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An Adventure In Beginnings By Alex Whitehall,

  • Title: An Adventure In Beginnings
  • Author: Alex Whitehall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,Today is the three year anniversary of my wife s death I married her right out of high school and she gave me two children I loved her dearly and miss her every day So imagine my surprise when I find men catch my eye There s nothing wrong with looking of course but that s all I ll expect to do I don t do the bar scene and I m not into one night stands IfDear Author,Today is the three year anniversary of my wife s death I married her right out of high school and she gave me two children I loved her dearly and miss her every day So imagine my surprise when I find men catch my eye There s nothing wrong with looking of course but that s all I ll expect to do I don t do the bar scene and I m not into one night stands If only there were some men closer to my age Photo Description A fit older man with a full head of short, silver and steel hair sits naked in an old fashioned tub His piercing dark eyes stare toward the camera and his lips are in a firm, flat line with a touch of sadness in the corners.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.
    An Adventure In Beginnings Dear Author Today is the three year anniversary of my wife s death I married her right out of high school and she gave me two children I loved her dearly and miss her every day So imagine my surprise

    One thought on “An Adventure In Beginnings”

    1. An Adventure in Beginnings is a lovely, emotional story about a 53 year old widower finding a chance to love again, three years after his beloved wife passed away The story is slow and tender, sexy and very enjoyable My only complaint is that the characters description and behavior sometimes give the impression that they are much older than their actual age It was distracting That s not how I imagine men in their fifties This couple fit the image in my head much better.

    2. 3.80 stars A warm and touching second chance at love, always a scary and exciting prospect for anyone, let alone a widower who is coming to terms with his sexuality after the death of his wife Tyler slowly relaxes once he finds his feet, settling into the relationship George is gentle, likable and patiently waits Tyler out, I loved how they were friends first, and took it easy The end did feel a tiny bit rushed, I would have liked a solid HEA or better yet an epilogue It s unusual to find a sto [...]

    3. A sweet story that was a little low on the scorching hot scale for me I love actual grown ups falling in love, but why did it need to be so low key I was also a bit confused about the way the guys were portrayed The tag reads over 40, they re in their 50s, but these guys talk about themselves and are described like they re in their 90s.I know Tyler is sad and depressed, but there s here than just Tyler saying, It s just hard for an old man like me George tells Tyler, You must be tech savvy then [...]

    4. So wonderful I was just starting to think that this year s LHNB event was pretty average and not at all eartshaking when I hit a great streak of slow paced, introspective and just plain delicious stories.This is my first romance story involving characters over 50 years old.In this one, both MCs have lost their life partners and are trying to find someone to build something new with These elements are the reason why it s a slow story, despite its shortness, about getting to know someone and unde [...]

    5. 4.5 What a great addition to the LHNB stories So seldom are stories written about mature MCs Both George and Tyler are well into middle age, past 50 and have lived a life full of ups and downs already.Tyler lost his wife, whom he loved very much, he has grown children and grandchildren, George served in Vietnam and brought back a bad knee and memories.Tyler, a few years after his Emily s death, on the anniversary of her death to be exact, and after realizing his growing interest in men goes to [...]

    6. 4.5 starsI liked this story a lot Believable background and a wonderful pace regarding the development of the relationship I liked that the MCs were 50 , not perfect, not instantly in love, but focused on getting to know each other The end was very fitting.

    7. That s it Seriously But I need , MORE PLEASE.The characters are lovely, the story gentle, the ending though is abrupt.It s getting to know each other and moving on than jumping into bed and I love the pacing These are mature men who act maturely, a rarity in the genre It felt like a friendship with promise rather than one of those instant boners, and the development was nice.Felt cheated by the ending though Its sweet but finishes just before it feels natural to Would have liked to see the meet [...]

    8. 4.5 starsI liked this story a lot, the fact that the characters are in the 50 range was something refreshing to read and it wasn t an insta love connections It all began slowly with dinners, becoming friends, holding hands and becoming so much Very real and believable.

    9. It s so rare to get a story with mature men and this was so sweet A little awkward, a little terrifying and a lot hopeful.

    10. An Adventure in Beginnings is a wonderful, sweet, slow burning romance that warmed my heart and brought a gentle smile to my face if nothing else There s nothing to criticise about the story, but there s also nothing to rave about It s a fulfilling story, with a sweet romance that gives you hope for later years and later loves I firmly believe that there is never one sole true love, and that there are an infinite number of chances for love in any form and this is a wonderful story depicting exac [...]

    11. I was enjoying this story so much, because not very often I can find M M books where the characters are over 50 s.The plot was just getting into me, I was starting to get quite cozy and comfortable when suddenly the book finished what the Could at least the author finish the book after that family dinner

    12. Heartfelt and sweet Starting over later in life isn t easy for anyone Charming story that relays the bravery and awkwardness of figuring out something later than everyone else PS This story reminds me why I want to die first.

    13. 4.0 StarsSo sweet and romantic I love reading about people my age and older still discovering things about themselves and finding love a second time around

    14. What a wonderfully lovely story I think this was the first story I ve read with men in their 50s It was very sweet a wonderful getting to know you story It s a fabulous thing to see someone getting a second chance at love Big Recommendations to those who like older men, second chances and sweet moments

    15. 3.5 starsThis was really sweet It was also very nice a change from the usual stories where the protagonists are either teens, or somewhere in their twenties, or not much older than that I liked the turn that the characters ages could give in exploring the variables in their story However, one minor complain having a father the exact age of one of the MC s, I feel under the obligation to say our MC felt way older than he was At times he felt closer to his 70 s.I get it, the author may be young an [...]

    16. Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries Anthology Volume 12 Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated This was a nice, sweet, simple little short story about older men finding love I nice change of pace.

    17. 3.5 D awwww StarsWhat a sweet slice of life short about love, the second time around It s rare to read a story about older adults in the romance genre so, that was refreshing Adults who aren t melodramatic or impulsive but have seen their fair share of hard knocks.Tyler is a widower His wife, Emily, died 3 yrs ago he s been a hermit for those years aside from Moriarty, the cat Whilst reading the Saturday paper he notices an advertisement for the local LGBT center s Beef Beer fundraiser given his [...]

    18. Oh, man I don t know how to describe this story It was a wonderful, gentle story of Tyler, who on the third anniversary of his wife s death, decides to take a chance on understanding the attraction to men that he recently had been having He goes to a LGBT event, where he meets George, another older man, and they strike up a conversation They enjoy each other and strike up a friendship with the potential of being Both of these characters were so comfortable to me, and it was touching to watch th [...]

    19. This one gets a five because of the perfect pacing The self discovery arc and the relationship arc were absolutely credible I really liked how friendship grew between the two MCs which led into a fuller sexual relationship I also liked how Tyler s concerns were addressed about having a new relationship after his happy longterm relationship ended in widowhood This was a credible and sweet story.

    20. I really, really liked this4.5 stars and rounded up I loved the gentle, quiet pace of it as they got to know each other And I really liked that these were older men, something you don t get to read as often I really liked Tyler and his kids, seeing that they were happy that he was happy Very sweet story, I really enjoyed this one

    21. This is one of the best LHNB stories I have read so far It s well written, it s original and it has heart Definitely one not to be missed

    22. 3.5 stars This is the first time I have read an over 50 M M romance short and I thought it was really sweet and touching I only wished it was slightly longer like after the dinner would have been nice I would have liked to see how their friends and family reacted to meeting each other, or had an epilogue where they got married or something Though in hindsight I guess the ending was suitable for some I just like to go out with a bang I guess.

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