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Shaken By Kariss Lynch,

  • Title: Shaken
  • Author: Kariss Lynch
  • ISBN: 9781621365358
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • When her world is shaken, will her foundation survive Idealistic and sheltered with a passion to change the world, Kaylan Richards leaves her comfortable life in Alabama to serve in poverty stricken Haiti Despite her inexperience and the opposition of a voodoo priest, Kaylan develops a love for the country and the Haitian people But something deadly is about to strike.ItWhen her world is shaken, will her foundation survive Idealistic and sheltered with a passion to change the world, Kaylan Richards leaves her comfortable life in Alabama to serve in poverty stricken Haiti Despite her inexperience and the opposition of a voodoo priest, Kaylan develops a love for the country and the Haitian people But something deadly is about to strike.It is the worst earthquake the country has ever seen, and in its aftermath bodies, buildings, and broken lives litter the streets People she cares about are dead, and Kaylan is caught in the middle of the destruction, questioning a God who said He was good.Navy SEAL Nick Carmichael never planned to find a girl he loved than his country Now she is a world away, trapped in a deadly situation nothing could have prepared her for Can Nick s love help Kaylan heal and show her the God who never abandoned her, or will tragedy shake even the most rooted faith
    Shaken When her world is shaken will her foundation survive Idealistic and sheltered with a passion to change the world Kaylan Richards leaves her comfortable life in Alabama to serve in poverty stricken H

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    1. On the day of her university graduation, Kaylan Richards stood at the crossroads of her future She could choose a safe and secure route, work at her family s dance studio until she begins her internship and gets her certification She would be near home and family Or she could take the road less traveled, making a decision to follow the Lord s leading in a completely different direction That would take her to Haiti as a volunteer for six months putting her recent training to use in a challenging [...]

    2. Everything I ve been reading lately involves characters who maybe grew up knowing the Bible but want nothing to do with it now till something causes them to rethink their stance SHAKEN, pun slightly intended, shook things up by having characters who are saved but then they face tough life issues that have them questioning faith it makes the story relatable and avoids being too preachy I thoroughly enjoyed this book and loved the usage of a real life event to make the story real The hope and he [...]

    3. What How did I not remember to rate and review this before Argh Still finding these stray reviews in my ghost closetI really loved this story, set in the days of the Haitian earthquake The heroine is an American aid worker and the hero an American soldier, both of whom must battle the elements as well as their own pasts I loved the colorful characters and appreciated the unusual setting Be sure to pick up this one and be ready to grab book two when you finish.

    4. Wow This is such a touching, emotional story, and I loved it This is Kariss Lynch s debut novel, and she did a great job I have already ordered the second book in this series I received this book in a giveaway Thank you, Kariss You now have an avid reader following you

    5. Sometimes it s like trying to swim upstream You fight the current the whole way, and only those determined to tough out the heat, animals, natural disasters, and blase attitude make it This country isn t for the fainthearted or idealistic Rhonda, aid worker down in Haiti Love is a really strong word Kaylan, nutritionist volunteering her skill in Haiti Pray for Kaylan and leave her in the capable hands of the God who has her wrapped in his arms, even when she can t feel him right now Pap, Kaylan [...]

    6. Kaylan Richards just graduated from the University of Alabama and is ready to start her adult life just not in the way her family anticipated She did not expect her biggest regret, Navy SEAL Nick Carmichael, to be in attendance when she made the announcement that she was going to Haiti with her friend Sarah Beth instead of pursuing a career as a dietician Nick had chosen the military over her She is willing to give him a second chance, however, as she sees a vulnerability in him that did not exi [...]

    7. Shaken is a Christian romance novel I thought this novel would be mainly set in Haiti and show the struggles they deal with, but only a third of the book occurs in Haiti and much of the detailed description was of the earthquake and the immediate aftermath Since I ve read some nonfiction about what Haiti is like, I was confused that problems like AIDs were never mention in the novel, especially as the characters were giving medical care to bleeding people.I also had a hard time getting immersed [...]

    8. Shaken is the debut novel from Kariss Lynch As such, it is a little of what you d expect from a first time author perhaps a little stiff stylistically, the characters a little too good but there are a lot of positives that kept this reader turning the pages Lynch s passion for her subject and the excellent research create a really good book I expect really good things from Kariss Lynch in the future.Kaylan is a new college graduate set to change the world She goes to Haiti with her best friend, [...]

    9. Great read after the first few chapters prepare to be quickly swept up in Kaylan s story It s one of those books you ll get sucked into quickly, and spend every free minute reading until you re done As someone who s seen Haiti first hand, Kariss did a great job doing the country s history and turmoil justice as well as showing how God so often uses someone s time there to shape them into who they were meant to be.This is a great read if you re looking for an entertaining story that skips the cra [...]

    10. First off let me start off by saying that the book is broken up into 4 parts and so I wanted to break up my review into the same four parts, however the whole book is just that good I didn t want to do that I feel like I would be taking the book apart to much In first Kaylan and Sarah Beth BFF graduate college a semester early and decide its there turns to take on the world, well at least Hati, so Kaylan has the daunting task of telling her parents her plan, but before that can happen her past h [...]

    11. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This in no way influenced my review of the book Shaken gave me all the feels I usually do not cry while reading books, but while I was reading Shaken I cried for at least an hour.I connected so well with all of the characters Kariss Lynch s writing style is so incredible that I cannot even express how much I enjoyed it I read 3 4 of this book in one day which I only do with books that I love immensely.My favorite part of Sh [...]

    12. Shaken book one in the Heart of a Warrior series by Kariss Lynch is a very good book It tells of Kaylan and her best friend Sarah Beth going to Haiti before the earthquake in 2010 How they wanted to help the poor and give them hope and a future They are in Haiti when the earthquake hits It also is a story of heartbreak and love Nick and Kaylan knew each other for a year or so and then he went with the SEALs and broke her heart Now he is back What has changed and how will they get along Shaken is [...]

    13. I love Christian fiction, but this book started out like a eutopia of how our lives and families should be as believers Every character believes and every aspect of their lives is lived on their belief in God, even the teenager It was too rose colored as very few live that way though we all strive to Then the girls go to Haiti and we start to see faith questioned, especially after the earthquake and return home, which made the rose colored picture of Christianity real with the hard question of [...]

    14. This review is also posted on Book by Book.Kariss Lynch s first Heart of a Warrior novel, Shaken, offers a powerful and emotional story of adventure and romance Kaylan Richards heads to Haiti after graduating college and just before the earthquake that shook up the country Learning to trust God and follow His plan, Kaylan strives to make an impact on the Haitian people in the face of the challenges and disaster and simultaneously navigate her complex relationship with Nick Carmichael Overall, I [...]

    15. I cannot express enough how much I loved this book Kaylan is one of the most endearing characters I ve read this year My compassion for her multiplied with every page My heart ached when hers ached When she lost herself, I lost myself, too It s rare to go on such an emotional roller coaster ride with a character, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.I liked how Nick moved in with purpose from the beginning of the book He was loyal from the beginning, so we didn t have the typical tension of whether o [...]

    16. This is a good debut novel A college graduate and her best friend Kaylan and Sarah Beth go to Haiti to work for a short term They are there during the earthquake Kaylan must face the struggle of believing in a God who says He is good in the face of such tragedy and death Interwoven in the story is her previous romance with a fellow who dumped her when he left on deployment as a navy SEAL Right before she went to Haiti, he came back and wanted to renew their relationship.See my full review at bit [...]

    17. A bit slow to start, it took me a while to finish But I m glad I did Pride and Prejudice was the same way, so that s not really a terrible thing Once things sped up, I was engaged in the characters, wanting Kaylan to grow and heal from her trials I liked how even though it s a Christian book, the characters aren t perfect, which makes them real.

    18. This book Read this book If you ve had your heart damaged, if you think God couldn t possibly use somebody as broken and messed up as you, please, read this book I loved every sentence, even the ones that convicted me so strongly it hurt I cried I laughed This is probably one of the best books I ve ever read Six out of five stars.

    19. This is a terrific book It has strong, wonderful characters that I really liked and so much emotion The struggles were real, deep and beautifully expressed I really felt pulled into the story and I appreciated thew way the romance done This is a great read and I can t wait to read from the author

    20. I just finished reading this book, which I received from First Reads I enjoyed this book a lot I really liked all of the characters, especially Pap It gives a glimpse of what life was probably like in Haiti when the earthquake happened I would definitely read other books in the series and other books from the author.

    21. Excellent book with a very story line that most Christians can relate to Our faith in God is changed by the disasters we find ourselves in Kaylan s catalyst happened to be a terrible earthquake All of us have to deal with the terror of this life but we come out stronger in those terrible moments.

    22. Karris Lynch is an incredible writer The powerful way she writes make a reader not want to set the book down SHAKEN IS A WORK OF ART I am an author myself and I love reading her stories.I recommend this book with five stars.Mark Allen

    23. This book makes you feel part of the characters lives and feel what they feel A must read can t wait to read the second book in 2015.

    24. Loved the book Such a beautiful story of love, friendship, suffering, and surviving Kariss Lynch shares some very important lessons for Christians in her novel I highly recommend it.

    25. Kaylan and her best friend, Sarah Beth go on a mission to Haiti to help in a clinic The Haiti earthquake shakes the country and Kaylan s faith in the goodness of God.

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