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Twist & Turn By Christa Simpson,

  • Title: Twist & Turn
  • Author: Christa Simpson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abigail feared that she had given up on the love of her life, until she met the man of her dreams.Abigail Jenkins was lucky enough to find one man that met all of her expectations Edwin Santora was that man, recklessly handsome, with a body carved from stone But it isn t enough Abigail wants a baby Edwin, having just scored his first job out of law school, is nowhere nAbigail feared that she had given up on the love of her life, until she met the man of her dreams.Abigail Jenkins was lucky enough to find one man that met all of her expectations Edwin Santora was that man, recklessly handsome, with a body carved from stone But it isn t enough Abigail wants a baby Edwin, having just scored his first job out of law school, is nowhere near ready to settle down Abigail is Relationship over Or is it Right when Abigail starts to realize that waiting for Edwin is her best bet, Cameron Clarke, the man of her dreams, slips into her life, stealing her attention and her heart With swoon worthy sunset shaped eyes and a smile that lights up the darkest corners of her tragic youth, Abigail knows that he is the one Suddenly, Abigail finds that having a baby isn t at the top of her list of things to do Cameron Clarke is.Sparks begin to fly when Abigail gets what she wants and Edwin admits what he thinks about that But is it too little too late
    Twist Turn Abigail feared that she had given up on the love of her life until she met the man of her dreams Abigail Jenkins was lucky enough to find one man that met all of her expectations Edwin Santora was th

    One thought on “Twist & Turn”

    1. I m on a crazy emotional ride with this 2nd book in the Twisted Trilogy by Christa Simpson This book starts us off where the 1st book ended and it is evident that Abigail and Edwin still have deep feelings for each other However, with Abigail s crazy obsession and no ability to compromise she meets Cameron Clarke blonde, stunning, gorgeous, friendly, proper, respectable gentleman He treats Abigail well and there is mutual attraction Love triangles aren t typically my thing, but Christa creates 2 [...]

    2. okay seriously Christa it s great I love this book, the way you ended it is killing me even with the little prequel for 3 I am enjoying how Abby s character is growing, I do love Cam like you said I would but, I still love Edwin feel sad for him in a way I m starting to get the paranormal aspect of the book now am understanding it a bit , still don t know if it s up my alley or not I am definitely passing on your titles to my friends to read.

    3. I read this book almost straight after the first, Twisted, and I loved seeing where these guys were going Part of me wants these three to just make it a threesome, but i have a feeling that won t happen I like them all and loved the book, exciting moments and suspense about who would be the couple I can t wait for the third book so I can keep reading.

    4. That single soft kiss was so electrical y charged that I wondered if the whole office had felt it There was no doubt in my mind that the sparks flying between us could have ser viced the entire building

    5. A Love Triangle With Twists, Turns, Sexual TensionAfter reading Christa Simpson s Twisted, the first book in the Twisted Trilogy, I wondered how she could possibly inject relationship angst and sexual tension than she did in her debut novel But when Abigail Jenkins unexpectedly meets Cameron Clarke, a widowed single father, a volatile love triangle develops between the couple and Abby s ex boyfriend, Edwin Santora Just to make things even complicated, Abby still shares a house with Edwin at th [...]

    6. I like this book better than the first one.I won t talk much about what happens because I don t like giving things away But basically this book starts off with Edwin Abby having broken up She is ready for a family, he isn t So that s the end isn t it Either way, Abby meets Cameron and she s instantly into him And he into her They hit it off and things take off with a surprising amount of speed.Personally, I LIKED Abby in this book way than the first The first she came off as utterly bitchy and [...]

    7. Bewildered as to how the events will unravel in the second book of Christa s Twisted Trilogy, I was not disappointed She adds further confusion by adding a new co worker to the insane mix already You guessed it He s tall, sexy, successful and wealthy Just when you thought you couldn t drool any over this walking, talking dream you find out he s a single father What is sexier than that Oh yeah, he s head over heals in love with Abigail Oops, but so ex flame, Edwin All three happen to work in the [...]

    8. WOW I didn t even see that coming The twist in this book omg I need the other book asap.Greatly written Love that the characters are the same and a new added of members I love that She s confused and she is trying to figure out what her heart wants Tough call on the guy I don t know but I will probably pick Cam but dang Eddie sounds so hot and caring but Cam is the prince charming I need to know about the sister twin Jenny and what the heck is she thinking wow Love this book Short but I can t w [...]

    9. I love the can t figure out which guy I want in my life triangle plot this series has going on BUT and it is a very large but, I hate the fact that there is a not so dead identical twin trying to mess up the works and I feel it is highly unfair to the little girl to be caught up in the crossfire being used as a medium especially if she ends up with Eddie Having said all of that this story rocks and of course as long as there are installments written I will be buying them.

    10. After reading Twisted , I was already hooked on the life of the ever so interesting, Abby Jenkins In Twist and Turn, Abby takes us to new places as her story develops with Cameron, and her evil twin Just when you think a story can not get any juicy, Simpson does it Simpson has a way with words that leaves the reader desperate for I cannot wait until I can read the third book in the Twisted Trilogy

    11. This is book 2 in The Twisted Trilogy, my debut New Adult romance It s a sexy, sassy story with a love triangle and a paranormal twist Happy reading

    12. Team Cam I hope the 3rd book isnt in favor for Edwin I want Abby to have the family she wishes for with Cam.

    13. An amazing read I could not put it down This is the second book in a series, it does end in a cliffhanger I can t wait to read the next book to see what happens next.I was provided a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

    14. Twist Turn was an excellent continuation of Twisted I found it easy to slip back into the story and watch the characters and storyline develop further Abigail Jenkins and Edwin Santora are in different life phases Abby wants a baby and Edwin is not ready to become a family man Where will life carry Abby now they are officially over Into the arms of Cameron Clarke of course That is if she can get away from Eddie s possessiveness and find a way to open her heart to another.Abby has matured in this [...]

    15. I liked it This one felt sweeter and less tumultuous than the first book I loved watching the relationship between Abby and Cam and Phoebe develop I know that I m supposed to be, but I m baffled by the whole mystery surrounding Abby s twin sister and how that s going to affect the final outcome At this point I don t know how book three is going to be able to untangle everything without at least one person getting hurt, but I m anxious to find out.

    16. This was just a fun and amazing read It was pretty much like reading a good soap opera with all the twists and turns and evil twins to deal with Ha But I couldn t put it down the minute I picked it up, so it s just as addicting as a good morning soap A great sequel to an amazing series A definite must read i m so happy the author was able to give me an ARC for my honest review, as I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to read this book.

    17. Very good book I can t wait to read the next book to see what happens Her twin is up to something Ashley is a real piece of work Someone needs to put her in her place

    18. Category Genre Contemporary RomanceReceived from Christa Simpson in exchange for an honest review Recommended for 18 Grammar editing ungraded book received as an unedited ARC errors excusedI love this story I don t know if I want Abby with Eddie or Cam Both are hot, sexy men Eddie is all of the wild and untamed Cam is all of the sweet, solid, and sensitive that this girl desires Why can t either one of them be the whole package and make the decision easier While I m asking questions, what the he [...]

    19. my book review review R1BYMP2AAbby and Cameron Abby started seeing Cameron in the last book after she ended it with Edwin her long time ex boyfriend on and of again boyfriend now with Cameron everything looks and feels like it is home for her and that she may finally have a family her main desire is to have a Baby with whom she is with She loves Cameron and his daughter they also find out that on the same day both Abby s sister died as well as Tessa his deceased wife also Abby s sister is haun [...]

    20. 4 stars, full review in the morning enjoyed it much than Twisted I was lucky enough to have been gifted this book by the author, thank you, Christa following on from Twisted, Abby has made her decision to find someone else, after Edwin states he doesn t want children, yet.enter Cameron who Abby immediately falls for, and falls hard as does Cameron I feel for poor Edwin in this book however, he did tell Abby no, and he has made his bed, he just refuses to lie in it Abby still grated on my nerves [...]

    21. This is book two in the twisted trilogy should be read in order Oh my gosh I am so in love with this phenomenonal romance novel with a paranormal twist Abigail Jenkins wants a baby Edwin Santora is not ready to settle down But when Cameron Clarke swoops in to capture Abigails heart will it be too late for Edwin This novel starts off where the the first one ends Fasten your seat belts for a roller coaster ride of emotions A jaw dropping, gripping at the end of your seat novel that will have you c [...]

    22. i enjoyed the first book in this series twisted and was looking forward to this sequel it started off fairly well though i found it a bit difficult to get into and perservered The new man on the scene cameron and abagail s somewhat change in character was a bit lack lustre and cameron really didn t hold interest The book seemed to get a little lost as did the characters.From the first book to this book and her and edwin being so in love to this book was very disappointing Even Edwin s character [...]

    23. A wonderful sequel Even of what I loved from book 1 with added danger excitementexcitement heartwarming moments I really enjoyed that the paranormal element was apparent it was a great addition to an already great story And as soon as I was done with this one you guessed it, I HAD to immediately get book 3

    24. I loved Edwinen I loved Camd now I just don t know who I want to win the battle of testosterone I can see that book 3 is going to be heartbreaking because one of these loveable guys is going to be dumped Excellently written, I loved this bookriously it s a must read

    25. Second book in the series and I loved it just as much as the first book You go through the emotions with the characters in the storyyou laugh, you get really emotional, you cheer them on, you get mad haha It s a wonderful story that continues to take you for a wonderful ride.

    26. Wait up a minute why is the twin sister out of nowhere so not dead Wtf just happened Seriously a waste of time I couldn t even get half way It s always so hard not finishing books I don t like but with this one it wasn t.

    27. better than book one if thats possibleis book kept me coming back for abby and edwin are overor are they abby meets cam the man of her dreams.ey fall head over heels for each otherwill edwin give up oh and i kew the thing with jenny was something loved this bookffhr

    28. Edwin was the best character I have read in a long time I understand this book need to push the plot along but my heart aches for him

    29. this is book two and I still cannot decide how I feel about AbigailEdwin or Cam good series but I am still undecided which guyor if Abigail deserves either one

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