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Memories of My Melancholy Whores By Gabriel García Márquez Edith Grossman Thom Rivera,

  • Title: Memories of My Melancholy Whores
  • Author: Gabriel García Márquez Edith Grossman Thom Rivera
  • ISBN: 9781482939781
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Audio CD
  • 2004 , , , , , 2004 , , , , , 12 .
    Memories of My Melancholy Whores

    One thought on “Memories of My Melancholy Whores”

    1. To enjoy this book you have to enter the mind and world of this old, old man, living the last years of his life in poverty in the once grand, decaying house of his youth His career never rose above second rate reporter, he never married and never even fell in love His personal relationships with women were limited to the whores he paid for A most unfulfilled life.But then, for a present for his 90th birthday, he gives himself a 14 year old virgin, a would be whore Exhausted from menial labour an [...]

    2. This is it everyone The most depressing book I have read Ever Yes This book Not the ones about the holocaust, brutal wars, awful diseases this book About an old man who has only ever slept with whores I don t know why it got to me like it did, but I would read a few pages and feel physically sick to my stomach It s not the subject matter it s interesting , it s not the writing he s Marquez it s just this sense of awfulness This awful awful life he s lead, and what he has never known What his lit [...]

    3. On a certain level, I truly enjoyed Memories of My Melancholy Whores I am always ready to be swept up in the simple whimsy of G.G.M s language, and the sweeping romance and dramatic emotion of his work always appeals to me But on another very real level I found this book disturbing and sexist.The book s theme is strikingly reminiscent of Talk to Her , a recent Almodovar film Both deal with men who build flowery romantic erotic relationships in their minds with a completely passive sleeping woman [...]

    4. 2.5 5After getting the cringing fingernails down a chalkboard type feeling of a ninety year old man with a boner eradicated from my mind, I thought to myself right, now that s out the way, this IS Garc a M rquez we are talking about here, I am in safe hands, don t worry, this will turn out to be a decent read Or at least that s what I d hoped This novella is narrated by an aging connoisseur of girls for hire After spending a lifetime getting it on with prostitutes 514 of them to be precise, befo [...]

    5. A Latin American Lolita Lite or Don t Let The Title Scare You This Isn t A Dirty Old Man Book It s been years since I ve read anything by Gabriel Garc a M rquez, and so this little book, while not as grand, sweeping or substantial as the works that earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, came as a lovely, gentle surprise.Reading it felt like catching up with a grizzled old friend who can tell a mean story Garc a M rquez s seductive writing has a perfumed air of nostalgia and romance a [...]

    6. Memoria de mis putas tristes Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel Garc a M rquez Memories of My Melancholy Whores Spanish Memoria de mis putas tristes is a novella by Gabriel Garc a M rquez The book was originally published in Spanish in 2004, with an English translation by Edith Grossman published in October 2005.An old journalist, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday, seeks sex with a young prostitute, who is selling her virginity to help her family Instead of sex, he discovers love [...]

    7. Espa ol EnglishEste se or sin nombre nunca se ha enamorado, pero s ha tenido mucho sexo casual, casi siempre con prostitutas Mantiene una larga relaci n de negocios con la due a del prost bulo que frecuenta Es por esto que en la v spera de sus noventa a os la llama y le solicita algo inusual quiere celebrar su cumplea os con una jovencita que sea virgen Nunca se ha casado ni ha hecho grandes cambios en su vida vive en la casa de su familia donde se cri y tiene su trabajo de publicar una columna [...]

    8. The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin I m ugly, shy and anachronistic But by dint of not wanting to be those things I have pretended to be just the opposite Until today, when I have resolved to tell of my own free will just what I m like, if only to ease my conscience The beginning of a new life at an age when most mortals have already died There is no subject in our society that is associated with myths and misinformation t [...]

    9. I really didn t like this story The writing as always was wonderful the descriptions, the language, the character development all excellent The story however was extremely disturbing and sad Chapter 1 in particular, when the narrator describes how upon turning 90 he decided he wanted to have sex with a young virgin was appalling Then the local madam finds a 14 year old, poor, illiterate girl for him He goes to see her and finds her asleep because she had been so afraid she had to be sedated Alth [...]

    10. The review I wrote for .A curious and lovely bookIn the US, we understand sexy but we struggle with the erotic We read the body like we read the newspaper, by habit with a glance Our real failure in love is our failure to take our time It s not in our nature to wait, to sample, to savor We rush into love as if we were late to an appointment Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his MEMORIES OF MY MELANCHOLY WHORES doesn t rush The book is a seduction and moves at that quiet lazy confident pace The protagoni [...]

    11. ImmortifiedI ve wondered for a long time how to talk to you about this How to explain myself, if such a thing is necessary or possible Should I even bother Would you understand Will you be able to see things from my point of view Could you find it in your heart to forgive me Ironically, perhaps, if you believe in God, the Holy Spirit, then you might be likely to understand me and therefore to forgive.My desire is not so much that you understand what I have done It s important that you understa [...]

    12. Memoria de mis putas tristes Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel Garc a M rquezMemories of My Melancholy Whores Spanish Memoria de mis putas tristes is a novella by Gabriel Garc a M rquez The book was originally published in Spanish in 2004, with an English translation by Edith Grossman published in October 2005 An old journalist, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday, seeks sex with a young prostitute, who is selling her virginity to help her family Instead of sex, he discovers love f [...]

    13. A narrator whose name is unknown is waking up on the eve of his 90th birthday In his youth, he has assiduously frequented the brothels of his town to the point of being several times crowned customer of the year by several of them but on the eve of his birthday he surrenders himself That it had been almost twenty years since he had ceased this practice Yet, Rosa Cabarcas, a well known brothel keeper, has often revived himToday, our man feels close to finding the rooms of Rosa But he imposes on R [...]

    14. I began reading this book in English, but something didn t feel right The musicality of M rquez writing was not there I couldn t believe the old man changed his style over the years I looked for the Romanian translation and felt relieved everything sounded the way it should with M rquez The poetry was still there That was the first time I looked admiringly to my native language it has its positive attributes after all, mainly the kinship with Latin Now I may only imagine how the original sounds [...]

    15. The book summary and blurb will turn many people away from this book And yes, it is about a 90 year old man obsessed with a 14 year old prostitute But that doesn t do justice to what this book is about, and it doesn t do justice to the brilliant writing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez He didn t win the Nobel Prize for Literature for nothing Really it s a story of love, and it s a story of a time and place that most of us can t truly imagine The writing alone makes the effort worthwhile.

    16. Am descoperit ca nu sunt disciplinat din virtute, ci ca reactie impotriva neglijentei mele ca par generos pentru a mi masca micimea de suflet ca exagerez cu prudenta din neincredere ca sunt tolerant doar ca sa nu ma las prada acceselor de furie pe care abia mi le stapanesc ca sunt punctual doar ca sa nu se afle cat de putin ma intereseaza timpul altora Am descoperit, in sfarsit, ca dragostea nu e o stare a spiritului, ci un semn al zodiacului

    17. ok g zeldi, ok g zeldi, ok g zeldi.Marquez okumay zlemi im O kadar uzun zaman oldu ki yazar n tarz n unutmu um Akl m Y zy ll k Yaln zl k n karma as nda kalm olacak ki bol betimleme beklerken sade bir kitapla kar la t m Derin anlamlara sahip yal n c mleleriyle huzur veren bir kitapla Hayalet hissi veren kitaplar seviyorum Benim H z nl Orospular m da onlardan biri Tuhaf bir belirsizlik havas var kitab n, her ey hem ger ek hem de de il Sat r aralar okuyucunun hayal g c yle istedi i gibi doldurmas i [...]

    18. Life is so complicated to understand at the same time the working mind of every people, how they think, they act or develop in their entire life When I was walking nearby a bar, I saw an old man wearing his new clothes bought from the department store while guided by his nurse and stick, and entered a bar I cannot imagine such scene in my mind esepcially the sexual interaction between an old man and a very young lady.In this novella, Gabriel Garc a M rquez, put you into deepest imagination while [...]

    19. En esta novela, M rquez narra la conmovedora, pero incre blemente extra a historia de un periodista, que al cumplir su novena d cada de vida, decide celebrarse con una noche de placer con una virgen jovencita Sin planearlo, el hombre terminar por enamorarse por primera vez en toda su vida, pero, como ya dije antes, de una adolecente, de una menor de edad.Mi opini n Le lolita de Vladimir Nabokov, y a pesar de que la historia me pareci brillante, eso no signific que estuviera de acuerdo con la ide [...]

    20. If anyone else had written this book it would have been a masterpiece Unfortunately, it was written by the man who wrote 100 Years of Solitude and therefore is looked upon as a lesser work There is no denying that Gabriel Garcia Marquez was one of the most influential storytellers of the 20th century His contribution in taking magical realism out of the small towns of Latin America and bringing it to the world will be talked about for hundreds of years to come No list of great 20th century novel [...]

    21. A 90 year old man falls in love for the first time He has been single all his life and pays whore to have sex with him He is a writer and his boss does not want him to stop writing because people would like to know how it feels to be a ninety year old man.It is a novella short novel that you can finish in 2 hours However, it took me 6 days to finish it because I read it along with somebody in our book club here in She is a lot younger than me and she also liked this book It was kind of a surpris [...]

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