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A Drop Of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder By Walter Wick,

  • Title: A Drop Of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder
  • Author: Walter Wick
  • ISBN: 9780590221979
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The most spectacular photographs ever created on the subject of water appear in this unique science book by Walter Wick The camera stops the action and magnifies it so that all the amazing states of water can be observed water as ice, rainbow, stream, frost, dew Readers can examine a drop of water as it falls from a faucet, see a drop of water as it splashes on a hardThe most spectacular photographs ever created on the subject of water appear in this unique science book by Walter Wick The camera stops the action and magnifies it so that all the amazing states of water can be observed water as ice, rainbow, stream, frost, dew Readers can examine a drop of water as it falls from a faucet, see a drop of water as it splashes on a hard surface, count the points of an actual snowflake, and contemplate how drops of water form clouds.
    A Drop Of Water A Book of Science and Wonder The most spectacular photographs ever created on the subject of water appear in this unique science book by Walter Wick The camera stops the action and magnifies it so that all the amazing states of w

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    1. Now this is not a deep scientific treatise, but it has the weight that comes with the simple illustration of beautiful truths My children connected with the lovely photography and interacted with the concepts they learned here about water.

    2. A Drop of Water A Book of Science and Wonder by Walter Wick is a nonfiction children s book This book was an Orbis Pictus honor book in 1998 The age group this book is intended for is intermediate to advance The book describes water s smallest parts, its many forms, such as liquid, solid, and gas, and its effects on nature and weather It describes experiments that can be tried too.These pictures are zoomed in and the clarity draws my focus to every detail of the picture I like that Wick explains [...]

    3. This follows the life of drop of water.It has beautiful photography and easy to understand explanations.It s an early science book.You must read his reason for why he did this book on page 40.This is the same author as those hidden picture books I loved so much I put a bunch by him on hold.

    4. This was a very neat book I came across it over at one of my co worker s bookshelves in her classroom The cover immediately caught my attention because of the cover Water art really catches my attention so I immediately picked this up I was completely captivated by it.This neat book gave intriguing information about water It described and gave examples of the different forms of water as well as what what one can do with it Though these were scientific based, all the information was written in a [...]

    5. 1 Walter Wick shows us a the intricacy of water in a whole different way This is a nonfiction, fact filled picture book that includes remarkable photos of water in different forms It explains many different aspects of water like how it freezes, the water cycle, refraction, cohesion, and so so much It is very informative and eye catching 2 This book has a lexile of 870 It has some pretty difficult concepts in it like cohesion, so I would recommend it for grades 4 6th It is an independent level b [...]

    6. This is a simple science book that focuses on all different things associated with water I never knew that the surface of water has an elastic like surface, and that you can rest a steel pin on the surface of the water It was interesting to see all these different snowflakes, and I thought it was cool how they haven t found identical snowflakes I was amazed to find out that if a raindrop hits the ground and littler raindrops break up, there are around 3 trillion molecules of water in the raindro [...]

    7. This book is about water in all of it s states The explanations are paired well with the pictures and it would help readers to understand the state the water is in at that moment.These pictures are real.I would teach this book before a science unit First asking the kids what they know about water, then incorporating their answers while reading the book.

    8. Wick s photographs and text bring water s many qualities to life Each page creates a sense of wonder about these qualities too How can water run over us loosely, and yet when we hit it, it becomes hard like a wall The last pages of this book provides activities concerning waters many forms for the classroom This book is best suited for an elementary school library.

    9. A drop of water is about the science behind after, river, seas, all the ways that water can help your body and nature This would be a good way to bring up the water cycle.

    10. I thought that Walter Wick s photography and discussion of water in this book was very well done Because of the brilliance of his photography he was able to demonstrate science principles, like that the molecules in a fluid are contantly moving, in a way that simply a verbal description, no matter how well written, wouldn t have been able to convey in the same way I found it interesting that it was classified as a picture book It makes me wonder about the definition of picture books, because I t [...]

    11. This book is a great, simplistic book It s large picture and clear text makes this a great primary informational book Additionally, the book has several photos that demonstrate difficult abstract concepts to children about the properties of water To support the text, the book includes several simple and fun experiments that deal with water As someone who is in love with science and teaching science , I could see this book being a great resource for a primary, or even 3 5 grade teacher having in [...]

    12. This books talks to us about water and all its different aspects The photographs in this book are great, they are simply so clear and it definitely draws the reader in and grabs their attention This book tells us that water is made up of tiny things called molecules It shows us how water changes its shape as it falls from a water faucet and how it starts off hanging from a strand and as it falls it detaches, turns into a ball and the strand breaks into tiny circles My favorite picture of the boo [...]

    13. This book was so easy to understand The author made it so you could easily understand what he was trying to teach you The pictures in this book are really amazing, I didn t know how he did so of them, until of corse I read the page Page 10 s picture is still amazing to me even when I understand how he did it 13, 16, and 17 are cool also I learned a lot about water while reading I would recomend this book to anyone looking for a book for science or just a good book about water I am glad I read th [...]

    14. This book is filled with amazing photographs of water in its different forms The book begins with a drop of water falling from a faucet water at its smallest part Wick explains how a droplet forms, falls, then expands As the book continues, the reader is able to see water qualities such as surface tension, adhesion, condensation, evaporation, etc Wick goes on to explain and illustrate through photographs the different types of snowflakes, how and why dew and frost form, etc This book would be an [...]

    15. Science, Matter, WaterTEKS 5 Matter and energy The student knows that matter has measurable physical properties and those properties determine how matter is classified, changed, and used The student is expected to A measure, test, and record physical properties of matter, including temperature, mass, magnetism, and the ability to sink or float B describe and classify samples of matter as solids, liquids, and gases and demonstrate that solids have a definite shape and that liquids and gases take [...]

    16. A Drop of water serves can serve as a resource for information about water There is so much educational value to be learned from the book.Many different science lessons can stem from each page of the book The photographs are simply amazing, as an adult i am intrigued, as a child i could only imagine This book offers a plethora of information, i would defiantly recommend this book in every classroom Extension Make sure to have access to a water hose Early morning late afternoon on a sunny day tak [...]

    17. Summary In this up close photographic experience, Walter Wick takes readers on the journey of a drop of water Readers encounter water s elastic surface as a drop falls from a faucet, it s floating sinking and absorbing flowing capabilities, the effects of soap and water mixed together, and the three stages of the matter of water solid ice, gas water vapor, and back to liquid water By the end of the text we understand water is precious Although the scientific nature of water can be complex to und [...]

    18. Book Title A Drop of WaterAuthor Illustrator Walter WickReading Level 5.8Book Level 4 8Book Summary This book is a detailed account of different elements of water This book can be used as a mentor text at any age group introducing water as a topic The reading level is a 5.8, but if read aloud to younger students they will be drawn in by the beautiful photographs This writers trait of word choice has also pulled out academic language and italicized along with definitions The back of the book also [...]

    19. Gorgeous photographs are the highlight of this science book about water The narrative covers many different topics, but each is described in one page, just a few paragraphs So children can learn about the basics about water s properties without being overwhelmed with details The narrative is easy to understand and stimulates conversation At the end of the book are different experiments that children can perform that further reinforce the lessons in the book Overall, we thought this was a very in [...]

    20. A survey of the properties and states of water, illustrated with photographs of each.This was a clearly written and stunningly photographed introduction to the properties and states of water I wish I had known about this when I taught the properties of water in Biology It s a great resource and is explained simply enough you can use it with a wide age range, from elementary up to high school And though this is almost 20 years old now, it has aged extremely well None of the science or photos are [...]

    21. My earth space science book is A Drop of Water This book would be a good read for 4th graders.The curriculum connection is science, this book is all about water and water is part of science I do not believe there is any content concern the books vocabulary is not too difficult A drop of water tells about the different parts of water How water mixes with soap and makes bubbles It is a very interesting book for children to learn about water

    22. APA citation Wick, Walter 1997 A Drop Of Water A Book of Science and Wonder, New York, INC Media photography This educational book shows us a new world all about water With beautiful photography and bounds of information, children can learn about water, the thing that makes up 75% of their own body In these beautiful photographs we see many of waters forms from a drop, to an intricate snowflake.

    23. Pre read for our upcoming science lessons My 6yr old daughter caught me reading it and requested to do it today instead of next week A very simple read but filled with a lot of information regarding water I love that it asks conversational questions to engage the reader along with some experiments that will aid in understanding water This book is also well organized into sections that build on itself.

    24. This book lays out basic principles for the study of water The projects are simple, and I can hardly wait till next winter so that the kids and I can catch a snowflake on a pocket mirror, press it down lightly with a feather, then view it through a magnifying glass The pictures of actual snowflakes are majestic.

    25. Here are a series of beautiful and fascinating photographs depicting the properties of water as it evaporates, splashes, condenses and bubbles This book is certainly for the tween crowd, but the writing is descriptive and interesting, sneaking the facts in subtly The glossary in the back of water related terms helps give clarity to the concepts.

    26. As the daughter of a waste water engineer, and having previously put together a text set on the water cycle, I found this text extremely valuable A Drop of Water by Walter Wick truly is a book of science and wonder, an absolutely must for science units on water A fabulous non fiction text highlighting all of the wonders of water.

    27. I really liked this book I thought it was neat how it went into detail about one drop of water What it is and what it can become It goes through the different forms of water liquid, gas, solid It also goes through the different stages and shows what water does when it mixes with other things The pictures in this book are real, show step by step processes.

    28. A book that uses clever science experiments to teach young readers about the properties of water In an author s note, Wick reveals that he was inspired to write this book after extensively studying science books on this topic from than 100 years ago.This would be a great book for classroom use, especially any lessons in which science is likened to magic Grades 3 5.

    29. Terrific kid friendly introduction to the chemistry of water Nice distillation pun intended of concepts Nice photography it is a book by a photographer after all Suggested simple home experiments at the end For the curious kid Not sure it will grab a kid who isn t at least a little curious about how the world works.

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