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The Dr Pepper Prophecies By Jennifer Gilby Roberts,

  • Title: The Dr Pepper Prophecies
  • Author: Jennifer Gilby Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 25 year old Mel Parker has a few tiny problems Her job is terrible She s been dumped yet again and her ex is now her boss Her parents think she s a loser compared to her perfect younger sister Her best friend, Will, is in grave danger of being stolen from her by his evil girlfriend All her efforts to improve her life seem doomed to failure There just isn t enough25 year old Mel Parker has a few tiny problems Her job is terrible She s been dumped yet again and her ex is now her boss Her parents think she s a loser compared to her perfect younger sister Her best friend, Will, is in grave danger of being stolen from her by his evil girlfriend All her efforts to improve her life seem doomed to failure There just isn t enough chocolate in the world to make up for the above.So what do you do when you ve pretty much given up on your own life Help others, of course After all, what s the worst that can happen A laugh out loud romantic comedy novel, written with dry wit and just a touch of insanity If you re a fan of Sophie Kinsella, Helen Fielding Bridget Jones Diary or Jane Costello, you ll love this
    The Dr Pepper Prophecies year old Mel Parker has a few tiny problems Her job is terrible She s been dumped yet again and her ex is now her boss Her parents think she s a loser compared to her perfect younger sister Her bes

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    1. Jennifer Gilby Roberts definitely knows how to make her readers both swoon and laugh out loud.Such a cute and fun book Everyone needs a Will in their lives.I simply love Mel and her chaotic life She definitely makes some questionable choices but she still manages to work it all out.This book seems like a light read but it deals with many serious issues.I loved the supporting characters lovely and a bit crazy Cynthia, Beth, even Brittany because she s not as bad as she seems and ,of course, Will [...]

    2. Let me be honest I only found out about The Dr Pepper Prophecies because I ve been searching through the Bestseller list on The Top 100 Free section of it I know, I m cheap I do buy books but since I discovered that there are free ebooks on I ve turned into a compulsive hoarder of everything that sounds even a little interesting to me, is an ebook and free I have to admit, The Dr Pepper Prophecies isn t what I usually download, even though it was free.There were no reviews for this book That jus [...]

    3. Mel has a job she hates Her ex boyfriend is her boss and a veritable stationery cupboard Napoleon Her parents think the sun rises and falls on her sister but can only manage mild disappointment in her Add to that, her best friend Will is dating a social climber who hates her and wants to evict her from Will s life In short her life is a mess With not much she can do to fix up her own life, she decides to try her hand at being Dr Pepper Love for her friends But despite her enthusiastic efforts th [...]

    4. The Dr Pepper Prophesies is hilarious and perfect for a beach read I laughed my way throughout the book and highly recommend My Rating 5 stars

    5. This was a very fun read, although I wanted to shake the main character Mel on almost every other page for being clueless and for interfering in everyone else s life Twenty five year old Mel lives an if it can go wrong, it will go wrong existence I cringed while reading some of the situations she got herself into, especially a job interview She has a job but her ex boyfriend is her boss and he s kind of a tyrant She got him the job and he broke up with her before his first day Mel is also determ [...]

    6. I adored this book I loved the characters, I loved the writing, I LOVED the humor It was a feel good, brain candy, escape, and it s been a long time since I ve read one of those I also love that it was clean Very little swearing, no kinky parts Too much of that going around these days What a welcome change It is rare to find good real chick lit and I m thrilled I ve found this author I will read , most definitely.

    7. 3.5 stars The Dr Pepper Prophecies is a riot I confess I laughed in almost every page because the thought process of this woman was just hysterical Some of the scenes starting from the beginning where she s trying to check her cervix in a bathroom plane, are just so funny that tears ran down my cheeks It doesn t get a higher rating because I think Mel took TOO long to figure out her feelings for Will and he sort of disappears in the last third of the book Also, there were too many popular cultur [...]

    8. The Dr Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby RobertsI was given this R2R in exchange for my honest review Mel is in her late twenties, with a go nowhere job, and a string of failed romances She is pretty much a complete failure in the eyes of her picture perfect family But regardless of all her attempts gone horribly wrong, she keeps going, and tries to help everyone on the way Will is her best friend of 25 years He smart, good looking, has a respectable job, and is stable He would be the perfect [...]

    9. Loved this book It s been sitting on my Kindle for quite some time I don t remember if I bought it for free or at a discounted price I also don t know why it took me so long to read it This girl is funny Melanie is a chocoholic, unlucky in love, and wishes to make the lives of everyone around her better She means well, and the results are hilarious If you like Bridget Jones, you will love this book.Also bonus points for the references to Blackadder and Harry Potter Loved them

    10. What s the worst that can happen Lesson learned from this book NEVER ask that question.This book surprised me, in a definitely good way To be honest, I only got it because it was free on Kindle and I was looking for something funny maybe a bit silly to take a break from the angsty stuff I ve been reading lately, but didn t have big expectations for it As it turned out, I ended up loving it And here s why It was laugh out loud funny My stomach actually hurt from laughing so much at one point the [...]

    11. This review is being posted on behalf of Mr Controversy of The Review Board For the extended review please click on this link If there is No Mention of Dr Pepper in this story as far as drinking the carbonated beverage that I LOVE, By The Way or employment within their halls, I will be VERY Disappointed Melanie Caroline Parker is the focus of The Dr Pepper Prophecies , who discovers something alarming and surprising while returning to her native London, England have I ever mentioned that I LOVE [...]

    12. 3.5 Stars Chocolate is god s way of saying sorry to women for giving them men Melanie Parker has a very interesting way of looking at the world Her thought processes made my laugh so many times In the opening chapter alone I can t count how many times I laughed at the semi freak out she had on an airplane when she realizes that it has been at least 6 weeks since her last period and how she dealt with it I will say that it never occurred to me to try to look at my cervix to see if it was blue bec [...]

    13. Jennifer Gilby Roberts The Dr Pepper Prophecies is about Melanie Parker, who is going through a rough patch in life After getting her boyfriend a job as her boss, he dumps her and now seems to be making her life a living hell at work, not that she even enjoyed the job in the first place Her family never stops reminding her of what a loser and a failure she is Her one positive constant in her life is her best friend, Will, but she s convinced that won t last long because his girlfriend hates Mel [...]

    14. Melanie Parker s down on her luck Really down Her new boss now her ex boyfriend is making her life absolutely miserable Unhappy with everything, feeling like she needs a change, she begins by focusing on helping others Gulp Enter Melanie s poor roommate, Beth Melanie sets Beth up on one horrific blind date after another in Melanie s quest to find Beth companionship.And Cynthia Melanie s late blooming co worker When Cynthia s over controlling mom passes away, Melanie helps Cynthia out of her shel [...]

    15. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review 4 starsThis book is a fun read If you are looking for a light, funny read this is the one From the very start you can just tell that Mel is going to keep you laughing til the end Poor Mel seems to find trouble where ever she goes But then she also seems to create a lot of her misery as well From dating worthless guys, to trying to fix up everyone she meets or even just sternly steer her friends in the direction that she feels they should be [...]

    16. I received this book for free in exchange for a review This book was really cute Mel got into some crazy, but hilarious, situations The author has a great sense of humor I loved her first person perspective She does drive you crazy at times with her naive decisions, not unlike Confessions of a Shopaholic s Becky Bloomwood She has a good heart, though, and means the best The book was beyond predictable, but I think that was for irony, since the first few lines gave the ending away I also thought [...]

    17. This book actually turned out to be pretty good It started out really rough and made me super nervous where it was going to go but thankfully it didn t get too bad It would definitely be rated PG 13 if it was a movie There are a lot of innuendos There is some swearing and talk of premarital sex I am glad it wasn t detailed I liked Mel, sometimes She was a little whiny I really wish it would have given us Will s POV sometimes Like how long had he thought that way and when did it change I could re [...]

    18. I just about died of laughter reading this book Seriously, Melanie Parker is a riot and had me busting up laughing while alone in the basement, so I looked like a crazy person so worth it , and Will Knightley is entirely lovable This book is a new, fresh, hilarious twist of a retelling of Jane Austen s Emma Need I say And it s not one of those obvious retellings where you already know how everything is going to happen and you re just waiting to get through to the end Oh, and there is an abundan [...]

    19. There are authors who can write funny stuff and there s Jennifer Gilby Roberts who s just downright hilarious The Chick Lit elements are strong in this story, but it s a shame that it chose to go the route of cookie cutter plot It s a bit of a letdown if you want something substantial It s predictable in the sense that you already know where the story is headed, but you stay for the morsels of hilarity that the author leaves on each chapter What can I say, I like books that make me laugh.

    20. I almost chose not to rate this one because my biggest problem was that there was all British slang pop culture references that I didn t understand and I was confused often than not But then i realized i was also incredibly bored by how unbelievably slow this book was progressing There was a lot of seemingly unrelated plot points that dragged on but never seemed to go anywhere or be coherent to an overarching plot DNF

    21. This book is a lovely light read if you want to quickly finish a book in a weekend which is exactly what I wanted to do I liked the main character but I did feel that too much was over the top Nobody s life is that terrible all at the same time Still, enjoyable easy reading and I will read number 2

    22. Please note The review of this book which was donated to The Magnolia Blossom Review for the sole purpose of a review was completed by Glynis Rankin based on the Rubric designed by the owner of The MBR, L Avery Brown If you would like to read the entire review which includes an in depth author interview please visit The Magnolia Blossom Review s site online today I have not heard back from Glynis Rankin as to whether or not she wanted to post the review to herself until I hear back from her, I s [...]

    23. Hilarious Her life really sucks Like one bad day followed by another with a few good moments Typical ending that you want to see happen.

    24. Extended review can be found HERE I actually rated this closer to 3.5 than a 3, but I wasn t quite swayed enough to give it a 4.Confession I am a fan of Dr Pepper In fact, it is one of my favorite sodas I love it as much as the main character in this book Mel loves chocolate.So I am looking at this cover and thrown off to see a Coca Cola can next to the oxford Then, I see the bow and arrow very Cupid esque feel , so I m thinking the person on the cover is a love doctor of sorts, and that the lov [...]

    25. A free digital copy of this book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI ve always had a love hate relationship with cliche romantic comedy novels Sure, they re fun to read but oftentimes, the scenes are too cheesy and the female protagonist so weak that it would be downright cringe y to read But the Dr Pepper Prophecies, fortunately, is an exception to the typical rom com phenomenon.Let s start with the main character, Melanie Parker Mel is snarky and hilarious, getting i [...]

    26. I have been talking to Jennifer on twitter for some time and when she was looking for reviewers to review the audio of her book The Dr Pepper Prophecies as I hadn t read the book, I was than happy to review this for her Mel is in her twenties, she has a hob that is going no where, she has a string of failed relationships and she feels she is the outcast of her family Her best friend Will seems to have it all perfect life, job and relationship and this is something Mel wants Mel has hated all th [...]

    27. British Chick Lit, so you know there will be chocolate There is chocolate, tedious amounts of it Mel is an annoying little whinger who constantly, well, whinges This, like the chocolate becomes tedious Her life is in a bit of a mess, a 25 year old woman who holds a degree in administration is working a poorly paid job where she deals with telephone complaints She hates it of course, Then her workplace is made even less tolerable by her ex boyfriend, who due to a promotion, has become a pompous l [...]

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