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Taboo For You By Anyta Sunday,

  • Title: Taboo For You
  • Author: Anyta Sunday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sam s freaking out He s 30 in three weeks And what has he done in his twenties It s pretty simple math nothing exciting at all But hey, he has three weeks right Maybe that s just enough time to tick his way through a 20s Must Do List Luke s freaking screwed He s come out to his family, and his friends Except there s a certain someone who doesn t know yet hisSam s freaking out He s 30 in three weeks And what has he done in his twenties It s pretty simple math nothing exciting at all But hey, he has three weeks right Maybe that s just enough time to tick his way through a 20s Must Do List Luke s freaking screwed He s come out to his family, and his friends Except there s a certain someone who doesn t know yet his neighbor of 7 years Who also happens to be his best friend Who Luke needs to tell the truth, but he just can t seem to .Jeremy s freaking over the moon It s the countdown to his 15th birthday, and his goal is simple No matter what, he s going to spend heaps of time with saucy Suzy But first he needs to get his over protective, no girlfriend cause you ll get her pregnant parents off his back And what better way than pretending he s gay Sam, Luke, and Jeremy Three guys who have a lot of history together, and a lot of future too well, if they can sort out their issues, that is.
    Taboo For You Sam s freaking out He s in three weeks And what has he done in his twenties It s pretty simple math nothing exciting at all But hey he has three weeks right Maybe that s just enough time to tick h

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    1. Everyone has a type.Some people love books that have established couples, some love enemies to lovers, some love sci fi or YA or non con Everyone has something that makes them go, Yes Yes 1,000 times YES This book has my name all over it That is what a gay for you is for me.Nothing gives me that nudge, that feeling of butterflies in the pit of my stomach, like a slow build GFY You can have your mysteries, your romantic suspense, your military men Keep em, I don t need them But a GFY yeah, that i [...]

    2. I think the experience of reading Taboo For You comes closest to floating around in a warm bubble bath I had a serious case of warm, fuzzy feelings when reading this cute story Considering that I usually only have a sweet tooth when it comes to food and not to my books What can I say The author did a great job She wrote a heartwarming and amusing gay for you book and wrote it well My cheesedar didn t detect much to bitch about.Taboo For You in a nutshell Two neighbors Sam and Luke Sam accidental [...]

    3. 4.5 stars One of my favourite Anyta Sunday books This is a sweet combination of friends to lovers and gay out for you Sam, father of 15 yr old Jeremy, has made a list of things to do before he turns 30 in a few weeks His 36 yr old best friend and neighbour, Luke, accidentally finds the list and sets about fulfilling his wishes, especially the one about doing something taboo Because Luke has been in love with Sam for years.I love stories that make you feel like you ve been on an emotional journey [...]

    4. First you have to know that Taboo for You is not a book with a forbidden theme or anything The taboo here is being gay and that s it Taboo for You is a sweet and sexy friends to lovers GFY novel who tells the story of Sam and Luke.Sam and Luke are neighbors, they know each other for seven years since Luke moved across the street Sam became a dad when he was 15 All this time he was responsible, but he missed a lot of stuff He s freaking out, because he is about to turn 30, but he decides to live [...]

    5. So cute I was grinning ear to ear while reading Taboo For You Sam and Luke were just so adorable together as friends and then as lovers

    6. 3,25 starsI liked this one It was so sweet.My first book by Anyta Sunday was a pretty good one rock Then I ve read True Colors and I loved it too When I dived in Leo Loves Aries I wasn t expecting the sweetness This author knows how to create wonderful fluffy stories, but also angsty and sad ones Taboo For You was a fluffy romance I don t usually enjoy rainbows and butterflies in my books, but when I love the writing I get to love the story too I was surprised by this sweet love story, mostly be [...]

    7. Now this was an absolute delight It is a great comfort story when you are in the mood for something calm and low key and emotional with being over the top There are no car chases or gunfire or werewolves or aliens Just a hard working, decent down to his bones young father named Sam of a teenaged boy named Jeremy who never had a chance to enjoy his teenaged self They live next door to a lovely, generous man named Luke who has become a father figure to Jeremy and a best friend to Sam With his 30th [...]

    8. Another GFY gem I loved the characters and their relationships I loved the numbers and the list I loved seeing things from all three boys POV I loved seeing how the feelings blossomedI loved the story and gosh, the emotions sigh The whole TABOO thing and everything following the discovery was gentle, delicate and steamy Loved the ending.Great book Recommended to all GFY fans.

    9. When you have a couple of friends, whom you consider as part of tough crowd , give this sweet book 4 stars well, you tend to pay attention I haven t read many of Anyta Sunday s stories before, in fact this was only my second of hers The idea of best friend turned to lovers with addition of a teenage family intrigued me As an only for you theme, the transition of Sam from straight to be in love for his best friend, Luke, was totally believable Maybe because they have been best friends for 7 years [...]

    10. Friends to lovers Well this was cute I adore GFY books, specially with friends to lovers theme However, I wish we had gotten from the ending Like view spoiler getting to see the characters actually be a couple hide spoiler The book centers around Sam 29 and teacher Luke 36 and Jeremy Jer 14 , Sam s son Luke is gay, just came out to his family, but not to his best friend His best friend that he s in love with Sam, who s not looking forward to turning 30, makes a list, and that s where their live [...]

    11. I have been going through my long long TBR list looking for great books that have gotten lost on there.I have been reading some great Anyta Sunday books lately so I figured I would finally give this one a go.This is a very sweet friends to lovers story, with a gfy element.Sam is 29, about to be 30 and father of Jeremy, who s about to turn 15 Sam lost his virginity and got his girl pregnant at the age of 14, making him a dad at 15 He and his baby momma are not in a relationship, but hey are still [...]

    12. 3.75 stars This was my first read by Anyta Sunday and it was a cute, funny, mostly fluffy gay for you story Luke and Sam were adorable Luke s yearning for Sam was and his love and loyalty to him was palpable Although his inability to just come out and be honest about things dragged on a little too long, I loved the fact that he would do just about anything to make Sam and Jeremy happy Sam was adorably clueless and very sweet in his desire to live out some of the reckless teenage years he missed [...]

    13. This is a light, sweet, gay for you story that is just full of warm fuzzies It s about two men, Sam and Luke, who are next door neighbors Sam had sex with a girl when he was 14 and by the time he was 15 he was a father His son Jeremy is now 15, and Sam is turning 30 and wondering what happened to the life he was supposed to have had He loves his son dearly, but as he sees Jeremy passing the point where his own life went off the tracks, he s a little jealous, a little regretful, and determined to [...]

    14. This was a really cute story, the sort that leaves you feeling all warm and happy inside 5 stars andfrom me Sam is a dad, he became a dad when he was 15, and ever since has shied away from relationships His son Jeremy divides his time between mum Carole and dad, everyone gets on really well, and it would seem that Sam s best relationship is with his best friend Luke, who s a teacher and is always ready, willing and able to help Sam and Jeremy out, as a good friend should Luke of course is gay an [...]

    15. I have to admit that I had relatively low expectations going into this one, but came out pleasantly surprised Taboo For You a misleading title if ever I heard one is a totally adorable GFY romance told from three rotating perspectives the two MC s and the one MC s teenage son that is equal parts sweet, frustrating, poignant, and sexy.Favourite quote Least you got a parking spot, Sam says, finding something about all of this hilarious, while I think we ve been cockblocked by God.

    16. A Friends to Lovers Novel I am already sharpen the nails Buddy Read HERE ________________________________________________________When I finish I felt like I was in bubble bath with all the beautiful bubbles D

    17. This was so much fun This book is going to my favorites list If you love GFY, then this is for you Probably one of the most enjoyable MM reading experiences I ve had.My happy dance Oh yeah 100 Stars Grab a copy now Only 2.99 at smashwords smashwords books view 331094

    18. I ve found a few good books through the m m romance group nominations and this one was terrific I have a weak spot for GFY romances, so I m always happy to find a new one that is well written and entertaining Taboo For You was so much fun to read It s a friends to lovers story about two neighbors Luke, a gay man, and Sam, a straight one with a teen son I loved the plot trope, that Sam had a list of things he wanted to do before he hit 30 he had a child very young, so he feels he missed out on hi [...]

    19. 3.5 StarsThis was a sweet friends to lovers, GFY story done really well.It s about a dad Sam , his teenage son that he had when he was 14 Jeremy and his best friend neighbor Luke The book is told in alternating POV s by chapter I actually really don t mind this approach because I like being able to get into the heads of the characters It made me completely sympathetic towards Sam, who could possibly have annoyed me if I hadn t been in his head.Luke is the real star in this book for me I love the [...]

    20. Read this one without investigating further than the word Taboo, thinking it was going to be well, something Taboo It isn t, it s a cutesy gay for you trope that s written in first person present tense formatting my personal taboo and told from 3 different POV s The two MC s, Sam and Luke and Sam s 14 year old sonWTF Friends to lovers, gay for you, virgin butts, the life and times of an adolescent boy and absolutely NO form of taboo besides a board game I won t rate this because it s my fault, I [...]

    21. I got it wrong when I read the blurb I thought this was a menage story between Sam, Luke and Jeremy It turns out Jeremy is Sam s son And no weird daddy son thing going here In fact, none of those broken men with history of childhood and or domestic abuse, bitchy ex wife, bigoted parent, nor artificially contrived plot like a best friend trying to get a date for his friend despite being in love with him that seem to be popular among m m authors, made to this story And that s why I like this book [...]

    22. I have a thing for clueless guys and this book didn t disappoint This book also happened to have a lot of my favorite tropes gfy, cherry popping and friends to lovers.A delightful slow burn story Free with Kindle Unlimited.Recommend

    23. 4.5 starsThis review is posted on Way Too Hot Books The saying goes something along the lines of you don t know what you ve got until you ve lost it And this is how you write a beautiful, fun, deeply emotional heart warming BFFs to lovers GFY mm romance Don t be fooled by the title or my tendency to read dark kinky reads P, because this is not one of those The only thing referred here as taboo is the sexual relationship between two guys, so if you aren t one of those people who consider homosexu [...]

    24. Well folksis is my first 5 star read of 2017 Woohoo It was awesome Sam, about to turn 30, decides to do some things he missed out on as a teenager He became a father at 15 and has been helping raise his teenage son Jeremy who will be 15, himself soon Luke, the next door neighbor of 7 years, finds out his list and decides to help him achieve his goals There s just a few problemsLuke is in love with Sam but Sam is straight.I absolutely ADORED this book I was hooked from page one It was funny, swee [...]

    25. I m happily surprised by this book The title there is nothing in the plot that can be described as a taboo The reason why this word is in this book, has to do with the author s original idea of creating a to do list for a, almost, thirty years old man complete before he gets to the end of his twenty nine year So Sam has 20 things to do before he gets to his thirty anniversary, and one of those things is to do a taboo thing.This book has amazing characters Sam feels that he lost his youth being a [...]

    26. Ha estado bien, me ha gustado, pero ma ana se me ha olvidado La historia es, tal como dice el t tulo de la serie, un friends to lovers de libro No es un tema que me emocione especialmente, pero tampoco me molesta, lo que ya no me convence demasiado es el asunto GFY, siempre ha sido as , mucho antes de que hubiera ninguna pol mica Para mi, cuando a alguien le han atra do siempre las mujeres, y ahora un hombre, o al contrario, es, cuanto menos, bisexual Pero bueno, yo no soy ninguna experta, es so [...]

    27. Anyta Sunday was one of my first and favourite MM stories with her book rock, and this one followed not long after.She writes oblivious MCs and slow burn like it s NOBODY S business And Taboo For You is no exception.So Sam IS freaking out He s nearing 30, and his son Jeremy turns 15 at the same time Sam feels he s inadequate as a father, since he hasn t experienced the youth Jeremy is now set to experience, and to catch up and be a better father, he creates a list of all the things he should hav [...]

    28. 4 starsThis was a nice, sweet story that got emotional the I read I really enjoyed it and cared for both MCs, though I wish Luke didn t hold his secret for so long, because it was starting to feel a bit like duplicity And then Sam couldn t get his head out of his ass so yeah, I was aggravated for a little while, but mostly I liked it and I liked them, and I liked Jeremy and Carole

    29. Feel good GFY story Two guys so in love and one just completely oblivious Good book for a smile as all the characters have an agreeable quality to them Some cute moments, some awkward ones and a few that are than a little amusing Want to read Stephen and Simon s story Thanks, crew for the Buddy Read D

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