who grew up autistic and brought focus into his life to reach a goal.Main Characters Jason J Mac high school student, autistic, huge basketball fan.Par [...]

    2. When I watched ESPN s Sportscenter on the morning of February 16th, 2006, I was amazed by what I witnessed The top play of the day highlighted a high school basketball game only 20 minutes from my home which initially caught my attention where an autistic student had scored 20 points in less than 4 minutes The student, Jason J Mac McElwain, became an instant celebrity within his school, town, and eventually the world With this new recognition, he went on to share his story inspiring everyone he [...]

    3. The Game of My Life is an inspiring book about a Jason McElwain who must overcome obstacles such as autism throughout his life This book not only describes the great game that Jason had at his final basketball game as a Greece Athena Trojan but his struggles early in his life to learn new things and be like a normal kid When Jason was a small child he would always sit in the corner of his kitchen and not speak to anyone but his brother Josh As Jason got older his parents would hope that he would [...]

    4. The Game of my life by Jason J Mac McElwain is a memoir describing Jason s extraordinary life Jason tells his story about how his autism didn t stop him from achieving his dream In Jason s senior year of high school on senior night of basketball he got to play and showed everyone in that gymnasium what he could do February 15, 2006 in the high school gymnasium in a suburb of Rochester, New York home of the Greece Athena Trojans, Jason McElwain acquired the court for the varsity basketball game J [...]

    5. Jason McElwain was the autistic kid in 2006 who got to play in the last game of the season with his Varisty basket ball team and scored 20 points in the last 3 minutes of the game The video was all over everywhere, because it was just so neat to see Mostly, it is Jason telling the story of beong the team manager for several years and how he got into the game and the game itself He talks a little about school and being autistic and just normal life stuff He talks about how weird it was, all the a [...]

    6. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooMany people probably remember hearing about Jason McElwain on the news back in 2006 He scored a record six three point shots for his high school basketball team That might not have been outstanding for a superior high school player, but Jason was the team manager, not a first string player And, in addition to that, he was a young man diagnosed as autistic In THE GAME OF MY LIFE, Jason McElwain tells his story He shares what he recalls fro [...]

    7. I remembered the story of Jason J Mac McElwain s memorable game from when it was on ESPN, Good Morning America, and other national news outlets, but this book was a good refresher in addition to providing the backstory of all that led up to that game Most of it is written by McElwain himself, with anecdotes from friends, family, and coaches providing their perspective on the events He chronicles the first 18 or so years of his life, primarily with the focus on his being diagnosed with autism and [...]

    8. The Game of My life By Jason MacElwainThis book takes place from when Jason was a kid all the way through his senior year Jason is an outstanding kid and was only 8 years old when he found out he had Autism I believe Jason wrote this book because it goes through his life and how he had a lot of ups and downs but that didn t stop him from doing what hew does best and that s basketball Through out this book it talks about Jason s life and how people went out of their way to help a kid like Jason d [...]

    9. Jason J Mac McElwain, team manager of the Greece Athena Trojans was given the opportunity to play in the senior night varsity basketball game by his coach After missing his first shot by about six feet, the five foot six inch senior went on to scored twenty points in a four minutes and nineteen seconds His amazing moment became one of the most sought after sport stories around the United States in 2006 One of the reasons Jason was born severely autistic Daniel Paisner, a ghost writer, does a fab [...]

    10. Buku perjuangan Jason McElwain yang menderita autisme, namun tetap memiliki semangat juang yang tinggi Masa kecilnya memang berbeda dengan kebanyakan anak normal Keluarganya berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk menyembuhkan Jason Hingga suatu saat, dia berhasil mencetak poin kemenangan dalam sebuah pertandingan basket Sekolah Menengah Greece Athena Trojans Mencetak dua puluh poin, termasuk rekor sekolah enam kali three pointer Jason atau yang dikenal akrab dengan panggilan J Mac pernah mendapat penghar [...]

    11. This is easily one of the most inspirational books I ve ever read It would be that even if I didn t have a special needs son, one who reminds me a lot of Jason J Mac McElwain, even though my son has not been diagnosed with autism.The best thing about this book was the majority of it being told by McElwain s voice It reads like it was written by a teenager with autism, and that s a good thing It adds to the honesty of the book It was so nice to read about McElwain s life growing up and how everyt [...]

    12. I appreciated this book for two reasons Reason 1 It was written in the voice of Jason J Mac McElwain the author who is autistic, so that alone gave me insight into what it is like being autistic His narrative was repetitive in spots, but autistic people need repetition in order to feel safe In addition to this, a section of the novel goes a little bit in depth with references to authorities giving the reader further insight about autism Reason 2 the book is about basketball, my favorite sport J [...]

    13. Great story of J Mac the basketball manager of his senior basketball team who was put in for the final game and scored than 20 points went viral I like that although much of this book was written with another writer, J Mac narrates much of it including what it was like to grow up autistic with vignettes added in from his family, coaches, friends, etc Some struggling readers may be confused by the folding blanket plot line it doesn t proceed in chronological order and by the shifting narrator, b [...]

    14. This book is a book of courage, hope, dreams, opportunity and overcoming Jmac s an autistic teen who experiences the opportunity of a lifetime and makes the most of HIS moment As a persistent and influential basketball manager and as one who loves the game he gets the opportunity to play in the last game of the year for his high school, and he ends up scoring 20 points in 4 minutes The game is a historical and gives us all hope we could never imagine This is a must read for anyone, anytime, and [...]

    15. I have mixed feelings about this book I love that it s a story of overcoming odds I love that it s written by J Mac in his own voice so it is an authentic telling of the story While I understand the J Mac loves basketball and that Senior Night game was a tremendous moment for him, I did not enjoy all of the talk about basketball and I would ve liked about his life outside of basketball I think this book would be a great read for those who are basketball fans, but if you re like me and don t enj [...]

    16. The Game Of My Life is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read Jason J Mac McElwain shows you how much you should live every day like it s your last in his story Jason is a boy that has autism, bu that doesn t stop him from reaching his dreams HIS dream was to play in a varsity basketball game and that dream comes reality when his coach puts him in for thier sneior night He not only gets to go in but he also makes some point Never give up on your dreams Great book to read, I really enjo [...]

    17. This novel is an true inspiration Jason had always dreamed to play basketball, to be the big man on campus He practiced day in day out He was blessed to have parents,teachers and coaches that backed him and gave him the support that he need to reach his goals That night of his senior year was amazing and life changing This was an emotional moment in the life of Jason s family They had always worried about Jason and how his life would turn out but now the saw him as a hero standing amongst his pe [...]

    18. The strength of this book lies in its presentation of several viewpoints Most of the text is a transcript of the main author s spoken recollections of school, sports, and his contributions to the high school basketball team It s balanced by passages from his mother, coach, friends, which help to ground the story The pages of play by play action describing his famous few minutes sinking multiple 3 pointers in the final game of the season had me skimming, but still belonged there Disappointing tha [...]

    19. This book was a very insparational story and was a great example of how you should never give up I would recommend this book to everyone who loves to read an inspiaring story, any sports fan, and especially anyone that has a kid with disabilities or has disabilities themselves At some points I did lose interest in the book because of the reading level, but overall it was a very good book and I hope that all of you will give this book a shot as well

    20. I think this book is really cool I have had the opportunity to meet J mac multiple times and he is a very nice guy I think it is cool that his coach gave him the opportunity to play in that last game I think it is wrong that the kids locked him in the gym and other things that they did J mac lives for basketball He is also really smart about cross country This is a very good book I would strongly suggest this book to people.

    21. I really enjoyed this book and was taken by the many similarities between the development of Jason McElwain and my own autistic son, especially with regard to the role that sports and having an older brother to emulate played in their growth.I found myself chuckling out loud while reading some passages, and crying over others I think this book is great.

    22. If you like basketball, this is you book I don t I am giving it 3 stars because it was a good eye opener for anyone who has no clue as how a autistic feels in the moment of triumph I was hoping for of a memoir from beginning of his life to end of the day of the game but got a play by play of the day of the game with a tidbit of his life here and there.

    23. Great job, Jason, J Mac for an incredible job, not only on the basketball court, but in telling your story You are inspirational to us all It was also neat to read the others perspectives, and have J Mac respond to them Admittedly, the book felt a little slow in the beginning, but it picked up once J Mac started narrating.

    24. This book really shows you how kids with autism strugggle with daily life Also if you are someone like me who dosent think making like 4 3 point shots in a 4 minute time period youll change your mind after reading this book I was really pigheaded to think that and see know how amazing it really is.

    25. I know almost nothing about basketball, but it didn t matter this book can make a deep impression on anyone The Game of My Life gives a small but eye opening glimpse into the life of a tremendous young man who happens to be autistic, mostly because Jason himself wrote it Yes, the narrative might be slightly repetitive, but the story of Jason s struggles and triumph is well worth it.

    26. This was a great book about the video that went around a while ago about the autistic boy who sunk shot after shot at his high school s basketball game It was touching, mostly because Jason, himself, was the author.Video link youtube watch v ngzyhn

    27. I enjoyed reading Jason J Mac McElwain s account with some help from Daniel Paisner of his Senior Night basketball experience I particularly appreciated Mr Paisner s allowing Jason s voice as an individual with autism to be heard in the story.

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