[MOBI] ☆ Ordinea naturala a lucrurilor | By ✓ António Lobo Antunes Micaela Ghiţescu

Ordinea naturala a lucrurilor By António Lobo Antunes Micaela Ghiţescu,

  • Title: Ordinea naturala a lucrurilor
  • Author: António Lobo Antunes Micaela Ghiţescu
  • ISBN: 9789736893131
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scriitorul portughez Ant nio Lobo Antunes a primit peste dou zeci de premii i distinc ii literare interna ionale n 2007 opera sa a fost recompensat cu Premiul Cam es Romanul Ordinea natural a lucrurilor a fost tradus p n n prezent n dou sprezece ri i este considerat unul dintre cele mai bune romane portugheze.O t n r diabetic din Lisabona e inut n via deScriitorul portughez Ant nio Lobo Antunes a primit peste dou zeci de premii i distinc ii literare interna ionale n 2007 opera sa a fost recompensat cu Premiul Cam es Romanul Ordinea natural a lucrurilor a fost tradus p n n prezent n dou sprezece ri i este considerat unul dintre cele mai bune romane portugheze.O t n r diabetic din Lisabona e inut n via de pove tile pe care i le opte te noaptea la ureche un iubit desuet pe care l dispre uie te Via a tat lui ei, c ndva miner n Africa de Sud, se reduce la zborurile subterane care i populeaz fantasmele Un ofi er din armata prerevolu ionar este torturat n nchisorile lui Salazar, dar adev ratul supliciu i e amintirea surorii sale nelegitime, nchis n mansarda casei i condamnat la o existen fantomatic Un detectiv care pred cursuri de hipnotism prin coresponden de ine f r s tie cheia secret a tuturor acestor destine Pove tile acestor personaje alc tuiesc portretul tragicomic al unei societ i aflate n disolu ie, o Portugalie surprins n ntreaga ei splendoare trist.
    Ordinea naturala a lucrurilor Scriitorul portughez Ant nio Lobo Antunes a primit peste dou zeci de premii i distinc ii literare interna ionale n opera sa a fost recompensat cu Premiul Cam es Romanul Ordinea natural a lucruril

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    1. A labyrinth, my friend, a veritable labyrinth, just think of all the surprises in a labyrinth, there were even tree roots in the tunnels, trees are even worse than teeth, which reach through our gums to our ears and neck, as we all know, but we look at a tree and never dream how far it goes in search of the deceased and the world s silence that sprouts as fruit on its branches Ant nio Lobo Antunes, The Natural Order of Things Labyrinth is the perfect word to describe this book s structure and st [...]

    2. Ant nio Lobo Antunes 86 Feira do Livro Lisboa Portugal 2016 05 28 Next Portuguese Nobel Prize A Ordem Natural das Coisas 1992 do escritor portugu s Ant nio Lobo Antunes n 1942 um romance fragmentado em cinco livros Doces odores, doces mortos , Os Argonautas , A viagem China , A vida contigo e A Representa o Alucinat ria do Desejo com dez narradores.Os narradores dois por cada livro v o construindo a narrativa num relato com saltos abruptos no mesmo par grafo no espa o e no tempo, num emaranhado [...]

    3. born in lisbon in 1942, ant nio lobo antunes is widely considered to be a strong contender for the nobel prize a psychiatrist by trade, antunes partly gave up his practice in the early 1980 s to focus on writing, following the success of his early novels antunes s style is often compared to that of faulkner, joyce, and c line, and has already won him over a half dozen international literary awards the natural order of things, set in his native portugal as are most of his novels , is the surreal [...]

    4. Antunes is one of those authors whose books are so feverish and dense and, if you re spellbound by him, so stylistically compelling that you read one after another so fast that after you re done it s hard to distinguish one book from the next I will have to go back and read the books of his I ve read and others I haven t slowly and soberly if that s possible so that I can at least feel capable of separating his books in my mind.I have not come across a Latin author is a Portuguese author conside [...]

    5. Giacch non mi andava n un libro n il film alla televisione, ingoiai uno dei sonniferi che prendeva mio marito, mi misi a letto e dopo un attimo avevo vent anni e giocavo a tennis a Sintra con le mie cugine, in un campo circondato da cactus e abeti, aureolato dalla mattina di settembre Da lontano si distingueva l oceano, una delle palline salt al di l della rete e spar fra gli abeti, un amico delle mie cugine and a cercarla, e io mi sarei sposata di l a poche settimane e non mi sentivo felice n i [...]

    6. Incredible non linear story that wallops you with rich, sensuous writing on every page A gorgeous book that weaves 7 or 8 narratives you re never quite sure loosely together, the story takes you through a couple of decades and a couple of families who are linked sometimes closely, sometimes not so much For me, the main question was in a world gone insane Salazar s dictatorship, South African diamond mines, and the Portuguese occupation of Mozambique are all referenced, mostly obliquely , insanit [...]

    7. E com este j s o 9 os livros que li de Lobo Antunes, e mais uma vez, a sua escrita n o me desiludio.Desta vez a est ria deste livro centra se numa fam lia, e Lobo Antunes faz nos o retrato da sociedade portuguesa com o seu olhar t o cr tico e melanc lico em saltos de tempo que v o da altura em que o livro foi escrito princ pios dos anos 90 e com flashbacks dos anos 50, altura em que as personagens eram jovens.Lobo Antunes com este livro traz tamb m alguns epis dios c micos e uma pitada de realis [...]

    8. All this happened a long time ago, because everything happened a long time ago, including what just now happened, which was that I turned the crank on the gramophone to listen to an aria of La Boheme Reading Antunes impressive novel reminds me of of listening to a capella performances by Roomful of Teeth, performances of such music as Caroline Shaw s Partita for 8 Voices in which the voices intertwine even as Antunes memory voices intertwine to produce a truly unforgettable experience.

    9. He is currently my favorite, he is the master, the one to aspire to, poetic yet linear, I could get lost in his prose forever and not miss a thing He should be much well known than he is, it s almost criminal this neglect.

    10. When I was a child I liked the month of February I liked the sweet melancholy of its flus and fevers This novel warrants a reread someday.

    11. I, who watched him step on a porch, push a door, and disappear like a caramel when you get to the end of it, kept asking myself why it is that you, a writer, a man who sells novels, who appears on TV, and whose name is in magazines, are interested in a loser like that, a guy who lives on Rua 8 in a crappy building undermined by vapors from the river and by the sewer stench that peers through the holed in the wall like an animal with nowhere to go A dump on Rua 8, for Christ s sake, a hovel for p [...]

    12. There are some writers about whom, although I like them from the outset, I feel I need to read before I can pass fair judgment Antunes, who reads something like the Faulkner of The Sound and the Fury is one of these authors Picture to yourself two dysfunctional families from a working class suburb of Lisbon Each character has his or her own chapter, including one from the trees that used to grow outside one of the family homes There is a kind of desire for justice by giving a poetic voice to ev [...]

    13. I feel like I need to explain this comparatively low rating or feel like a philistine I can see the value of this novel and why it is widely considered a modern classic But I felt overwhelmed by the rambling prose, the difficulty in establishing the identities of the different narrators, and, ultimately, piecing together a coherent narrative The writing is incredibly atmospheric capturing loneliness, longing, stagnation, melancholy, the confusion of memories But the writing style with its surrea [...]

    14. Cel mai complex roman pe care l am citit vreodat Abund n imagini i tr iri, iar ritmul nara iunii te duce cu g ndul la o simfonie.

    15. Ich weiss ehrlich nicht mehr, ob ichs damals ganz fertig gelesen habe Schwieriges Buch aber brilliante Unvergleichlicher Stil, sowas findest du nirgends anderswo Ellenlange S tze Du sitzt anfangs da wie vor den Kopf gestossen, bist aber fasziniert vom Fremden.So kann nur ein Portugiese oder Spanier oder einer aus den spanischen Kolonien schreiben, dachte ich mir Dazu ist ein germanischer Engdenker nicht f hig Das phantastische Werk beginnt damit, dass ein alternder Mann f r seine blutjunge Gelie [...]

    16. Non posso andarmene via sono legato a te come un pipistrello alla notte, ruoto intorno al tuo corpo descrivendo ellissi impazzite p 83

    17. ORDINEA NATURALA A LUCRURILOROrdinea naturala a lucrurilor, un roman de Ant nio Lobo Antunes, tradus in romaneste de Micaela Ghitescu, este o carte de o tristete coplesitoare a carei poveste te va urmari zile in sir dupa ce ai ajuns la ultima pagina Romanul reflecta succesiunea vietii cu moartea, decaderea fizica generata de boala si varsta, stergerea memoriei si invaluirea amintirilor.Carte Ordinea naturala a lucrurilor, Antonio Lobo AntunesOrdinea naturala a lucrurilor, autor Antonio Lobo Antu [...]

    18. Se eu n o te amar mais meCaia o mar nos ombrosMe caiaEste sil ncio pelos ossos dentroMe cegue os olhos esta sombraMe cerreEsta noite num escuro mais profundoDo que a chuva de ti de m os t o levesA figueira do meu sangue se emude aDe p ssaros espera dos teus passosDe outra voz por sobre a minhaMortaE as ruas do teu corpo eu desaprendaComo desaprendi os dedos que em tocamE se eu n o te amar mais me caia a casaDe costa no teu peito como o vento

    19. I cannot remember a thing about this book It doesn t sound even vaguely familiar Perhaps I should just start reading the same books over and over so I can remember them I have now started to read it again August 2016 And I ve read about 40 pages, and I STILL don t remember having read it before Well, now I have given it 110 pages to engage me, but I just find it confusing and dense and difficult I quit There are too many books I want to read to spend time on one I m not enjoying.

    20. This book is a wonderful and beautiful story.Has an ending that leaves one thinking and feeling and wondering on the characters history and how life is a living being besides one choices.Masterfully written where spoken words mingle with thoughts and the lack of punctuation becomes a fluid and feverish narrative, reluctantly I would stop reading it.Amazing how Lobo Antunes is able to create dense characters with great history.

    21. Un stil mult prea rafinat, rafinat p n la inintelegibil Principala preocupare n timpul lecturii a fost s ghicesc cine vorbe te i nu c ar vorbi cu voci diferite, tor ionari i victime, p n i dup revolu ie, ceea ce iar complic treaba Una peste alta, Scrie destul de poetic Lobo Atunes a a c i mai dau o ans.

    22. La estructura del libro est talentosamente armada A trav s de una serie de incidentes hist ricos de un personaje y sus relaciones familiares, el relato va siendo relatado caleidoscopicamente en tiempo y espacio Visiones que en rompecabezass nos llevan a armar una poca muy dolorosa y cruel en la Historia de Portugal.

    23. Filled with lush passages of gorgeous writing, even in translation one can see why his reputation is what it is but, as a non Portuguese the events portrayed have little meaning thanks to the stream of consciousness narrative I should have loved this but with little than 60 pages left I didn t need to go further.

    24. Confrontei me com a aus ncia da pontua o Constatei que era desnecess ria.Entre paragens de autocarro e o metro de Lisboa, lii Antunes.Gostei e fiquei atenta

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