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Between the Devil and Ian Eversea By Julie Anne Long,

  • Title: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea
  • Author: Julie Anne Long
  • ISBN: 9780062118110
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • She might look like an angel The moment orphaned American heiress Titania Tansy Danforth arrives on English shores she cuts a swath through Sussex, enslaving hearts and stealing beaux She knows she s destined for a spectacular titled marriage but the only man who fascinates her couldn t be infamousor less interested but it takes a devil to know one AShe might look like an angelThe moment orphaned American heiress Titania Tansy Danforth arrives on English shores she cuts a swath through Sussex, enslaving hearts and stealing beaux She knows she s destined for a spectacular titled marriage but the only man who fascinates her couldn t be infamousor less interested.but it takes a devil to know oneA hardened veteran of war, inveterate rogue Ian Eversea keeps women enthralled, his heart guarded and his options open why should he succumb to the shackles of marriage when devastating good looks and Eversea charm make seduction so easy d Heaven has never been hotter.When Ian is forced to call her on her game, he never dreams the unmasked Tansy vulnerable, brave, achingly sensual will tempt him beyond endurance And fight as he will, this notorious bachelor who stood down enemies on a battlefield might finally surrender his heartd be brought to his knees by love.
    Between the Devil and Ian Eversea She might look like an angel The moment orphaned American heiress Titania Tansy Danforth arrives on English shores she cuts a swath through Sussex enslaving hearts and stealing beaux She knows she s

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    1. Oh hell to the no Hello, my name s Jilly, and I m a masochist now you say Hello, Jilly I stayed up till 5 30 am reading a book that was so stupid that I know that I would just lay in bed seething if I don t write out my rant review and lay this puppy to rest before even trying.Why am I so pissed off Let s start with the easy stuff The heroine, Tansy, and the hero, Ian, are both assholes Vapid, vain, game playing assholes.She flirts with every male she comes across and immediately hates any girl [...]

    2. Toxic Heroine, Manwhore Hero, a Little Casual Racism Thrown In For Good Measure I have enjoyed what I ve read so far of Julie Anne Long s Pennyroyal Green series, but Between the Devil and Ian Eversea really didn t work for me I formed a visceral dislike of the heroine well, both main characters, really, but mostly the heroine very early on, and it took most of the book for me to overcome that animus enough to root for her happy ever after Titania Tansy Danforth is an orphaned American heiress w [...]

    3. Edit Just as amazing as I knew it would be I loved Tansy, and Ian of course.I love the entire series and I ve enjoyed every single book but here s where the books stand 1 What I Did For a Duke2 Like No Other Lover and How the Marquess Was Won and It Happened One Midnight and Between the Devil and Ian Eversea3 A Notorious Countess Confesses4 Since the Surrender5 I Kissed an Earl6 The Perils of PleasureI know I shouldn t have 4 books in 2nd place but that is a testament of the books amazingness Pr [...]

    4. Unfortunately, I don t have time to write a review, but JAL is such a great author I ll never stop saying that I ve said in the past that I have a special rating for Lisa Kleypas s books, which means that a 4 star LK book is like a 5 star book by any other author I realise that it s the same with JAL This has been such a lovely book and a really wonderful reading experience But I know JAL can do and has, in fact, done even better than this, hence the 4 star rating Now I have no books left to rea [...]

    5. For the first half of the book I really didn t like the heroine Of course I knew she d been through terrible loss and there should be sympathy, but her POV was so shallow She puts forth a vapid personality to others, but we don t get much better from her inner thoughts Later we see of the real her and she s much likable, but it s a tough slog if you don t trust this author I do happen to trust Julie Anne Long, so it was ultimately worth it.This book reminded me a lot of book two in this series [...]

    6. It took me a while to finish this book as I wasn t enjoying it as much in the beginning The heroine came off as being too immature for my taste and I couldn t see a man like Ian falling for her I gave it a break for a while and just decided to pick it back up.Luckily it all came together nicely and their relationship and banter started growing on me I appreciated the fact that Ian also took time to fall for Tansy and wasn t smitten by her right away like all the other men It made the coming toge [...]

    7. Dabney and I did a Pandora s Box at All About Romance on this one here I haven t read all the books in this series so far but I really enjoyed the one before this It Happened One Midnight and gave it 4.5 stars.I was looking forward to a similar experience with Between the Devil and Ian Eversea, but unfortunately, I came away from it feeling a little disappointed That s not to say I didn t enjoy the book I did There is plenty of humour in the exchanges between the hero and heroine and between the [...]

    8. When Tansy comes to Sussex she wants to settle down, preferably with a duke Ian Eversea wants to leave Sussex and travel the world Their story of coming together and falling in love is beautifully written and executed by Julie Anne Long I actually cried when they were sure to be parted and laughed many times throughout the book Of course there is a shocking development with Olivia Eversea and I can t wait to see how Julie unravels that story Definitely another spectacular addition to the Pennyr [...]

    9. Disclosure I received this ARC through Edelweiss Thank you to Julie Anne Long and to Avon for the opportunity Yes, this is an honest review I had to rewrite this review because I wasn t quite satisfied with what I had written the first time There was one question that stayed with me when I was reading Julie Anne Long s latest instalment in her Pennyroyal Green series Who is Tansy Danforth It amazes me how well Julie Anne Long has maintained the freshness of her series by injecting it with very i [...]

    10. NOTE This is a detailed plot summary than a review I write these so I can remember what happened in any given book, especially those in a series But if anyone else finds this helpful awesome.This is the ninth in the Pennyroyal Green series It features Ian Eversea and Tatania Tansy Danforth Tansy was born in Sussex at Lilymont, but moved to New York at age 8 Her older brother became a soldier in the War of 1812 and was killed both parents died in a carriage accident shortly thereafter Though she [...]

    11. I m still deliberating with myself why I didn t love this story This series started off with a bang, literally and figuratively But as the series moves on, I find myself loving, liking and meh the stories that came after that first book.We met Ian early on in the series and he was a bad boy that was still likable and I wondered about the heroine that would have the task to reform him and set him on the right path That heroine needed to be made of stern stuff, and what I got was a brat that neede [...]

    12. I was kind of disappointed with this one The first few books in the series were average but the last few ones no 6 8 were great reads and I was hoping the momentum stayed the same I wasn t able to connect with both the lead characters and it seemed they had like a personality transplant in the 2nd half of the book I love the ending however I m not surprised if readers get frustrated at the lead characters in the beginning of the book.

    13. 2.5 stars The second half was significantly better than the first, but once again this felt sloppily edited Entire verbatim repeated sentences within paragraphs of each other, repeated words, and sentences with four or five and clauses Proper review to come.

    14. OVERALL RATING 5 starsPlot Rating 4 starsHero Characterization Rating 5 starsHeroine Characterization Rating 5 starsWriting Style Flow 5 starsErotic tension rating 5 starsErotic Scenes descriptiveness 5 starsErotic Scenes frequency 4 starsEmotional Arc rating 5 starsDenouement 5 stars This is the very enjoyable 9th installment in the Pennyroyal Green series If there is one book that you should probably read before this one, it would be What I Did For a Duke Many beloved Everseas make an re appea [...]

    15. Barely four stars for this new Pennyroyal Green novel but solidly Tatiana Danforth has returned to the land of her birth after the death of her parents and brother so that the Duke of Falconbridge can assist her in finding a suitable husband, preferably a duke She s a beauty, indeed, and manages to charm every man she meets, except one Is he immune to her charms or so like her that he knows what she s truly about Ian Eversea is no fool when it comes to women, even though he doesn t always make t [...]

    16. UGH.It took everything in me to finish this book I just could not find one honest to good thing I liked about it Julie Anne Long s prose and the appearances of past characters were not enough to save me from utter boredom.I knew Ian would be a self centered douche due to his previous actions in What I Did For a Duke and he was utterly unchanged here Tansy wasn t much better I just could not connect with her Their supposed motivations and reasons behind their actions were so paper thin that they [...]

    17. A review is a review is a review.I like to think that reviews don t prejudice my view of a book however I know that s not entirely true Sometimes a review has been known to stop me from reading a book So, when I read some of the negative reviews out there about Between the Devil and Ian Eversea I was concerned However, I love the Pennyroyal Green series so there was no way this book was going to be relegated to the dust of my TBR pile.I m glad I didn t leave this one in the pile because I absolu [...]

    18. Heroine is soooo annoying DNF d just could not get into it with her as the main character Toasted from my Ebook Library.

    19. Miss Titania Tansy Danforth appeared to have everything The poor little orphan was blessed with dazzling beauty, amazing wealth, intelligence, and wit Becoming the ward of the Duke of Falconbridge she knows she will be destined to be married to a spectacular title However, the only man she s met who has truly gotten her attention and isn t one of the swarm of eligibles kneeling at her feet is the man most likely her guardian, the Duke of Falconbridge is sure to keep her away from It doesn t matt [...]

    20. 4 Stars Some Hot SteamI simply treasure Julie Anne Long s brilliantly written and always enchanting Pennyroyal Green series and couldn t wait to read Ian and Tansy s story Though slow to build, I was delighted by this sweet, surprising and sultry romance Ian and Tansy are an entertaining and complex pair Apart, each possesses uncommon beauty, charisma and charm enough to enslave the masses Alone together, however, they are uncharacteristically awkward and bristly towards one another Ian s privat [...]

    21. Originally published at Rookie Romance.Immediately these characters immerse you in the world of Pennyroyal Green, home of the Everseas.Tansy arrives in Sussex after losing both her parents and her brother The Duke of Falconbridge is now her guardian and she arrives determined to reclaim her place as Queen Bee after reigning supreme at the New York social scene Tansy has a mask in place that hides all her vulnerability and shows the world a carefree, happy woman who charms all men.except Ian Ever [...]

    22. Julie Anne Long doesn t have a reputation for being particularly rigorous in the development of the historical aspect of the genre, but I generally find her books entertaining This was no exception.What I particularly liked about this book was the heroine she s basically the evil other very young woman that you often see a beautiful, rich, well connected, and manipulative attention seeker However, she s not really evil there s genuine kindness behind some of the actions that earn her those sighs [...]

    23. As another reviewer mentioned, the second half of the book was definitely better than the first half The heroine, Tansy, is portrayed as a woman who goes around breaking hearts without a thought The problem, I feel, is that the author took too long to endear us to Tansy and give us a sort of explanation as to why she was behaving that way The author even didn t have to give us an explanation so much as hints as to Tansy s turmoil, despite the fact that we were in Tansy s head a lot of the time I [...]

    24. In yet another delightful addition to the Pennyroyal Green series, we have the young and beautiful American heiress Titania Danforth arriving in England where her guardian, the Duke of Falconbridge, will find her a suitable husband, and the unrepentant rogue, Ian Eversea, who just happens to occupy the bedroom next door There can only be numerous complications from this situation, and it was a delight to see them all play out Of course Ian isn t the Duke s favorite brother in law, so there s the [...]

    25. JAL has done it again This time she delved into her funny side and the results were great To quote Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park Clever girl I read passages to my only reads nonfiction husband after he asked what I was laughing about He was bowled over by the humor and excellent writing As readers have worked their way through the Pennyroyal Green series we have enjoyed the exploits of the lovable loner, Ian Eversea Will he ever settle down It seems unlikely since he is planning a very long [...]

    26. 4.5 stars Julie Anne Long is my hero I LOVED Tansy She is my kind of heroine totally aware of her own charms and unafraid to exploit them JAL does this kind of heroine so well I love the fact that she doesn t feel the need to have these beautiful, sophisticated women grovel and beg and get their comeuppance I also loved the fact that Tansy had an insta crush on Ian from the moment she saw him You don t see that kind of one sided infatuation in romance novels very often Ian was a slightly tougher [...]

    27. Closer to 3.5 stars.Better than the last two books in the series, but not reaching the amazingness of The Perils of Pleasure, Like No Other Lover or What I Did For a Duke.They are my firm favourites forever.I will keep reading this series and waiting for that magic to return JAL is never ever boring, but she can do so much better than this.

    28. This is a hard book to rate It starts off with a rather vapid unlikeable heroine I almost put it down thinking why am I reading about this idiot And yet I trusted the author to somehow redeem this story and I was right to have confidence in her Tansy is an orphan from America who has become the ward of the Duke of Falconbridge Ian Eversea is warned away from her and in the beginning it is not hard to stay away She appears to be vapid, vain and self centered And yet the real Tansy begins to emerg [...]

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