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Dark Secret By Christine Feehan Richard Ferrone,

  • Title: Dark Secret
  • Author: Christine Feehan Richard Ferrone
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his brothers With each passing year, his capacity to feel emotions has grown weaker and weaker, until finally there s barely a memory of one left only sheer willpower keeps him from turning into the very abomination he hunts But it ll take than will to keep him away from the woman who is meant to be his aRafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his brothers With each passing year, his capacity to feel emotions has grown weaker and weaker, until finally there s barely a memory of one left only sheer willpower keeps him from turning into the very abomination he hunts But it ll take than will to keep him away from the woman who is meant to be his and his alone.For five years, rancher Colby Jansen has been the sole protector of her younger half siblings, and with fierce determination and work she has kept her family together and the ranch operational Now, the De La Cruz brothers are threatening that stability They claim that her siblings belong with their father s family, not with her Colby vows to fight them especially the cold and arrogant Rafael De La Cruz But Rafael is after than her family he wants Colby, and will not let anything stand between them After ages of loneliness, the raw desire to possess her overwhelms his very soul, driving him to claim her as his lifemate 2005 Christine Feehan P 2006 Recorded Books
    Dark Secret Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his brothers With each passing year his capacity to feel emotions has grown weaker and weaker until finally there s barely a memory of one

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    1. 4 Change of heart StarsFirst read August 2012 Rated 2.5 Stars Reread February 9, 2016 Some Spoilers You think to escape me, pequena, but there is no chance for you You may as well accept it as you accept the air you breathe into your lungs And I don t like you saying no to me No one says no to me, least of all you RafaelSo the first time I read this book way back in 2012 I hated Rafael I remember thinking what a jerk he was and how I wanted to punch him in the throat I have reread this series 4 [...]

    2. I didn t especially like either of the characters in this book However, the fact that most of the story takes place on a ranch means the proverbial dead horse metaphor literally applies here Him You are my lifemate I will have you.Her Ex CUSE ME No You forced me to have sex with you and didn t give me a choice and my feathers are feeling ruffled so I ll take care of myself, my ranch and my juvenile siblings myself, tyvm.Him You burn for me.Her Back off, bucko OMG I M BURNING FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH [...]

    3. This cover makes me laugh.This is actually one of the better books in this series All the usual suspects are there, all nice and predictable, but the Carpathian in question is different and convincing enough to add a new layer of spice, and the plot is, for Feehan, complex Actually, reading the blurb, it made no sense to me at all.Colby why do Feehan s heroines always have such dreadful names has been running her stepfather s ranch for her two young half siblings, Paul and Ginny, since their fa [...]

    4. It s been a long time since I ve read any of Christine Feehan s books Reading this reminded me why.In my defense, I was sick I wanted something light to read for brain dead me Even ill, though, I could barely make my way through the book I was ready to scream, despite my lack of voice, if I read the word dominant or the variation dominate , again.He has to own her Seriously The book is a throw back to the bad 60s and 70s Harlequin romances brooding, dominant male intent on having his way with th [...]

    5. Dark Secret is the story of Colby and Raphael.So I ve read all of the Carpathian novels so far, and this has to be my favorite.Colby is the owner of Chevez ranch, taking care of her step siblings Ginny and Paul due to her deep love for late stepfather Armando When the Chevron family tries to come and claim the kids and property, she fights back like a mama tigress not knowing that someone much dominating is about to come and disrupt her plans the De Luca brothers Raphael and Nikolas.It s a thro [...]

    6. This one would have been stuck on three stars if not for the awesome climax, probably the best so far in this series In this installment, Feehan finally addresses what we have all been wondering about what if the strong, domineering, alpha male didn t care if the woman wanted to be his lifemate Rafael De La Cruz, answers that question in spades He is an ancient, super powerful and used to getting his way always and without complaint If there is any question, he just takes what he wants That is h [...]

    7. Too much push pull for me I kind of liked Rafael, even though he was overbearing I thought Colby was a bit ridiculous There was a tiny bit of OW drama which absolutely turned me off I HATED the scene and hated that it was never really explained to Colby.

    8. HOW HAS THIS GOT 4 STARS The hero bloody rapes the heroine He literally knocks out everyone in the area, holds her down and uses his vampire mind control to make him want her Rape Ugh people need to get their priotries straight, rape is not something to be idolised, it is disgusting and this book should never have been published without some huge edits.I think the hero even acknowledges at one point that he did in fact rape the heroine This is a seriously disturbing book

    9. Rafael is something else He s definitely a I want, I take kind of hero This book plays out like a tug of war He sees Colby and knows he has to have her as his lifemate, and then proceeds and taking control of her life But Colby isn t down with that She s attracted to him, quite fiercely in fact That makes the physical part easy for Rafael, but there is not a stubborn woman on earth, at least in this book Colby has had to be stubborn to survive her life, and keep a roof over the heads of her bro [...]

    10. Great to read about the Carpathians in another world.e jungles of Brazil where the four De La Cruz brothers, powerful ancient Carpathians had been sent by their Prince, centuries ago to fight the spread of the evil vampires and to protect the Carpathian people It s the 15th book of the Dark Series.This is the story of one of those brothers Rafael De La Cruz a seductive, passionate, dominant, sexy and dark vampire killer agrees to accompany the two Chevez brothers, who the faithful human servants [...]

    11. Dark Secret by Christine Feehan is book 15 in the Dark Carpathians series High in the Cascade mountains, Colby Jansen fights with everything she has, to hold on to custody of her two young siblings Paul and Ginny, and to save the ranch their father left in her care upon his death Day after day she works herself to the bone, just so that she can cling to the only way of life she s ever known Misfortune seems to be darkening Colby s ever step, when Juan and Julio Chevez arrive to take their brothe [...]

    12. Colby Jansen has been raising her step siblings, Ginny and Paul, single handedly since her beloved stepfather, Armando Chevez, died She s also been working herself into the ground to keep the family ranch running, but now she s got a real fight on her hands Members of the Chevez family, along with two of the powerful De La Cruz brothers, for whom Colby s family has worked for centuries, arrive at her door, intending to take custody of the children and dispose of the ranch For ancient Carpathian [...]

    13. 15 in Carpathian series and the De La Cruz books were boring to me This was Rafael as a modern day western and it just didn t fly for This Reader Didn t like him at all.

    14. Spoilers Alert Colby is a self acclaimed rancher and horse trainer who has single handedly taken care of her stepfather and siblings after her parents accident She has been running the ranch with the help of Pete, a friend and her siblings and living a simple life until her father s family from Brazil comes back after all these years to take her siblings away to Brazil To keep her siblings with her and ensure they receive the ranch at their due age, she had decided to fight anyone, however power [...]

    15. The wealthy, high and mighty De La Cruz brothers Nicolas and Rafael had come to the Cascade Mountains to take her brother and sister Paul and Ginny away from her Colby Jansen and into the hands of the Chevez family Even if they were their fathers family, she didn t want to relinquish control and allow them to be taken to Brazil and away form the only life any of them had ever know After Nicolas failed attempt to persuade Colby, Rafael was determined to gain her cooperation, as soon as he saw her [...]

    16. I feel very disloyal to the author but feel it must be said I am SO OVER the male main characters complete lack of romance in this series Also I can t stand to read another forced joining being sold to us as though it were soul deep love This book goes so far as to have the hero rape the virgin heroine Colby says flat out NO to Rafael repeatedly making it absolutely clear she does not want to be physical with him to no avail I m sorry, but this just isn t romantic and I, as an avid reader of the [...]

    17. So I just finished this one, and have to say the intensity has gone up a notch I think this one was even heavier than the 2nd book, and I have now decided to totally ignore the other reviewers of this series, because their woman s lib comments drive me crazy If you don t like books where the men are seriously over protective, and yes, even try to be dominating notice I said try, because they DON T totally succeed , then why the hell don t you find some books to read that WILL please your women s [...]

    18. Well that s a couple of hours of my life I m never getting back The main female character, Colby starts out well She s likeable and interesting but very soon becomes whiny and stupid than average for one of these books.The male character Rafael is the most repulsive male character yet His personality horrible and the redeeming actions that Freehan wrote for him are completely at odds with everything about him I was rooting for the vampire after a couple of his chapters As usual with the Dark bo [...]

    19. Pins and needles slap me silly cause Raphael is the best thing since wheat bread and the Daratrazanoff Can I get an amen Even that obnoxious Colby could not ruin this book The cover glitters and so does Mr Raphael De La Cruz Alleuia

    20. 2.5 I suppose Colby s stubborness got a bit old at times and, honestly, this series is growing a bit hold with me YMMV

    21. I give this book four stars SPOILERS AHEAD This is the story of Rafael De La Cruz and Colby Jansen she is niece to Gary Jansen which she is not aware of at the moment The book begins with Colby and Ben the sheriff arguing over the welfare of Colby s half siblings Paul and Ginny Chevez The wealthy Chevez family from Brazil have come to gain custody of the children and the ranch As Colby approaches the house, Nicolas, brother to Rafael attempts to compel Colby to hand over the children without a f [...]

    22. I listened to the audio version of this book I like Christine s books, but sometimes the repetition really starts to get to me I think it is worse when you listen to the book, because when you are reading it you can skip past some of it I do alot of eye rolling Fortunately, I am usually alone Raphael is the Carpatheian in this story He has his brother with him, Nicholas I hope his story comes up soon because he needs to be the one in love so he gets his macho smashed Anyhow, Colby is a very stro [...]

    23. En realidad es un 3.5S que he hecho YOLO con el orden de los libros pero este era uno de los protagonistas que mor a por conocer Adem s, la que m s me ha sorprendido ha sido la prota por su personalidad

    24. 2.5 3 starsThis was an alright story but I had some issues with the MCs This caused me to have problems connecting to the couple and made the story lack something for me.Colby is a 22 year old that s running her family s ranch and raising her younger brother and sister Her mother and stepfather were in a plane accident and it killed her mother and paralyzed her stepfather who she took care of until he died a while after the wreck Unfortunately, the medical bills put the ranch in debt and Colby i [...]

    25. I wish the ratings at allow for half stars because this book couldn t quite make it as a an excellent read nor is it just a good read this is my second time reading a paranormal by Christine Feehan and so far, I find that she has a gift in creating very interesting and dark characters Her knack for creating good suspenseful plot is great as well One thing for sure, like the first novel I ve read by her, I just couldn t put this one down I love Rafael Period He s one dark hero and there are momen [...]

    26. Finally A woman who asks questions about this Carpathian male s right to take her to his homeland without her consent.No swooning female hereShe might respond to him physically but she rebels about his attitude that she now belongs to himThis is a delightful departure from the usual route taken by CF don t misunderstand me I enjoy her books adding to the character base of the Carpathians but sometimes I felt like the storyline was a little repetitiveHere there is tension because of her dead step [...]

    27. I don t quite understand the negative reviews about this book Carpathians are suppose to be domineering and powerful I Love Rafael s character Tell me who wouldn t want a handsome tall Latin Lover With that said the story was very exciting fast paced very very sensual with great character development The Story has a lot of depth and it also sets up the next couple of books in the series I will say I did not like Colby as much as I liked Rafael, sometimes she came off whinny and childish If you l [...]

    28. Rafael is disgusting not one redeeming quality about him , he threatens and manipulates to get his way that man wouldn t know what courting means even if it hits him ten thousand times in the face and an honorable man pffft could have fooled me there s a scene between him and Colby that makes you question whether it was rape or not and what s even worse is that Colby accuses him of just that and he is deeply offended Yeah Go Figure and seconds later Literally in the same scene she consents to be [...]

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