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Catching Cameron By Julie Brannagh,

  • Title: Catching Cameron
  • Author: Julie Brannagh
  • ISBN: 9780062279736
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • Julie Brannagh s sexy, charming Love and Football series continuesStar sports reporter Cameron Ondine has one firm rule she does not date football players Ever She tangled with one years ago, and it did not end well Been there, done that.But when Cameron comes face to face with the very man who shattered her heart on camera, no less her world is upended for a secondJulie Brannagh s sexy, charming Love and Football series continuesStar sports reporter Cameron Ondine has one firm rule she does not date football players Ever She tangled with one years ago, and it did not end well Been there, done that.But when Cameron comes face to face with the very man who shattered her heart on camera, no less her world is upended for a second time by recklessly handsome Seattle Shark Zach Anderson.Zach has never been able to forget the gorgeous blonde who stole his breath away when he was still just a rookie They ve managed to give each other a wide berth for years, but when their jobs suddenly bring them together again and again, he knows he has to face his past once and for all.Because as they spend time together, he becomes less focused on the action on the field and concerned with catching Cameron.
    Catching Cameron Julie Brannagh s sexy charming Love and Football series continuesStar sports reporter Cameron Ondine has one firm rule she does not date football players Ever She tangled with one years ago and it d

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    1. This was a good story overall, but suffered from being a bit unbelievable as well I didn t think the sports world would be quite so interested in the fact that Cameron and Zach had been married previously, and that felt gossipy than anything else I couldn t feel a good connection between Cameron and Zach themselves, and didn t see much wooing in either side for them to be able to come back together so quickly I also didn t care for how quickly the rift between Cameron and her family seemed to b [...]

    2. In a series full of plot premises that are shaky, to say the least, this one takes the cake Two young twenty somethings meet in Las Vegas ten years ago and get married after around ten hours of knowing each other They spend three apparently amazing days as a married couple, only to suddenly end the marriage after the man apparently takes a cash payout from the woman s father and hits the road The two never contact each other again Now, ten years later, the two are forced to interact when the wom [...]

    3. I ve been on a sports romance themed kick lately, and Julie Brannagh writes fun romances with football heroes and the women that love them I very much enjoyed her last book, Rushing Amy, so when Catching Cameron was available, I promptly made the request.Cameron Ondine is a successful sports reporter whom has worked hard to get where she has When she interviews football player Zach Anderson on her show, things take a turn for the worse when she asks him tough questions about his on field perform [...]

    4. Julie continues to shine with her third book, Catching Cameron I love how her main couple are down to Earth, very likeable people I am now officially addicted to anything Julie writes and Catching Cameron is a wonderful contemporary romance.Cameron is a female sportscaster who comes from a very rich family But Cameron isn t spoiled and she worked hard to be independent and free of her parents, especially her father who wants to control her, even though Cameron is a woman in her 30 s She has a bi [...]

    5. Julie Brannagh throws another touchdown with this latest addition to her Love and Football series Cameron Odine has earned her place in the spotlight through her own hard work and determination Coming from a rich family, her career choice is not what her father had in mind and he will do anything and everything to lead her toward a life he find acceptable Zach Anderson never fully forgot about the wife he had for three days in Las Vegas, until she snuck away and never looked back Their whirlwind [...]

    6. Catching Cameron is another great addition to the Love and Football series Cameron Ondine or Cameron Online as she is known totally loses it during an on camera interview with Zach Anderson, a football player with whom she has a hidden past The network honchos decide that ratings are worth than journalistic standards and they decide to have Cameron work as the pre season training camp reporter complete with her own room in the players dorm Needless to say, this sets up all kinds of interesting [...]

    7. Great book, great seriesI think this is my favorite Love and Football Novel by Julie Brannagh so far Each book in the series seems to just keep getting better Zach Anderson and Cameron Ondine have a past that only their immediate families know about, until it slips out during an interview that Cameron is doing with Zach Loved it and still looking forward to the rest of the series.

    8. Cameron Ondine is an on camera personality for football So far she has managed to keep her three day marriage to Seattle Shark Zach Anderson a deep secret But her residual feelings come out one day in an interview where she totally rips him a new one And it results in ratings gold So much so that her network and the Sharks boss decide to send her along to training camp to live with dozens of men in a dorm Both Zach and Cameron are leery of this process but they have to go along to keep their job [...]

    9. Overall Rating 3.75 Rockin What a feel good, romantic, love filled romance novel I was united with this rocky story from the beginning The characters are so lovable from the start I felt enthralled with their story and the way they interacted This book seemed like real life, like this story could really happen Zach Anderson, a veteran professional football player, who came from humble beginnings and a mega ladies man Maybe in a way, because all the ladies love him, but Zach is a good guy who ta [...]

    10. Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.It s been awhile since I ve read one of Julie Brannagh s books and I m not entirely sure why I really enjoyed the first two books in her Love and Football series, and I had a review copy of this one, but for some reason I m just now getting to it I m also kicking myself for waiting so long Catching Cameron is my favorite book in the series so far I love football I love romance I love second chance stories Catching Cameron gave me all of these things in [...]

    11. Posted on What I m ReadingSo, this is my first time reading A Love and Football novel by Julie Brannagh I do have have own A Love and Football novel, I just haven t gotten to it However, I plan to rectify the situation one day That s okay, because I read Catching Cameron yesterday I have to say that I did enjoyed the story Whats not to love I mean the hero is a football player, who doesn t love a football player Anyway, Catching Cameron is a second chance love stories I give up saying that they [...]

    12. What is it about athletes that make them fabulous characters in romance Is it their stamina Is it because they usually have the body of a God Or is it because they are so determined on winning and they can put that determination towards other pursuits I love sports themed romances Hockey, baseball, football If it has an athlete, I m in love Even before starting Catching Cameron, I knew my Kindle was in for a treat I loved every chapter in this book The determination radiating off Cameron and Zac [...]

    13. While I enjoyed Catching Cameron , I didn t think it was as good as the previous two in this series Other than the fact that Zach, the heartthrob in this book plays for the same football team, there really isn t many crossovers between the books like the first two have I did, however, love the backstory between Cameron and Zach and the romance that developed between them.Cameron is the essential poor little rich girl Her father is a hedge market manager with lots of old money She grew up in New [...]

    14. Romancebookworm s ReviewsCameron Ondine is a female sports reporter at the top of her field She works hard and is always thinking of the wants of the views including how she looks Cameron comes from a rich family but she breaks from their wishes and carves a path that makes her happy regardless of what they want While Cameron enjoys sports, she will not date football players Zach Anderson is a hot and sexy football player with the Seattle Sharks Zach does an interview with Cameron that should ha [...]

    15. First off readers, this is a series where each book can be read as a stand alone novel , so if you have yet to read the previous two books relax as it s alright, you won t be confused about Catching Cameron Catching Cameron focuses on two main characters News reporter Cameron Ondine and NRL Footballer Zach Anderson For the past ten years, Cameron has always wondered why did Zach leave her three nights after their marriage and never see her again or contact her It is the relationship that she nev [...]

    16. Sports reporter Cameron Ondine and Seattle Shark star Zach Anderson share a history neither have been able to forget They have been avoiding each other for ten years As faith would have it, they need to play nice, being forced to work together for the next month.Julie Brannagh did a wonderful job with the character development, creating believable characters I really like Cameron Ondine She was very down to earth I liked that she followed her dreams and did not submit to her parents will I pictu [...]

    17. Best book in the series By far.Cameron is a worthy, independent, assertive, mature, sweet and fun leading lady, who also has flaws I might have a girl crush No wonder Zach proposed to her less than 10 hours of meeting her.And Zach This is what they call a Man He s mature and understand, funny, sexy and hotter than hell.I freaking loved this story I loved to see them reunited after ten years and get to know each other again, and to just go for it Risk it because they knew they belong together.Cam [...]

    18. Fans of Rachel Gibson s ANY MAN OF MINE, will fall for CATCHING CAMERON by Julie BrannaghTCHING CAMERON was just as much fun as BLITZING EMILY and RUSHING AMY, and packed just as much emotion between this Married for Three Days couple, who haven t seen each other in ten years I am a big fan of the hidden secret misunderstanding aspect, especially when it comes to young love that get s manipulated by family members, especially powerful fathers.Cameron and Zach had a once in a lifetime love for th [...]

    19. Julie Brannagh has me as a believer She makes it easy to believe in love again I read the first couple books in her series A Love and Football and loved them I never thought she could do better and guess what She does Zach and Cameron start the book with a history that has them avoiding one another Then, Cameron s boss makes her go to training camp with him In Seattle Julie Brannagh tells a story here with family love and woe, hot guys, job issues, boy and girl trouble, hot guys, and makes it al [...]

    20. Football talk and player antics.The story of the relationship between Cameron and Zach is engaging, and not as lighthearted as the first two books Overcoming the challenges presented by both family and career for both characters made the struggles worthwhile, if not sometimes to uncomfortably REAL.I cheered through the pre season practices, and cringed at the sacrificial characters Julie Brannagh delivered representing a composite of all that is unnecessary today in sports journalism BRAVA I bel [...]

    21. This is my favorite book of the series It is well written, provides sexy characters with substance, an in depth backstory, detailed conflict, natural reactions to them as well as how to overcome them The confident and sexy professional football player, Drew and the beautiful sexy sports reporter, Cameron, have a well hidden history They have successfully managed to avoid all contact for years, thus keeping their secret When it comes to a head quite publicly, the real story unfolds for both of th [...]

    22. This one goes back toward the meh category for me, but not so much as the first one I liked the idea of the story female reporter vs athlete I loved that they shared a history, but something about the we lost ten years of being together but it s okay because we re together now storyline rubs me the wrong way I ve read a lot of these lately and I m not a huge fan Also, the grandmother s name changes from Francesca to Francine and then back to Francesca Anyone else notice that This one also has th [...]

    23. I adored Zach I related to Cameron Julie Brannagh knows how to write wonderful characters Characters that the reader becomes invested in But while I enjoyed the characters and the story, I found the pace of this book to be off So much if what I would have classified as the good stuff and I dont mean sex scenes but rather the details inbetween the here and now felt skipped.The story presented many opportunities to see the characters grow, and the explored paths worked wonderfully But it was all t [...]

    24. very good story of love lost misunderstanding Zach Cameron were quickly married 10 yrs ago for 3 days, each thinking the other just didn t care wanted out What they found 10 yrs later was that they still loved each other after being thrown together for 30 days at NFL training camp they still want to be together Finding out the truth of why they actually divorced was a shock to Cameron it takes a toll of her her job Other troubles fall on the couple which help to bring them closer only to have th [...]

    25. Ms Brannagh continues with fun, interesting stories that center around Seattle s pro football team members, the Sharks in this series.Catching Cameronhas a good story line, and the characters are realistic and interesting While Zach and Cameron are the main focus, there are a number of secondary characters who help carry the plot and who bring in important side issues The only flaw that annoyed me was the error in proofreading someone should have caught Grandma was named Francescauntil about 77% [...]

    26. This was a great little comfort romance It intrigued me I d never read a sports romance that was set in a football training camp and I liked that I learned something from this The chapters were short which made me feel like I was going through the book quicker In actual fact maybe this had something to do with the fact I read it in one sitting.Some of the writing particularly in regard to Zach, the hero s feelings toward Cameron were a little bit corney and cringy but it didn t stop me reading o [...]

    27. I liked this book allot I sort of wish that Cameron s assist got what was coming to her What a total back stabbed Also the forgiveness of her father came way to easily Zach was a good character he put his efforts in where needed and communicated well I like when the hero goes after the girl with gusto it makes me smile This book was a good read that I wish I could ve given 5 stars but I felt like some things were just left hanging Like the stalker or the assistant and other coworkers There was a [...]

    28. I really enjoyed getting to know Zach and Cameron, their story was amazingly well written and very addictive I had initally planned on reading a chapter before bedtime, but I ended up getting sucked into their world and stayed there until the wee hours of the morning I loved the dance between to the two characters, they had this undeniable spark that you could feel, which lead to some love scenes left me a little breathless at times If you like hot football stars, then I this is a book you shoul [...]

    29. It is rare that I am actually surprised by an occurrence in a book, I mean even though I am careful about avoiding most reviews if I am going to review a book, myself If you occupy space on the blogosphere, you generally hear things Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather because I was caught flat footed Let me just put a teeny bug in your ear, sometimes blurbs can be, ummmm, not deceptive but misleading Not in a tricky, ah ha, made you read something totally horrible way, but in a h [...]

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