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The Good Luck of Right Now: A Novel By Matthew Quick,

  • Title: The Good Luck of Right Now: A Novel
  • Author: Matthew Quick
  • ISBN: 9780062285553
  • Page: 408
  • Format: ebook
  • Pendant trente huit ans, Bartholomew Neil a vecu seul avec sa mere jusqu au jour ou la maladie l emporte Comment vivre sans elle Ainsi commence la quete de notre heros pour se construire une nouvelle famille Un pretre defroque, une bibliothecaire agoraphobe, un acolyte survolte rencontre en analyse, une psychotherapeute borderline, sans oublier Richard Gere, auquel BPendant trente huit ans, Bartholomew Neil a vecu seul avec sa mere jusqu au jour ou la maladie l emporte Comment vivre sans elle Ainsi commence la quete de notre heros pour se construire une nouvelle famille Un pretre defroque, une bibliothecaire agoraphobe, un acolyte survolte rencontre en analyse, une psychotherapeute borderline, sans oublier Richard Gere, auquel Bartholomew est persuade d etre uni par un lien cosmique Tout ce petit monde s embarquera dans une Ford Focus de location, a la recherche d un mysterieux Parlement des Chats, et de bien plus encoreBest seller international, Cher Monsieur Richard Gere est en cours de realisation par Dreamworks Matthew Quick est aussi l auteur d un roman adapte au cinema sous le titre Happiness Therapy, un film recompense par huit Oscars.Merveilleux et extravagant, bourre d emotion, d humour et de folie.Le Parisien.Drole, tendre, farfelu, terriblement humain.L Alsace.Ce livre a paru initialement dans la collection Preludes sous le titre Saisis ta chance, Bartholomew Neil.
    The Good Luck of Right Now A Novel Pendant trente huit ans Bartholomew Neil a vecu seul avec sa mere jusqu au jour ou la maladie l emporte Comment vivre sans elle Ainsi commence la quete de notre heros pour se construire une nouvelle

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    1. I wondered if faith were not a form of pretendingYou re in Luck Matthew Quick, author of The Silver Linings Playbook, has written an incredibly moving story, populated with his usual range of damaged, quirky, lovable characters, but containing a core of significant philosophical substance A man called Q Bartholomew Neil is 38 years old He keeps a journal of interesting things He has never held a job He has lived with his mother all his life, and the two have always shared a close bond His father [...]

    2. I got this book as a birthday present from a very kind friend thank you, Tatiana And hell, I don t really know where to start There s something about Quick s characters that just gets to me It s happened with every book of his that I ve had the pleasure of reading Sorta Like a Rock Star, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and now The Good Luck of Right Now and I m not sure how easy it will be to put it into words His characters aren t ones you find often They re unusual Memorable Quirky But they re not [...]

    3. Onvan The Good Luck of Right Now Nevisande Matthew Quick ISBN 62285610 ISBN13 9780062285614 Dar 304 Safhe Saal e Chap 2014

    4. The Good Luck of Right Now did one thing which I liked introduced me to the Canadian Parliamentary Cats It is quite a story to keep Parliament Hill in Ottawa rodent free, groundskeepers kept and cared for various stray cats which did the job all the way until the 1950 s, when they were replaced by chemicals Afterwards the staff did their best to keep up with the Canadian stereotype and did a totally awesome thing established a sanctuary for the stray cats instead of kicking them out on the stree [...]

    5. I should have written Richard Gere letters Heck, I should have written him one letter One long diatribe where I offered up all of my feelings and emotions, thoughts on the Chinese government and Tibet, and all the women who have entered my life and then exited en masse, telling my story in a series of letters over a period of months or maybe it was years I forgot , but if my source of inspiration for writing said letters is rifling through my mom s underwear drawer, I m glad I completely missed [...]

    6. Asperger s Syndrome, meet Tourette sA Catholic Priest, a guy with Asperger s Syndrome, a woman who was abducted by aliens, and her brother, a felinophile with Tourette s Syndrome, walk into a barEither the start of a joke, or a synopsis of The Good Luck of Right Now, a new book by Matthew Quick Quick is the author of The Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings was made into an Oscar winning film I don t know if this new book will translate so successfully into a film, but as a book, it was exempl [...]

    7. Voa Bart, VoaBart p ssaro que nunca deixou o ninho Desde que se conhece que vive com e para a m e Nunca teve emprego , e muito menos vida social Quando a m e morre, gerando um buraco negro no que f ra outrora a sua exist ncia, KABOOOOMMM o Farol da sua vida desmorona se em estilha os E agora Que fazer Que rumo tomar Uma resposta certa Est na hora do p ssaro voar Nesta est ria sentimos como o Universo parece munido duma Intelig ncia pr pria, que se compadece dos mais aflitos, tecendo uma rede cap [...]

    8. If you told me you were reading a novel about a 38 year old man child who had been living with his mother in Philadelphia until her recent death from brain cancer and that this same man spends his days in the Free Library writing in his Interesting Things I Have Heard notebook while trying to work up the courage to say hello to a young woman whom he calls the Girlbrarian , it wouldn t take me long to guess that you must be reading a novel by Matthew Quick Matthew Quick, the author of The Silver [...]

    9. Note to start I won this through First Reads Thanks Harper On with the review.I feel like I might be a bit of a minority in my opinion of this book, particularly since Matthew Quick is such a hot author since Silver Linings went massive But anyway, I have to say I m not overly impressed, though this is the first book I ve actually read by him The Good Luck of Right Now isn t really a bad book, it s just not the sort of thing that really caught my attention all the way through even though I did f [...]

    10. Listened to this audiobook on my commute to and back from work and it was truly delightful.I found the dialogue and its characters especially Bartholomew of course witty, funny and inspiring There s also something to say about a writer that can find fun within religion and religion practices in this case Catholicism and Buddhism while still maintaining a sense of respect to it.This book didn t changed my life but it made a few commuting hours pretty entertaining.If you enjoy the author s charmin [...]

    11. This is a book of letters a sweet, lightly written epistolary novel Thirty eight year old orphan Bartholomew Neil, a developmentally stunted man according to his grief counselor , writes letters to the Buddhist activist actor Richard Gere after he discovers a form letter from Gere in his dead mother s underwear drawer They are sly letters absolutely sincere on Bartholomew s ingenuous level, but socially sly from the all knowing author and the reader s point of view For instance, Bartholomew ment [...]

    12. I actually enjoyed The Good Luck of Right Now I think it s a great title.The main character, Bartholomew, is in the early stages of bereavement His mother has recently died.He s in his late 30 s, he s a kind of holy fool Is he on the spectrum somewhere Possibly If so, he s fairly low functioning He spends his life at home or going to the library to covertly watch the girlbrarian Soon his recently defrocked Catholic priest moves in with him The story is told in the form of letters addressed to Ri [...]

    13. 3.5 stars Do you enjoy Richard Gere movies I asked Richard Gere Richard fucking Gere Max said Fuck Richard Gere What the fuck, hey No, this is not Andrew Dice Clay s standup comedy routine comeback This is a snippet of dialogue between two extremely damaged dudes in Matthew Quick s formulaic yet, inexplicably affecting The Good Luck of Right Now Inexplicable, given it s not much than a retooling of his earlier Silver Linings Playbook, a book I didn t much care for I m not sure why this book mov [...]

    14. You are my confidant, Richard Gere, and I m not about to share my pretending with anyone, because pretending often ends when you allow non pretenders access to the better safer worlds you create for yourself Bartholomew Neil s mother dies of brain cancer In thirty eight years, Bartholomew has never lived alone, never held a job, never had a date with a woman or a beer with a buddy He doesn t know how to survive in the world without his beloved mother When he discovers a form letter from Richard [...]

    15. Another solid read from Matthew Quick Do you remember the film Pretty Woman from the late 80s or was it early 90s What happens after he climbs up the tower and rescues her She rescues him right back This is the theme of this book Well played, Mr Quick Well played This one made me laugh out loud several times It s a very fast read, and I really enjoyed it A nice escape read for a Sunday afternoon I ll definitely be reading his other stuff I ve already read and loved The Silver Linings Playbook We [...]

    16. This is my 2nd read from Matthew Quick, the first having been Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock I have to admit, both novels began slowly for me I had no trouble putting either down, and once I did, I just wasn t sure when I d pick it back up But then, as with FMLP, this book grabbed me Quick s characters are so quirky and real in a damaged, completely human sort of way And despite the bleak reality of revealing hopes and fears that maybe all of us have experienced at one time or another, his stories [...]

    17. Ummmm I m really not sure what to think of this book There s quirky which worked in The Silver Linings Playbook And there s troubled which worked in Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock So, yes I m a fan of Matthew Quick But this one Huh Quirky Troubled Weird Letters to Richard Gere, a bipolar priest, the rape of a house and the quest for Cat Parliament Uh huh shake your head in wonder This is the storyline of The Good Luck of Right Now.There were some redeeming qualities of course It s Matthew Quick, af [...]

    18. 3 1 2 stars.Bartholomew is a strange, yet well meaning guy who is trying to figure out what to do with his life after taking care of his cancer stricken mother.Along the way, he meets some other strange, but other well meaning characters Wendy, a counselor who could use some counseling, a recently defrocked priest, and a guy whose every other word is the F word.While this book was depressing at times, I did like the progress of the characters I did think some of the characters were a bit over th [...]

    19. I have a definite fondness for oddballs, misfits, underdogs and all similarly quirky characters So it comes as no surprise that I usually enjoy books that revolve around or feature such characters So The Good Luck of Right Now was right up my alley Bartholomew Neil life around revolved around taking care of his mother Now almost 40, socially awkward and kind of lonely, Bartholomew has to face the reality of his existence without his mother in it After his mother death, he makes a surprising disc [...]

    20. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 StarsBartholomew has spent his entire life with his mother He has never had a job, never had any friends, never had any responsibilities When Bartholomew s mother dies, he finds himself with no idea how to cope His grief counselor tells him he needs to come to terms with his mother s death, which he attempts to do by writing letters to her favorite actor, Richard Gere What a strange little novel Although it pales in comparison to the magic that is The [...]

    21. This was my first book by Matthew Quick and I quite enjoyed how accessible it was You are thrown into the story from the very first page and you get to know the characters through letters to Richard Gere You cannot help but love the protagonist, Bart, who is 39 years old, has some mental problems and has been living with his mother for his entire life In this book, his mother dies, and Bart has to learn how to live by himself This book is very silly at times, but it also contains some serious to [...]

    22. I ll sum this book up like this A 38 year old mommy s boy Bartholomew Neil with some obvious, undisclosed mental defect spends all of his time writing letters to Richard Gere, seeing visions of Richard Gere and even hearing Richard Gere guide him as some sort of God voice When mommy dies, Bartholomew is lost in the world until he makes friends with 1 a bipolar priest, 2 a paranoid guy who says f k in every single sentence, and 3 a pitiful girl with an alien obsession I may have at least found th [...]

    23. I had never read anything by Matthew Quick before I won this book from Honestly the cover picture alone had me intrigued and the blurb made it even better Even those high expectations were blown away I was literally so amused I had trouble putting the book down The characters were quirky and damaged and that made them all the loveable The were several laugh out loud moments throughout the story, that covered the pain you knew the characters were experiencing What an amazing read and I ll defini [...]

    24. I love epistolary novels generally, and this is quite a fun one in that the letters are all addressed to Richard Gere Bartholomew Neil, 39, recently lost his mother to a brain tumor As she descended into dementia, she started calling her son Richard and, figuring she was mistaking him for their mutual favorite actor, he decided to run with it making Gere a sort of alter ego, imaginary friend, and hallucinated Buddhist guru.Bartholomew has never had a job apart from taking care of his mother, so [...]

    25. Was this well done Yes Did I like it No A well told, big hearted story of a misfit finding his place in the world after his mother dies My personal trouble is that in real life, when socially and mentally lacking people become obsessed with women who work at the library it s incredibly creepy, not charming Librarians honor This took my head out of the story and kept me skeptical of the reality of these 3 characters capability to live independently in the world I will give it to Matthew Quick let [...]

    26. Amazing I loved this book SO much It s fun, sad, quirky, heartfelt, unique, and full of unforgettable characters and lots of f bombs Totally and completely irresistible Everyone read this book now And thank me later Disclaimer librarian stalking is not cool Don t do it Even though this book and my own personal love story can make it seem kind of cute We librarians know we re awesome and often quite attractive But don t even think for a second you re getting away with pretending to read a newspap [...]

    27. Meine Mei nungSchon allein der Blick auf das bunte und far ben frohe Buch co ver macht mich gl ck lich und nach dem ich die dahin ter ste ckende Geschichte gele sen habe, bin ich umso begeisterter.Zu mei ner Schande muss ich geste hen, dass es mein ers tes Buch des Autors Matthew Quick gewe sen ist aber defi ni tiv nicht mein letz tes Der Autor hat mich buch st b lich um den Fin ger gewi ckelt und das Bed rf nis aus ge l st, schnellst m g lich das Defi zit aus zu glei chen und alle ande ren bere [...]

    28. 3.5 STARS.This wasting While I didn t think there was much of a storyline, I did find this pretty entertaining It follows a 40 some year old and his strange group of friends he encounters after his mother dies I found them pretty funny and interesting, but not much happens But I loved the concept of the Good Luck of Right Now and how for every good there is bad and how the main character implements this with everything.This wasn t remarkable, but it was enjoyable I don t have much else to say.

    29. Classifica o 3,5 em 5 estrelasEu estava a espera de um romance, estava mesmo Mas isto n o tem nada a ver com um romance, nada mesmo Este livro ajuda nos imenso a pensar na vida, a pensar nas nossas escolhas, em tudo mesmo Eu vi me a questionar muitas das coisas em que acreditava, e por vezes cheguei mesmo a pensar Porque acredito nisto Adorei o livro, n o h d vida disso, mas acho que n o merece 4 estrelas J li livros muito melhores que este, e muitas partes do livro foram desnecess rias Mas houv [...]

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