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The Secrets We Left Behind By Susan Elliot Wright,

  • Title: The Secrets We Left Behind
  • Author: Susan Elliot Wright
  • ISBN: 9781471102363
  • Page: 365
  • Format: ebook
  • She had fought to hide her past, but she cannot run from it any longer The truth will out, and this time it could destroy everythingShe has built the perfect life a husband who adores her, a daughter she is fiercely proud of, a home with warmth and love at its heart But things were not always so good, and in order to get where she is today she has done things she canShe had fought to hide her past, but she cannot run from it any longer The truth will out, and this time it could destroy everythingShe has built the perfect life a husband who adores her, a daughter she is fiercely proud of, a home with warmth and love at its heart But things were not always so good, and in order to get where she is today she has done things she can never admit Then one winter s evening a phone call comes out of the blue At the other end of the line is a voice from her past, the past she has tried so hard to hide Scott knows who she really is and what she has done But now he is dying and he gives her an ultimatum either she goes to the police and confesses everything, or he will.
    The Secrets We Left Behind She had fought to hide her past but she cannot run from it any longer The truth will out and this time it could destroy everythingShe has built the perfect life a husband who adores her a daughter

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    1. Three and a half stars.This is another book about a secret Not just a minor secret but one that if it should come out would have a major impact It impinges on not just on one woman s life but that of her husband and daughter A phone call out of the blue threatens all that she has worked hard to put behind her What can she do about it Because it seems this person will keep pursuing the matter until he gets the response he demands.This is a story told in two time frames One is 2009 and 2010 The ot [...]

    2. Me ha gustado, pero no tanto como esperaba La primera parte es la que m s engancha porque quieres descubrirlo todo, pero a partir de la mitad ya descubres cosas que te hacen pensar en c mo acaba y no es sorprendente Pero para cambiar de registro est bien D

    3. This certainly is a melancholy book, but of course it has reason to be It is about a very big mistake that was made when the main character was 16 or 17 years old Towards the beginning of the book I could have sworn she said she was 17, but then at the end of the book she says she was 16, so 16 or 17 Regardless we certainly do make mistakes at that age, and hers was a mistake that would last a lifetime It is a slow moving story and so many pages could have been eliminated It was a book about how [...]

    4. How does a woman learn to live with a secret that has been buried for than thirty years Not just any old secret, one that makes her heart pound with fear whenever she considers the truth coming out In 2009 where we meet a woman who has everything she could have wished for a loving husband, a daughter she is proud of, a beautiful house and job where she helps others less fortunate than herself, but when she believes she may have seen someone from long ago, she is scared, and then the telephone s [...]

    5. Todo lo que dejamos atr s es una novela que habla sobre el miedo al pasado, la culpabilidad, los secretos y la desgracia que supone vivir con algo que ocultas a los seres queridos que aportan la felicidad a tu vida Ambientada tanto en el presente como en los a os 70, durante la dif cil juventud de la protagonista y su etapa hippie La verdadera historia se hace esperar hasta llegar a la mitad del libro, el ritmo es muy lento y el lector debe lidiar con multitud de p ginas que no aportan nada y en [...]

    6. Todo lo que dejamos atr s es una historia sobre los secretos del pasado que acaban saliendo a la luz en el presente.Una novela que va saltando entre el pasado y el presente, mostrando retazos de la vida en un pueblo de Inglaterra en los a os 70.La protagonista es una mujer de mediana edad con una vida tranquila, un marido que la quiere y una hija que acaba de hacerla abuela.Pero todo se tambalea cuando vuelve a su vida Scott, un hombre con el que comparti algunos meses de su juventud y que amena [...]

    7. DIOS Que historia A pesar que las primeras cincuenta p ginas no me enganchaban, debo admitir que despu s no pude soltar este libro, es una novela magn fica, muy bien pensada y trabajada por la autora que supo plasmarla en estas p ginas y sobre todo llena de emoci n a tope, me hizo sentir much simas cosas y por eso le estoy dando una puntuaci n de 4.5 5 porque no deja poner medias puntuaciones.Es una novela llena de mucho misterio y suspenso que te mantiene al pendiente en cada momento, contiene [...]

    8. I really enjoyed the authors first book, The Things We Never Said, and was eagerly looking forward to reading this one, and I am pleased to say it didn t disappoint me one bit If anything, this is even better than her last book I absolutely loved this read and it is one that makes me wish that I was better at gushing over books, because it really is one that I have the urge to gush over.It is a very poignant story about a woman who is happily married with a daughter and new grandson to dote over [...]

    9. I couldn t wait to read this latest offering from the wonderful Susan Elliot Wright, having read her first novel in the space of twenty four hours I wasn t disappointed I m so glad I saved it for my holiday I guessed Jo s secret very early on, but this didn t spoil my enjoyment Part of the novel is set in 2010 when a man from the past comes back into the narrator s life and she has the dilemma of whether to divulge her shameful secret to her husband and daughter Her daughter is suffering from po [...]

    10. Una historia que me gust al principio, que conforme fui avanzando ese thriller que se fue construyendo va desapareciendo y aunque empez a ser muy predecible, esperaba un giro en la historia para que me sorprendiera y sinceramente lo vi tan flojo al igual que el resto de la novela que me fui decepcionando un poco, no es lo que esperaba al principio, no est mal pero aparte ya que la historia iba por ese lado, me parece que el final es muy precipitado y no nos deja la autora disfrutar esa parte no [...]

    11. Should all secrets be toldSometimes the past is best left n the past but there are times when the truth must come out This story displays this in a very thought provoking way.

    12. I enjoyed this one a lot than I expected to I was expecting a run of the mill family secret type story well it was about family secrets but twisted and turned in directions I wasn t expecting The central theme is motherhood, what it means to be somebody s mother, what difference it makes if someone is not actually the biological mother of their child It was beautifully descriptive, especially the section set in 1976 Hastings during the heatwave I am reasonably familiar with Hastings and I mysel [...]

    13. Es un libro que se lee de un tir n, nos narra las dificultades que Jo tuvo que pasar para llegar a tener un buen esposo y Una hija que adora, pero no todo es lo que parece y como siempre si no lograste cerrar el c rculo de ciertos acontecimientos el pasado regresa a terminar lo inconcluso En tramos emotiva.Desgraciadamente desde la p gina 100 ya sab a el gran secreto, y fue hasta la 100 porque fue cuando apareci Eva y Scott Otra cosa con la que tuve problemas fue con la redacci n Entiendo que te [...]

    14. Me encanta el hecho que estuviera narrado en el presente y en el pasado estuve enganchada todo el tiempo , y me ha llegado muy a lo profundo.Adem s de que est ambientado en Londres del 76 mi lugar favorito , este har reflexionar y en cierta parte valorar algunas cosas.Entra able pero sobretodo conmovedor ya que te har sufrir much simo en algunas partes pero el final es sorprendente.Altamente recomendable

    15. excellent book, well written, she writes in a way that you feel the characters are your friends the end of the book is bittersweet it s not the typical fairy tale ending which I think seals the book as one i won t forget I read will read of the author.

    16. The reveal towards the end is so devastating I had to read to the last word despite how late it was You might figure out some of the story as you read on, and as much as you want to know, you also don t, and nothing will prepare you for the truth Very good book, recommended author.

    17. I enjoyed this book though as others have commented I guessed what had happened pretty early into the story The author really invoked the feeling of 1976 I was the age of Eve that year though in the USA I found the main character sympathetic and believable.

    18. First book I brought and that then made me fall in love with reading Written so beautifully and you just feel like your going on the journey with her, defiantly worth a read especially if you like secret journey books

    19. A very easy read I d have happily given it 4 stars if I hadn t guessed the secret quite early on and if the prose had been a little challenging but it was still a pleasure to read and very pick upable.

    20. Only four star book in a long time First few pages I thought of just putting it down but it just kept getting better and better I loved the way the author built the characters and kept building the story line Only book I ve read by this author but will be looking for .

    21. Good character development and impact of secrets one tries to keep and what happens when they are discovered

    22. If the saying is true that two wrongs don t make a right, then it is obvious that just ONE wrong will never make a right But what if the one big wrong you did in your life turned out for the best What if the one secret you have kept for 30 years would only cause pain to those you love the most if they knew and no one would be the worse off if it remained a secret This is a story of relationships mothers and daughters, motherless young girls, substitute fathers and unconditional love I pretty muc [...]

    23. A woman s past hauntingly returns, shaking her to the core and causing old memories to surface in this tale of stolen identity and long held secrets being slowly revealed This tale was masterfully told, weaving recent events, told in first person, with a third person narrative of events from thirty years ago, when everything changed for three young people living on their own in a squat near the ocean The way the tale unfolds, my own feelings mirrored those of the main narrator, moving from annoy [...]

    24. I loved Elliot Wright s debut novel, The Things We Never Said and The Secrets We Left Behind had me equally gripped Again spanning two time frames this time the hot summer of 1976 and the present day Elliot Wright takes us into Jo s destitute existence where, following the death of her alcoholic mother, she finds herself with no parents or family left in the world and seeks solace and work in London Scooped up by well meaning squatting hippies and taken to Hastings, she starts to build herself a [...]

    25. This book was okay, but very predictable.Jo lived a trouble life and was very sad Her mother had just died She met Eve and Scott and they all lived a very hippie life Eve got pregnant with Scott s baby and died shortly after childbirth because Scott and Jo decided to get stoned and didn t hear Eve calling for help They decided to leave Eve s body and run away with the baby Jo took on Eve s name and changed the baby s name from Lily to Hannah and raised her on her own She and Scott separated 8 mo [...]

    26. With a nice home, adoring husband, beautiful daughter and new grandson, Eve appears to have the perfect life But a secret buried deep in her past, one that she is desperate to keep, is about to be revealed Set both in the present day and 1976, Susan Elliot Wright constructs a wonderful story, with the mystery surrounding Eve s secret building at a nice pace Although I actually guessed what her secret was a little way in, it didn t detract from my enjoyment of the book at all The characters felt [...]

    27. It was a fast read I enjoyed the plot, although about 2 3rd through the book, I was able to correctly predict the secret that the main character kept from her family.

    28. A gripping tale of a secret long hidden Eve has what seems a perfect life adoring husband and a daughter who has just had her first baby Then a character from her past 1976 contacts her and demands she tell the secret to her family and then go to the police or he will.Going between that time so many years ago in Hastings and the present kept me glued to the pages, wanting to find out what that secret was and feeling Eve s fear at the past she had so carefully hidden being revealed.I did not read [...]

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