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The Ninth Floor By Liz Schulte,

  • Title: The Ninth Floor
  • Author: Liz Schulte
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 318
  • Format: ebook
  • The ninth floor of St Michael s Hospital was shut off to the public, staff, and administrators in 1984 The doors were welded and chained shut, the stop was removed from the elevators, and the no one talked about what happened there ever Ryan Sterling knew her life was going to change forever the day she found out her aunt needed a transplant, and she agreed to return toThe ninth floor of St Michael s Hospital was shut off to the public, staff, and administrators in 1984 The doors were welded and chained shut, the stop was removed from the elevators, and the no one talked about what happened there ever Ryan Sterling knew her life was going to change forever the day she found out her aunt needed a transplant, and she agreed to return to a home she never wanted to see again Spending the vast majority of her time in St Michael s hospital, she soon notices peculiarities her aunt s roommate rants about evil, the nurses whisper about hauntings, and no one will tell her why the ninth floor is locked Ryan thinks all the rumors are ridiculous until two nurses die right after she speaks with them about the floor in question Noises and disembodied voices begin to haunt her night and day Strange presents appear on her doorstep with notes that makes her blood run cold Someone or something is watching Ryan, and she is certain whatever is behind the locked doors of the ninth floor is the key to her and her aunt s survival Ryan never wanted to go home again, now she may never leave.
    The Ninth Floor The ninth floor of St Michael s Hospital was shut off to the public staff and administrators in The doors were welded and chained shut the stop was removed from the elevators and the no one t

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    1. Bell, Book Candle The Ninth Floor ReviewWowza I actually liked this book, to be perfectly honest I was entertained from start to finish and was very intrigued by the mysteries the lead character was trying to uncover I m not going to say the ending was surprising, since I did guess the ending within the first 20 pages of the book but I m just really good at guessing Nevertheless, the plot developed nicely and the writing was superb So you and DROMG are pretty hot and heavy, huh What are you talk [...]

    2. THE NINTH FLOOR LIZ SCHULTE Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity 1 Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim The term gaslighting comes from the play Gas Light and its film adaptations The term is now also used in cl [...]

    3. Liz Schulte has wrote another great romantic suspense novel So far, Schulte has never let me down.At first, I did think things were going a bit slow, but that changed quickly Once all the weird things started happening to Ryan, I as hooked I couldn t put it down.I wasn t even totally sure about who or what was behind all the things happening to Ryan and her aunt I had suspicions throughout the book, but it wasn t all clear till the end I am still sitting scratching my head and wondering about a [...]

    4. Ryan Sterling s boyfriend of several years has left her with no explanation at all Ryan s heart is broken and just as she s thinking of making a change in her life to try to deal with the loss, her family contacts her to tell her that her beloved Aunt is gravely ill Even though Ryan hasn t been home in years or had any contact with her family she feels she must return home to be at her aunt s side.Ryan immediately returns to Goodson Hollow to be at her aunt s side at St Michael s Hospital While [...]

    5. Some readers have categorized The Ninth Floor as a mystery thriller with some romance It s definitely a mystery, but thriller No, not a thriller not even a little scary I found the premise to be interesting as I kept reading to learn why and how everything was connected to Ryan Unfortunately, I guessed who the killer was early on and figured out the reasoning behind it all Then there s the family dynamic which I found to be very bizarre I understood Ryan s reasons for not being close to her fami [...]

    6. 3 1 2 starsBig debate, 3 or 4 stars, cause it was good, just, lacking somewhat Plus, I knew who the bad guy was a little over half way through the book I think some of the story was just too slick, I liked the characters, but their behavior seemed out of tune with their personalities sometimes Plus the main character seemed a little too casual towards some of the things she discovers And the hints of supernatural have no payoff Or explanation Actually, even the actual happenings don t have a rea [...]

    7. This was really a 3.5 star book but I didn t feel I could round it up to 4 for several reasons First up, the main character is a little annoying at times She constantly vacilliates when it comes to any sort of decision until I became impatient with the character Secondly, view spoiler someone tells her she has a stalker but her first reaction is to want the security detail removed Without even looking into the threat first hide spoiler Thirdly, she doesn t ask nearly enough questions about the m [...]

    8. Okay but misleading.I will not give any spoilers but I will say this book is misleading If you are looking for a ghost novel you will disappointed This I would have given 5 stars if not for the hits of ghost and haunting shown A few slams of doors, names being whispered, and strange things that couldn t be done by human yet in the end you are left wondering who is doing the haunting and why As I stated before if you are looking for a ghost novel this is not your type of book but it is a good boo [...]

    9. I did enjoy reading this book, as it contained a lot of suspense However, I very quickly realised who the stalker and murderer was Also, the reasons why weren t very difficult to figure out while reading the book But, mostly I was disappointed by the ending, which I found to be very abrupt and short I would have liked that the author would have gone deeper into the psychologic areas Was Ryan really the daughter of Samantha Cobb or did Jack make that up entirely in his psycho mind

    10. I get sucked into Liz s books so quickly I can t put them down and I don t get any sleep until I finish them I can t say that about very many authors The end was quick but full of action I loved it and I normally don t like thriller s because they freak me out This book did too The only thing I don t feel like was resolved was why Bee was acting like she was possessed Great read

    11. This was a decent mystery It had some spooky elements and a nice developed back story I did guess who was behind it all before the reveal but I don t think it detracted from the story after all, even when I guessed there were moments when I thought maybe it was someone else The characters were good and believable Its a quick read, I finished in a few hours.

    12. If you love suspense books this one is GOOD I totally recommend it I was left on the edge, couldn t put it down I absolutely love the ending I wish though that it didn t end That was so much fun to read

    13. A lot of fun to read but not quite up to the standards of her other books The identity of the stalker was pretty obvious and the ending felt abrupt and incomplete The whole novel felt thrown together instead of tightly woven That being said I enjoyed it and actually couldn t put it down.

    14. Fairly goodDefinitely held my interest and was exciting Some moments of predictability but good Book does need to be revised, there are a handful of grammatical errors.Still, worth the read

    15. This book almost got 4 stars, but I felt like the end left me kind of hanging with some key parts of the mystery not solved so I ended up giving it 3 stars It was still worth reading, was hard to put down.

    16. What can I say I finished this book in 2 days I didn t want to put it down Mystery, suspence, relationshipsrow in a closed off hospital floor, and I m sold A great read I actually related to every character And it left me wondering about the 9th floor Love it

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hadn t figured out much of it before the author told me It was one of those books that drops crumbs but doesn t tell you much until the very end when it is all unleashed on you It was unrealistic the way it ended, but I still loved reading this book.

    18. Great read Very good story, I never expected the ending I m even starting to get used to the fact that her proofreader SUCKS It doesn t take away from the story once you re used to it

    19. I guess it was OK I didn t feel like reading a book that included a character with liver failure, especially one who never drank I m battling liver problems and don t drink, so it was just something that brought me down.The writing seemed pretty good.

    20. Probably 3.5 stars Easy, quick, entertaining readough the stalker was a bit obvious Oh well I still enjoyed it

    21. Pretty good I finished it but, as other reviewers have said, the bad guy reveal wasn t very surprising, and a lot of loose ends were left loose.

    22. Wow.Could NOT put it down Very well written, great story I highly recommend it, but don t read it at night

    23. Strong finishThe book started slow, but was really good at the end Full of mystery, never guessed how it would end.

    24. Loved this book Kept me on my toes Though 5 pages would ve been good I wanted to see what Aiden and Ryan did when they got outta the hospital

    25. Great readExcellently written Plot twist was not easily guessed only regret is there s not a sequel This author out did herself

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