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The City Centre By Simone Pond,

  • Title: The City Centre
  • Author: Simone Pond
  • ISBN: 9780615889115
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ava didn t want to be right Not about her city Not about their leader, Chief Morray But when Joseph gives her a secret journal from the past, the truth is revealed She escapes with Joseph to the Outside, sending Chief Morray on an obsessive pursuit to retrieve his property Ava has to decide if she should keep running, or return to the city center to save her people.
    The City Centre Ava didn t want to be right Not about her city Not about their leader Chief Morray But when Joseph gives her a secret journal from the past the truth is revealed She escapes with Joseph to the Outsi

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    1. The City Center by Simone Pond was gifted to me by the author for my honest review This book touched the fundamental freedom for humanity Just who are prisoners and who is truly free This book starts with Ava Rhodes, one of the candidates for the royal court Ava is friends with Delilah Delilah is a lower ranking citizec Friendships are frowned upon While talking with Delilah, Ava hears the intruder alert siren Everyone is told to go to their rooms and lock themselves in Delilah leaves but Ava li [...]

    2. The City Center First things first, I received the whole book series in ebook format from the author in exchange for a review.I finally finished the first book today I read this on my laptop and no matter how good the story is, reading on my laptop is always tricky for me, cause I always get distracted by all the shiny things on the internet But I really enjoyed this book.I love the writing, it s really easy to read and to understand The world building is wonderful The book is also really faced [...]

    3. I seriously could not put this book down I am really glad I read The New Agenda before picking up The City Center because it made me understand Morray and his motivation so much better It crazy to say, but each book in this series can stand alone, but still leaves you aching for the next Overall 4.5 5 stars add this series to your To Read list now

    4. Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark I recently just started reading dystopian novels again For quite a while it felt like every young adult novel that came out had some sort of dystopian angle to it The young adult genre just felt saturated with them I had read so many good ones that I just couldn t stop myself from picking up a new one every other day But then I started to get a little burned by them They were coming out so fast from so many authors that they just didn t have tha [...]

    5. Won in a giveaway.Ava is just reaching her 18th birthday and is set to become the next queen of City Center Los Angeles Having competed all her life, she is the front runner to take over this valued position, a position she isn t sure she wants, until a chance encounter with an outsider leaves her questioning all she believes about her city and the life outside Think Logan s Run meets The Hunger Games but with some interesting social class stratification thrown in for flavor I received a signed [...]

    6. The City Center by Simone Pond is in the year 2310 where the elite have desecrated 90% of the population and have built this world of perfect people who live in the City Center of Los Angeles in an enclosed city away from the outsiders Every 18 years the Royal Court is retired and replaced by a new group of young Successor Candidates, each of which competes in a series of competitions to determine which role they will play in the new Court At age 36, retired citizens are sent to Ret Hav Retireme [...]

    7. Let me first start by explaining that I read this book in a matter of a day and a half Once you pick it up, clear your schedule for a day or so because you ll find yourself flying through it and not wanting to turn away.I love dystopian books and movies, but many either fall flat or are too similar to other stories This book is neither When you think it may be beginning to head towards a place of familiarity, the author shocks you with the direction taken I know a good book when I can see books [...]

    8. Simone Pond s CITY CENTER is a gripping Young Adult novel set three hundred years in the future The world as we know it no longer exists it has been replaced by the domed City Center in the Kingdom of Los Angeles, which is ruled by Chief Morray and the ten member Royal Court All residents of the City Center are bred artificially to fulfill specific roles from Info tainers to manual laborers to security forces to members of the Royal Court itself Every eighteen years the Royal Court is retired an [...]

    9. This and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst BookwyrmThanks to Simone Pond for giving me this book to review.In the 21st century the Elites created a man made apocalypse which killed almost everyone, and those who survived either live in the Los Angeles City Center or are rebels who live on the Outside Centuries later Ava Rhones is one of the potential successors to the Queen but she has always felt different from almost everyone else A week before it is decided who becomes the Queen, she [...]

    10. I quite enjoyed this book.Pond creates an extraordinary world that is at once futuristic cool and menacing It is a forward thinking tale and sweeping epic that ignites the imagination from the get go She contrasts the inner world of the City Center with the outer brilliantly as her central character, Ava, traverses a new frontier I was enthusiastically drawn in to the twists and turns of the story because of Ava, whose innate character evokes emotion and sympathy Pond s descriptive writing style [...]

    11. Full disclosure I received this book as a Shelf Awareness giveaway directly from the author Thanks Simone.This is a dystopian novel that leaves the reader thinking how possible it could be Designer people People without emotions or thoughts of their own Controlling people in charge Yet Ava Rhodes doesn t quite fit into the mold she has been created for, and one Outsider may just open her eyes to what her utopian City Center really is Can she escape her destiny as the next Queen or will she conti [...]

    12. The beauty of this work of sci fi is that it takes Plato s allegory of the cave and sets it in the future adding a dash of love story along with cautionary themes of transhumanism, elitist plans run amock, and the nature of freedom without a hint of pretension Readers of various tastes can get into this yarn because it is good storytelling My only problem with the book it was hard to put down, so I lost a few hours of sleep on a few nights.

    13. Definitely a page turner, and reminded me of Marge Piercy s He, She and It My favorite part of this book is how much the author shines though Rags, who the whole time while reading I envisioned Simone s dog , the references to Ojai I appreciated how much she allows her personality to seep into her fiction.

    14. The City Center is a great sci fi novel along the lines of the Hunger Games and Total Recall Ms Pond draws a unique vision of the future with and populates it with real, compelling characters The plot moves along swiftly and deftly, and the ending is excellent One only hopes that this will become a series and we can get deeper into the worlds of Ava and Joseph in future installments.

    15. An amazing book, Simone can really take you to the place and time the book is set on, a super addictive read, you better be comfortable because it is really hard to put down, the way she narrates and the way she writes is just amazing, good job Simone, I hope to see of you on the future

    16. Awesome, intelligent, fast paced read Incredibly imaginative yet relatable I loved every second Can t wait for the next novel in the series

    17. ABR s original The City Center audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Several hundred years in the future, an elite group of humans live in a sheltered and controlled society Protected by a dome from the outside poisonous air and toxic radiation from the sun, the inhabitants live out their 36 years in the rolls they were engineered for At the end of this brief period of labor, they retire to Red Haven a paradise of leisure.Ava, along with a handful of others, have be [...]

    18. This review can originally be found at Olivia s Catastrophe olivia savannah 20This was a good dystopian with an interesting story and a pretty nice plot as well It was something I enjoyed reading even though I couldn t quite love it as much as I wanted to I believe that it was because this was somewhat a typical dystopian of sorts, and I have read a lot of those Nonetheless it was still a quick and enjoyable read.Ava is the main character of novel and someone I really liked She wasn t necessaril [...]

    19. I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Take a splash of Hunger Games and a pinch of Elizabethan England and mix it in a technologically advanced society, and you ll have an interesting recipe for a YA NA dystopian The societal set up was complex but intriguing Set three hundred years in the future, this novel shows some very real, very frightening possibilities for America s future It truly isn t difficult it to imagine DNA modifications, mood modifiers pumped into publ [...]

    20. The book for review is The City Center by Simone Pond The book falls in the genre of Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction.The book is set in the 21st century in City Center which is located in Los Angeles Our world is no longer as we know it Humans have destroyed our world and way of life A group of elites saves the day But at what cost Ninety percent of the population have been killed off It is now between the haves and have nots City Center houses the privilege while those outside the walls suffer [...]

    21. The City Center is an interesting futuristic dystopia with sci fi elements that I found very interesting The people living in the City Center are genetically engineered to be a certain way, and only later do we realize the true sinister purpose for this I thought the overall premise was great, the main character Ava is pretty dang awesome, and the villain is kind of a mad genius I liked how Ava was already different and after reading the journal given to her by the Outsider and using her wit, sh [...]

    22. At first I was worried that this story would be too much like the Hunger Games I even read through a few of the reviews with all of them saying the same thing It concerned me even and I considered putting the book down and not reviewing it I m okay with similar concepts as long as the story itself is different and for the first few chapters, there was no hint at an original idea Then it picked up pace unexpectedly and I found myself getting deeper into the story Then the story became predictabl [...]

    23. I have to say, this book is very nearly perfect Perfect in that it has all the elements that make me love a book Namely competition or testing and royalty It s also part of a larger series, which means of a good thing.This is a post apocalypse story wherein civilization exists in a walled off community where every 18 years its rulers retire and a new crop takes their place The heroine is 18, nearly ready to take place in the succession where her place in the royal court will be determined At th [...]

    24. I received this book as an ecopy via the YA Spring Fling along with a few others, however I decided to pick this one first because it seemed short and interesting I was hooked from the beginning The main character, Ava, lives in a world where everything is controlled by a Royal Court, where she is training for Every 18 years, a new group of people take the place of the old Royal Court and those at the age of 36 go to a secluded paradise for their retirement Ava always knew she was different, but [...]

    25. I was fortunate to be offered a copy of Simone s novel and I am happy to say that it was a very pleasant surprise I grew up in Los Angeles and it was the perfect setting for the story The characters were very well developed and evoked either an emotional attachment or likely a very tangible aversion from the reader The Creator of this Utopian Dysfunctional Society, Morray, is quite easy to dislike What he has created is sort of an orderly chaos that is fueled by misinformation spewed randomly by [...]

    26. about the author Award winning author of dystopian fiction Pond s current series includes The City Center, The New Agenda, The Mainframe, and The Torrent She also has a short story series called Voices of the Apocalypse.Pond currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their Boston Terrier Be sure to join the mailing list for updates on new book releases simonepondbook synopsisA dystopian book series about love and the fight for freedom Book 1.Ava didn t want to be right Not about her cit [...]

    27. First of all I received this book for free Now, on to the review I receive a lot of books for free Some of them I like, some of them I respect, some of them I find it hard to read at all This one I liked a lot obviously, since I gave it 5 stars This is not great literature, and it s not cutting edge science fiction What it is, is a great read that takes me back to why I began reading science fiction I read all the greats when many of them were still fresh My parents gave me a subscription to Fan [...]

    28. Book review The City CenterSimone Pond brings the reader into a world of corruption, entitlement and power hungry elitists The city center seems to be a perfect utopia, protecting its inhabitants from the danger beyond the walls But the ruling class, as they have always done, have kept a secret to themselves while controlling the populace with chemical and technological distractions.If a secret group ever planned the demise of the the world for their benefit, I can t imagine how The New Agenda s [...]

    29. I received this book for free through First Reads.The City Center is an amazing story about a future that who knows could really happen one day if you listen to all the conspiracy theorist A future where an elite class decides to breed the perfect human to one day possess their body and to create other people programmed to do a specific job without questioning orders and making them think they are living in the only place habitable on earth and that outside is dangerous and full of diseases, tha [...]

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